It's Teacher's Day Celebration

that’s the joy when educating the young ones

all my gifts from the children..

Special lunch with all the teachers at marriott was a great one..
It’s the joy and laughters from the teachers that had made me more understand about everyone of them.

Still remembering this incident that happened in school today.We were suppose to dress oursleves up and then throw all our clothing into the washing machine in order to play an act together with the song known as *washing machine*

All the children burst out laughing when they see each and every single of their teachers being dressed up and dance in front of them..There was this Chicken song which we were to suppose to dance not only in front of the children but also in front of the parents who were present too.
Oh gosh,dancing is my weakness..

The gifts from the children were all over the place in the classroom..Guess it’s only during teacher’s day then only did i receive the most presents.The quantity was totally different compared to my own birthday…
But really have to give thanks to parents and children for their effort and time for this special occasion..

School holidays start from tomorrow,it gonna be a short break for me..
There will be a K2 camp in school from next mon to tues,and all staff from jck had got to stay over for the camp..Oh no,i will be missing my bed at home!!


'' It's the start of this amazing encounter ''

it’s a happy dayz…..

being force for taking this photo

my red wall together with my lovely curtain

In just 15 mins ago,Henry my contractor had assign his wife and one helper to come to our lovenest in Coris for a photo taking session.In another word,he had asked us for permission to take a few shots of our house in order to upload it in his company website…
In a few seconds,i almost feel like a *star* with our house being shot and post it online..

They had spent a total of 20mins shooting round the house.Not only taking photo,Henry’s wife looked at my wedding photo frame (taken with evening gown),and she praised me of being looking very class.Hmm,,i find that okay only.She even praised me of looking very pretty when i wore my wedding gown.(the photo frame which was placed in the master bedroom)Oh gosh,i am so embarrassed but still don’t know what to be said,but just smile to her.
I should had told her that every brides look equally pretty when they are on their wedding gowns.

Past two days had been very hectic with the photo taking session together with my K2 and Nursery class.Especially with the K2,they gonna wear their graduation gowns this and that…
There will be a special lunch for all teachers tomorrow at Marriott Hotel in order to celebrate Teacher’s Day!!!Yippie,it’s another closing of the term too!
Update more tomorrow,stay tune..


[( Yummy,yummy foods all round Singapore )]

craving for yummy foods!!

the mini van-that’s dear

fried carrot cake from serangoon garden

swee kueh -serangoon garden

tou hua-serangoon garden

mua chee from hougang

chicken rice from whampoh

popiah from whampoh

Driving round Singapore in just one day to eat up the yummy delicious foods from Serangoon,Hougang and Whampoh..
The food photos stated above are some of the must try stuff from there areas…
Especially the tou hua is rather cheap,it is as cheap as 50cents per bowl and worth trying.

Our main destination on a sunday morning was to get down to serangoon for breakfast cum lunch and heading down to tampines ikea to get the book shelve for our study room..(it’s time for one)
With the $70 NTUC vouchers on hand,we gonna purchase some of the household stuff from Ang Mo Kio hub..
Sad to say,i bought more house items than my own personal thing every week..

I am now into hokkien songs!!!Especially when dear and myself pop by vivo city to catch the show,881…
The songs in the show was great and touching too..Makes me so sad that tears started to roll down my cheeks.


( *The vegetable farm* near sungei buloh )

the class photo of N5-nursery class

a group of kids!

the scene of vegetables farm

the small pineapples

leaves of onion,curry,pasta etc

the salad-lettuces….

Been in the teaching line for a couple of years,it’s the nursery that had given me more impact compared to the older children..Their naive and smiles are the sweetest!
Had gone for the trip to the vegetable farm due to the theme for this week..The children had gone to the farm with a happy and energetic mind.

The person in charge,had brought the children round the farm seeing all the different growing vegetables.There was this part where they shown us the pasta leaves,curry leaves,onion leaves,peppermint leaves and so on…The smell was truly the smell of each of the above items.

Never to let go the chance of buying the vegetable juice,which is great in its vitamins.The lettuces salad was another thing which i would buy.
Overall,it’s a place worth going,buying of the vegetable juice is much more worth it!


{ Wedding photo montage/express highlights uploaded in YouTube }

Finally,it’s here!

Finally after a long wait,could eventually upload my wedding photo montage and wedding express highlights to Youtube..It was never easy doing that..This is a chance for friends who were not able to attend our wedding dinner on 16th june for them to have a better understanding of what took place on that day..

The first video will be the wedding photo montage which was played over the dinner just before the first-mach-in.It shows the changes in us (delon and sherryl) when we were young till we grow and fall in love..It captures the good memories for the both of us…


(click this to view)

The second video was the wedding express highlights.It consisted of how the dear hubby and the group of brothers were being play out in the morning,took photos @ coris and changi boardwalk and lastly at in laws and parents place for tea ceremony.


(click this to view)

As the size of full video for morning and the full video for evening were too large to be able to upload to youtube,therefore didnt managed to upload any…
For the full video in the morning was already nearly an hr for the duration and another hr for the evening video…
Greatly welcome if you guys would like to come down to my place for viewing the full video for morning and evening.

I believe this video will be a great keepsake for many years to come,and will forever be in our heart to keep good memories of..

You can also view the two videos in my multiply..
Simply log in to view it too!


|- The world of donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -|

us @ changi airport

Missy Donuts

hmm,,mini donuts?

sk-II ;facial treatment cleanser

Down to central for dinner,and happen to walk pass a store which sells mini donuts..(oh gosh,recently i am into donuts)It looks interesting and unqiue,therefore decided to step forward and have a closer look..Wow,true enough it looks so small and looks good..Without thinking much,had ordered 12 small donuts for the price of $4….
I could say,the mini donuts tasted yummy!!!

Missy donuts stopped me when i pass by the store at plaza singapura..There were comments from others that missy donuts and donut factory are of the same taste…In fact i really believe in that..After trying,i begin to find doubts on it..The taste of the donuts from these two companies are almost the same,but the thickness of the sauce are of great differences!!!
I doubt i will be purchasing any of the donuts from missy donuts but will support factory donuts all the way any time i were to get any.

The facial cleanser which i’m currently using by doctor prescription was almost finishing..Instead of getting it from my family doctor,had decided to purchase this sk-II ;facial treatment cleanser instead..The price are around the same of the cleanser which i got it from my doctor and prefer to give sk-II –facial treatment cleanser a try…


Hmm,have a sushi @ suki sushi

long time no see??-my wedding favour!

dear’s @ suki sushi

Qin’s @ suki sushi too!

the menu

wet tissue

here we go,having the buffet for lunch

the sushi from the belt…

our first few choices of sushi

this tasted great

what’s Bryan wong and patricia mok doing at hougang mall?

It’s all predicted that we gonna have sushi for lunch today.As our per weekly routine that we will drop by the temple at bugis for a praying session.Gonna have the wanton mee again at sunshine plaza?This time round dear hubby find it a bit sick of having the wanton mee again..Therefore he made a suggestion of having the wanton mee,but is at a different location which was famous too.
The place was located at Selegie,just less than 15minutes walk from sunshine plaza…

But the outcome was that,the store was not open upon reaching there!!Oh my,,,what a great timing?Just as we proceed down to Plaza Singapura for lunch,we happened to pass by suki sushi and decided to have our fill there!It’s dear treat anyway,why waste it?

Hmm,,,the sushi could not be compared to the one we had months ago at Hanabi…Sad to say,i would rather spend more $$$$ to have a nicer and yummy sushi at hanabi…

The next destination will be hougang mall,where bryan wong and patricia mok will be doing some hosting over there.Gonna give some supports to them!
The weather was unpredictable,one moment it was shiny bright up on the sky,another moment,it was raining heavily..Poor dear and myself carrying bags and bags of stuff from hougang mall to make our way back to the coris..


*—-So much about u,whitelink]—-*

the right choice

There was too much of coincidence,understand from dear hubby that he had a colleague who happened to take up the bridal package with whitelink,and guess what,this colleague of his do give comments in the forum under the thread of *whitelink*..
As i’m the regular visitor of the forum,(posting of comments too on whitelink) and happen to know that this colleague of my hubby had given me some comments as followed,

Hi Sheryl,
Love ur photos..
I recognise the Bintan hammock.. haha.
I travel there a fair bit coz of work.. that’s Y.. haha..
We have the same PG. He indeed took u in ur best shots according to ur multiply site.

In fact there are some other whitelink brides who had given me some comments on my wedding gown too…
Just a little sharing below…

hi sherryl,

very nice photos! thanks for sharing! i also had my photoshoot in bintan and seems like we all took our shots around the same area – nirwana doesn’t have that many places to take photos huh? :-) very nice! and you took photos on 3 days! wow…

who was your PG?


hi sherryl,

nice photos!!! thanks for sharing!


Hi Sherryl
Thanks for sharing your photos.
We had same PG, he used the same backdrop for our photos in kua.
The pinkish EG was my AD gown…u must be quite slim hor.
Your WG also very nice.


Hi Sherryl..
Saw ur pics le..nice nice..
Ur even gown very sexy wor..hehe


Flipping through my indoor and outdoor shoot with whitelink,examing it carefully and felt a sense of satisfaction.Really believe that whitelink had done a very good job in it..I had seen the work of some other bridals,but dont quite like it,and was wondering in the past whether will my wedding album be like theirs?
Whitelink is quite famous for its wedding gown and photography too,and i really glad that i had made the right choice in choosing them..


A little introduction of my bedsheets…..

hey look,,,,

my wedding bedsheet-*double happiness*

the bedsheet which i had changed to on housewarming

my latest bedsheet!!

Wow,here’s a little sharing of my ”bedsheet”….I love buying bedsheets that come together with a quilt cover case,queen side fitted sheet,1 bolster case,2 pillow cases..Normally i had to purchase 2 different items at the same time…With quilt cover case and 2 pillow cases as an item, queen size fitted sheet,1 bolster case and 2 more pillow cases as another item…

It’s a headache to purchase new bedsheet nearly every month,(since it’s now a queen size bed)
but i love the joy of being able to choose the nice design.Seriously,i could almost spend most of my salary on bedsheet.

To others,they might think what the hell am i thinking about?Spend so much $$$$ on bedsheets,but i just simply couldn’t resist its beauty.

An example will be the double happiness bedsheet which i had purchased for the wedding.It looks unique which is something different from what i had seen so far…
With the word of double happiness printed on it and it’s just as simple as that which can feel its beauty at the same time.

I had no fancy on bedsheets from giant,carrefour,seahorse etc….But i just like this place where i got all my bedsheets,which i had been doing so since i am staying with my parents…
I’m a regular customer for them!!!!


Changi Airport = Travelling = Wanna be next year = Every Year if possible!!!

oh gosh,i luv this effect!

dear speaking to mother in law

taken aback?(doesnt seems like)

fried cuttled fish

nice beancurd

the famous wanton mee at crystal jade

Half a day was spent at tampines due to some occasion over there.Nevertheless,,it would not affect our dinner in the evening..(although it was quite a tiring day for me)
The most important after leaving tampines was to jump into the bathroom for some warm bath.
The weather was damn hot and the thought of it makes me so sleepy..

Oh dear,seeing my bed at home makes me feel like jumping on it and sleep for the whole afternoon,but there isn’t a chance for me to do so since gonna meeting in laws for dinner over at crystal jade,changi airport.

Hmm,most of the stuff which we had talked about through our conversation during the dinner was all about going for holiday..Dear,being the most talkative of all speak about our encounter to bangkok,hong kong and vietnam…This time round he added in more by making known to them about our planning to japan next year…

Dinner ended and we left with a satisfied mood back home..The journey back home was a tiring and miserable one with me having a bloated stomach and feeling nausea together with a terrible headache which simply wont go away.(this had happen since 1 week plus back)Just dont understand why this irritating stomach of mine had been giving me this problem..Too much of medication doesnt seems good too anyway..