Dinner @Kampong Dayz (Photo Gallery P1)

Kampong Fried Rice
**(Is real nice,i simply love it)**

**Herbs chicken wrap in a big bun**

*The crispy tofu*

*The cereal sotong*

* 2 herbs chicken and the crispy tofu that came
to the table first*

All of the above food are from kampong dayz,there is only one word i can say abt the food there,marvellous..

My second time over there,and this is the reason why i go there again for the food..
Searching of gd food is the favourite past time of mine,no matter is it food at restaurant or food centre,hawker centre..
If we don’t eat now,then when??


My Birkenstock had arrive!!!

My white Birkenstock

Purplish,pink Birkenstock

Wow,look at this!!!My Birkenstock shoes had arrive..That is why i love online shopping.
It sounds great isnt it?
Online shopping is marvelous.

Now the problem is,which pair should i wear first?


Confirmation of my bridal studio

My invoice in this envelope(bridal studio)

Was wondering is it luck or is it my grandma that protected me in heaven allowing me to find my choice of bridal studio in a road show..

Normally the bridal studio that i want was seldom seen at a road show,
1:Coz they only do business for friends recommdation
2:They dont see the need to drag couple,in order to do business.

As i had read the forum,they mentioned that,once u sign up in a road show,it is more or less to get more promotion stuffs.
As yesterday i dun have the intention to go down to suntec area,but dun know why,once i reached there,i saw the road show of this bridal studio of my choice.I’m so delighted over it,as since the start of choosing this bridal studio,i dun even seen them having road show b4.

The staffs at the bridal studio prove me right,he said they dun do road show,as they believe in friends recommdation.

This bridal studio had more than 18yrs of history..
Anyway,i had signed up their bridal package and saw the stuffs that they offered me,and i’m very satisfied wif it.
Therefore my first appointment wif them will be in july


A day @ Pastamania

My plate of spaghetti

The garlic bread

Our banana pizza

Dear share of spaghetti

Having some tiring ,hungry and sad days last week,decided to go for something full to keep my body working.

Dear and myself got a plate of spagehtti each,plus a plate of garlic bread,a plate of banana pizza with 2 drinks..
We sure know how to eat huh,,
Dear had been by my side staying at the wake for these few days,therefore we decided to give ourselves something full..


I'm Back

Not being able to online for these few days.
As my grandma passed away on last mon(dad mum)
Was in the wake and mourning for her starting from last Mon till 49days later.
Not being able to wear colourful clothing for this 49 days

*In the memories of her*


*__Been Around Singapore__*

*In the car wif dear hubby*

Dear hubby and I travelled around Singapore in jus one day!!
Morning,we are over at Ang Mo Kio,next to katong,then to Tanjong Pagar,Tanah Merah,then to Changi Airport,finally back to Ang Mo Kio and last time will be home at Bt Panjang>>

A pity,we cant managed to take more pics,if not can post it over here.
Pray hard for next outing then..

/*Journey-Zhang Shao Han*/


Zoo_Part 2(19th May 06)

*In the bus b4 going to the zoo.*

To the zoo wif JOY Class(pm session)
My form class and me!!

*Had 9 children going to the zoo,and is time for their snack in the zoo*

*Mdm Tay and Mrs Tiang assisting me in the zoo*

Well,today brought another group of my children to the zoo..
This time round is my PM session children..
Is really very hot over at the zoo,and most of the children are very tired by the time they boarded the bus,in fact most of my children fell asleep!!

Got to hold on tight on them,if not they can fall down easily from the seat,which is going to be very terrible.

In another week or two,dear hubby promise to go to the zoo wif me.He knew that i am sure not able to enjoy myself there when bringing the children.Therefore he make an effort to bring me down one day wif him to have a gd time there.
*muack muack*

/*Ye Qu-Jay Chou*/


Zoo_Part 1(18th May 06)

To the zoo wif LOVE Class(am session)

Look!!All my 7 children here.I had a class of 18 children,yet i only had 7 of them joining me to the zoo.

The children sure enjoy themselves there i believe even due to the hot weather.What’s more,it’s their favourite place,isnt it?

/*You Make Me Want To Fall In Love-F.I.R*/


Miss ya_Wonderful outing tml>>

U and I make=Mr and Mrs Chew

Blue sea and sky behind me

Still miss this island,will sure to go back and visit it again..
How wonderful it is to go back again.Sure there will be lots of chances going back there,as it is only in SINGAPORE!!

Here i am blogging at this hour which i am suppose to be in my dreamland now..
Jus feel the urge to blog for a while b4 going to bed.
Tml and Fri will be a stressful day for me.Why?
Be coz,i have got to bring my Pre-Nursery children to the ZOO for the outing.

Imagine of my 3 yr old kid going to the zoo?
They will be running around in the zoo,and will i have a hard time catching them?
No,that’s for sure..
Anyway,will try to take some photos tml at the zoo and post it over here..

/*Over The Rainbow-Zhang Shao Han*/