–我的未来/my future,my life–


First day at work doesnt seems much tiring,maybe due to my past experiences with the little ones.The toddlers were all very cute when i manage them today.(my class)Making me the urge of having a child of my own.(wait till my customary is over which is on the way,another 9mths more)
Principal at the centre actually told me that,since my practicum will be dealing with the infants,therefore would i mind going to the infant side.
Thumb up and told her,I dont mind!!
Well,because i find that it is best to do the bonding with the infants now,rather than wait till dec which is my practicum period.How to create bonding with them??
Therefore,the principal mention that she will transfer me to the infant side,but by end of dec,if she needs help at the toddlers side,can i help.Told her,no problem for me.

To be frank with the principal,i did mention during work today that i will be shifting to sengkang soon latest by end mar to early apr,therefore not too sure will i be able to work for her.(have to say all these first in order to protect myself)
She is quite kind,she mention about doing arrangement to transfer me to the learning vision over at punggol,which will be very near to my home in sengkang.

A new job,a new environment,a planning for dear and my future(although i dont earn as much as dear do)


*==My yr end planning–年尾计划)==*

爱在2006 年



Will be starting work tml.Yes,it’s time to face the reality after couple of weeks resting at home.
Going to carry on leading the life that i used to do.It’s the time where $$$ comes in too.
Without $$$,how to carrying on with the year end trip with dear hubby??

Dear hubby had been very kind and dote on me ever since during our courtship,and even until now after marriage.No matter is it dealing with financial problem,or go for the things i like,he is always there to carry it out for me.Without him,how would my life be??

After the june oversea trip to hk,dear knows i would love to go for bkk again during yr end,he would do research and asking for prices.Due to the suituation in bkk,i bet we can carry on wif our dreams anymore.
In order not to disappoint me,he would give me another suggestion about going to other places like vietnam or chiangmai.(Now is for me to choose which one i would love to visit..hehehe..)
But i did mention abt not going to either one of it,might as well stay in singapore or maybe Malacca,which i had not visit for a long time..

Had thought of maybe going to Bintan,but end of jan,dear and i will be going,therefore,dont wish to visit bintan in dec,as i dont see the point in going again one month later.
-Will decide the trip when yr end approaching-


*"Clear wardrobe sale" sept 2006*

m)phosis top

long sleeve top

Brand new Fox skirt

Ok,what u guys see here are some of the items that i intend to sell off.Not mine,but belong to my sister.She is selling off at a certain price but negotiable.
Anybody interested,pls leave a msg at my tag box.I will get back to u soon..


-***It's so beautiful=)-**

Oh gosh,it’s so beautiful

Another design!!

Ok,had made up my mind in getting these 2 nice interesting dresses from online shopping on china website.It’s so beautiful!!!!!

There are so many nice clothings over here for me to choose,really too many to choose from.Had to sit down and look carefully.Yippie!!!
Thanks huining,my sister for giving me this website and most importantly,we are going to buy it and get it import from china..
Real Shiok because,it’s damn CHEAP!!!

A dress like this cost only 46RMB which is about 9 singapore dollars.
Isn’t it cheap??


-Mooncake festival with nice yummy mooncakes!!=)-

=Oh gosh,007 vs victory??=

*The box with paper bag of the mooncake bought by dear)

*The yam mooncake-Goodwood park hotel)

A day happens in this way where i understand that on the 6th oct will be the day of mooncake festival.Push carts are around almost all the shopping malls in singapore.

Wouldnt like to do things last minute,therefore went down to century square to get a box of mooncakes for my in laws.This is the third year where i bought the mooncakes for them(ever since i know dear)Same year for dear too who got it for my parents.

Normally every yr,for occasions like chinese new year,mooncake festival,dear will get stuffs for my parents and i will get for his parents without fail.It had become a habit for both of us.

Ok,let’s come to the topic.
Saw quite a number of push carts at century square,different brands like Dong Hai,river city restuarant,Guo Cheng,goodwood park hotel etc..
After tasting,found that this yam mooncakes from Goodwood park hotel suits me the best.
Therefore dear and i decided to get 2 boxes..
(Recommdend by one of the magazine)
A box like this costs $33,quite cheap isnt it?But using UOB credit card while doing payment,each box of the mooncake costs only $28.Meaning 2 boxes will be deducting $10.
Such a cheap deal??

Anyway,this is the first time using the supplementary card-credit card(sub card they call it,with my name stated there) that dear sub for me to do the payment.Shiok man!!When using the card,it seems different.Those with credit card,i believe u know the kind of feeling i had been through=)


//-Tatty Teddy-my love 2006-//


Made this during my free time.Really had got nothing better to do.
I simply love this,tatty teddy.Had the mini and small version of tatty at home now.Intend to get the biggest version as a gift from dear.

The below website is the one that i design my tatty teddy from,have fun!!



*-我们的婚礼-Our wedding*

Consider fated or lucky??

2 days ago,while reading the forum and found out that the master of geomancy which calculated dear and my wedding dates had shifted fr his previous work place to another.
SHOCKED-this is the only word found in my dictionary.

Had dear called up the workplace of his,but staff over there said that he had no longer working over there.How,how,how?I cant go with only the wedding dates but no auspicious time??
At this moment of time while surfing through the same forum,and understand that there is this lady who happens to know this master,which i got the contact number fr her,and the story goes smoothly.

The master told dear to come down to check the auspicious time once his shop is ready.
Is the god that had been blessing us as dear and myself who often go to the temple to pray.
If not,things wont go so smoothly.

This is the master who calculate Zoe Tay wedding date,and is a close friend of bryan Wong and kim Ng.Quite a well-known person in mediacorp.
Anybody looking for master to calculate their wedding dates,do contact me.

This coming sat is going to be a busy day for me,as i will be visiting the infant care centre together with my course mates fr 10am to 1pm.After which,will be heeding down to joo chiat with dear to check out the pricing of—(secret)
Next probably be going down to whitelink.Due to the changing of the kua to another kind of tea dress.Somehow or other,i find that Kua doesnt really suits me.
Such a headache,as in which should i choose?Which is better for me?
I guess all brides will normally face the same problem as me,choose already then feel like changing again and again.



–文全_慧琴6月の私達の愛結婚式-Our wedding- 07–

Smiliar colour evening gown of mine

-Hotel Rendezvous-

Look,the evening gown posted up there is roughly the colour of my actual day evening gown.Dear hubby gonna wear a white coat like the male model up there.Wow,nice matching colours for the couple..

Friends who are going to view my wedding gown,please be a bit more patient.Will be posting my indoor and outdoor photography latest by end of feb 07.

Hotel Rendezvous,the hotel of our choice.The day of my wedding will be held in this small unique hotel.Really looking forward to the coming wedding in june 07..

Coming up next will be
Nov 06-Visit to the bridal studio for final trial of my made to measure wedding gown.
Jan 07-Digital imaging of my wedding gowns.
Jan 07-Hotel visit,manging my invitation cards and wedding favours
Etc etc etc coming up……..

True enough,a small hotel like this is not cheap.Per table going to cost us estimate about $730.Luckily is only for 24 tables,if not..
Total for 24 tables will be-$17520
Is only for hotel tables only,excluding bridal studio,digital imaging,invitation cards,4 dian jin/cakes,red packets for youngsters who serve us tea,house renovation etc…

How to get married without at least 40k for a simple wedding?
Friends who are getting married,do take my list for references.


''-Our Future,our lives-''

*Thinking for our future*

-My appointment letter-the contract-

Date of appointment on the 2nd oct 06,1st oct is the children day where there is no need for me to report to work.

Well,my job now is to educate the toddlers.Gonna write a lesson plan for 5 days every week.Next will be teaching,have music and movement with them,art and craft,story-telling,bathe the toddlers,pat them to sleep..

What a challenging job that i will be facing.I guess this is something that i will be more interested in compare to admin job.
Dealing with all these younger ones means more work,need to be more energetic.Most importantly,gaining more experiences so that i could teach and deal with my own when years start to come.
*Am i right,Mr Chew??*


-富贵花/百合花-我的喜爱-my favourite!!-




Are we being overwhelmed by flowers today?Just look at the lovely flowers that mother had planted.Cant help but to take out our camera(dear and mine) to take some pictures of it.Seems that we had taken about 50 over photos of FLOWERS only!!
Our pasttime during a sun cloudy afternoon.

Not forgetting about taking photos for ourselves too.Oh man,my favourite flower,lilies..
Is a must to take the photo together with it.
I love it so much..

Dragging dear to take a piece of photo with me too.Thanks mum for helping us take this nice photo.