The last day of year 2005

Went to the temple at Bugis to pray.Wow,today it was very crowded as it is CHU YI[that is what the chinese says]
Immdiately after that,we got to rush down to Toa Payoh,the shuang lin temple.But before that,i got to go down to Toa Payoh central to have my lunch first,as my dear and i are looking for vegetarian food.
Well, went to Shuang Lin temple to have my name changed,as the fortune teller did told me that one of the character of my name is not that good.Therefore i got to change it.We spend our time going from temple to temple.although it is very rushing,but still i found it meaningful.

/*Kelly Chen-Ti Hui*/


Merry bad X'mas to me

The start of the day seems bad for me already.Went for my breakfast with my dearest dear,but had a small argument with him just because of a packet of chilli,as well as he decided to go back earlier when his mum told him to.
Of course i decided to ignore him when we reached home,who knows what he did really gave me a shock.He kept using his hands to hit himself on his head and thigh.I felt so bad seeing him like this,as i am the one causing all these problems.{Dear i dont mean it,but i really can’t control my feeling too sometimes}
Another isues that happen today was because of mother.She is forever caring and loves my sister more.There is nothing i do can make her happy except my sister.Mother cares too much for my sister that she already neglect me.About my point of views,she hardly listen.Mother always felt that sister isues are more important than mine,and mother seldom pay much attention to me.Sometimes how i wish i could just get married off soon and start my own family[Althought i am already married but had not gone through the customary]

/*Lin Jun Jie-Dong Jie*/


Christmas Eve

Set off to my husband place, to delivery the christmas present that he had bought for his family members.Was really nice of him to buy presents for them.
Went to the temple in SHUANG LIN SI in Toa Payoh with my mum,sister and her bf plus my hubby.The atmosphere of this temple makes me feel at ease
Visited my grandma who is in coma at NUH.Seeing her lying down on the bed makes me feel sad and helpless.
We ended our day by going to Clementi food center to have our dinner.Dear ordered fish and chips while i got fishball noodles.The food tasted good,and sure do we enjoy oursleves there.

/*S.H.E-Nothing ever changes*/