—I'm so blur today,that's me…—

this is my dinner

dear,a great eater

drink and soup

my scallop spagehtti

the fries

dear’s baked rice

Had dinner with dear hubby at swensen’s located at compass point,sengkang branch.Oh well,gonna gave dear a treat,reason behind this was that,,it’s my pay day for today!!
Dear had always been the one who gave me great treat,therefore it’s my turn for this day.
Even though it is something simple,but hope that this simple meal will be a happy and unforgetable one..

Well,it was the 5th time taking Lrt in sengkang and this is the first time i got LOST taking the lrt..
Today is the first time taking the lrt without dear with me..Didnt know that there are red and yellow wording to indcate where the train is heading to..That’s me again,had boarded the train bindly and this lead me to the first station of fernvale area!!Oh my,that is not the station to my home..
*Renjong*,this is not the station to my new home!!

So from here you can see how blur i am..Being used to the lrt route in bt panjang,and asking me to take the lrt in sengkang,i can be very lost..But i guess,i will be taking more of the lrt when i shift to sengkang,by then i will be more familiar.

The air con man is here at coris to tell us the way how the pipings of aircon in our house will turn out to be..If everything is confirm by either tomorrow or latest thurs,the workers will be coming to our place to install the aircon between 930am to 530pm on saturday..
Which means,i have to be at the coris for the whole day wating for the delivery of hood and hob,lightings,sink and tap,toiletries..The problem is,they will be coming at different timing..Oh dear,what am i going to do there without any internet access??


__A date with whitelink this coming sunday__

nice view at clarke quay

Monday blue again on the start of the week.Oh dear,i don’t like this feeling as it was never a good one.Nevertheless,there will be some stuffs which i am happy about.

Well,the air con man will be dropping by to my new home tomorrow evening to view the layout of the flat as well as to see which is the ideal place for doing the pipings for the aircon..Once confirm by tomorrow,they will start to install the air con on this coming saturday.
With the finish installation of aircon,the painters under my contractor will start to paint the wall of the flat.Wow,that’s fast and in no time,we will be shifting in!

Once again,thanks to my online forum friend who had gave me recommendation of where to get red wine for my june wedding.As she had just held her wedding in dec last year,therefore she is the best person to ask for wedding related stuffs.

Whitelink hasn’t call us regarding the viewing of wedding photos.Being kiasu and excited over it,got dear hubby to call them up.True enough,the photos are already ready for us to go down for viewing.If dear didn’t called up,i wonder when will they call us then..Anyway this coming sunday,is to go down and view the indoor and outdoor shoot wedding photos,most likely will be choosing those that we like to be put in the nicely decorated wedding album by whitelink.

Really excited over it,,wonder how the wedding photos will look like..Just pray hard the outdoor shoot taken in bintan will turn out well,as i suspect my hair could be in a mess as the wind was very strong on that day..
Really,,really hope that there will be some which i can choose from the bintan wedding photos.Reason is simple,,because i simply love my outdoor shoot wedding gown!!


// Ikea,our convenience store //

on the way to ikea mega store @tampines

the hotdog which cost $1

dear,cant wait to fill up the hotdog in his mouth

the look of it

our purchases as followed

It had been a great sunday morning for dear and myself..Had woke up just before the alarm clock rings and started our way to the small food court at jelapang for breakfast..
Coffee and toast with scamble eggs and hotdog seem to have become our most liking dish in the morning.

In order not to clash with the morning crowds in ikea,we had decided to make our way down just before noon,hoping to get the items that we intend to..True enough,it was not that crowded as i suppose most singaporean are still happily sleeping in bed on a sunday morning.
Dear and myself had the intention to get the coffee table from ikea some time ago,and it happen that there is a sale going on in ikea until next sunday,and our coffee table costs $10 lesser.Therefore it is a must to purchase it today!
It is always best to get some of the items that we need bit by bit,in this way we won’t be seeing much cash flowing out from our pockets.


-The busy days ahead of us-

the familiar background?

the mee pok at jalan besar

dear born in the year of monkey

Me,,born in the year of goat

The most important task to be completed today were to get the 4 remaining lightings for 3 bedrooms and for the bomb shelter.As recommended by the forum,we managed to find this lightings store named Noble lightings to get our 4 lights..The lights were very unique and modern.

Our next stop were to get the toiletries from Hoe kee again which we had previously got our sink and tap from.Had spent another $150 on toiletries this time round..
Well,had arranged with hoe kee to delivery all our items,noble lightings and chan huat lightings store to delivery our lightings,city gas to delivery our hob and hood,and to arrange for the air con man to install our air-cons this next coming weekend,saturday..
Dear and myself are going to be busy again next week.We will be looking at the 4 walls in the house while waiting for the workers to come..

Looking for curtains is our next intention,had asked for a quotation from a store at paya lebar area and was highly recoomdend by the forums too.

The meet up with our contractor,henry and his carpenter ah teck yesterday was a successful one..We had told our carpenter the kind of wood we wanted for our kitchen cabinet,toilets cabinets,and our wardrobe..
Our kitchen cabinet will be doned with LG-high macs solid surface top..(who was bryan idea)
We had done our selection of the kind of colour for it.
Measurement was done again to confirm before they could start the capentry work in the factory..

It was never easy to start a house,and it was worst sourcing for furnitures,lightings,tolietries etc..To start looking for furnitures not only from one store,,but a few others before making a decision,same things goes for lightings,toiletries,etc..
Really hope to get everything once and for all..


/*Our precious future lies within our hands*/

the path that lead to our blk

the design and lightings of my house

After a long break,it is time to meet up with our contractor tomorrow at 430pm.The venue will be at our new home.Of course,it’s time to handle up our homework to the contractor..In another word,we will let the contractor know the following which dear and i had decided it to be.

1.the colors of our hall,rooms etc
2.the design of wood for our wardrobe,toilets cabinets,kitchen cabinets
3.the 3rd payment which is about 8k
The workers will start work again most likely on next monday,this time round will be the carpentry work.

Seeing the house gonna be completed in another one month time,i felt so blessed and joyful.It is something that dear and myself had been dreaming for,a lovenest of our dreams.
I had always like the idea of staying together with my love one,my hubby.This is the sweetest time where we can share all the hard and happy times together without anyone to disturb us in the house..A world of our own,just the two of us..

Initially,didnt really have an idea of getting a house until i find that,this is something we should do to start a family on our own without having to stay with parents/in laws..
It is always good to start the first move without saying it by word of mouth,and no action is done..
Therefore,once i had made up my mind in having a flat,dear and myself had decided to go ahead with the decision made,that is why we had our flat now which is seen today..

It’s the same with marriage,once dear had this idea of getting married,we had it done straight by getting an auspicious date,booking of the hotel(normally is 1 yr before the actual day if you want a good hotel),confirm the bridal studio and have the first appointment with them to view the wedding gowns,get a photographer,find shops that do wedding cake for sending to relatives etc..

Wedding is not as simple as just by saying *i want to get married when and when*,,it is by action whether are you able to start the first step by doing the above items which i had mentioned.
Lots of people would rather say it without any action,sometimes i would wonder what is the point by saying it,but the real fact was that,they don’t have the ability/thinking of getting married..


// Lunar new year,day3 //

the couple found in clarke quay

the spot where i took my rom wedding photo

at the central

while waiting for the food

this is our queue number

the layout

my salmon pepper rice

Hamburger Steak
with Fried Egg

Where are we heading to early in the morning on the 3rd day of lunar new year?
We started the day by visiting this newly open shopping mall named Central located just next to clarke quay NEL..
The motive of our visit was to view the clocks from one of the shop in the mall,a pity it was not open today,and nothing catches our eyes too..

Facing opposite the mall is the singapore river which i will never let go the chances of taking photos!!
Lunch at pepper lunch is something special to me..Dear hubby had brought me to different restaurant,food centres for makan,and pepper lunch is something that i had tried today,and it was great..

Had made our journey back to hui place,as there’re lots of our relatives there..
We(hui,ning and me) had actually place an order of birthday cake secretly for mother’s birthday today..We had wanted to surprise her with this..
Good for mum,she had collected hongbao from both her daughters and son-in-laws on this special date.

Had further gotten the addresses from the rest of the relatives which i had miss out on sunday..More or less had got the address from them and will proceed to the mailing of invitation cards when May comes..

3 days of holidays is ending soon,and will be the start of work tomorrow.I bet there are others who are just like me had this thinking of feeling tired about going back to work after the long break.

I will be missing my dear hubby for another 2 days before i could meet up with him again on friday..Just hope that by mid of april,i will be able to shift in to our love nest and start my duty of being a wife..

*dear,thanks for the wonderful time you had given me these few days especially today..*


*Lunar new year,day2*

us in pink

Coris,our home*

dear @ the coris

in front of our blk

2nd day of new year will normally be visiting dear’s relatives in sengkang,and most importantly,his relatives are staying very near to our new place,is just walking distance..
In fact after visiting dear relatives,they decided to drop by our place to have a look at the renovation work that was done.

Our day begins lunch at xing wang hong kong cafe,of course it’s a 5 person serving with dear’s family members and me,the newcomer of the chew family…

Our next destination was Ikea at tampines.We had spent a total of 2hrs plus over there..This time round,we had to get a rough idea of what are the items to get.Once the handover date is confirm,we will be going to ikea and get the items like toiletries,coffee table,lamp etc so as to deliver it to our new home on the spot,sort of like cash and carry..


(Lunar new year,day 1-how it goes)

where’s my food??

the patient dear,,

here comes my food for today

dear’s pasta

this is mine

my collection this year??

After the long wait,lunar new year is finally here.The year of the pig and the year which dear and myself will be holding our customary..Meaning next year,there won’t be any more hongbao for me to collect!!In fact,giving hongbao to the young generation will be our job next year..
Good for the youngsters(cousins,nephews,nieces),as they will have extra hongbao to collect,but not for me..*sob sob*
Nevertheless,the day will come and it proves that we had all grown up and this is something tat we have to go through.

Every year is the same,had lunch together with my dad relatives before heading to bedok,dear hubby grandparents place and the final destination will be mum relatives place..
It seems that every year,on the first day of new year,i will be more busy than the next few days.

Something different from last few years was that,lots of relatives from mum side would ask or rather say,
1.remember to invite me to your wedding dinner
2.where is your wedding dinner held?
3.how much is per table?
4.you have got your house already?
5.where is your house located at?
6.when will you be shifting in?
All about wedding or home related questions..There’s this cousin of mine who happen to stay at sengkang too,and all along i knew he was studying at sengkang,but which part of it,i am not too sure.
Happened that he asked me yesterday which part of sengkang do i stay??Guess what,he is staying at compassvale walk,while i am staying at compassvale bow,meaning it is just opposite my street name,and the LRT station is sort of like an imaginary line between our blks.
As dear and myself didn’t expect that we will get a flat that near to my cousin..

Those who had asked me about the house,i had informed them that i will be holding a house warming and will be inviting them..Hmm,house warming will most likely be after my customary which is maybe 1 to 2 mths later,as i have got to ask shifu for the auspicious date.


-*Another item added in sk-II whitening source*-

newly bought item

*cannot leave home without these*

Oh it’s the eve of lunar new year,no wonder the street was that peaceful this morning when i was out with dear hubby..
Had started the day by visiting the local famous temple to pray for good fortune in the coming year.In fact,by visiting the temple had became part of my life since 1 year ago..

My next motive is to get the sk-II whitening source.The purpose of it was as the following,
(Significantly lightens and reduces the appearance of dark spots after four weeks or within one bottle of use, leaving skin looking crystal clear.)

I needed this badly no matter how pricey it is..Dear hubby was the one who fulfil my wish of getting it.Dear,without a second thought,took out his card and do the payment for me!!
In another word,i don’t have to pay a single cent to get this sk-II whitening source..
Dear is so good to me..

Another item added in to my *cannot leave home without these*..These are the simple make up set which i will normally use,but not all are included here as there are more to come..


—The arriving of lunar new year—

special way of taking photo*

The kindergarten was closed today for the new year..It gave me more time to do the last minute spring cleaning at home.Washing of the windows are the last chores that i would do.I hate the idea of washing it..Shall spare myself from cleaning it for my new home,as dear had promised that he will do the job..Thanks in advance,mr chew..
Lunar new year will be approaching in no time.This will be the final year of collecting *hongbao*
After collecting for more than 20 over years,it’s time to stop anyway..

It’s time to surf the net upon the finishing of cleaning.
Had come across a very interesting article which solve my doubts regarding marriage..

(Other Wedding Ring Facts:)
Left, right?

In Chinese tradition, the wedding band is worn on the fourth finger of the right hand of the bride, and the fourth finger of the left hand of the groom. This custom follows the “nan zhuo, nu you” (literal translation: men left, women right) tradition often used in Chinese fortune telling. It is believed that the right hand commands more influence, and as such, the woman is in charge of the household and the family. (This, we like.)

Ring finger
In the west, however, and in most countries like Singapore, the wedding bands are worn on the “ring” finger. The vein in the fourth finger on the left hand is believed to run right to the heart. This hasn’t been scientifically proven, but nonetheless it is a romantic thought.