;-The busy months ahead-;

*The ocassion coming up*

If things work out well without any changes,the following dates will be something that dear and i will be busy with.

6th Jan 2007-2nd fit of my wedding gown
Location-Bridal Studio

13th Jan-Trial make-up
Location-Bridal studio

21st Jan-Pre-wedding shoot,indoor
Location-Bridal studio

3rd Feb-Pre-wedding shoot,outdoor

Either Jan or Feb,collection of keys to my dear coris in sengkang.Upon collection of keys will be the deduction of dear and my CPF.*sad sad*
Renovation of house will be done by March.(to be update)

By Feb,will be visiting the hotel for the collection of invitation cards to be send for printing as well as for the choosing of wedding favours
Late April will be sourcing for the items for GUO DA LI as well as AN CHUAN.

Wow,my head are big now,so many things to prepare.
Not easy to hold a wedding..
But come to think of it,after being busy for so many mths,finally when the day comes,everything is nicely done,sure will feel a sense of satisfication,isnt it?


-Wonderful vietnam shopping spree-

in the plane,,going to vietnam

my boarding pass

@ terminal 2

imitating the fairy

the santa claus at transit area

i like this..

the heavy traffic at vietnam

@ the junction

the ben tanh market-

outside reunification palace

i’m tired

vietnamese noodle

the hat that i like

dear having his breakfast

Vhy,a lady that i know

Hien-the store manager

The lady who sells coffee to us..

Hi all,i’m back..
Really had a fruitful trip to ho chi minh,vietnam.In fact i get to know 2 vietnamese lady,the receptionist and a manager who sold bags to me(which i bought quite a number of it from her)
I got their email and will be keeping in touch with them.

Quite interesting,go vietnam,and get to know 2 ladies from there.Fated,i suppose..
The more interesting thing is,the people over there thought i am a vietnamese.
Hmm,do i look like one,that’s for you people to decide..

Was quite shock on the first day when i arrive at vietnam.Their traffic is like,well i guess i could salute to them.There are lots of motorcycles and bicycles,the way their people drive is like accident can occur any time,you can imagine how.
Throughout the journey from the airport to the hotel,i felt so unsafe sitting in the cab.
What made dear and i enjoy so much about is,vietnamese love to horn everywhere they drive.Whether anyone block their way or not,they still horn,in fact is throughout the whole day.

People selling foods or vegetables along the streets could be seen everywhere.
Vietnam is just like bkk,the market that attracts most people is known as Ben Tanh Market.
Sell lots of things like bags,shoes,clothing,foods,just like the chatuchak or suan lum in bkk.

Guess not long from now,i believe vietnam will replace bkk in attracting tourists for visiting.
Let’s wait and see..

Really hope to visit vietnam again for my shopping spree..
Below is my link to view my photos taken @ vietnam,ho chi minh city



-Flying to vietnam,depart @terminal 2-

Flying to VIETNAM>>

Here we go,today 23rd nov 06..
Before going to changi airport terminal 2 to catch our flight to vietnam,i shall post a blog first before leaving singapore.

Singapore is an hr ahead of vietnam,just like bkk..I would feel the slow movement of time in vietnam again.I bet their lifestyle is as slow as in bkk..
Would only find out everything when i am there.

Will update myself over here when i am back.


''Visiting Vietnam in one day time''

getaway weekends

Looking forward to..

In nearly about 1 day time,i will be taking SQ flying over to vietnam with dear hubby.
Vietnam,the country is poor,and of course,they would like tourists like us to visit them.

Having visited “higher class countries”,Vietnam is a place which i would like to visit,to explore and give myself a chance of seeing the lifestyle of the people from that country.


*The newest website for uploading my photos*

The ever happy looking me..

Would like to update all my readers over here.
Currently,despite blogging in my blog,i do upload most of my recent photos,as well as photos for the coming up occasion,e.g
1.My wedding actual day.
2.Indoor and Outdoor photoshoot.
3.My renovated home.
4.My trip to vietnam in Nov.

Do drop by some time to view some of my recent update,or rather uploaded photos in the future.
The link is as follow,




.Marriage is bliss.it's our day,Happy1yr ROMed Anniversary.

our anniversary day

look at the big fish

dear seafood platter

my fish and chip

are u resting your hand,dear?

i’m tired

looking far..

look this way,dear

welcome to….

Just before the day ends,i would like to wish dear hubby,
Happy 1yr ROMed anniversary-19th Nov.

A special day like this should be spend wisely..Thanks for the lunch today,dear.Do looking forward to the coming up trip,A little celebration of our anniversary.
Being your wife for a yr makes me understand more and more about u,dear.I’m not too good at words,but thanks for everything that you had done for me.

The rate of US$ is not very good,is $1(sing) change to US$0.64(usa).In search of the money changers,bet this is the best deal after all.
As we cant bring in Dong(vietnam currency)into vietnam,therefore we have to change into US$ before changing it to dong in vietnam.
That’s the trouble about travelling to vietnam.

The trip to the bridal studio today last about 2hrs there.Saw my made to measure wedding gown.Hmm,,not too bad,,is something that i wanted.As today is the first fit,therefore all the beads,laces will be thread on my wedding gown during the second fit which will be on the 6th jan.

As for the outdoor wedding photoshoot,dear and i are still considering about the dates given to us,but it had been fixed that we will be taking the outdoor shoot in bintan.2 Choices of resort were given to us to choose..


*Sad incident that happened*

Fiona Xie and the team

another view of the group@ causeway point.

the small accident

Really down on my luck today.
My left arm still hurts like mad when dear and i went for flu jab before heading to vietnam,sort of prevention in another word.It seems to be aching for the whole day.
According to the doctor choo,it’s suppose to be like this.
Oh well,let it be then.

Who knows fate is playing out on me again.On my way out,there is this bridge which i will normally walk past before reaching the bus stop.
Somehow or other,i was really not careful that i trip and fall on the rough surface of that stupid bridge.*ouch*It was bleeding!!
My last fall was when i am in pri 6,and after 14yrs later,i got it again!!

Upon reaching woodlands,dear drop in to the guardian and get all these,
-providone iodine
-surgical spirt
-sterile cotton balls
-sterile gauze swab
-the tape

Saw the group of mediacorp celebrities,took a quick shoot of them before heading towards ang moi kio.Saw fiona xie?She’s pretty!!

*Marvellous*was the word said by mum and ning.
They simply loves the design of my blks and was very satisfied of the surrounding.
How true is it,do judge for yourself..


*My own philosopy –>>Imitation can kill*

Now,tell me why??

Came across this phrase which i find that it do imply what i had been thinking for this couple of days or months i could say.

-“Trust yourself. Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself. Be yourself. Imitation is suicide.”-

Firstly,Trust your own thinking,think for it yourself.
Secondly,Act when u have your own thinking before you speak what to do next.
Thirdly,Once u master all these stated above,just be yourself,no point being imitation from others.

When things that people do is based on their own limitation.If you have your own limitation,why imitate what people do?
No man ever yet became great by imitation.Insist on yourself,never imitate.
This is how we should be doing if we want to lead a happier life.

E.g:If a person who is able to afford this or have that particular thing is due to what this person have to go through in this life.For others who wants to imitate and do/have things like that person is simply out of one thing-jealousy-
Never compare oneself to another,as we share different lifes.
What others have,we dont,what we have,they dont.
This had been what i had kept telling myself,hope others do share the same view as me.

*My own philosopy is,imitation can kill*