Farewell to Chen lao shi and me

I would cry,and i sure will cry seeing a sad scene today in school.
Was Chen lao shi last day in school today,friday will be my turn.

Had a farewell party in the meeting today.Mdm Chan ordered 4 boxes of Oishi Japanese pizza and 5 boxes of oishi saladsOf course,before we start,chen lao shi gave her speech about her yrs of teaching in the kindergarten and student care centre.

When it was my turn,i gave a short but meaningful speech.I thanks the teachers of the laughter and jokes that i had with them,it was a wonderful one which i will remember it in my heart no matter where i go.

Next Mdm Chan(Principal) gave me her blessing,she wish that i could find a good prospect in the new line,and hope everything goes smoothly for me.As the same time,she mentioned that my wedding bells will be ringing very soon,therefore she wishes me all the best.

The teachers(old ones)gave me a gift which i could keep as a memories of them.
Teachers,rest assure i will bring that special thing with me no matter where i go.
*I gonna miss all of u*

Had bought some lovely keychains for the teachers,and made a power point slide show of my children with music as the background which i am going to give it to every child on friday.
Hope that the children will remember there was once a teacher who taught them before known as Ms Sherryl Jeow.
After viewing the Cd with power point,i felt so sad and touched.
*Children,Ms Jeow Miss all of you*


The fruitful shopping/day out>;

Nice movie that i watched today)*

Our small snack at ya kun kaya toast_*

Me with my *egg*

*:My favourite singer:*

[_My collection_]

/Our movie tickets?/

Spend a wonderful day out wif hubby.Was suppose to meet dear at the entrance of popular over at orchard Mrt station.Guess what,dear actually came out from the entrance of CD Rama,on his hand,he was holding a plastic bag fr CD Rama.The suprise was,he actually bought the CD that i had wanted for quite some time,my favourite singer Maggie(Teng Miao Hua)
*love u dear*

Proceed to Cathay cineleisure to get our movie tickets.The first time i am going to watch R21 movie known as ”Ask the dust”…
Didnt know it was R21 movie,till dear told me that..what a joke..ha..ha..
Anyway watch it with dear,,the movie quite touching,,overall one word–good>>

As i am starting on my new job soon,therefore went shopping for clothes.Found some,but still it’s not enough,got to get more.
Almost 6pm,felt hungry have some toast breads and an egg over at Ya Kun Kaya Toast(Toa Payoh)Guess what,i could actually have my dinner at 730pm with mother at pastamania,jus nearly less than an hr,i could finish up a plate of pasta and a drink,great eater,isnt it??


My poor hubby^*

+*Hope dear will recover soon*+

Due to the pain occur on hubby backbone,therefore,i told him to see a doctor.
But guess what,the medicine that polyclinic gave him not only made him allergy to it,but made both his eyes red and swollen that he could hardly see anything.Not even that he also has got problem typing smses to me.

Poor dear*

It’s only after work at night,then only does he went to see another doctor and get another sets of medicine to cure the redness and the swollen eyes.
So heartache seeing him like this*)


My thurs)*

Could say,i really spend the whole day out>
Work in the morning,straight away after work rush down to JCCK(jurong christian church kindergarten),my ex kindergarten to visit my colleagues.Perhaps today visit will be my last time until i send them the invitation cards next yr in May.
Felt so nice having to see them again,as all the laughter could be heard.*

Thanks Ms khoo for keeping me company from 530pm tp 6pm while waiting for jasmine to come over at jurong point.
Had dinner with her,and of course spend some time chatting..
“Jasmine,dont forget u are one of my JIE MEI for my wedding next yr!!”
*(hope she get to see my blog)*


The whole day out–sun*

My wedding gown for the outdoor photoshoot,but not the wedding gown for actual day,–dont be mistaken!!*
Only manage to post my blog today,yesterday there is simply no time to blog.
Been rushing here and there wif hubby and my in laws..

Firstly to the bridal studio to try on my evening gown and tea dress for my in laws to view.Intent to try on my wedding gown,but a pity my designer had sent it out as they need to make a new one for me.Too bad..

Finally decided on my tea dress and evening gown,felt a sense of relieve.
In short,my wedding gown is the one that i am most satisfied with.It had the feeling which i like.
Designer said that it’s damn popular now–(look i had made the right choice)
Next will be the tea dress,the traditional china dress where i am going to wear this back home to serve tea to my parents.
Lastly will be the evening gown,it’s a gown with a mixture of turkey and indian style..
According to the designer,this gown is very popular.


My sat)*

Spend the whole sat afternoon going to places like bishan,pasir ris,bugis,sin ming,turf city,chua shu kang,finally bt panjang.

Went out at 10.30am,reached home at 930pm.
Wow,sure know how to get around singapore in just one whole day.Went bugis temple to ask for divination and found out that the divination lot that i asked for is a very gd one,no matter is it career(going to have gd wealth-said the divination lot) or the plan,therefore we decided to go ahead with our plan to this country in oct.
*Set my mind at ease*

Located at turf city is the giant,sure enough it’s a big one.Mummy(mother-in-law) bought 10kg of rice,and other goodies too,while i help mother to get 10kg of rice too.
Of course,with the help of a car,we manage to get all the heavy stuffs back home.


"Racial Harmony Day''

My girls fr the morning class-Love

My children fr afternoon session-Joy Class

My favourite girls of Joy class

The boys

Held racial harmony day in school today.Therefore,children are allowed to wear their different races costumes.
My children wear it too!!Most importantly,they all look so cute and smart.Simply loves them so much,a pity i got to leave them next mth.Anyway,i already did my job in training them,therefore will be glad that i did achive something in life.
*Will be missing them*


Practicum today]**

*The printed animals for the children to do dabbing using cotton buds.*

*The story cards on the left,and the animal puppets on the right
Look at the paint which i had set up b4 hand.*

After days of preparing for my practicum,today is the day where my practicum supervisor came to see my teaching,as well as to view my lesson plan that i had prepared before hand.

Was feeling very stress when the time is approaching 945am.
Not only does she need to see how i teach but also i need to follow closely what i had prepare in the lesson plan.
1:Needed to have expression and communication with the children.
2:Attend to children needs and wants.
3:Prepare the activity for the children for this 40mins while she observe me.
4:The activity which i conduct must have something to do with the theme that the school is doing now.
5:The activity had to be something quite interesting to attract children attention.

Well,after yrs of experience,i am able to do some of it,but for those who are taking this course,but had no experience ,it is going to be quite tough for them.
Anyway,tonight i will be going for my class, therefore i am going to share with them my experiences that i occur today.

What makes me very glad was that out of 100%,i am able to score 94%.My hard work and effort have paid off.


[*Travelling in –Oct 06??*]

/*Oversea trip again in oct??*/

Being able to go travelling is a great thing in life,most importantly is with our love ones.
After my trip back fr hk,how i wish to go oversea again.

True enough,i will get a chance to do so again in oct.Will confirm everything by end of this mth or beginning aug.


|| Noodle Hut ||

The Guo Tie[left] and steam pork dumpling[right]

My Mushroom la Mian and Ice lemon Tea

The Noodle Hut

Dear hubby Wanton La Mian and Plum Tea

A woderful sat afternoon,off to IMM building with dear hubby for a short shopping trip.
Too lazy to go town area and have to squeeze with the crowds there during weekends.

Time to feed our stomach as by the time we reach there is already 12plus.
Had the following for lunch.There’s no need for any tea break before dinner.

After saying so much,let me talk a little about my lunch,it is a small resturant type known as Noodle Hut,the food serves there are mostly dim sum and Lai Mian.
Just like our crystal Jade.Anyway,for something simple that we had,cost about $30.