—The wedding photos are all out,but sharing will be at the later part—

under the coconut tree in bintan

sitting on the hammock in bintan

the kick of it…

Out of my 108 photos,these are the 3 pics which i would like to share with my dear readers..The first two photos are my wedding gown for outdoor shoot in bintan,next will be the casual wear.

Sorry to say that i wont be uploading anymore of my wedding photos through my blog..If you guys would like to have a look at my wedding photos,u might want to visit one of the website which i had created to view the rest of the photos..
The website for photo viewing will be ready in a few weeks time..

Over the website,i will be showing you guys my actual day wedding and evening gown,the outdoor shoot wedding and evening gown..4 gowns shown there and with my tradtional wear,japanese wear,victorian wear and the rest of the casual wear..

This week is especially busy for me.To pack our stuffs nicely in the big container so that all these items can be stored in the bomb shelter.
I could say,my new place is still in a mess,lots of packing had to be done..

Time to meet up with the supplier of red wine this coming saturday..Dear and myself will have a wine sampling session with the coordinator.It is the time to place order for the number of red wine we had wanted for our wedding dinner,therefore it is to taste the red wine before we can proceed to anything else.

Sunday,will be meeting with my sisters for my wedding in june..I had yet to print out the ideas to sabo the groom and the roles of each sisters..At the same time,i will discuss with the sisters whether what are the task given to them.


*-back after the long break without blogging-*

both on the sofa

dinner on 2nd day

dinner today(24th april)

breakfast on a sunday morning
campbell soup prepared by dear

After days of struggling without internet access,i can only spend my time at my new home preparing dinner for dear hubby,cleaning up the whole place and to do some laundry to pass time.
Yet today,the staff from singtel came and install the moden as well as the router for my place.Therefore,i am back from being able to surf the internet,blogging..

Work,home is the routine that i had been doing for these few days..Preparing for dinner is part of the routine which i am doing starting from last week,and those pictures of the dishes which i had prepared for dinner over the past few days..
Well,i am still learning how to cook more complicated dishes..These are the simple meals which i had learned from my mum..

Learning to maintain the house cleaning,cooking,laundry etc is my first priority now..That is the way of being wifey of mr chew…

In laws went down personally to my parents place last weekends..The main reason for that was to check with my parents the number of cakes for guo da li,how much for the dowry etc,things to be bought by the groom on guo da li as well as for actual day..

Wow,,wow,there are so many things to discuss about,and the planning for the programme on the actual day is ongoing…
This coming saturday,dear and myself will be going down to the wine shop at funan for the sampling of red wines,so as to choose the kind of red wine which we want to get for our dinner at hotel rendezvous.

Sunday 29th april,a date to meet up with all sisters..The venue might be changed..Suppose to be at my new home for the meet up,but i guess the house is still packed with all our stuffs,but yet to be confirm
Nevertheless,housewarming will be on the way,i shall leave my guests to visit my place during this day.


*Using the wireless service at the library cafe*

pic of my tv console

Hi all,i am back to blog for a short while..Now at the internet cafe at sengkang library,using the wireless service with dear hubby laptop to post some of the recent things that had happened.

Without internet access is real hard,is like losing connection with the rest of the world*laugh*…
Still remember the first 2 nights stay at coris,my new place..Had missed my family members like mad and the first time leaving home and set up home of my own..That feeling is bad..
This reminded me of the three little pigs who had went off individually to set up their own house..

Knew that hui’s and ning’s had this kind of feeling too.They too felt sad when they know that i am leaving them to have my own family.Nevertheless,i could tell that they are worried for me for not able to take care of myself.
Don’t worry my sisters,i will learn to take good care of myself..*smile*

Let’s talk about something happy..My furniture are all in!Had posted the pic of my tv console..It makes the house looks more like one with all the furniture in..

My wedding photos are all out,but i will post it soon when i have the time once there is internet connection by next tuesday..
It’s time to stop before the batteries from the laptop are running out..

Be back on the 24th April(tuesday) to blog again..
See you guys soon..


Offically sengkang today*-back on the 25th april*

the moving of house starts today*!

These few days(fri to sun)was a busy one for myself and dear hubby..
Rushing down to whitelink and have a look at the final layout of photos for the wedding album on the laptop on the friday..
Spending quite a bomb on bedding and quilt over at Aussino,which is my favourite brand for fitted sheet..Had saw this bedsheet with the word “xi”word printed on it,which represented the signfication of marriage..Without second thought,we had purchased it as we needed this for our wedding day.

How do my saturday ends?Well well,it was real tired.Just 1 hr later after giant at tampines was opened,we had push a trolley towards the supermarket and bought some of the household items to about $80,not only that,after dropping down our items at home,we rush down to ikea and had our main items purchased..Over there,we had spent a total of $400plus..
Running up and down to ikea,giant and my place for 2 trips at least..Things that are not enough,we purchased again and again as if there is no ending..
Moving house and buying things for house is not that easy,it’s very TIRING and COSTLY!!

Neverthless,we are going to start another round of battle today,just after i finish blogging..Moving all our items from individual place to sengkang today,and tonight i shall begin my stay in sengkang.

For all my blog readers,just a gentle inform that i wont be blogging after today until 25th april..Main reason was that i will be shifting my computer over to sengkang today,and there won’t be any internet acess from today until 25th april in my new place..
The staff from singtel will be coming to my place and install the mordem and do the setting up on 24th april and i will only be back to blog again after that..

Thanks all…See you soon..


—*I love whitelink,it's my joy and happiness*—

logo to represent whitelink

Talking about this bridal studio,so far i am one of the satisfied bride of whitelink.Have to admit,there are a number of bad comments about whitelink,but still this don’t happen it to me,therefore i consider myself quite safe after taking up their bridal package.

Considering whitelink is one of my shortlisted bridal studio.Come to think of it,i had actually shortlisted divine couture,white wedding,bridal concept..But still,my heart goes to whitelink and until now i still don’t know why??
I guess,it’s the gowns from whitelink that attracts me..

I am a person who normally won’t signed up with anything in a rush,especially choosing of a bridal studio,because it is something that we do it once in a lifetime..Of course,i have to think it carefully and understand more about the bridal studio which i like before signing contract with them.

Cut the craps,let’s go on to the topic about whitelink..
This morning,there is a miss call from whitelink when i am working..Dear hubby called them up and understand from the coordinator that we are able to view the photos which my photographer had design everything nicely in a scrapebook form in the laptop for viewing..

Therefore the time and date set to be this coming friday in the evening..Yippee,time to view the finall design of how the photos will be like in the wedding album..By this friday after the viewing,if there isn’t anything to be edit,whitelink will send it for printing,and collection will be due in another most likely in a few weeks time..

I will share some of my wedding photos with my dear readers once i got hold of the soft copy from all my wedding photos..


~Appointment with whitelink pretty soon~

the day has come

front cover of my wedding invitation card

Here to blog again after a day of rest.The day seems to end very quickly without realising it,it was never enough for me to use.

The design of my wedding invitation card is out!Sorry that i am not able to post the design at the inner layer of the card..I will post it to you guys in private if you want to have a look at it.
There was 180 printed invitation cards giving by the hotel which they had asked the printing company to have it printed..
I had a total of 24 tables,and out of these 24 tables,hotel rendezvous only allows 180 cards for 18 tables to be given it to us.

In fact there was another design which was red in colour for us to choose from,but we find it ”looks very tradtional” and gave up the idea of having that.After all,we were right in choosing this milky colour..
Even for my wedding album from whitelink,it was this colour too!!

Talking about whitelink,dear had actually called up and check with them when can we go down and have the last view of the photos which was already designed using photoshoot and had it placed in the laptop before they send it for printing.This is how my whole wedding album will be out before my actual day.

The date for going down will be next weekends,but will be change depending on my photographer..Althought i had seen how my wedding photos turned out to be,but i was still very eager to see the overall design of it..
*pray hard to see it soon*


-Qin starting to learn how to be a housewife-

quan and qin

hui and qin

yun and qin

my rice cooker

saucepan,another purchase of the series

Three days of shopping for household items was tired..People who shop for clothing,shoes,handbags,but not me..I am going to put my fullest concentration on household items and be a 24hrs wifey to Mr Chew from now on.

It’s time for me to learn how to handle the choosing and buying of foods,household stuffs for my new home to be.It was never easy as in the past everything was done by my dearest mum,but starting from next sunday,i will be on my own serving my dear hubby and he in return will do all the cleaning up for the house.
We each had a task to be done.

There are many things to be done for the house and going a few trips down to ikea still carry on as there seems to be more and more things to get for our place.
Well,after finish getting the things done by next sunday,suppose to get some break first before the start of another battle,which is my wedding…


*Good Friday=Happy day for all of us!*

happily us…

It’s Good Friday,a day for me to sleep longer,a day for me to clean up my new place and a day for us to go shopping too!!

Suppose to meet dear hubby in sengkang around 11am,but i was too sleepy and unwilling to get up from my dreamland until 920am in the morning.
Carry on with our scrubbing and cleaning the whole house again.The electricity for the fridge was on today,finally the first time after the delivery.Dear and myself had store up our drinks and ice-cream in the fridge.It’s finally the start of our small happy family together,as the offical move in date will be next sunday.

Meeting up with mother,hui and ning at suntec and it’s the start of another ”new day”..Really have to admire the two sisters of mine,or rather i should say count themselves lucky.They both wanted to get a new hp,and who knows this nokia store happen to left with 2 Nokia N73 left which was both their plan in getting it!

Guess,these 2 sisters of mine really spend a big bomb today.Not only getting handphones,but they both finally managed to purchase a dress each to be wore on my wedding day..
As i had told hui that the colour theme for all sisters will be white in colour,therefore she got one today which makes her so joyful.
Ning on the other hand had bought one which allows her to wear it for my wedding dinner.

Talking about wedding,it makes me so happy and nervous,counting down the dates and understand that it will be here pretty soon.I had better get things done soon and draft out some of the items to get and start to place my order soon.
Tomorrow will be another day which dear and myself have to go down to hotel rendezvous to collect our wedding invitation cards.
How will the invitation cards turn out to be,let’s wait patiently for it.


—3rd April,Two events that make me unforgettable—

us,the 3 sisters*

the sisters

hui,my sister


happy birthday to hui and ning

my vietnamese friend,look alike?

a shot at the river bank

me with vy fr vietnam

Oh well,tuesday was a busy day for me,and the whole day out seems to be a tiring experiences for me after work,but overall the events that had happened was great and the photos had prove it right.

Had arranged for a meet up with vy when she had given me a call the next day when she arrived.It’s only on the tuesday,then only are we able to find time for a short meet up with a drink of hot chocolate and a plate of brownie each at a restaurant of esplanade.
Time spent there was great and had understand more things from her indeed.

Being able to find vy was a tough task to achieve.What makes me say this?Well,i had arranged the meet up point to be at city hall,but when she called me,i learned that she is at marina sqaure.In the end,i had to turn back and walk through citylink towards marina sqaure.At this point of time,i saw this lady who happen to hang up the phone at the same time as myself,and i find the backview familiar.Not a second thought,i followed this lady,at the same time to call vy again to prove my senses.Guess what,,this lady in front of me actually pick up the phone!When i said,”vy turn your head behind” this lady turn hers too,and she shouted ”oh!!!Sherryl”
This is how we finally meet,can’t imagine having to walk over to marina sqaure and…….

Had took some photos with her,and some of it are with her.Really looking forward to the day where she can come over to singapore to further her studies.
Kind of feeling sad that she is leaving singapore today taking 1130am flight,a pity i am not able to send her off.Still,i will sms her and drop her an email often,same thing goes to her.
Thanks for her gift to me,and of course she loves those clothing which i had bought for her.

Next event that happened on tuesday was the celebration of hui’s birthday.Had dinner at thai village in yishun.The one at sembawang was under renovation,that is how we landed in yishun.
The dinner was great and our stomach was full of 8 dishes of food.

Hui,being taken care by mum(babysit) for 16yrs,ning and myself had became closer with her.Sad to say,i will be moving and sitting down together and have a chat might be hard,still i can still go back and have a long chat with them whenever i feel like to..


_My vietnamese friend had arrived Singapore_

the hello kitty-taken secretly fr ning’s room

a gift by mother to marry me off.

Well,,there isnt any intention to get anything from Sk jewellery,but just when we stepped into the store,had seen something that is suitable for me to wear during my wedding in june..
As mum had the intention to get me one bracelet before my wedding,and since this bracelet is up to my liking,therefore mum had decided to purchase it for me as a gift to marry me off..

Had received a call from Vy,my vietnamese friend.Initally suppose to meet her today since she had arrived in singapore yesterday.Due to the time clashed,we had decided to meet up tomorrow after my work..
Was so happy that i will be able to meet up with her tomorrow,gonna give her a treat.
On top of that,she had arrived singapore with a gift for me,and i had something for her too.

Guess,tomorrow will be a very busy day,with the meet up session with vy,the dinner together with hui’s family,and mine so as to celebrate her birthday.It’s gonna be a tired but happy day for me,i bet..