—Housewarming was a great success—

dearest sisters……..

with cousin qian xia

with ning,dear sister

it’s us again!!!

friends from secondary days

with kaiyun….

Here are a few shot of photos which we had taken during my housewarming on the 29th July yesterday..
Everything ended very smoothly and the foods tasted nice too..

Most importantly of all,we managed to earn back the amount that we had paid for the buffet..
The buffet costs us about $750 and with some hongbao given by relatives(mostly from dad side),
we managed to get back $1020(wow),meaning we actually use back the hongbao to pay back for the buffet and we had gained lots of gifts from friends and relatives too…
*didnt know that actually we can earn something too for housewarming*

In fact my kitchen cabinets are now all stuff with those appliances like steamboats,coffee mixers,sandwich toasters,pots and pans,blender etc…

Really wanna give a big thanks to relatives and friends..I had felt so embarassing that they have to fork out something for my housewarming,still i make it a point that i will return the same to them if i have a chance of going to the housewarming of friends or relatives…

The day ended in a tiring but enjoyable feeling…There was lots of good comments from them about my house in sengkang..Could tell that they loves my kitchen cabinets very much..Nevertheless,,thanks alot for the good comments and i do felt happy about relatives and friends have a liking to my kitchen cabinets…

Henry,our contractor came too,and he was so generous that he had bought something for us and get the delivery man to send it to us in the morning just before the time of the housewarming starts..
Again,a big thanks to henry for his effort…


Our lovenest-the one and only one @ Coris,Sengkang

it’s another day..

With housewarming coming up this coming saturday,we gonna be busier.There’s a need to stock up all the drinks even though we had cater for foods and fruits punch will be serve,but being worried that drinks are not enough,we got to top up more.

I had made it a point with dear hubby of not going anywhere this coming saturday in order to clear up all our stuffs for the event on sunday..

Dear had been going around telling all our neighbours from our level to join us in the buffet for this housewarming..It’s to show a kind of courtesy by asking the neighbours to join in.
At the same time,i had emailed the details and map to all friends who are coming up to my place..

Chris from the photo and videography company had sms me this afternoon,telling me that the magzine style photo album for my actual day is out and ready for collection..
Being not satisfied over the photos i had got for my Ad,i had get chris to develop another set,but is of magazine style album,something different which i had seldom seen others doing that..

Being quite free at home for Mr Chew,my dear hubby..(while waiting to start work at the new working environment)he personally went down to the police-station..!!!!!!
Reason for that was to change the address in his NRIC,and at the same time,changed mine too..
Now my new address is compassvale bow and no longer bt panjang…
Nevertheless,it’s high time we gonna get it changed,it’s just a matter of time..
This shows that we had grow up and have a place of our own and we can be independence and not to depend on parents everytime or anywhere we go..
Most importantly,we can depend on oursleves to build a nest of our own.



weekends,here comes our programme

making curry chicken for dinner

my curry chicken that had prepared earlier on

the tuna bread as breakfast on a sunday morning

the dinner on sunday night

Both dear and myself had purchase a total of $43 at giant and $38 over at ikea…
Wow,,in just a day,we had spend so much…
Nevetheless,,these are some of the household stuff that we gonna get for,after all it still worth buying.

Got vegetables for 2 days.As the prawns over at giant was selling real cheap,just 59cents per 100g,.There was lots of people choosing the prawns,therefore i just joined in the queue although i had not thought of what can i cook using prawns..
Those frozen scallops cost $9.90 for 500g..Hmm,we purchase it as well..

As housewarming will be on this coming sunday,therefore buying of drinks is our main purpose of going to giant..Despite that Neo garden’s will be providing fruits punch,but still we prefer to get more just in case it is not enough.

Was clearing some of the things in the kitchen cabinets,and understand that they were 3 sets of tupperwares..One set given by mother in law,the next set given by my colleagues,another set given by dear’s colleagues..Come to think of it,was glad that we had decided to do the upper kitchen cabinets,if not i guess there won’t be much place for us to store all our stuff..

As kitchen is one of the area which i am most satisfied with..My kitchen makes me have that kind of feeling that i love it so much that i can stay in there and cook as long as i like,since it belongs to me and only me…

Loves the feeling of staying at home on a sunday afternoon after doing some marketing in the morning,by clearing up the whole house,sweeping and mopping the floor and with dear hubby washing of the toilets….*hee..hee..*

Despite the raining season,i would still throw all my clothing into the washing machine..The feeling of the clothing that had been washed with the nice smelling softener…
Nevetheless,i would rate myself a small professionist when it comes to doing up my whole place..


ღ**All time favourite memories**ღ

best memories-

best memories-whitelink

Lor Mee

fried guo tiao

fried carrot cake

haniel-the african student

the staff and K2 children from JCK

My Nursery children

another shoot of the children…

It’s racial harmony day,children and all the staff in school was suppose to wear the traditional costume from all over the countries..
As for me,i wore the vietnamese costume which i had purchased last year when i visited vietnam..Therefore,it’s time for me to wear it and not leaving it in the wardrobe to trap dust…

Small little eyes were on me when my children saw me with the ”funny costume”..
The expression told me that,how come Mrs Chew was wearing that today??Lot’s of question marks in their heads…

Finally after a long wait,dear and myself managed to settle down in our all time favourite stall that sells nice and yummy fried guo tiao and carrot cake..
Yummy!!!!I simply love fried carrot cake-specially those that fried in white.
A stall in harbourfront,seah imm food centre.
Still remember those days when dear and myself were still in courtship,he will always wait for me to knock off at taman jurong.Together,we will take bus 30 to harbourfront and have a taste of carrot cake at this stall..
The courtship period was forever so interesting and unforgettable..That is what people had named it as honeymoon period…

This is one of my most favourite outdoor shoot from whitelink that gave me the best memories of all…Most importantly,it’s whitelink that had given me and my hubby the most memories of everything no matter is it regarding of photography done by vincent,make up done by sammi,designing done by jinn or the rest of the helpful staff in whitelink…

Getting ready 2 different photos to be mail over to whitelink for sammi(my make up artiste) and jinn(my designer)as we had taken these photos upon returning the wedding and evening gowns after my AD..


玻璃鞋=礼服=婚礼=The wedding date,wedding gown,wedding shoes]

@ Coris-our lovenest in sengkang

the first march in…

the second march in-00-

our gang on 16th june

with the chew family-part of them now…

double happiness-

the make-up kit by sammi,my mua

the downry

the 4 dian jin from the groom side

my new wedding tea set

with the names of the wedding couple

view of the hotel

@ the VIP table

another shoot of it,,,

It’s the first and second march in that gave me the best memories of all..It had make me remember for a lifetime that i had once walk together with dear hubby at the red aisle together with all the wishes of relatives and friends..


The lyrics above strongly stated my feeling…Wearing of a wedding gown,all dressed up that seems like a little princess,the cinderella who had found her prince and loving her all her life…
The feeling was great!!!

Had went to re-develop some of the photos yesterday for friends and relatives on the actual day 16th june.We had re-developed a total of 200 pieces of photos to be given to all..For relatives,i will be giving out the photos on my housewarming day which is on the 29th July,next sunday at Coris..
Every single one of them will walk away with more than one pieces of photos..(i had spend about nearly $100 for the 200 photos to be given away)

Talking about housewarming,as mentioned above,it will be next sunday and we had cater for about 70 pax and do hope that all the guests could finish the food..
See you guys next sunday!!!


[It's a learning point for me]-learning more as i get older*

together,we can make perfect

vietnamese burger-done by dear hubby

the fried guo tiao

steam red snapper with cabbages

I am getting more and more into cooking..Every now and then,my dear colleagues from Jck would ask me this question”sherryl,what will u be cooking tonight?”
They are cute,aren’t they?At times,they do give me an idea or two to teach me what kind of dishes i can cook in the evening..
Really wanted to give them a big thank..

From the daily devotion every morning,i will normally learn something from the bible(the word of God’s)
Although,i am not a believer,but i could strongly understand the teaching that tend to be so meaningful…
It had mentioned that we have to be a servant to others in order to serve others before ourselves..It is the spirtual gifts that was given to us,and using these we gonna help the others and not to keep it for ourselves..
All these teaching makes me understand that,in life we got to be humble and not being selfish to one another..

Joining Jck was a great learning point for me,it has made me grow and getting more and more mature over small little issue..


The donuts from the *Donut Factory*

my new haircut-

attending the flea market by huining’s

the donuts from the donut factory..

the pancake that we had made for breakfast

Weekends passes by so quickly..Had prepared the pancake for breakfast and eaten into the stomach,an hr had gone..
Our next destination was town,to give support to my dear sister for her selling of clothes in the flea market..Ginny,was there too!!!

Remembering them of having a hard and long hours there,i had decided to purchase some stuff for them to eat..Jus as i was wondering what kind of stuff to get for them,i saw a group of people queueing up for something..By then i understand that they were all queueing for the donuts by the donuts factory..
This strike me of joining the queue too since i had not taste before since it first open…
Gotten 2 boxes,one for ning and the other for myself as breakfast the next morning..


The meals which i had,,,the sharing of important items—*

my dinner on monday

my dinner on tuesday..

Dear had mentioned that my cooking had improve alot…This is my 3rd trial on cooking spaghetti,and this creamy mushroom spaghetti had proved it right…
Had been trying very hard to practice on my cooking and do hope that i can get better and better…

Next dish will be the potato and hotdog in tomato sauce together with fried cabbage..
Again,this is my first time making this dish this evening and was glad that it had turn out fine too..
As doing more practices on cooking,i find that i could slowly estimate the protion for the both of us now…Not too much nor is it too less,the amount is just right…
There are people who had said that cooking for many is easier than cooking for only two person,what says you?

Had received an email from one of the person in the forum asking about topping up photos in whitelink…I had now became the adviser of the wedding related stuffs…Really glad that there was someone who can ask me for advises on wedding,after being one myself…
I normally would love to advise others on bridal packages,bridal studio(prons and cons),hotel,photography and videography company,where to get guo da li and an chuan items,what is needed of that,actual day programme,and renovation stuffs….
As it had become part of my life now,and something which i had gone through and based on these,i can use it to help others…..


[Time for housewarming,time for viewing my Ad photos]

it’s time for flower throwing

Had placed order for catering on the 29th July for my housewarming..Will be catering 70pax on that day…
Finally,after wedding,next come along will be housewarming,after this,what’s next??
Honeymoon is another thing that is on my mind..Gonna do some reason of some of the places which we wanted to go for honeymoon next year..It’s another headache thing to think of,but an enjoyable experiences…

Out of the 800 photos,i had uploaded only 133 photos online through my multiply..
Click on the link below to go into my multiply to have a look of the photos..

Actual day 16th June 2007-Morning


Actual day 16th June 2007-the wedding dinner


Time spend @ sentosa–)

us in sentosa

while waiting for the monorail

here comes the monorail

towards the terminal-@vivo

the harbour is forever so nice

fried macaroni done by me!!!

scrambled egg done by dear,hotdog by me..

Hey look,sentosa had changed a lot..Was quite surprised to see the big changes.(being so swaku)
Didnt know that the ferry terminal is no longer around as it had replaced by the monorail…
Come to think of it,there will be many weekends which i gonna spend my time over at sentosa starting from next mth on..

Reason for that was,dear hubby had got a job at sentosa which allows him to purchase the membership card for the monorail of one year..With that,i gonna follow him and spend most of weekends there!!!…

Oh gosh,i actually able to cook the simple macaroni by myself without any guidance..(there isnt a need to call mum for the procedures)Although it is a simple dish,but still needed more practices on that..
Based on that,dear hubby actually like the taste of the macaroni when he came back for dinner on that day..
Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs,hotdog,with ham bread..

Was out this afternoon to do payment for the credit card bill,was a large sum of amount due to the bill from hotel over the wedding dinner last month..We had actually used the hongbao to cover the bills which was still managable..
Was busy planning the name list of guests to come over to coris on the 29th july(a date picked by shifu which was a gd date for *REN JI GUAN XI*) for the housewarming..
Gonna cater for about 100 people share of food…