Planning next trip

High up at victoria peak

Look at the view at abt 6pm in hk

After hk trip,where shall we go?
I am planning on another trip somewhere in either sept or dec,most likey will be in dec.
But where to?Well,i have some ideas of going to this country,but will work it out wif dear hubby first.
Is a country which i had not gone b4,hopefully i can fulfil this dream.

A fruitful trip_things that i had got

*My 1GB mp3 player fr creative*

the second post here after coming back fr hk.
well,is the problem given by motherboard,therefore i am not able to use the computer after the night i come back to singapore fr hk.

the previous sat,dear hubby bought me a new motherboard,and a new mp3 player[my previous one was spoilted]..
He had spent over $300 for me,sorry dear for causing u to spend so much on me after hk trip.


[*I am back fr HK*]

The food-on board the plane

At victoria peak

another view of victoria peak

our breakfast

sunny bay station

star ferry

night scenery of hk

in the hotel

star ferry terminal

landing in hk

sunny bay station waiting for the train to disneyland

hotel again!!

victoria peak

Finally the 4days 3 night stay in Hk has ended.Taken quite a number of photos.
I will let the photos speak for themselves about how much i enjoyed myself over there.
For the rest of the photos, go to my Flickr account!


Yippee!!–Hongkong[Retail Therapy]

victory sign}but why?

Coming,coming,coming–to where??
To Hongkong!!

It’s real fast,me going to hk this coming week and will be back next week.Anyway,will update again regarding my trip to hk when i am back..

Guess what,i had not even gone to hk and yet over here,i am planning wif dear the next trip to another country at the end of the yr,i’m so greedy isnt it?


[*Day out*]

Almost spending half a day wif dear,and mother-in-law. Had lunch over at compass point,wif a long and meaningful chat wif mother in law,but poor dear have to sit down there silently listening to our conversation..
*sorry dear*

Headed to town after that,as in went to the temple(superstitious me) and ask the goddess of mercy to protect dear and myself throughout the journey to hk and back to singapore.Well,not able to step into the temple as i am still mourning ,therefore i can only stand outside of the temple and pray..
Will be back to the temple after 49days after i finish mourning to give thanks..

Stopped at Mos Burger for a drink again,and carry on wif our conversation over many things like,wedding banquet,bridal studio,home deco(new home),what to buy for dowry,etc wif mother-in-law..


_*Sick S*herryl_*

I look sicky,isnt it>

I’m sick!!Doctor says,i’ve got a fever after i complained having a sore throat,headache,cough,as well as muscles ache since fri night..

Now,doctor wants me to keep under observation till sun..
Oh my,i dont wish this to happen..Guess maybe is the night b4 i kena a bit of rain water..Haiz..

Hope i can fully recover by next fri,if not i am sure that i wont be able to enjoy myself in hk..


*World Cup 2006*

Did i see it correctly?
World cup 2006 will be here tonight!!Oh gosh,my favourite.
Still remember chasing after the world cup in yr 1998.That yr,i am still schooling,no matter am i able to wake up the next morning or not,my thinking is”dont bother,jus watch it!”

Is like,wake up in the midnight to watch,then catch some sleep.Wake up again at 4am to watch again..Madly chasing after world cup that yr,and supporting my favourite country–France!!

I felt that it was worth it that i dont get enough sleep,as france got the championship of the world in yr 1998.
Although France not able to get the championship in yr 2002,but still till now i am still supporting them..
Way to go France!!

Still remember that bald head goal keeper?Haha,,love him so much,love the way he kicks and throws the ball high up in the air.Most importantly,one of the reason why France got it’s name is due to this goal keeper,as he is very good at catching the ball.
A pity,he wont be joining world cup this yr,i guess..too old already,as he hit the age of 35..

Hope i have the energy to watch the world cup 2006 tonight..Yippee!!


_(Uprotected Future)_

*That’s life*

There tend to be up and down in life.
When everything goes smoothly,u will feel happy and luck is smiling at u.
But what happen if u are down on ur luck?Then no matter wat u do,u will tend to feel very moody and complaining…

I could say,it’s sort of gambling..
It’s a matter of winning and losing.We never know till u pass by this journey in life.

Therefore,there are a lot of things which we can’t predict,as we never know what will happen to us in the future,don’t u agree?


**Healthy body,but how??**

Bird nest and Essence of chicken

My breakfast_American cheesecake

Early in the morning,had a bottle of essence of chicken and ends wif a piece of American cheesecake from *CAFE CARTEL*

It tastes great..


My Assignment due on the 6th jun 06

My music corner??

Look at this!!
One of part did by me for my group assignment.
The lecturer wants every groups to produce one music corner..

For my own individual assignment,i am suppose to conduct a music and movement lesson in the class to present to everyone.Therefore,these few days,i am busy making the bean bags..
On top of that,i am suppose to pass up a lesson plan on music and movement of my own.