Sunday | Family Day


Happens over the weekend.. Some pictures first before heading out to the temple and did our weekly groceries as prepared for the very next day.




We love Sunday because we have bonding time over breakfast and shop for groceries whereby the children get to shop and gives ideas of what to prepare for tomorrow’s Bento sets to school.


Sunday is truly a family day for us and we pretty much enjoyed it.

We shared alot and talk about anything under the sun.

Though we do share on normal days,but the feeling is different over breakfast on Sunday and also during the shopping time after which.


Say yay to Sunday!👍✌️


I am back after so long!
Some issue with uploading of the photos.
But no worries,everything is fix and I’ll be back with more postings soon!

Everyday without fail,the routine of preparing meals to washing of bowls,plates,forks and spoons as usual.
Good thing was that now I have a great helper,Adelle to help me with the wiping of the bowls and all.

Morning I will have slightly more time as the children are in school.
Morning breakfast at home is so enjoying as I surf the internet while having my breakfast.

Or even try to get my things done and spend like an hr or so to surf the net.

Dusting the house is equally important once every two days as the house gets really dusting after two days.
Love this type of routine that I’ve been doing with now that I have more time for all these…



My job on a Fri.

It was such a fruitful day.

Having to wake up especially earlier like 520am this week and the upcoming week since the husband will be on reservist and I have to prepare Bento sets and the husband to leave the house before the children wake up and get them ready for school.

Once done with the Bento sets,waking the children up,made them in wash up before giving them breakfast while I go and have my shower.

Sending them to school on time always. Because I don’t want them to miss the daily routine on days even if daddy walks with us to school or even to the train station.

Once sent, I love to grab some groceries from Fairprice and back home again unless along the way I could chit chat with any mummy I have bump into.

Today is such a satisfaction day.

I did lots of housework today,from cleaning the kitchen top,hood and hob, the children study table with dettol,our wardrobe table,sofa,TV console,dust all the windows in the house,did washing of towels using the washing machine,vacuum the floor,sew Ayden’s name tag that dropped off the other day,sew the clip that dropped off from Adelle’s skort,iron the school uniforms.

Prepare dinner tonight and some wraps for tea break when the children come back from school.

By the time everything was done,it is time for me to fetch the children.

Seriously,time flies before knowing even if the children are in school.


Bento for Thurs.

Bento for Thurs.

Finally another day more to weekend. Son still not ready to get food from canteen. So I’ll always prepare Bento set for him and at the same time to prepare for Adelle too..

Felt the satisfaction when both kids enjoyed themselves from having to eat what I’ve prepared for them..

Felt so so good!


Their purchases from the school bookshop

To laugh or what, I don’t know😇

But cause Ayden came back home with a pen,saying that he did not get anything for Daddy last month on his birthday,he bought a pen from the school bookshop in order to give him a belated birthday gift .

As for Adelle,she bought a pencil for herself as she already bought a pen for Daddy before school closes last yr in Nov for Daddy’s birthday in Dec last year while we were in Hk.

This boy is really 😇😇…


Ningxia red

Love to drink these packets of ningxia red while cold.

Because it helps to boost the immune systems of our bodies and will always make it a point for the children to drink twice a week,same thing goes to us.

Storing and stocking them up always is very important.

We can’t do without these!✌️


Snack box ideas.

Today’s lunchbox for recess is about muffins once again.

As the children take in vegetarian every Tues and Wed like us,I’ve prepared vegetarian muffins for them.

Just egg with cheese and various type of fruits for recess.

As for snack break,kueh lapis with snack bar and some fruits.

As usual, their snack box is always empty.

That’s the happiest part when children finished what I’ve prepared for them.


Playing cars in the playroom

8pm daily is always their free time if they manage to finish their daily revision by then.

If not they will finish up revision at home before playing.

It is always a routine to finish up assessment books before playing.

So happen that they finish what they are suppose to do and starred playing way before 8pm.

Yesterday was just any other day.

With the toys pack according to the theme,they get to search for the toys they wan base on the categories drawers according to the theme.

It was toy cars playing fun last evening. They took this chance to take out all their toy cars, be it New or older cars,they just love it as much.


Bento for Tues

I’ve created both recess and snack break Bento sets for the children this morning.

Waking up at 520am daily just to create these. It is fun yet running out of ideas always of what to prepare for the children.

Again, I took the morning time to surf the internet to look for ideas of what to prepare for bento.

Today’s Bento sets is about baked potatoes, fried eggs with fruits and oatmeal.

Snack break they will have kueh lapis,kueh bangkit and some fruits given.