*-Eastern part ,Singapore-*

*with you throughout this journey*

With dear around,i will be tavelling the whole of singapore with him..The first time taking SBS transit bus number 12, which others might had taken hundred over times..
*mountain tortoise*
This SBS double decker bus is super new,and is a lot different from normal SBS buses..

Loves taking different number buses and travel the whole island,is a great exposure for me to be able to know more about the street or road names of singapore.It had been good looking at places which i had not been before,or the kind of buildings which are new to me.
Having staying in the west side since birth,it’s time for me explore around the east side since i will be shifting there real soon..

Henry,our contractor had been so kind enough by making an effort to email dear hubby again to double confirm with the dimension of the low wall in our love nest before he could start work today.Quite an experience contractor i could say..

Will be going into details with the hotel manager regarding our wedding on the 16th june,therefore will update again when i am back on friday!


[The start of house renovation]

lay currogated board to protect the flooring(hall)

a view in the kitchen

another view of the hall

the marking done by the contractor

the drawing of L box cum false ceiling in the hall

deciding the colours of the house,and woodgrains for the cabinets

Oh well,these are some of the photos taken by dear hubby during his visit to our love nest on the Monday where the workers carried out the work.
Sort of being kiasu,dear went up to our place to take a look and took some photos to show it to me,as i am staying too far away from our new home.
Finally started doing the renovation for our home,was glad and feeling joyful.Hopefully to be able to shift in by early April.

It’s Bryan Wong birthday today!!Had drop him a sms for birthday greeting.
Would like to wish him,happy birthday and stay young always..

Without knowing it’s already tuesday,dear and myself will be going down to hotel rendezvous on thursday to confirm with the hotel manager regarding the choice of our wedding invitation card,as well as the wedding favours.

This coming thurs is going to be another busy day for me,once the confirmation with the hotel,will be rushing down to bugis and do my manicure again for the weekends outdoor photoshoot which will be held in bintan.
A short getaway weekends in bintan on this coming saturday with a one night stay until the sunday.
Is like killing two birds with one stone.Not only is there a short trip for us,and we will be there taking outdoor wedding photoshoot as well.What a wonderful weekends it’s gonna be..


//Another item settled,thankful for this day//

before our sourcing for lightnings

Another day for our next purchase.What would that be?It’s lightnings,of course!As the contractor will be starting work tomorrow,therefore the lights are important source of item now where the electrician could install it once the L box and false ceiling are ready.

The day starts with the collection of shop and save vouchers worth $100.It’s located at burlington square.Had meet up with my in laws at katong mall,looking for furnitures as well as tv,but nothing catches our eyes.Shall make another trip down to the warehouse somewhere at either kaki bukit or macpherson again.

Understand that there are lots of lightnings located at balestier.True enough,whole of that lane of shops that sell lightnings.Dear had did research on forum regarding the different shops that are highly recommended..
Getting into different shops and check out the prices,finally decided on this shop for their lights which catches our eyes and the price was reasonable,which was recommended by the forum too.
The lights that we had purchased today was 24 down lights,1 middle size light for our kitchen,1 small light for bomb shelter,1 for common toilet,1 for toilet in the master bedroom and 1 for the service balcony.
The lights for the 3 bedrooms will be getting from another shop which is yet to be confirm.

Looking for lightnings is really a tiring thing to do,there are different variety of lights with design to choose from.It’s a real headache.Anyway,this is settled and our main concern now suppose to be furnitures.


-The joy of achieving our mission for our love nest-

us together @ coris

full length window

der doing measurements for the seater

the famous prawns noodle in macpherson

The day was spent wisely as every seconds,every minutes is important to us now..
Once the start of renovation works,items like fridge,washing machine,hood and hob,sink and tap,air con,lights had to be purchase soon..

Looking around not only for one company but for as many as we can find which sells for example hood and hob,or lights etc..
Therefore,dear and myself had personally get down to jalan besar to look for the 3 companies that sell sinks and taps for the kitchen.
After viewing these 3 companies,we settled down on hoe kee for the tap and sink.Had made purchase on these 2 items today.

Wish the day had been longer,as it was never enough for us to use.Rushing down to sengkang,our love nest to meet up with our contractor,henry as well as the electrician,darren.
Today meeting is for henry,our contractor to do marking on the area for renovation,example the marking for where gas pipes are,the marking for the piping of water,the marking for the bases of washing machine and fridge.
Electrician job was to tell us where to locate the 5 switches for our L box cum false ceiling lightnings..

As for dear and my job is to sources for lightnings tomorrow and if possible get it soon so that our electrician could install it once the l box and fasle ceiling is done.
Dear paid another 30% of the total amount and the workers were to start the house reno this coming mon..
Our contractor had mentioned that for these 2 weeks before new year,they will be doing the electricity and the bases,as for the capentry work like kitchen cabinets will most likely to be carry out after chinese new year.

Our next misson is to look for sofa,bed and air con..Deciding on the colours for my house is another thing to do and the design for our cabinets.
There are sure so many things to be done for a house renovation.

The kueh chup located at jalan besar food centre was damn tasty,a pity didnt manage to take some photos of it.Anyway for dinner,had it at macpherson.Prawn noodles was the dinner for today,and it was yummy..Our second visit for the prawn noodles.


/House renovation estimate to be starting on this coming Monday/

Another day had passed,it’s time for me to start blogging again.Shall blog a little regarding my job,the children in school.

Had an educational trip to the dragon kiln located,a place where pottery was made..Lots of pottery over there,and my k2 children sure enjoy themselves over there.
For people who likes pottery,arts,this is agreat place to visit..Shall visit there again when I can find a chance,as I don’t get enough of buying some pottery items over there.

Going to have a meet up with my contractor tomorrow afternoon,the electrician will be coming too to talk about the lightnings in our new home.The contractor will be there at our place for the signing of contract,and discuss the time for starting work next Monday,29th jan..

Felt a sense of happiness,as my house will be starting the renovation next week,and it is only the completion of the house renovation then only will I feel much happier.
If everything go on smoothly,most likely will be shifting in by first week of april.


Birthday celebration on the 25th Jan 2007

taking a pic with dear hubby before the birthday song

making a wish during this special day

having difficulties

dear giving me a hand

cutting the birthday cake

the 3 sisters

the rice table,indonesia restaurant

the 20 type of dishes served

another shoot of the 20 dishes

the soup

Guess when birthday comes,it is a day where gifts are given by friends and the love ones.
Had got some birthdays gifts from my love ones as well as for the buffet dinner treated by dear hubby..

Dear,the buffet dinner at the rice table indonesia restaurant was great,and i am still feeling very full until now.Really don’t know how am i going to bed in this bloated stomach.Thanks dear for the dinner,and you had made my day really enjoyable and full of joy with happiness.
Thanks for the present that you had got for me,it is something that i had been wanted to have for some time.

Thanks ning and mum for the wonder gifts too..It had cost a bomb for these branded items given..With ning around,she is sure to get something branded for my birthday as she knows that this sister of hers(me) seldom get those branded items.
You really know me well..

Overall,i had spent a wonderful birthday celebration and my collection of birthday gifts.
Would like to wish myself,
-A happy sweet birthday-


//The moving on scheme for the coming year//

Gonna be another year older in 2 days time..It’s always been joyful to celebrate birthday with the love ones,but a sad feeling knowing that age is catching up and is no longer young anymore.
Dear hubby going to give me a treat to indonesia cuisine on this coming thursday,located at orchard area somewhere near centerpoint.This is what i know about the programme planned by him.

2007 is going to be an enjoyable and fruitful year for me.
With bintan trip for outdoor shoot,my actual day wedding,moving in to our new home.This shall be the year where i am going to shift out of my bt panjang home and to be staying with dear hubby in our love nest after our wedding to start our sweet sweet home.

Had a bad running nose this whole day,got it since yesterday and it seems to get worst today.Luckily for ning running nose tablets that she had passed it to me when she went to see a doctor yesterday.After popping one tablets,it gets better.Make it a point to do so again before going to bed later.


''Pre-wedding photoshoot 1(indoor)-Whitelink''

Hi all,i’m back from the pre-wedding photoshoot.It was a very tiring day for dear and myself.The photoshoot was a great one with our photographer who act as a joker and brighten our time during the photoshoot.

Vincent,our photographer was good!Using him as the photogapher won’t go wrong,that’s for sure!
Sammi,my make up artiste.Well how is her skill,from my make up how would readers rate her?I’m really glad to have made sammi as my make up artiste,and she’s hot where most whitelink brides would ask for her to do make up,therefore booking appointment with her earlier is important.

My hp camera isn’t as good as dear’s,therefore the pictures with me in wedding gown and make up could hardly be seen.I’m sorry about that.
5 stylings and 5 gowns for today indoor shoot.
They are
1.My actual day wedding gown
2.My actual day evening gown
3.The kua(traditional wear)
4.The japanese wear
5.The victorian wear
All these 5 wears comes with 5 different hair styling.Once the photos are ready,i will show my dear readers how the 5 kind of hairstyles look like.

Dear looks cute in the traditional wear,had that nud nud kind of look.Japanese wear makes him look interesting too.Out of the 5 styling,which of the styling i love most?Well,i would say the one which i had my wedding gown,but i love the hair style for the evening gown.

Before leaving whitelink,sammi and vincent kept reminding us of the meeting time on the 3rd feb for bintan outdoor shoot.Such a good service,but i dont understand why would others insisted that whitelink had a bad services??

Time really flies so fast,imagine the first few times where we go down to whitelink for choosing the wedding gowns,do measurement for the gowns,trial make up,photoshoot and whitelink service to us is going to end very soon.
The next time round when we go down to whitelink will be viewing and choosing of the photos for indoor and outdoor shoot.
Felt kind of sadness in my heart,really miss the coordinator,jinn and all the staff of whitelink.

I will show fullest support to whitelink and recommend friends to them.
Way to go,whitelink!!


//Renovation cum wedding related topic//

Oh,my saturday just ended this way..It had been a wonderful afternoon doing my manicure located at one of the shop house at bugis street.
The first time being to this shop for manicure,i would say it’s fantastic!

Not only was the service a good one,but the atmosphere in the shop was great.
The whole place had this cozy kind of feeling.Mine was by appointment,therefore upon reaching,the items was already placed neatly on the table.

There’s a dvd player placed on the table for me to watch a movie(to choose the type of movie customers want),a drink menu was given to order the kind of drinks customer wants,a massage chair for a customer to be seated while doing the manicure or pedicure.
Overall,i give full marks for this nails shop..One most important thing was that the manicure which i did was a good one which won’t lose out to those ”branded nails shop”,morever the price was inexpensive too.

Had meet up with our contractor to finalise our quotation,and 10% of the total quotation(for example 18k) to be paid today while another 30% will be paid to him upon the start of the renovation which most likey will be end of this month or 1st week of feb.

It’s money which we will forever be talking about..Renovation,wedding etc..
Tomorrow topic will be on wedding.Will be taking my indoor wedding photoshoot over at the studio of whitelink.Understand from my package that,there’ll be 5 different hairstyles and 5 different gowns for me..Meaning my personal mtm wedding gown and my evening gown to be taken,3 more gowns shall be..(make a guess)
To be updated tomorrow..


—生日快乐(Happy Birthday)—

It’s friday night,finally the weekends after a long five days work.
Furthermore,this is the weekend that i am looking forward the most.Even before the photoshoot,i had this fearful feeling that,what happen if the photos don’t turn out nice as i am not photogenic??

Saw this advertisment on the new movie coming up over at Tv mobile.Well,it’s strike me when i saw the title of this movie,Happy Birthday.It’s a romance show which i love it so much!
Look carefully at the date of showing.Yes,it’s 25th jan which happen to be my birthday!!
It’s really a happy birthday to me for presenting such a romantic love story during my hatched day..