// The completion of coris,*sweet sweet home* //

waiting for the arrival of fridge ‘n’ washing machine

For sale in japan only

my magiclean-keeping my floor shine and clean

here’s the fridge

dear hubby trying to open the fridge

A shoot with dear and the washing machine

i’m the mistress of this washing machine

our hob,and gas is running now.

Was back home with a tired but happy mind.Had set off early in the morning to the coris for waiting of the delivery for washing machine and fridge.We were informed by the staffs of harvey norman that the delivery timing for both items will be between 10am to 3pm.
Nevertheless,the workers had delivered our stuffs at around 12pm.Understand by the workers that we have to air the fridge for 4hours before using it,as for the washing machine,it is ready to use!!
The appliances are all in except for the LCD Tv as well as the furniture which will be delivered on the 21st April.

The staff from citygas was here too,he had on the gas pipes for the gas to run,so that the water from all our taps and shower head will have hot water running through.There will be a surcharge of $80 which will be brought forward to our next bill.

Our next mission before the completion of everything will be applying for the internet using singnet.Applying for the telephone line at the same time..Had schedule to go down and apply for it next saturday,and will be able to use it in one week time.
Very soon,we will be shifting in and we can finally start “our two little world ”
It had been my dream since young to be able to stay together with my partner,and i really thank god for that i am able to fulfil it pretty soon..

Like i had mentioned many times,$$$$ always is the trick to the sucess of everything.May it be setting up a new home or it be the simple yet wonderful wedding coming up.
Always save more so as to gain more,as a perfect home and wedding come from lots of
vitamin M.


___*Sharing is fun,sharing is great*___

I love sharing

Being able to share my knowledges with friends,cousins who are in the middle of the preparing of getting married can be so joyful..Of course,not up to the extend that they imitate so closely to what i had done..My sharing is for them to understand and gain something which they had not been across and not for them to IMITATE everything..

One of my cousin who had asked me about the bridal studio,and how to lookout for the wedding package etc..I was so glad that i had been through before,and did my sharing with her..She had shortlisted 5 bridal studio and one of it is whitelink,that’s the bridal studio which i am in now..

Counting down to less than 20days,i will be leaving bukit panjang and move on to a newer surrounding,sengkang the coris,my new home with dear hubby..
Our place is consider easy access,as we have shop in save just next to our blk,2 food courts..
Cut through the small garden will be the LRT station which i can easily take the train to one of the wet market in sengkang,just one stop and i will be there to do my marketing..
Other than that,i can always drop by cold storage at compass point,or the NTUC at rivervale mall..
Hougang mall and the neighbourhood shops are my next choices..

Used to be told by parents that,next time if i were to get a flat,try to find an unit where foods,supermarkets could be found.Guess,i had not let my parents down eventually..


—The wedding blog under process?—

the photo taken by my fujifilm z3

There’s a big mirror just in front of the red wall,and it shows how the photo turns out to be.Had talk about my house renovation for the post on sunday.It is almost the end of the topic of house renvation,but still i will be adding more info about my house to dear readers.
Like mentioned,the appliances like fridge and washing machine will be coming on this coming saturday.The staff from citygas will be coming too so as to on the gas pipes,therefore i will be able to do some cooking for dear.It will then be the start of electricity cum water supply bills..

Had a chat with one of my cousin,and understand that she will be getting married soon.Right now she is looking for a bridal studio..As a person who had been through all these,i did my sharing with her so as to give her a little guide which bridal studio is not bad,what are the things to be done to prepare for a wedding.Not too much of an expert,but just to share based on what i know.

Most of my cousins(no matter dad,or mum side)are all planning to get married soon right after mine..I’m just like the shepherd with all the sheeps behind me..The trend of getting married first then followed by the others..

Since so many cousins of mine are planning to get married,i was thinking should i open another blog account whereby i can upload posts of what to do before wedding,the plannings,the bridal studio,the hotel, info of the purchases of red wine,info of where to get stuffs for Guo da li and An chuan etc..
Then i shall named it as my wedding blog??


*Wishy washy for the house]curtains are all up.*

Not just married,but just on our way down to sengkang again(sun)

the hall day&night curtains are up

the rails for day and night curtains in the hall

welcome to coris,my home

the big baby here

wishy washy for our home

the hood and top cabinet behind us

After the long wait,on saturday we had finally meet up with henry and upon paying the last 10% of the total house renovation,we started our cleaning for our lovenest.
Getting the equipments for the washing,the detergents etc had cost us a bomb.Come to think of it,once and for all,get every necessary items ready.

Guess we had spend a total of 2hrs plus on saturday afternoon to do the clean up.Although chemical washing had been done by the contractor,still the house looks dusty and more clean up needed to be done.

It had been a good night sleep on a saturday night till the next morning(sun)Guess it’s due to the cleaning up that makes dear and myself exhausted .Nevertheless,there are work that needed to be done.Rushing down to sengkang again in the morning for the installation of our curtains.I have to admit,after the installation and the put up of all the curtains in the house,it’s completely different and the whole atmosphere is so cozy.
Sad to say,i am not able to post the curtains in the 3 bedrooms even though photos had been taken..Anyway,the curtains posted here are how the hall looks like.

This is how my weekends had passed and next weekends will be another busy one,as the delivery of washing machine and the fridge will here on next saturday.


-[Things that we are going through]-

*the favourite spot of mine*

During the devotion held in school today,it talks about selfish thought and immature thining of adults like us..It’s is very true,from time to time,the way we work tends to be immature and behave like an infant,which is very child like..
Comparison and envy of one another is another immature thinking which had to be taken away..
Quit having this kind of thought is important,never be envy and jealous of someone who had better things than you.This is something which i strongly agree of.The devotion overall for today is great.

Checked my email and receive the following.

Hi Sherryl,

This is Cheryl from Time Tree Student Care at Hougang. We have a vacancy for the 7 – 4pm shift teaching only 8 P1s and P2s in the morning. Wondering if you are still keen to work with us?

Pls reply asap.


Best Regards,
Cheryl Soon

Well,actually had went for the interview months ago before i got my job at the kindergarten,but was not successful in getting the post..After a few months later,this email came today..
The venue of this student care centre is very near to my new home,it is just walking distance..But,i don’t think i will give it a try.

2 more days to the meeting up with our contractor,henry..Paying up the rest 10% of the total house renovation this coming saturday and that’s the end of the renovation,my house will be ready.Curtains will be up on the sunday afternoon..Gonna spend my weekends over at the coris.

One of my auntie(wallace grandma)is getting a contractor to do her kitchen cabinets as it had a history of more than 20yrs.Therefore,she hope that i could recommend her my contractor since i had told her the good workmanship that my contractor had done for my house,his style of working is great too..
Any friends who want a good contractor for your home,i can recommend you mine..Normally through friend recommdation,it might be slightly cheaper


[So far,so good for this week]


victory!!!getting our house soon in a few days time

the gift from wallace’s mum(cousin)

the purchases)

School started on the monday,everything is back to normal.The only differences was that,one of my colleague,cindy was admited to the hospital as she will be giving birth to a son today..Was so happy for her,after 2 to 3mths working with her,i could say she is very steady in her job and able to perform it well even if she is close to her delivery.This is something which i can learn from her..
The whitening source is having discount,the photos up there show it clearly..

My dear cousin,wallace’s mum had bought something for dear and myself to display it at our place..This is something which i intend to get,a wedding bears.Come to think of it,no point getting it for myself,it should be a gift from others.I don’t mind if you guys intend to get me other design of wedding bears,will do appreciate it.

Initally suppose to shift all our things from each individual house on the 7th and 8th april..Guess won’t be doing so until a week later.For prevention in case anything crops up on these two dates.
Nevertheless,as long as we shift in to our place on the specific date which the master had mentioned everything will be fine.

Dear hubby had gone down to our place and check whether the chemical washing was done for the whole flat,yes it was completed but guess still need to touch up a bit of paint due to the drilling last saturday.By this saturday,the completion of the flat will be 100% done.


/-The handover date is getting nearer and nearer-/

Lovenest soon!

Qin with mum

the glass shelves next to the mirror(master bedroom)

the glass shelves next to the shower head.

Glass shelves in common toilet

Booked our curtains with Jimmy textile(company name) on a saturday afternoon over at Paya Lebar.The quotation of the curtain for 3 bedroom and the hall is about 1k,is it consider cheap or expensive,it’s up to you guys to decide.Upon signing with them,Jimmy textile got their workers to come down to our place this morning to drill the holes for the curtain rails.I could say their work is efficient..Next saturday,they will be able to deliver the curtains and start hanging it in the house..

At the same time,we had ordered our LG washing machine from harvey norman..A 6.5kg washing machine which was sponsored by my dear sister,ning.
Had arrange for harvey norman to deliver our fridge,washing machine as well as our tv(from other store) at end of mar..Furniture will be deliver on the 21st april,which is weeks away from now..

Tomorrow will be the chemical washing in the house by the workers from impress 21
Oh my,both dear and myself will start to get more and more busy when henry,our contractor handover the house to us next saturday.Lots of washing and clean up will be done..I’m going to save all my energy for next saturday and sunday to clean up my place,so that the electrical items can be in the following week after next.

This house reno had been giving us a stressful weeks by running up and down..It is really not that easy,but i’m glad we are done once and for all..Our next headache will be the wedding coming up in june..At least house reno had been done,so we can concentrate on the wedding.After which then only can we really sit down and enjoy the nice atmosphere of my new place..

Had friends asking me when will be my house warming..It shall be in august,the date is yet to be confirm..


—-Reno works :90% to completion!'' —-

the rounded light for my service balcony

the door of shoes cabinet and the seater are up.

the square light for all the 3 bedrooms

Reno works-90% to completion!”
I am just being so glad that everything will be done pretty soon.Lightings are all up,cabinets for kitchen,toilets and bedroom wardrobe(which i didn’t upload the pictures here) are all done
The dream of having our lovenest will be completed in just 2 weeks time.
Thanks to bryan for his idea of the kitchen cabinet.

Had dropped by to dear and my new home this morning,painters are doing the final touch up of the painting works..3 more workers came today to place the mirrors for common toilet,toilet in master bedroom as well as the mirror in the hall..

It’s the sense of happiness and joy that ring in the air after all the hard work from the workers since jan until today..Really a big thanks to Impress 21 design and build!


*It's the wedding talk,*

done by dear hubby

Dear is good at photoshop,and this was something that he learnt during his uni days..Well,i managed to steal a skill or two from him..There was once he did a movie using photoshop as well as window movie maker to produce a love story with music and our photos in it..
That was great,and very touching too..
Seeing it warmed my heart and melted away my stress and fear about any upcoming incidents.
Gonna get dear to gather all our photos during our courtship to do a photo montage and pass it to our videographer so as to show it over the wedding dinner.

A sense of fluttery delight occurred in me when i saw the wedding invitation card that was emailed to dear from the printing company ..The names of dear,myself and parents from both parties were up there on the card.In both english and chinese version, wordings were all printed nicely on it..
After careful checking of the card,there isn’t anything that needed to be amended.
Let me know if any of my friends would love to take a look at it..

There’s a part in the invitation card which i love it so much,it’s a power of love and commitment..
*to share the joy of the marriage of*
-delon chew and sherryl jeow-


// There are many more tasks to be completed //

once in a lifetime

the bags which was pack halfway

all about marriage and bride

sampling the red wine of this brand

It’s high time for me to start packing during this school holidays so as to prepare myself for the move in when april comes..
Getting rid of quite a number of items,as i can’t be bringing all these to my new home which will take up more space in the house.
Books,shoes,clothings etc to be throw away..Cant bear with it,but there isn’t a choice to..
There are still more to go,more to pack,more to throw.In fact my whole bedroom is just like a big rubbish dump where it seems so messy and full of bags lying around.

The two library books which i had borrowed this afternoon are all about marriage and being a bride.Hmm,,it’s some thing which i ought to know and by gaining more knowledge.

It’s just 3 more mths away from wedding,by May i have to confirm the type of red wine for my wedding dinner..Dear’s colleagues whose parents are in this line,selling red wine..Therefore his kind colleagues had got a bottle of red wine for us to try and see whether this brand of red wine suits our taste or not..
It is really hard to suit every guests satisfication of red wine over the wedding dinner..
Well,my style of doing was that as long as i find the red wine suitable for use at the dinner,that’s final..I am not going to care whether how guests comment on the red wine..
Reason is simple,there are so many kind of red wines over the dinner in every hotels,it is very hard to find the correct wine for the guests,as this guests find it nice,while the others might find it tasteless.

Wow,it’s getting more and more tough especially when the dinner is coming,and there are so many task to complete..
Just pray hard that my house renovation will be done soon,so that i can concentrate only on one item,which is the wedding that is on the way..

Was caught surprise too when dear passed me a sum of money asking me to get the sk-two products which i had almost finished with it..Firstly the camera,and now the sk-two products(pardon me for using the word two here,,as i cant find the real word to replace it)
Oh dear,,i guess i am going to depend on this product for a period of time..Will do my best in reducing the use of this product,,it’s too expensive,and of course wouldn’t want dear to pay so much for me..