*;My pay had arrived>*;

My cheque for 2 weeks.

I had been awaiting for the arrival of my cheque from NYK.
Today it had arrived.
Didnt know my cheque had been mailed to be until mum open the letter post,and i found the enevlope from NYK.
Thank god,it had arrived.

Now i can stop getting cash from dear hubby(which i had been taking ever since i run out of $$$)
Hmm,,what should i do with the amount of money??

Pay my transportation,hp bills,cash for mother,insurances,saving and buy something for dear hubby.Gonna caught in him surprise,as he is normally the one who buys thing for me,now should be my turn to get him one!!


The phrase-Regarding wedding!!

Wedding phrase??

There’s this phrase which i had found it to be very meangingful when browsing through the forum.

*”only decide to get married if both are financially stable. don’t marry for the sake of marrying”*


Our wedding ceremony next yr in jun

Kawaii desu?

In about 10mths time,i am going to be a bride.Dear hubby wife.Having a house of our own in our sweet little kinderworld.

Really looking forward to the day where dear and myself have a house of our own,do cooking for dear,clearing up the house.Most importantly,bake cookies and cakes during weekends with dear hubby.

wow,what’s a wonderful life to be looking forward to.


Sleepy Sherryl-)

I’m TIRED!!!!
Felt the tiredness for the past few days,especially yesterday!Why?
Was my grandma 100th funeral ceremony and we had to prepare alot of stuffs and go round the ceremony many times.
After everything,i was so lazy to walk around anymore.I actually slept for 12 hrs since last night.Cannot blame me,but i was simply too tired.

Time flies really fast,my grandma had passed away for exactly 3 mths already,and i missed her alot.
*sad sad*


<<-How do i spend my day->>

My 4 Dian Jin!!!!

@east coast park

@ the car park of changi

@the interesting island..

@ the entrance

@ the seaside,my favourite

The most fortune day of my life.Had an appointment with mother in law,and my auntie together with dear hubby and sister in law to Poh Heng.Wanted to look at the 4 dian jin at first,who knows mother in law saw those i like,told me to choose my 4 dian jin now,and she is going to pay for it.

Wow,that’s fast.Next jun will be my chinese wedding,and now she is going to give me the 4 dian jin(traditional custom-the parents of groom to give to the bride)
Bangles,necklace,earings and ring—to be revealed next jun..

Spend travelling the whole day to concourse,east coast park/changi(seen in the photos),kovan,last stop will be amk.Guess i really spend a tiring day out.


*!A moody day but a plentiful returns>;

my ba chor mee for dinner tonite

dear hubby western food-fish and chips

our meals

Was feeling moody today,coz of the gastric that was hurting me,the sore throat that is disturbing me,and the cough is coming up at the end of the day.
Because of this stupid sore throat that made me cough so badly when i am out there.Had the medicine for gastric,and sore throat,but didnt know the cough will be coming up,therefore didnt bring along the cough syrup.Gonna have some when i reach home.

Went jean yip for my fringe cut from my hairstylist over at causeway point.He asked how am i?Told him that i am quite ok.Guess what,after cutting my fringe when i am suppose to make payment,he told me this:”Hmm,no need to pay”Then i look at him surprisingly and said have to.
He keep insisted no need,was so paiseh in the end that i dont have to pay him.He told me to come for treatment and going to charge me very cheap.Thanks him and agree to it.
Wow,earn a free haircut today.

The time was still early when i left causeway point,therefore went over to amk for dear hubby to fetch me.As the food that was posted above were the meals that we took for dinner.The western food was very nice,a pity my gastric and throat were not feeling well,therefore gave it a miss,if not i would had order too.
Remember this stall was highly recommded by the forum.

Venue:Ang Mo Kio

HR over at HYK gave me a call,told me that the cheque for my salary will be post to me next week.Well, got to wait patiently for it then.


-The sicky weeks-;;

Loser or winner??

I am falling sick again.This time round was down with gastric pain.Had the pain since tues until today,and it’s only today then will i be willing to go and see a doctor..To stubborn i guess,thought i could bear with it and recover soon,but in the end,i cant win the battle.

Again wont be going to work tomorrow,have MC.Might as well,since tomorrow will be the last day of my work at NYK.Dont know why,somehow seem to miss that place.
Oh ya,got a call from learning capital that the NTUC funding that i apply last week had been approved,therefore i will be able to start my course next mon.
(certificate in infants and toddlers care.)


*-Over the weekends,what shall i do??-*

–Preparing to view 4 dian jin–

Finally had some peace time to sit down in from of my own PC and blog over here.

Made a very gd and a great talker colleague over at the company,only 20yr old,and yet she can speak like real adult.Great knowing her..

This coming friday,dear going to get a car..Due to occasion coming up soon over the weekends.Looking forward to this friday..yippee
Most importantly,dear can bring me out for dinner and drive me back from work this coming fri.
If possible,dear and myself will make a trip down to one of the POH HENG to look at the 4 DIAN JIN for next yr wedding..
Why poh heng?
1-old history
2-best gold(yellow gold)
From the view of my auntie who always go for that.


-My Pillar in this life>

*Hug Hug*

Tml,a new start of the week,but will be my last 5days at NYK.Guess what,i am left with less than 50bucks to eat for my lunch for this coming week.
Dear hubby on the other hand knew that i dont have much left for this week meal,immediately he took out a $50 note from his wallet and put it into my wallet.

NO!!!…This was the word that i shouted at him.Had told him,i dont want it,but he insisted.
He mentioned one thing which made me feel very glad..
He said:”I am not going to let u go hungry”..

Oh no,my heart was like sinking..Well,in fact he mentioned this a couple of times already..
*so nice of him*


;Home on a sunday?;

Have a break

Disturbing dear while he is working

Dear at work,while i took a pic of him,

Felt lethargic on a sun morning,but too bad dear had got work to do,while i snap any photos whenever i feel like it.
*so bad of me*