Uncooperative person

In my 26 yrs of life,i almost met different kind of people.As the saying goes”a grain of rice feed different kind of people”

I strongly agree on this phrase.-Uncooperative- is what i am going to talk about in this blog.
The story goes this way,was suppose to get my children to do something for the current principal since she will be leaving pretty soon,and i came out with an idea to do it.
The problem is,there is this teacher who insisted on using her own idea,which makes me fed up with her,but still i can’t do anything also.

The next time round,what i intend to do is,finish whatever i need to before i seek for her advice or ideas..As she had already step to the boat,there is no way she can turn back..haha

/*S.H.E-Wu Ke Xu Dai*/


Unforgetable day

Normally it was not easy for this feeling to last for so long. But today was great!! How i wish the time will stay there without moving anymore..But it is reality,and i got to face it..

/*Jay Chou-Qing Tian*/


Gao Ji and my web cam..

In searching of a reputatable fortune teller to pick an auspicious date for my customary.Managed to find two that we will check it out later on.

Landed in this place known as GAO JI yau tau foo just behind Bugis street.The dishes are not bad and most importantly it’s affordable.

Friends out there,do give it a try over at GAO JI.

Got a web cam finally,hehe..therefore,i will be able to see dear thru web cam everyday despite our not able to meet up on weekdays.

/*Evonne Hsu-Xue Hui*/


My poor student cum Sad Scene

Received the latest news,one of my student had got this HAND FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE..Oh no,it is the news that I dread to hear.
Jus called the mother to confirm with her again,she mention that,her son need to be kept under observation till next tues when the result will be out,but doctor did mentioned that it was not too serious.
Hand Foot And Mouth is a teacher most dreadful disease.Especially handling children under the age of 3yrs.

Another scene which I would greatly avoid seeing it,as i will cry too.There is this student who is in my class had been accompany by her maid and stay in the class since the start of the school day.
Tomorrow will be the last day of work for the maid,as she got to depart singapore and leave for her country.

Imagine having work in singapore for almost 3yrs,seeing the little girl grow up fr a baby till 3yrs,human being will surely show true feeling.

Was teaching the children in the morning,when i raise up my head,i saw the maid holding the little girl,and the maid eyes was a bit red and swollen.Not to look further more,i turn my head away from her.She repeated for quite a few times.

Really do feel sad for her,this is what they call separation in two countries.haiz…

/*Gary Barlow-Forever Love*/



-Fixing a date for the customary
(very important for wedding couple as it concern the rest of the lifetime together)

-Buying a flat in the coming months

-Booking of hotels,gowns,car,bouquet of flower,4 DIAN JIN{for teochew traditional},photography,renovation etc…

Well,it’s money that is doing the trick..

*/Zhang Shao Han-Yi Shi De Mei Hao/*


Slight accident between bus 187 and a malaysia truck.

Is it the fault of the driver of SMRT,or should i put the blame into the driver of the truck?
Nobody knows the answer[not even me who was in the scene,as i was busy asleep]
It was only the “”BANG”” sound that keep me alert again.

At that point of time,my mind was wondering around and dear came into the picture
‘Dear hubby,i need you”

/*Leann Rimes-I need you*/



A dream which i had since i was a young girl.But the problem is,how long do i have to wait for the dream to come true?

Why cant some parents to be more helpful and help their children when they are in kind of need?
Are they really so thrifty and stingy till the limited?


/*Boyzone-Love me for a reason*/


Buffet dinner at Sakura on mother birthday

Have got 2 free movie vouchers,both dear and i went to shaw tower to watch
The show ended at 120pm,and we then heeded to the vegetarian food at shaw which was extremely nice.

In the evening at about 6pm,dear,myself plus mother,jiahui,huining and husband went to this buffet at sakura for dinner,so as to celebrate mother’s birthday.The food there was not too bad,eat till so full that we can hardly walk.

Photos taken at the restaurant will be posted here..

/*Jay Chou-Hei Se Mao Yi*/


Evening[ED],I Dislike u!!!

A nice and happy family in the kindergarten is no longer like one anymore.

Things and people change

Things:Setting in the school
:The managment

People:Teachers left[more will be leaving too]
:Teachers coming in might not be the same happy family member like us

Why must things like this to happen?
History seems to be coming back again.Still remember i left my old working place with a very sad and unbearable heart.Having work there for four years dealing with different kind of children,there is sure to have a love bond with them plus some of the teachers there.[but not all]

The same problem,the management problem.Thought that joining my current company,i wont have any problem,as when i step into the school environment is like”wow,so much different from the old working place.But who knows it is not the colleagues problem,in fact no ”colleagues problem at all”,but is the managment problem again.

So what am I going to do next?Should i pursue my studies in early childhood?Or should I just change new line then hopefully by next yr after getting married only will i stay at home and shake my legs?

/*Tao Ze-Wang Ba Dan*/


A day without you,my dear

Day and night,i had been missing my dearest dear.Due to his job commitment,dear has got no choice but to go for a stay in course at Buona Vista. Once in a while i am able to hear his voice,makes me real happy and full of joy.Well,for the benefit of our future,dear got to work very hard and spend less.Come to think of it,it makes me a sinner.As i am always the one spending a lot,but not dear. When i had a clearer mind i would think,if I didn’t get to know dear,how would my life be then? Am I going to spend my days without target? With dear now,I know this for sure.My target now is to work and move on to the near future which will be coming very soon. So dear:”Let’s move forward hand in hand to our target which we had always been looking for..

/*Jay Chou-Fa Ru Xue*/