Was sick yesterday evening.Got this running nose and sore throat as the weather is unpredictable.My dear always wanted me to drink more water,but i hate drinking plain water and refuse to drink what i am expected to drink,therefore..haiz…
Well another one more month i will be somebody wife already.At the age of 25,i am getting married and got to learn how to be somebody wife cum daughter-in-law.Consider a tough job for me,but i still got to learn how to be one.First of all,i got to go and apply a flat with my dearest dear,after that got to decorate the house when it comes and then buying of furniture is a need.Secondly,i got to start thinking about the customary that might be held either next yr or the yr after.Thirdly,i got to go and learn how to COOK..Haha…Well,i am a lousy cook,in fact i cant cook well.In order to maintain a family,i got to learn this.Wish me luck..

/*Westlife-Uptown Girl*/


My class today

My class today was in a great mess i could say.Well as it was almost time for me to write a progress report for each and every single child..It could be a real headache as different child will have different kind of behaviour and strength in work.
Tested the kids today on their Letters and Numbers,and found that out of ten children,only six know the answer.Teaching can be quite a stressful job.We got to be responsible for anything that the children do and be sure about their safetly.Maybe one of these days,i should change my line.”haha”

/*Liang Jing Ru-Lu Cheng*/


Newcomer of Blogger

This is the first time that i actually sign up blogger.In fact i am going to start making this my one and only one livejournal.
Let’s have a little intro about myself.I’m someone who teach in a pre-school..Teaching children becomes part of my life now..I enjoy teaching,and most importantly this is my hobby.It makes me feel happier and healthier when i am with these groups of children..
Travelling is something that interest me too,and my main aim is to earn more to be able to travel to the countries of my choice.

/*Ou De Yang-Xiu Xiu Xiu*/