Determination do the tricks!

Finally,finally decided which way down the road of my life that I want it to be now.
Tomorrow will be the day where I’ll go down to the school of learning for early childhood to sign up for my certificate course.
*Sob Sob*
If everything works out well,the intake will be in April,but if it doesnt I got to wait till sept for the course.
There will be 2 certificates that I will be obtaining when I graduate!!

Decided to do infant care teacher
Will be dealing with “little ones” between the age of 18mths! to 3yrs
Not too much differences between what i am doing now,just that next time round I will change fr a kindergarten setting to a childcare setting.

/*Love Me For A Reason-BoyZone*/


Great Decision>

Should I pursue my studies,Diploma in early childhood in a private school?
Or should I keep on applying the post of admin?

I’m waiting,still waiting for the reply from courts?>
If they employ me,i will be dealing with supplier,and will be station under the electronic department with Courts..Sure a great chance to learn more things.
Most importantly,the new head office of courts will be shifting to Tampines end of the yr,which is easier for me when i get my new flat..

What happen if i dun get this job?
Then I have to make another choice,by taking up this diploma course and be a teacher in these schools which only had a total of 200 centres in Singapore.

Duration of this course will be:12mths-15mths for part time
Course fees:$4680
School:Orchard Area

That is why,I hate making decision!!!

/*There You’ll Be-Faith Hill*/


Making a decision

Making a decision is tough
Making a decision is sad

Dont like to make a decision.Will tend to feel worried and stress,just like when all the stress and worries come,nothing that I do will be successful,that’s me.

Please dont ask me to make a decision,and I hate it!

/*In This Life-Colin Raye*/


Sweet Moment>

It jus taste sweet with a piece of chocolate melting in ur mouth>
Wow the Natas Travel 2006 which was held in Suntec [25th Mar 06] was full of people.
But still,dear and I manage to squeeze our way through after purchasing the tickets.

Ok,it’s time for lunch..By looking at the queue at Congress,got to miss my chance again for eating the laksa.
But,it’s all right..
I still manage to eat my favourite–Pasta
Went for pastamania in the end>

Nice and affordable wedding favours found at….somewhere in singapore..
Will do our booking at the early part of next yr.

Not to forget,it happens to be dad birthday.
As daughter and son-in law[for dear],we treat him to sakura as part of celebration of his birthday.

/*Love,me-Collin Raye*/


Another Day

Another day had passed.It seems that time is moving real fast..
2 more days to go,then can have a short break again..

HFMD is seem to be spreading around no matter is it Malaysia or Singapore,careful measures had been applying on the children these few days since sch started.Never to let down our guards..

Look!!It’s my favourite past time again..Siew Kwan,one of my *Darling* in class
Never let go of this,decided to take a pic together with her.
Ms Jeow is so bad,haha..

/*Shan Hu Dao-Jay Chou*/


*My Children Art and Craft*

[_*The children works_*]

It’s time to do craft work For u and u and u Boys and girls and everyone do craft work,craft work,craft work
[Sing to the tune of gd bye song in Ek]

Boys and girls,it’s time for u to do ur craft work for this week.We are going to do
*Butterfly Blog Printing*

Attachment of the photos over here..

/*7Yue 7Ri Qing-Evonne Hsu*/


First day of work after sch holiday>

Oh dear,it’s mon blue again
Monday Blue+Spy+Head of the Kindergarten
=Lack of working spirits of the teachers and myself.

Anyway,class still need to go on. It’s free play time,my children were happily playing their toys,when i spotted something that is amazing.. A 2yrs+ kid can actually build a train like this,and it looks nice.

Ms Jeow:What are u making Jireh?
Jireh:A train..

Picture shown here:

/*I do(Cherish You)-98 Degree*/


On the 18th Mar 2006

Dear and i finally set a certain sum of cash,decided that it was time for us to open a joint a/c.
This shall be my 3rd a/c..

Due to my dry skin,i decided to apply more effective body lotion–CRABTREE &EVELYN
Thanks sis for ur recommendation..
*Hug Hug*

Bird Nest[every mth]+Facial wash[Cos Lab]+Body Lotion+Tomato[everyday]=Nice Skin complexion and beautiful bride next yr..

/*Yi Shi De Mei Hao-Zhang Shao Han*/