*Teochew Porridge Buffet @ Suntec/Another bottle of bird nest*

The number ?? bottles of my bird nest..(This is so cal the pure bird nest
which has to be eaten 2 times per day for 2 weeks)

Had buffet lunch wif my in laws on sat afternoon.Suntec, full of people at this part of the day,but we still managed to find a table over there,if not we’ll have to change our choice of eating.

Was feeling unwell on fri nite itself,(my previous blog says it)therefore felt drowsy after the medication taken.(given by the doctor)Slept throughout the journey in the car..

Except for running nose(recover after the medication),had been coughing very badly and the throat has been giving me problem(sore throat),therefore decided to buy another bottle of bird nest(almost finishing)to soothe the throat,as well as to improve the lung system of my body, which was told by the staff at one of a famous medical hall in singapore,other than having nice and smooth complexion.(another lesson here)

Thanks to this special person who got me this,u know who u are i don’t have to mention here isnt it?
*Hug hug*

/*Heaven knows-Chen Wei Lian*/


Kampong Dayz!!

Me @ Kampong Dayz

Wif Jiahui @ the resturant

Mum and Me

Had dinner wif mum,jiahui and auntie at this Kampong Dayz restaurant last week.(sorry forgotten to upload and blog)

My second time here at kampong dayz,in fact i can tell u the food here is great.Not too sweet nor salty,jus the taste of the food fr olden days.

/*Angel_David Tao*/


*Sick Sherryl*

Ms Jeow and Mr Chew??

The weather has been very bad these few days.
Sun shining brightly in the morning,and started to rain by afternoon nowadays.
Throat started to feel pain last nite,and the running nose seems bad (jus like tap running)
Thought should be fine this morning,but who knows,it got worse..
Therefore,got to sms the principal at work to let her make arrangement for my Pre Nursery today.Worst still,i’ve got class tonight,better get more rest and let the medication take effect.

/*Ming Ming Ai Ni-Zhang Shao Han*/


*My First Lesson at Learning Capital*

**_Mrs Sherryl Chew_**

Hi dear friends,
Supposed to update my first lesson in school on thurs when i dun have any class.
Anyway,finished class early today which allows me to blog ..
Class was fun today, i could say,and most importantly is due to the lecturer who brought us laughter and joy most of the time..The class started off wif the orientation followed by the first lesson.
Received the class time table as well.
Oh my gosh,there are at least 5 lessons that i dun have to go.Read the time table again,and found that on the 16th jun(fri),i also dun have class..Thank god,as on this date,i am going hk..

There are a couple of students who are not teachers at all..The worst thing is,there will be a practicum coming,which decide whether the students can get this cert or not.
The most fortunate thing for me is that,i can take my own class in the kindergarten to have the practicum,whereas those students who are not teachers will have to trouble learning capital to find a centre for them to hold the practicum..

I guess I am extremely lucky to have my past experience and knowledge in this line b4 i go for this course.

/*Journey-Zhang Shao Han*/


*My Future Starts Here*

Today will end,tml will come

Is Monday again!!
A week passed by very fast.Imagine tml i will be going for my first lesson at learning capital.
Therefore there will be 2 days that i will not be able to blog..
Will be back on thurs to update dear readers of my lesson in school..

Oh ya,,not to forget,i got an cal fr the principal at a infant care school at chua chu kang area..A pity,i am not able to answer her cal when i am teaching,therefore she drop me an email..
I actually applied for the position of an infant care teacher,hope to go for an interview soon.
Find this job very challenging and useful in the long run..

/*This I Promise You-NSYnc*/


**Esplanade**_My photos gallery

Quick dear,it’s very hot up here!!

Look at those grasses behind me>

I simply love u dear..

Another shot wif dear at the roof top of esplanade

At Esplanade Hall wif dear hubby..

At the roof top wif dear

Wif beautiful flowers next to me

Esplanade,a very nice place for photo taking session..
Especially the roof top,not much people up there i could say..Maybe the weather is too hot then..
Jus b4 we proceed to chinatown to collect our tickets,i drag dear for taking photos wif me..
Really spend a fruitful trip together wif dear..

/*Future-Joi Chua*/


*Tour agency at chinatown*

_Our air tickets/hotel vouchers to hk_

Isnt it cool??Within a week,the tour agency called us to go down and collect our tickets..
So effective..Really looking forward to the trip to hk with dear hubby..
This is our second trip oversea since ROM-ed..
After customary next yr,we will be able to go New Zealand..yipee!!
Cant wait for it to come and go on tour again..

/*Wo Zhi Shi Xiang Yao-Chen Wei Lian*/


Tour Agency

The tour agency which we booked our tickets to Hongkong called, saying that we can go and collect our air tickets any time fr now on..
Wow,shiok man..Able to go to Hongkong in less than 2mths time!!!

People,dont have to be envious..U can do the same too if u are willing to struggle a bit more,remember dun give an empty cheque by saying u wanted to go too,but in the end,nothing has been done..

This is No Action Talk Only..
{saying this,be coz i had a friend who act this way,luckily she is not seeing my blog..hehe..}

/*Yu Yan-Zhang Shao Han*/


Going to study again..

The school jus called me, saying that my registration for the teaching course next week has been approved..
In other words,i am going back to study again..
This course will last for 4mths, and hopefully after obtaining this cert,i can use it to go for the next level of education..
With a cert in hand,i can put it to gd use in the near future.As the singapore standard of living is very high,it’s really hard to find a job without a proper cert.

/*Xin Fu Che Zhan-Ou De Yang*/


All The Best,Jasmine

*Jasmine’s last day,have a phototaking wif her..*

My ex colleague in Jurong Christian Church Kindergarten,and now going to be ex colleague again in Ek..
She’s my friend cum colleague since 2001 till now..Wow,thats long..5yrs of history..
Had all the fun time with her.
All the laughter that i had wif her.
She gave me plenty of guidance these 5 years although that she is younger than me.
Thanks Jasmine!!
Oh ya b4 i forget,do remember to be one of my AH YI for my wedding next yr..

Through this blog,let me pray for u..Not those professional kind,but let me try as ur friend..
Do give me a comment when u get a chance to see my blog.

Dear lord Jesus,
I am praying this for jasmine,my friend..
lord,please guide her and lead her as she is moving on to a more stressful and challenging school to help the children over there.
Give her the wisdom and strength in the new environment..
Praying this in the name of the lord,our saviour jesus christ

/*The Birdies In The TreeTop*/