The best choice,the best effect;*Whitelink*

my wedding album from whitelink-

the pages in the album-outdoor shoot;evening gown

the pages in the album-Indoor shoot;evening gown for Ad

the pages in the album-Indoor shoot;made to measure wedding gown

the pages in the album-Outdoor shoot;bikini style wedding gown

All these photos with photoshop effect will be found in my wedding album from whitelink.Loves the idea of seeing it again and again..Something which i am very satisfied with even though Ad is over..It’s gonna be a kind of memories which i had taken from whitelink…

The made to measure actual day wedding gown,be the first to wear this newly made wedding gown.The blue evening gown which was so …..sexy in the sense…
Simply loves the bikini style wedding gown..As going to the beach in bintan to have the photoshoot,so the idea of wearing a bikini style wedding gown is the best choice of all!
Pink evening gown was chosen by my designer as the sea was blue,with pink and white gown gonna make the best effect of it..
Which was simply so true!!!

For viewing more of these photos,simply log in to my multiply by clicking the below link..



Our wedding photos-our love and joy-*Delon and Sherryl*

the kiss @ our favourite spot-Changi Boardwalk

putting me down on bed!!!

taken during the hairdo period

one pose which is up to my liking

dearest sisters who had helped out on that day

the cake cutting ceremony

Oh,my actual day wedding photos are all out!!!Chris,from the photography cum videography company had called me up saying that the photos taken on the Ad are ready..
A total of 800 pieces of photos taken..Under our package,there was suppose to have 400 developed photos by the company.I’m so eager to have more printed photos,we had upgraded to another 200 pieces more.In another word,we gonna pay another sum of $$$ for the extra 200 pieces of photos..

Chris had dropped me a link of where my Ad photos are,and had wanted me to choose those i want to have it printed out..All these photos uploaded here are being save from that website to show my dear readers..

Once photos are ready,i will upload online and share with all the link to view those photos..
At the meantime,dear readers,u might want to log in to my multiply to have a look of all the photos from indoor and outdoor shoot done by whitelink..
*a satisfied bridal studio,very elegant and unqiue gowns*

The link is as following,,



+It's time to do some sharing+

just a shot b4 we starts our day!

loves my master bedroom,it’s so sweet

a view of my hall

another view of my hall*

The weather was damn hot,getting away from the hot sun and to hide in a cool and comfortable air conditioned room..
Popping by bugis for a praying ceremony at the temple was great.Nevertheless,,we could never miss the famous fried wanton and wanton mee at sunshine plaza…

Having a misson to accomplish for getting the korea snack from burlington..The chocolate snack was great..That’s why,i gonna purchase some of it on behalf of my dear sisters..
Thanks dear hubby for purchasing some clothing for me to start my day at work tomorrow after the long break during june holidays…

Dear’s colleagues was here at our place to view the surrounding and our home set up..A friend from forum was here to have a look at our place too!As the balloting exercise starts tomorrow,and coris was one of the place open for balloting…
Seeing them makes me think of how we had hold the maps of sengkang,the units that was open for selection and wonder around the whole of sengkang in Novemeber last year..

We gonna show our skills of knowledge and pass on to the couple who are getting their dream flat in no time..
Good luck to them!!!


The wonderful sharing and small gathering together at Swissotel Merchant Court

with dear hubby-

group of sisters @Swissotel Merchant Court

dear with the brothers @ Swissotel Merchant Court

with Hui’s @ Central

Nice view of singapore river!!

The day spent was great!!Travelling down to Clarke Quay with the famous NEl is just 20 minutes time..
Was suppose to meet up with all the sisters and brothers for a buffet high tea located at swissotel merchant court..Not all brothers and sisters(on wedding day)was able to attend the high tea,but still with brandon around(dear’s great buddy),there is always jokes and laughter around the table..

I could say,we really spend a wonderdul afternoon together today..We chat while eating and listen while eating…It had been quite some time since we had this kind of laughter.

Time flies real fast,just one week ago,dear and myself was going through our customary,busy and tired in the morning till the night time after the dinner ends..One week later,we had gathered all the people who had contribute their share of help for a treat…

Perhaps,the next time round where brothers and sisters were to gather together will be our housewarming..Really looking forward to this day while we could chat,and laugh together as a whole again!!
*looking forward to this day*


Thanks to all-You worth the treat****

my favourite photo-indoor shoot

Jinn,my designer from whitelink

sammi,my make up artiste from whitelink

upon checking out on the 17th june

hall of the bridal suite

bedroom of the bridal suite

the sofa of the bridal suite

the bar corner of the bridal suite

set up corner

our buffet breakfast in hotel rendezvous

another shoot of the food of our breakfast

the yummy bread

Taken a pic with Jinn,my designer..She’s great!!!Thanks to her for choosing my gown..Here’s a picture together with her.
Another shoot with Sammi,my make up artiste..She had made me look so sweet during the photoshoot as well as during the Ad..
Didnt managed to have a picture with vincent,my photographer over at whitelink…

Well,among all the photos,this indoor shoot is one of my favourite photo!It makes me look so different..Hey all,,,had taken some of the photos of the bridal studio..Hmm was in quite a real mess..Didnt had the time to tidy it up before and after the dinner..Was too tired for anything..

Wedding is something that makes me have the most memories..After months of planning and preparation,the result was out..Whether is it a sucessful one or not..True enough,i do consider mine a sucessful one with all the help of all sisters and brothers..
Had repeatly played the video(express highlight) at home to see the bits and pieces of items that had happened during the morning..

Had received an sms from a school friend,and have a little conversation over the things that had happened over the dinner..One of our friend had mentioned that,her own wedding was not as grand as mine..Oh come on,mine was not as grand as others,it’s based on the preparation and research,that’s all..
One thing for sure is,do more research before judging on things,or signing up with any..This is the most important golden advise to all brides to be..

As a token of appreciation,my husband and myself will be treating all brothers and sisters to swissotel mechant court this coming saturday..Looking forward to the buffet this coming saturday with all sisters and brothers…All of you worth a treat from Mr and Mrs Delon Chew!!!!!
See all then…


The wedding day-16th June 2007; Part 2

@ 6am,doing the last minute preparation

@ coris with Jasmine

@ Coris with Joycelyn

searching for something in whitelink big bag!

with dearest mum

together with Victor and Terence

with Frankie,my cousin

With Peifen,my cousin

Gonna share some of the photos taken from my camera on the wedding day..Just be a bit more patient,once i got hold of all photos taken by my photographer during my actual day,i will post and share with all readers..

Got some feedback from friends that they love my photo montage and express highlight during the wedding dinner..Really so glad that things are all done smoothly as planned.
I owe a treat to all brothers and sisters for making the wedding a beautiful one..

Serene,if you are reading my blog,i gonna tell u that i am pleased and hope to be a help to you,if you have any doubts about wedding related items.Do let me know if you have any more questions..

I am still uploading my wedding photos-indoor and outdoor shoot) in my multiply..Will let you guys know once it is ready for viewing…
The wedding sure makes me so sleepy and tired..Had slept the whole day…From morning to afternoon,and then from noon to afternoon today!!!

Quite miss the things that had happened during Ad,miss hotel rendezvous,thanks to sharon-hotel manager who had taken great care of our enquiries over the past few months,thanks to Thomas-the banquet manager for that night who had taught us how to march into the ballroom and how to react over certain things..

Miss whitelink,as we had been going down for a couple of times for the fitting,collection of items,photshoot etc..
Thanks to Jinn,my designer who had help in choosing my evening gown for me and had given a lot of ideas..My outdoor shoot evening gown was choosen by her too!!
Thanks to Sammi,my make up artiste who had made me pretty on the photoshoot day cum my actual day..Her make up is great and same thing goes for hairdo,it suits me perfectly
Thanks Vincent-my photographer from whitelink.Who had capture the beautiful side of me during indoor and outdoor shoot,who had taught me how to pose of course!

Thanks to chris-the corrdinator from the photography and videography company
Thanks to Frankie and Yong -the photographer and videographer from this company

I had a lot more people to thank,like the guests who had made time to attend our wedding dinner on the 16th June..
Friends and relatives who had helped out during the wedding..

*A big thank to all*


The wedding day-16th June 2007

my bunch of cute sisters here..

dear’s taking out the veil for me

arrived at the my parents home

alone in my bedroom

digging something??

With the whole group of brothers

Hi all,i’m back!!!!
Finally,customary was done in a very smoothly manner..Was feeling so much relieve after the completion of wedding..
Many months of preparation being done in a day..

There’s so many people to say thanks to..Brothers and sisters who had made our wedding a success..You guys know who you are,and you worth the praise..
There was so much fun and laughter during the process of the wedding..Sisters and brothers who don’t even know one another had became all good friend just overnight..

It’s the sabo part which makes them feel that knowing one another,being united as one is so much important..
Really,both dear and myself are so appreciated to all brothers and sisters who arrived as early as 6pm at the hotel to do many roles over the dinner..
Louis as corridinator,Brandon as emcee,AJ in charge of the video,Robin to handle the guest at the reception area..
Jasmine as chinese emcee,Ginny as coordinator,Joycelyn as runner and Jiahui as coordinator..
Wow,all brothers and sisters had their roles to play..

You guys worth a treat!!!!

Initially i’m so worried that whether will the sisters be able to sabo the brothers and groom himself,as in whether would they be as united since these sisters of mine do not know each other quite well..*quite risky*

Nevertheless,they sure enjo themselves,no matter to sengkang,boardwalk etc..They have so much issues to talk about..

Over the dinner at the hotel,dear and myself were feeling so grateful to the banquet manager who taught us how to march in to the ballroom,how to relax outside the ballroom while getting ready etc..
The decoration of the recption area was quite beautiful,i like the way the hotel had set up the area with nice flower petals and candles in between..
Felt so glad that i choose the flower theme instead of the crystal theme..

Could still remember clearly that during the first march in,there was suppose to have dry ice to let go when we marched into the ballroom,but some of the guests was so playful that they actually added the effect more interesting by throwing the flower petals towards us when we march in..
It really makes the effect better..This is the first time i had seen guests doing this especially when this was done during my own wedding dinner..*smile*

The most happiest part was that i’m really so glad to be able to see all my ex colleagues and colleagues at jck for attending my wedding..The feeling was so so great!!!
Overall,i’m so glad over the wedding..Customary is over now,and i’m gonna do my job as Mrs Chew…


安床-Today is the day of this ceremony-

In laws in giving a helping hand for the An Chuang ceremony!

The plate of all the 6 items display on the plate/the side lamp

mother in law placing the plate in the middle of the bed

placed on the bed of ”double happiness”

placed in order!!

after the ceremony,a token of appreciation

my wedding gown safetly @mum’s place

Look,the An chuan ceremony was done by parents in law this afternoon.It was a short ceremony,but still it has it’s own significance.
In laws came quite early just before the auspicious time comes,as we gonna prepare all the items and stuff for the ceremony.

After overcoming many obstacles,we managed to settle everything within the time frame.Was not easy,but we finally make it!

The next destination was at whitelink..The second last time visiting them as their customer,after being their customer for nearly a year..The feeling was a sad one,as it seems that it’s only yesterday that we had signed up with them,and now it ‘s going to be over pretty soon.

Today,gonna try the wedding gown,evening gown and tea dress again to be sure that the gowns are all in good condition.
Got all the accessories,gowns,coat etc from whitelink and to sign a small little contract of items which we had got it from them.

Once done,we set off to three places in one shot for placing all the items between Pasir Ris,Sengkang and Bt panjang!
Just got to pray harder that everything will be done sweetly and smoothly..

The next time round which i will post a blog here will be the time which the wedding ceremony is over..
Be back after the 16th june,and will keep all my dear reader updated of the things that had happen during my customary…


*[All about wedding]*

The colour red suits us perfectly

the cavana chicken rice

the spaghetti from cavana

the yummy chicken rice from changi village

Ayam Penyet-from Changi Village

The day spent was great..Dear had personally drives my in laws to their relatives for cake distribution,or rather i would say for cakes delivery..From Tampines to Sengkang,back to Pasir Ris and to Sengkang again..

Had our lunch at cavana with dear..I could address myself as ignorant for being the first time having my lunch at cavana.Well,i had never like the idea of going to cavana for any meals,just don’t have the craving for it.
But well,my feets just drag me into this place for lunch!!

Well,the first time spending 3hrs alone at causeway point for shopping while waiting for dear hubby..Had wonder,how am i going to spend the 3 hrs all by myself to shop,i’m sure to hide in a corner of the library to wait for dear..
But this was not what that had happened to me..In fact,i find 3hrs of shopping was not enough for me..
The first time signing the card 3 times in a row!!Mostly getting items for the house.Got some plates,bowls,spoons and chopsticks,the quilt from aussino(my favourite brand!!)
It was damn heavy with my arms breaking soon.It was not long when dear called up saying that he is reaching soon,only then did dear save me by giving me a hand in loading all the stuff i had purchased into the car.

Off we go,to changi village for our dinner with my in laws!!Had our dinner from Ayam Penyet,which was highly recommend by father in law and dear..True enough,it tasted yummy and the chilli was great too!!Worth eating!

Five more days to wedding,the feeling of me now is undescribeable..Just the fact that,i am finally getting married in 5 days time!!!
Whitelink had called up to confirm with me the timing for the collection of wedding gown,evening gown,tea dress,dear’s coat,father in laws and dad coats on this coming wednesday.

The cordinator from the bridal car company under whitelink had called up too,to confirm the schedules and timing on this saturday,16th june.

It’s 安床 on wednesday,meaning to follow the auspicious time given by my shifu to place the mattress on the bed,to put on the bedsheet,place the plate with Xi word on the mattress with all the longans,lilies,red packet etc..All these will be done by my parents in law..
Like wise,from wednesday to friday there are works to be done which we can’t avoid!!


过大礼-it's the day saying that we are in the midst of having our customary

the cakes for relatives

the roasted duck for praying ceremony

hainanese cakes for praying too

whitelink photos together with card holders and wedding invitation

my dowry,bed items,newly bedsheet,new clothing…

Oh,the day spent was real tiring…All the aunties from dad side came knocking the door of my parents place early in the morning..It’s Guo Da Li(kind of going through a small wedding ceremony) and most relatives came with most of the goodies like the hainanese cakes,roasted duck and foods that mum had prepared for the praying ceremony..

As the auspicious time will be between 1pm to 5pm today,therefore all the 30 boxes of cakes which dear had ordered from Pine garden could not be bringing into the house until the auspicious time.
Dear came in with 30 boxes of cakes which my parents had asked for delivery to relatives,a huge guo da li basket with two bottles of XO,12 oranges,四点金,聘金(a sum of $$$ which the girl’s side had asked for),eight cans of pig leg(for the teochew traditional custom) and 2 pairs of 龙凤烛…
Some of the items stated above were to be return in smaller amount to the groom’s..

For the bride’s side,mum had given me the dowry uploaded on top which was supposed to be purchased by the mum of the bride.There was so many bits and pieces of items to remember and to get,sometimes i do tend to forget some of the things…

Could see the look on dear face when he carries so many things into my mum place..The praying ceremony started right when dear arrived and i got to tell my late grandma that today is a happy day for myself and dear,it’s our guo da li and one week from now will be our customary,in the law for both english and chinese…

As having the customary is so important to me now..For ROM is marraige in the English law,but there are lots of things which couldn’t be done without the chinese customary,e.g: giving red packets during chinese new year,no tea ceremony,not consider as married in the eye of the old folks,especially those grandparents…

Enough of all these,i could still remember that all the relatives from dad side came,and we just had to do our part by delivery of cakes,invitation cards and whitelink photos to the relatives of mum side starting from 3pm..We had delivered all these items from 3pm to 1030pm at night until we finished all the delivery to the relatives..*

*A day had gone passed just like this*