带领未来-lead me-

Lead me to the future>>

A call from the kindergarten in jurong.
They are going to offer me a post over there.As for the salary wise,well is the same amount that i had got working in the childcare centre.
For kindergarten is only 6hrs of working hours,for childcare centre is 9hours.
No shift work needed in the kindergarten,they start from 8am and end at 230pm,but for childcare centre,they have different shifts.

Should i take up the offer??


''-The weekends that passes by so quickly-''

.my best buddy,my best hubby.

.a shot taken by dear without realising.

A day starts off with all the yummy food cook by mum.Mum really TOOK GOOD CARE of her 2 son-in-laws.(ning and my hubby)

Was discussing about catering for buffet lunch for my wedding day.To cater for about nearly 80 heads.From four seasons hotel,siam kitchen or???
Of course would like all my relatives who attend my tea ceremony in the morning to fill their stomach.

Sunday will end,monday will be coming soon.The weekends alway end rapidly.This is life.
Try looking forward to the next coming weekends then.


-Follow up wedding news-

our news.


dear set lunch

our drinks and soup.

my set lunch

our side dish.

Had a late lunch with dear hubby over at Han’s,hougang mall branch.My stomach was full of foods and was not able to walk after the meal.
*Dear,are you going to feed me every weekends till i become plump and cant fit on my wedding gowns??*

Had another meals with my family members inclusive of ning and her hubby,this time was the dinner.Worst still,it’s KFC that we were having just now.
Should i be a food advisor,going round singapore and look for nice,delicious foods?

Met up with my parents in law,as dear gave them a lift to bugis(same direction as ours)

Was suppose to be going to look for my shifu who does picking of our auspicious date for our wedding next year.Well,i guess this could only be done the next coming weekends.Date were fixed,just short of the timing of fetching the bride on that day.
Oh dear,i’m damn busy when nov starts.Is best that dear and i should start calling the shifu to make appointment before our trip comes.

Next sunday(5th nov)suppose to go down to the bridal studio,this time round gonna choose another tea dress.2 weeks later(19th nov) to view my made to measure wedding gown.


//Taking step by step slowly//

a day to remember

Had encounter quite a number of unhappy occasions at the new environment..Hope these problems wont last long.

Home quite late as there was a celebration in school.Imagine working for 9hrs of work today after which had to stay back for another 2hrs for the celebration,although there are OT pay for teachers,but is damn tiring.

Sad to say,i couldn’t chat with dear hubby on the phone tonight.Dear had got to work till 10plus as he had a retro party to attend.

Well,something i asked myself,why do we have to work so hard for??
For our future,for a better life??
If not because of having my customary next year,i would rather stay at home..
But come to think of it,how can that be.


— A day spend-日は使う —

heading towards upper serangoon

reaching tanjong rhu

stadium behind dear..

windy breeze

i love this place

dear love this place too??

A public holiday like today shouldn’t be wasted..
How was a day like this being spent??

Well,suppose to have breakfast cum lunch over at ang mo kio for that famous western food,in the end ended up in kovan for another western food due to the closure of the one at ang mo kio.Reason??-because of public holiday-
Mother ended buying 6 packets of soil for her plants.That’s mum,flower lover..

Dropping mum and ning home,dear hubby and i get started heading to upper serangoon,to view the work of another company regarding,hmm..anyway,something to do with our wedding next year.
The job of this company looks not bad,the pricing are quite reasonable.Dear and i might consider engaging them.

The time was still early after we left upper serangoon,therefore decided to go for a walk at tanjong rhu.With windy breeze,nice scenery,i simply love it!!
Is a beautiful and quiet place when i visited it today..

Next stop will be giant at turf city.Dear and i wanted to grab some stuffs over there in order to have it during our tea break at work..



The history of singapore..

Photo seen here is the olden time of singapore.A singer from taiwan from olden time is one which i wont forget,and will remember her deeply in my heart.
She is none other than*Teresa Tang*

The song here is one of her song which i love it so much,although it’s an old song,but it had a great meaning which will make one cry after hearing.
Teresa Tang,will alway remember your songs,your voice and your kindness..

邓丽君 无奈

我本来打算离你远去,从此不再提起你,看着你一脸茫然,眼光是波澜,我无能为力。心中的无奈,像一根线,牵绊着我还有你,我实在实在没有勇气,来抛下这情 意。这一刻虽然默默无语,但是我心在哭泣,求求你不要问我为什么要泣啼,我无法回答你。也许有一天我离开你,请相信是不得已。我心中心中有个秘密。却无法 告诉你。

*Vietnam trip exactly one month from today date*


''My sunday=rest day''

third time @vivo city

me with hui

dear and my breakfast cum lunch

Suppose to have an appointment at 1130am over at woodlands,before that dear and i went for a bite at mos burger..

So the question is,how did we landed up at vivo city again every week after the last 3 weeks?
Reason-mother has not visit there before,so dear and i decided to go with her.

It’s time to visit the salon again before my trip to vietnam.Went jean yip to book an appoinment with my hairstylist at woodlands.
Just checked with him the price,then the word that came out from his mouth is,i will give you a very gd price(meaning discount)


[A day to start off with-tasty foods]

-on top of the river-

by the riverside,boat quay;

Qin wif bougainvillea

dear spotted over here

esplanade,my favourite venue

refreshment after lunch

walnut fudge brownie

hot chocolate;trinidad white chocolate(dear) &
ecuador dark chocolate wif orchid oil(mine)

Max brenner’s@esplanade

chicken chop noodle;tat’s dear

fish fillet noodle;tat’s mine

Started off with a walk cum shopping trip to suntec.The mall was filled with people early in the morning.
Had our lunch at shaw tower a famous western food stall recommended by the media.Pictures uploaded here..

Heard from dear hubby that there is a place which sells tasty brownie cum nice hot chocolate located over at esplanade.Less than 2 days ago,dear went for it with friends.Therefore,he wanted me to have a try of it too..
So,he bought me there today to try on it.
True enough,it tasted nice especially the BROWNIE..

It had been quite a while since we took photos over at esplanade,so today was a great chance for us to take since we were there.Decided to go for more,therefore from esplanade we walked all the way to boat quay for the sake of taking more photos.

*Wont be taking much photos for the next coming weeks*


;Marriage made in heaven|天でなされる結婚;

Time flies,in exactly a month from today will be dear hubby and my ROM wedding one year anniversary.
On the 19th nov 2005 the day where dear and i sign the marriage certificate and announce as husband and wife.Imagine next month,we will be celebrating a yr anniversary.
It was like the ceremony was held only recently ago.
Anyway,a small celebration of going oversea will be held next month.After which will be the counting down to our customary in yr 2007.

Not forgetting,on the 19th nov next mth,(the day of our 1 yr rom wedding)we will be going to the bridal studio to try on my made to measure wedding gown.Really excited to see how my design wedding gown will look like after seeing it on the drawing.
Now it is the time to really sit down to crack my head of who do be my wedding sisters- JIE MEI-
Ginny,Jasmine,i had booked the 2 of u..hehe
Right now,i am still sort of about 2 to 3 sisters although i had in mind maybe who to ask,but still i would prefer closer friends like the 2 i had mentioned above.

After weeks of waiting,my online ordering of dresses were here on wednesday evening.Was very satisfied with the dresses that i had got for myself.Intend to order again in another 1 to 2 weeks time.
Unlike some online ordering of dresses or shoes,they dont have to find a certain percentage of people ordering.Even if there are only 1 or 2 of us ordering,the shipping charges will be base on per dress..
Anyone interested??