Miscellaneous pictures 

Well some of out miscellaneous pictures once again. I love to capture a few pictures each time we leave our place. 

Reason was simple, at least there are some pictures for that weekend.. 

It is supposedly to be keep it as memories. I love doing so.. 


Boardgames/Games for the children 

Board game almost every night time just right after their assessment books. Daily revision is important, though after which they feel so much relaxing with a game of boardgame.

Shopkins beados are what they are so into it lately. Though it is much of a girl thingy, but Ayden loves it so much as it trained his motor skills as well.. 

Busy busy busy! 

We gotten this mini blocks from daiso as there was a big shouting on this. Decided to get some for the children to try it out though. 

As we are doing lesser of play base learning, more of assessment books.. So I feel it is good to let the children relax a little by letting them have a few rounds of games as seen here. 

They are happy with it and are often looking forward to it. 



Having our snack at Starbucks just before berries. That’s what we always love to do it if we had a heavy breakfast before leaving the house. 

Yay! Just before leaving home to go for 放生activity the other day. 

The 放生day which we went for in March. The children are very into it and had been asking to let go various sea animals back into the sea. 

Currently, the children are on two days vegetarian just like us.(we are having three days while the children are having two days of vegetarian) 


Children went for swimming lesson! 

Over at the pool, the children started their first lesson 2 sat ago. 

Getting themselves ready for the lesson two weeks back. 

We were quite surprised with Adelle progress… She did quite well after th second lesson but not for Ayden. 

The first lesson went smoothly till the last part which he was scared by it and refused to go into the water comes the second lesson. 

We had a hard time getting him into the pool once again. No doubt so, he still manage to get into the pool with the coach helping him (this time his head was above the water)… Guess it needs to take him a few lessons more to get used to it. 

As for Adelle.. She is pretty much enjoying it as I find that it is a good thing since she will need to learn swimming comes P3,, so it is good to start her now.. 


Miscellaneous posts

We had a great breakfast at Swensen’s.. Thats 1 adult meal comes with 1 child meal free! 


Somewhere last sun, we popped down to Serene Centre just to get some of the boardgames and friends birthday presents. 

The children had a set of Monopoly Junior at home and they wanted the adult version of Monopoly so badly that we went down there due to the much more affordable price there. 

And their wishes are granted that they received a set of adult version of Monopoly.. (SG version) together with another card game named Slamwich. 

This card game was fun! We are loving it! 

Lump all our  pictures together this way. Guess this is also not a bad idea… We love taking family pictures together just before we leave the house. 
Blogging about our weekends is so much interesting. We love to go anywhere/everywhere for breakfast before our short trip on sun. 

Of course, sat tend to be so busy for now. Children went for their berries lesson and right after which they attended a swimming lesson from now on. 


Just before our appointment 

Some pictures taken last Fri. Well, this was interesting as we took these pictures at one of the train station in SG. 

Just before our appointment! 
Children definitely are happy last Fri.. It had been a long while ever since they step into any indoor playground… 


Playdate at Polliwogs 

Just last Fri, on Good Fri, the children attended a friend birthday party cum playdate.. 

So here’s a picture of tthe mummies taking a picture together.. 

The playdate was held at Polliwogs, suntec city. Here’s the picture of the children together. 

Ayden and his best friend, Rongcheng. He likes this friend so much ever since K1 and ongoing. 

So here’s a picture together. 

Jasmine is a friend to Ayden, but Adelle did play with her a few times during the school holidays, somehow or rather they know each other quite well. 

Ethan, Adelle ex K2 classmate whose brother is Ayden classmate currently. 

They are as shy as before. 

Here’s a picture with some of  their friends during the playdate. 

And some of the other friends from the playdate as well. 
Since morning last Fri, we had been out and went for some shopping trip before housewarming at Sengkang. 

The children are so energetic and don’t feel the least tired at all?! 

Though they slept earlier than the usual timing, say 9+,they have a round of board game before bedtime. 

It was an enjoyable day fun at Polliwogs and ended the day with joy! 


Swensen’s breakfast 

There was this kids eat for free promo at Swensen’s on weekend.. 

One adult meal you paid for, one child meal comes free.. How great this deal is! 

So yesterday we went down to Swensen’s at Nex for our breakfast. Of course the children are so happy to have breakfast there.. 

So do we! 


Visiting my youngest sister. 

Visited my youngest sister last week to her place at Bukit panjang. That’s where I  tend to stay over a period of 20yrs. Atmosphere remains the same. Is the surrounding that is different. 

Time flies, it had been so many years ever since my mum shifted, I’ve never step into bukit panjang estate. 

Back to the topic, we had fun over at my sister place, we played cards, the kids ate and drank as much as they like. 

Guess everyone of us had a great day last week. 


Library – Eunos market -Decathlon last weekend

We went to Pasir Ris library to borrow some books and to do some reading at the same time. 

It had been a while ever since the kids visited a library. Good thing they are still in love with it. 

Brought the kids to Eunos market for breakfast before making our way to decathlon at Chai Chee. 

The children love market food and had requested us to bring them again for yummy food. 

It was just so fun at decathlon Chai Chee. The children had a few rounds of basket balls playing the other day. 

Table Tennis is one of the sports there, the children waited for their turn to have a few rounds of it. 

This is just too cute not to post it! 

Indeed, they had a great time playing with this. 

Let’s exercise, one, two, three, go! 

This is fun, Ayden played with this for quite long and refused to let go of it. 

Of course, we went back home with all our loot. $100+ worth of loot! Our 2nd week to decalthon and the children just love it there as much as we do. 
I don’t fancy sports wear till I joined a group of Mummies lately for weekly exercise, then only am I into sports wear. Guess it will be a while for me to visit decathlon again from now.