….The endless duties,the endless work to be done…..

@ Buangkok station

the ever famous duck noodle @ beach rd

From buagkok station to beach rd is a long way distance..Since it is vesak day’s our main destination was to get down to the temple.
The crowds at the temple was so bad,lots of people..Be it old folks,middle-aged or even young teenages,the crowds over there was like,oh dear it’s so hard to breathe..
Still it was dear and my intention to get down for a prayer.

Our next stop was to meet up with our master who did our wedding calculation..Reason for that was to double confirm everything and see if we had missed out anything for Guo da li,An chuan and for the Ad.Although lots of things had been mentioned 5 mths ago,but still there are some matters of issue where he had included in which we had find it helpful.

Oh well,there’s a picture of duck noodle’s,well this is one of the famous duck noodle’s and true enough,it tasted yummy..
The second time eating this stall,and it still as good as before.Lots of friends had told me to watch out for my diet,but i dont give a damn..
To me,,i find that being able to eat(no matter cheap or expensive foods),is a joy and being fortunate and we should be thankful for it,and not to reject it..*smiles*

Chinatown was our last stop,depart from there i could always take the NEL back to my place,it’s so much convenient.
That salesgirl could still remember me when this is the 4th time i had visited the stall to get the wedding stuffs..Everytime this salesgirl saw me,美 女 is what she will address me..
Oh my,i feel it damn uncomfortable when people address me like this!(even for the staff in whitelink)
In my heart i was thinking,if i’m pretty i dont mind it,of course..But the problem is,i am not..
Therefore i would feel quite awkward…

Time of my customary is getting nearer and nearer,and feeling nervous is what best describe of me now.Thanks some friends of mine who made an effort to msn or even sms me asking whether am i nervous and how is my feeling etc..They really show their concern which i do appreciated.

Had book an appointment with my hairstylist from jean yip at causeway point to do up my hair before my Ad starts,doing of nails etc..

There will be an appointment with whitelink this coming saturday for choosing the hand bouquet,confirm the hand gloves,wear the wedding gown again to see whether had i grow fatter etc..
9th june,next saturday will be the Guo Da Li a very busy day for us….Dear hubby to collect the cakes which groom’s side had ordered to be delivered to the bride’s home..
After which,bride’s family was to return a few boxes to the groom before the bride’s family can start to deliver the rest of the cakes to the relatives together with the wedding invitation card.

wow,there seems to endless duties to be done!!!!


[The duty of the happiest time of my life]

the happiness lies in our heart

the macroni soup for dinner

Time flies real fast,,before setting off to pasir ris to meet up with mother in law,i had actually finish up writing the mailing address of all my friends so as to send the wedding invitation card to them..
Once and for all,i had finish everything by today..Which ever friends that needed to mail by post i had finish doing it and now is waiting for them to receive it and let me know..
Ginny,if you are reading my post today,i had send yours too to Melbourne and hope you are able to receive yours soon.

I could say,i had spend a happy 5 hrs out with mother on law..Had learned more of how to cook other types of dishes,had learned what are the foods that dear hubby had loved all the while.
Visiting to giant supermarket to get some of the groceries and to purchase the stuffs to cook for dinner this evening.
The first time i heard dear saying that the soup is tasty today!I was so glad and happy that i had finally done it!!!!*deserve some claps*

Finally had some time to sit down together and finalise the following items..
1.For guo da li(what is expected of the groom side)
2.For guo da li(what is to be return from the bride side)
(both to be done on the 9th june,it’s only next saturday!)

3.Things to buy and procedures to follow for An chuan(making new bed) on the 13th june
4.the route for delivering of cakes and wedding invitation card on the 9th june..(deliver starting on the east down to the west side of singapore)
5.The schedules on the actual day,the route and timing
6.The procedures over at the dinner..(e.g: the timing for first march in,second march in,mc speech,1st dish,2nd dish etc all these needed time and planning too)

Wow wow,there are so much things to do..Well,i had finish doing all of the items stated above,now is to compile the specch of the emcee and pass it to my Mc for that day..
Tomorrow will be another round of busy day for us..
Dear and myself will make a trip down to the hotel and to make up with the hotel manager to confirm everything,and that will be the last time we see the hotel manager until the Ad.

The photography company had called up this afternoon so as to let me know that the photo montage is ready for collection..It’s just nice,as upon collection i can go down to hotel and show it to the hotel manager and if possible to play it first before showing it to the guests on my Ad.

Oh my,i am getting busier and busier!!!!


(—It's our little dreams and wishes to fulfil—)

the photos for a lifetime>>

Had sort out the hard copy of photos from whitelink into this lovely wedding album so as to display it on the table of the reception on my Ad.
(inclusive of photos selected and rejected photos)

In laws came minutes ago to coris and view my wedding album,at the same time to discuss some of the final items that needed to be confirm.
Items are more or less confirm,but planning for the day is another headache thing to do.
It was never easy to plan for a big occasion like this

Really glad that school holidays start on mon,and i will be able to have a good rest,do the last minute planning etc..

Was over at the airport this afternnon,looking at the people carrying luggage and bags around,all of the sudden,i had this urge of going oversea again for a small holidays.
Basically,when dear and myself were over at the airport,we had a little discussion about travelling next year for our honeymoon of where to go to,and what was to be done in order to travel to the country of our dreams..

Oh well,tomorrow my place(coris)will be in a crowds!!Hmm,well there will be some relatives and cousins coming over to view my new place as well as to have a good look at my wedding albums.
Guess tomorrow will again be a busy day for me..


*-Being the best for everything-*

it’s us,in japanese wear

dinner on monday

dinner this evening

Love to share a little bit about my wedding photos.Another shoot of it,the japanese wear,feeling kind of impressed and blessed with joy of seeing how beautiful most of the wedding photos had all turn out to be so well.
Come to think of it,there were one or two which didnt look that nice,but mum,ning and hui had all agreed that it was nice and very well taken.
Maybe i am a perfectionist and wanted the best of everything.

Talk a little about the foods above..Hmm,well the photo of the food seems a bit awful but to be frank,i do find that my cooking is improving and i really hope the best of it.
Dear hubby had been telling me,it’s very nice..
I knew he is not lying to me,but somehow or other i do find that i am improving,it’s a few steps more to success..


*The wonderful job of whitelink,,you had made me glad*

the happiness that express thru our expression

the card holders given by whitelink for relatives.

the photos!!!!—100 pieces

buffet lunch @siam kitchen

Had collected our wedding album on weekends,i must say i’m really impress with the photos especially after it had been put into the wedding album.

The card holders on top was given to us by whitelink,and a size of 3R photos will be put into the card holder so that we can give the whole thing to relatives as a gift,a souvenir…
Really glad that we can actually give this to friends and relatives

Really would like to give a big thanks to whitelink and vincent our photographer for giving us the photos(hard copy)as well as the CD rom(soft copy)…
Talking about whitelink,we were told that our next appointment will be on the 2nd June 2007..This time round to try on the wedding gown again so as to make sure that i didnt grow fat.
On this date,i am suppose to choose the hand gloves for my wedding gown as well as the hand bouquet for my actual day.

Could still remember clearly that,on the 13th june just a few days before my Ad,the bridal car coordinator will give dear a call to arrange the timing for the Ad.
At the same time,on the 13th june we will be going down to whitelink to collect the wedding gown,tea dress and the evening gown for our wedding on the 16th june..
15th june,suppose to go down to whitelink again,this time round to collect the hand bouquet..

Hmm,,which type of flowers should i choose???
There are tulips,cala lilies and roses..I need advise here..

Lunch at siam kitchen was a great one…Had it together with ning,hui and mum.A time for us to get together more often before my wedding.

It’s Monday,another 3 more days to go,my dear mummy will be going down to the tailor to have a look at her made to measure dress for my Ad..Friday will be the get together time for my colleagues and myself..
There will be a buffet lunch at swissotel merchant court..After the lunch,will be the start of school holidays where i can prepare myself for my wedding and to get more rest too in order to be a beautiful bride’s..


[the wishes made during childhood time…]

ohhhh…..who’s that girl?

It’s me,Qin…The photo taken at bontanical garden when i’m in age 2.Time flies,and now i am getting married very soon.
When i was young,i will always ask myself,when can i find someone i love and get married with..
At age 27,i am able to do so..

Really missed the time when i was a young girl,playing around with my playmates at holland village,a place where i grow up from.
Time makes us change and grow..To grow more mature and be more sensible.

Gonna get very busy today,as we had made an appointment with the photography company this afternoon so as to present our Cd for the photo montage.
Whitelink is another place which i will be going down too.Recieved a call from them saying that our wedding photo albums are ready for collection.
Yippie,at least one thing settled at a time..
My next appointment with whitelink will be on the 2nd june,for the final fitting on the wedding gown.(to be sure i didnt grow fat,*smile*)

Would like to take this chance to thank my gd friend,ginny for flying back to attend my wedding and to be one of my sister too as stick to the original plan.
Thanks for the little agreement that you had done..


*[Exactly one month from today's date]*

the day of happiness-

Yes,i am getting busier and busier and it seems that more things are coming up and to do the planning.

We had spend hours of rearranging the namelist of guest for our wedding dinner one month from today!!It was never easy planning for the seat of our guests..
The photography company for my AD had called up and ask whether when can we bring down the photos so that they can do the photo montage(in the package)for us soon.
Oh no,it makes more work coming up..It means choosing of the photos from young till now for dear and myself.

I really need more time from now..Luckily with the school holidays coming up next week,i am able to finalise everything to prepare myself for the wedding.
As days passed,i am beginning to feel more and more nervous and excited..A day of happiness is coming,and would love to share all my joy with friends,relatives who attend our wedding on the 16th june which is coming up pretty soon..


—Happy Mother's Day–,,A day ought to celebrate,,

See the breakfast above?Done by both of us,dear and myself on a sunday morning..The kind of lifestyle which we had been looking forward to long long time ago.

The cookies which i had made is an experience which i did to be sure that children in school can do it for their mummies on this special mother’s day.

Talking about Mother’s Day,a day that needed celebration.Will be out this afternoon to give mum a treat together with hui..As Ning,my dear sister is in perth now and she is not able to celebrate it together with us,quite a pity..

Taking this opportunity,would like to wish mothers from all over the countries a very happy and blessed mother’s day!


[*Preparation of our june wedding*]

Sad to say,we are not suppose to sleep on the mattress of the master bedroom as AN CHUAN ceremony is yet to come.This is where we will rest in the guest room before the date comes..

Another day had passed,and we are getting nearer and nearer to our customary which we had waited for quite some time.Had went down to chinatown to get the downry,which parents of the bride suppose to get it for their daughter..
There’s so much items to get,for e.g like happiness lamp,double happiness face towel,dinning set,morror,5 colours threads,fan,comb etc.In total,mum had bought abt 22 items for me..These items are to be given to dear from mum on our Guo Da Li when dear hubby brings over the Ping Jin,cakes etc…

Wedding costs quite a lot,and these are the things which is kind like every bits and pieces of traditional things to follow.
Friends,,anyone of you getting married and intend to get these items,feel free to let me know,,i have the whole list with me now..Or maybe u can go to this store in chinatown,it’s sure has more variety than the one at bukit timah(after my research)

Will share with you guys if you want to have a look of my wedding photos,,do private message me if u want to have a look at my wedding photos!!

Friends,i had uploaded my wedding photos in one of the website..Lots of my forum friends wanted me to share with them after i had posted in the forum..
Two of the email by the forum friend is as followed,,

Hello Sherryl
Thank you so much for sharing the photos. I must say your photos are very well done, and so romantic, i especially like the beach photos! And hey your gowns are so dreamy, and your evening gowns are so nice. Btw, did you MTM your EG? so pretty and sexy, esp the the blue one..wah seh! Are they MTM or from exclusive range?
Your PG is Vincent? I will be using VIncent.
Wishing you and your hubby and happy, blessed marriage!


Hi Sherryl,

Thanks for the lovely pics. I like your pink gown, it looks good on you. I also going Bintan for photoshoot. Same as you. I also like your wedding shoe. Where did you buy from? Has been searching for nice wedding shoe. Do you wear the same pair for your EG too?
It seems like most of us are having the same photographer, Vincent. All his pics have different style. Hope mine will turn out as good as all of you… =)


The enjoyable weekends)*

Our dinner on Monday..The first time i felt that i can finally and able to cook a nice meal for dear hubby..
Really glad that after a few tries of cooking,this time round i am able to cook something that suits my liking..
It’s true that practice makes perfect,and i do hope that i can do well again..

I’m rather busy for the past few days that i could hardly blog..Things that had happen these few days were,dear and myself had finally placed an order of cakes at the bakery shop in Ang Mo Kio..These cakes will be delivered on the 9th june which is on my Guo Da Li for all my relatives.

Mum will follow us to the downry store in chinatown this coming saturday to get the downry..As u guys may know that downry is to be purchase by mothers’ for their daughter when holding the customary..
Oh my,there are alot of things to be done,and follow and it seems that there are more and more to be done and learn from..

Mother’s day will be this coming sunday,dear hubby and myself will make an effort to invite my in laws especially mother in law to our place today for a dinner…
Nope,i’m not going to cook with this kind of skill,but will order something nice for the folks to enjoy..
My dear mother will have her turn to enjoy nice tasty food this sunday..

Ginny,my good friend cum matchmaker will be able to come back and attend our wedding!!!
I’m so glad and happy when dear broke the news to me(when ginny told dear last night)
Had double checked with Ginny through msn minutes ago,and she confirmed with me that she had already booked the flight back..

Ginny,now that you are back we will stick on to the plan of you being one of my sisters for my wedding..