Day 3 of Chinese New Year

My aunt and uncle invited relatives to their place for steamboat dinner.It’s a huge number of people.[estimate to be more than 30 people]

Dear and myself went for the dinner at night.Could feel the laughter everywhere around us,but too bad,such enjoyable day won’t last long.

Tomorrow will be the start of work..haiz..Can i don’t go back to work???
[Photos taken will be shown here]

/*98 Degrees-I do (Cherish You)*/


Day 2 of Chinese New Year

Went with dear and my in laws to Sengkang.Pay a visit to dear grandparents.

-Decided to go for lunch at Compass point.Therefore we took the LRT at Sengkang.
Upon reaching Compass Point,we were deciding what to eat.Had pizza at Pizza Hut for lunch in the end.
Photo taken were show here.

-Went to the temple at Bugis to pray,and heeded home.
Had my dinner quite late due to the visit of mother old friend.

/*Jay Chou-Shan Hu Hai*/


Happy New Year 2006

Normally for the first day of New Year,relatives from father side will come for lunch at my place.
Start at 11am[for the steamboat lunch+4 rounds of a table of 10 people]
Ends everything by 3pm.
Total relatives from father side=32[Uncles,Aunties,Cousins.]
Lunch at my place that starts at 11am had all along been like this ever since my grandma decided it to be.

Left at 1.30pm from my house to husband grandparents place at Bedok.
Stay there not long,and left for Hougang[mother relatives place]
Reached at 5pm
Total relatives fr mother side[est 60 of them]
Therefore,total red packet earn today is more than 200bucks.

Bought dear to my relatives place,it makes him earn as much as i do.Rather than him having less than 50bucks every yr for new yr.

Taken some photos with cousins,uncle and my husband are posted together with this blog.

/*Bosson-One in a million*/


My Birthday_Part 2

My Birthday in school was totally in great surprise.The teachers remember my birthday and get the whole afternoon session children to sing me a birthday song.What makes me more touched was that a child happen to be having the same birthday as me.The mother actually bought a cake and the wording on the cake was
[Happy Birthday Josiah andMs Jeow]

Things get very when in the midnight at 12am which is already my birthday,dear didnt even sms to me.Without a word of HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Next day on my way to work,dear dont even send me sms about the birthday greeting.It is ok when i ask him at 12pm then he send greeting to me,saying that he forgotten about it.I was very shocked,sad and heart broken.How can my dearest dear forgotten about my birthday?

Did have some sadness throughout the day,but was really really very touched when dear met up with me at the bus stop of CK Tang..There he is standing and have a Tatty Teddy [cost $26]with him.

Not only that,he told me he cant buy any flowers for me during my birthday,therefore he got four fake lilies for me..
Two pink and two white lilies[$4.95 each]
I was really very very very touched by his action.Right here i would like to tell him this
”Dear,i do love you a lot”

/*Evonne Hsu-Du Li Xuan Yan*/


My Birthday_Part 1

Have dim sum for my Birthday lunch
Dim Sum at”Tak Po”[Smith Rd]

Birthday celebration at home.
Dear bought a birthday cake for me from Angie The Choice,a cookie cake.

/*Evonne Hsu-Gan Xie*/


Hello to new handphone and gd bye to old handphone!!

My dearest dear_hubby bought me a new hp today. Due to the LCD problem of my old Hp Got a new hp today that cost $498

I am actually feel very heart pain of the amount that dear got to pay for me,i told dear,i will pay him pay this amount of money,but he don’t want it.Anyway,i know what i should do..

Model of old HP-Panasonic X500
Model of new HP-Nokia 6111

/*Jay Chou-Dong Feng Po*/


My sister ROM wedding yesterday[21/01/06]

My sister ROM wedding yesterday:
-Attended the whole ceremony with both families
-Photos taking session by a photographer arranged by my sister husband
-Had a 9-course lunch at Peony-jade restaurant.

Photos to be follow up here..

/*Jiang Mei Qi-Zhui Mei*/



Was quite busy today.
1:went to POSB to notify the bank of a change in my name
2:Cal CPF to update them about the change of my name too
3:Meet up with a friend near my place for a chat.

Bank teller at POSB change my bank book and update my new name in the bank book too.[Think will do the same for my OCBC a/c too]

Called up CPF,they need a photocopy of my IC and deed poll from the lawyer plus a short letter.
[That’s a lot to prepare]

/*Jiang Mei Qi-Mi Mi*/


What a day for me?

What happen to me and my husband?
Sherryl Jeow:Fever,running nose,sore throat and cough
Delon Chew:Gastric flu,sore throat,cough and fever.

Both Husband and wife fall sick at the same time,what a day to both of us?

/*Jiang Mei Qi-Yong Bao*/


Vegetarian Food at Shaw Tower

Temple today at Bugis can be very crowded,but still manage my way through.
As for this vegetarian stall which i had just posted is located at Shaw Tower,the first time where i tried the vegetarian food there with dear.Had this vegetarian wanton noodle,and i can tell u,it tastes really great.

Photos of the stall as well as half eaten of wanton noodle is posted here for you to view.Hey friends,maybe you can go try it out.

Visit carrefour today,dear bought 2 cans of abalone for both our families and i bought 2 pack of bird nest too.No choice,new year coming.

The GUESS pink tube that i posted here is given to me by dear.[Thanks dear for buying this tube for me to wear for New Year.]
Pink GUESS tube-$79.90
2 Cans of abalone-$89
3 Cans of Shark Fins
2 packets of Bird nest-$20
A packet of tangerines-$5
One hongbao each for 2 families.

/*Kelly Chen-Ai Wo Bu Ai*/