The last day of year 2006

Let’ me blog a little for the last day of year 2006>>
Getting over to the coris early in the morning.Needed to do some clearing over at our new home.
Advertisment papers found in the bomb shelter too..
Another Contractor cum ID company had finished doing the quotation for us,both of us went down to bishan to collect it.This firm seems not bad,can too consider them to do our house renovation..

18 stops away from Bishan to Boon Lay..Gonna meet up with mother and hui for dinner at crystal jade..The photos upbove shows it all…A pity can’t upload too much photos over here..
Tomorrow will be another busy day i suppose.


//The runaway 4D//

Seems like lady luck is not smiling on us today..
I had lost the chance of wining a starter for 4D..Sad case,forgotten to buy the number for our wedding date,and it came out as starter today.
Had bought all the numbers but not this.Our wedding date is one of the 4D number that dear and myself will normally buy every weekends,but not today..

One thing for sure was that,dear hubby was not feeling well today..(you can see from the photo above)Had lunch over at dear’s boss place…Dear find it hard to stay on due to his headache and nausea.What dear needs now is a rest..


-A brand new post after the earthquake attack-

Finally able to log in to blogger to create a post..Was told that the internet needed 3 weeks to get repair,therefore had been trying so hard for the past few days to log in,but failed..
Anyway,was good to be back here again..

As age is catching up with me,felt that having a healthy body is important to me now.I dont take meat,fish etc,therefore is like lacking of iron..Seeing this,dear got me a bottle of tablets filled with iron and vitamins..Would deeply appreciate and thanks dear for the effort.)=

Had like watching 摆家乐 so much,that it had become part of the variety show that i would not miss every monday.The design and ideas cum the furniture store was fresh..Bryan design,i had like it so much.Will show tremendously support to his design ideas..
Well done,Bryan..


Merry x'mas2006

Merry xmas to all!!
If all were to observe carefully,you will find that it is actually”snowing in singapore”
It was like drizzling,but the rain was especially smaller than drizzling.
The cooling weather makes me feel that singapore is having winter..

Bryan called dear today..A real joker over the phone conversation..
His favourite sentence again when speaking over the phone as dear told Bryan not to call him tonight between 8pm to 9pm,as dear is going to watch -摆家乐-..
[你赢 了Lor] is the sentence that Bryan burst out..



-Merry xmas meal from dear hubby-

Spend a fruitful day going around the whole of singapore,i could say..
Firstly to our lovenest for the technician,collecting of quotation from another ID firm,getting down to golden landmark for the collecting of fengshui drawing from the shifu..

As a reward,dear hubby treat me to jack’s place for lunch..I would rather say,it’s more for a little celebration for xmas..Thanks dear for the lunch..It’s time to save for the future from now on,as our big day and renovation of our love nest is getting near…



-The singapore festival 2006-

Wow,it’s nice!!To a flower lover like me,wont be missing the nice part of attending a flower festival like this..
Was there on friday night @suntec city mall..The singapore festival was held on level 4th and 6th.There’s so much to see.A pity,there wasn’t much time left after taking 200 over photos,still i managed to take all,although not too professional..

There’ll be more in my multiply @ the below link.



//-It's a small world after all-//

Those were the days//

Having to recall the past with the help of the photos.I loves to recall the past and things which i had encounter with,especially those with good memories.The feeling was good.Photographs is going to be a very important role of all.
This makes me having the determination to take more photos during my AD as well as the indoor cum outdoor shoots.
To keep the most beautiful memories of the day when i recall in the future.

The world is so so small..Having a BBQ session located at my 4th auntie place,nuovo condo..
Happily eating my food,and heard someone calling my name.To my very surprise,it was Kathy,my secondary school friend cum claassmate.
Something more surprising was that,she was actually the classmate of my cousin in NTU..
One month ago,i called up with kathy asking her to be one my sisters,in jus one month time,i get to see her at my aunt place.
Such a small world,isn’t it??

Between 11am to 1230pm,singapore power technician will be coming to my flat to on the electicity for us.Meaning,once our renovation is done,then we can on the electicity any time.
Now,what am i suppose to do in the house tomorrow while waiting for the techinician to come??



It's finally over-Happy ending-

putting down the big stone>>

Not to say i had done very well for my practicum,but i did not bad for it, 55/65…
I had not let my lecturer down,nor didnt did i waste my time attending the class for the past 4 months.
Was damn nervous when my practicum supervisor wanted me to bathe one of the infant,but still i did it!

Most of my marks were scored during the interaction with infants.Practicum supervisor had feedback to me this.Was told by her that i use a very good speech cum tone when talking to the infants.Phew…everything are finally over..Guess what,i had a sleepless night over this practicum.
There’s another 6hrs to complete tomorrow,to finish up my 30hrs in this centre.After which,i could finally say,gd bye to the course that i am taking.
Another certificate to be collect again..Looking forward to the next course then..


//Our sweet sweet home,coris//

The hall of my new home

The main door cum gate of the coris

The master bedroom of coris,jus like bedroom 3

bedroom 2 of coris

the kitchen of coris

the service yard of coris

the toliet of coris

Felt bad for not being able to update any post for the past 2 days.Was kind of busy getting contractor cum ID to do up my house,at the same time,was busy with my practicum as i was attached to one of the infant centre at shenton way.

Well,do let me upday a little regarding of dear and my newly love nest at the coris,sengkang.
The things which i simply loves of my new home was the long glass window of the hall,masterbedroom,and bedroom 3.A pity,bedroom 2 dont have this privilege.Next,i love the glass door of the common toilet and the one at the master bedroom.
Last but not least,the gate of my home.Wow….I love it so much..
The flooring of the bedroom.
It’s all done by the government.

The headache part is,how are dear and i going to design the look of our love nest.
According to fengshui,there are some of the things which we got to look out for when designing out flat.
Really hope for the whole renovation to finish,then could dear and i shift in to start our two world together.Sweet sweet love..

Had been to see some of the contractors and ID over the last weekends,this explain why i am not able to post any blog.Now waiting for them to give us a quotation for doing our flat.

One of the contractor was kind enough to come personally on last sun to our flat to do the measurement and to understand the need of the house.Had seen some of the photos that this contractor did for house renovation,it’s very nice.If he is able to give us a very good quotation,dear and i might consider taking him,as he is ”highly recommended”by the forums.

*House matters to be updated*