[Everything had gone by so lovely]

a lovely sunday evening

this is my cooking

the fried salmon/broccoli with carrot

Mr Henry Goh,our contractor was here..Following him was a customer to have a look at our place,the fine workmanship by Henry’s creation.The couple which was brought up by Henry to view our flat and to talk about the design and layout of the house.
Basically,this was Henry latest work and of course showing his customers up to our place was a better choice,i suppose.
I could tell that the couple was quite interested in our hanging waredrobe in the master bedroom..They had mentioned that it gave the whole room more space for movement.

Well,it had given me a feeling of sharing our ideas and knowledge with others.If by chance they were to follow exactly for every single thing,i guess it’s a kind of imitation,but with the knowledge given and throw in some of their ideas,this kind of people,i would call them have their own initiative.Of course,sharing could be very important at times.

Enough of the house matter,the above photo of dishes were what dear and myself had for dinner today.Salmon,that’s dear creation.Broccoli with carrot was by me..With four hands working together,everything was done in a minute.
I simply love the idea of us cooking some delicious dishes over the weekends.Of course,doing our marketing at the NTUC of Ang Mo Kio Hub first before we proceed back to Coris for our cooking.

It’s Children’s day tomorrow,meaning there will be no work for me!Hmm,now it’s the time for planning..Planning of where to spend the day with dear hubby..As for him,he shall a week of rest before starting at his new job.

The day had ended very quickly,and it was already evening after having our dinner,and here i am blogging some of the stuff that had happened today.
As 9pm is approaching,i could feel my eyes gonna drop down.It had been this routine after now and then..No matter how many hours of sleep i had each day.
There was this saying that the more you sleep the more tiredness you would feel.Sometimes,I wonder how true can it be?
I admitted that i had 10hrs of sleep since last night till this morning,but somehow i could feel the tiredness..
Maybe i should start having only 7hrs of sleep..


| The world of donuts and ice cream |

out to Mt E

This donuts had melted my heart

here it goes,,

this japanese ice cream costs $4

Was both shocked and surprised when dear returned with a box of donuts last night..He was suppose to get the dinner after work,but i didn’t know that he would surprise me with the donuts!
He said i love donuts and this is another donut company which we had not tried before,and here he is purchasing this box of donuts last evening.
It had been quite some time which he gave me surprises ever since marriage life,yesterday was simply a great one which makes me felt deeply appreciated by his action.

Gone to Mount Elizabeth Hospital this morning.The morning Orchard was so much less crowded compared to the afternoon till late evening..Nevertheless,still made our way to bugis to meet up with in laws for lunch at Sunshine Plaza.
Like what i had mentioned,Bugis had now became our second home.

The weather was so bad,it’s so sunny today that i almost have difficulties breathing while walking through the lane of Bugis Street.Had a bad headache that don’t make my mind working.
My body immune system is getting from bad to worst..

Despite all these,we would never give up a chance of getting this special ice-cream from Bugis Junction.It had seem nice that makes us willing to pay that extra $4 to get it!
Not only the ice-cream was nice,but the packaging was nicely design too.


Something on my mind,the yummy dim sum!!!!

here comes our tea break

this is the place we had our dim sum,Tak Po

chee cheong fun,cantonese style

meat porridge


a piece of carrot cake

cha shao bao

Our favourite venue for yummy dim sum will be at this tea restaurant known as Tak Po located at Chinatown..I could give a full 10/10 for their dim sum.
It’s really tasted great.For those who are looking for good dim sum,do give this a try.It’s affordable too!
I love their cha shao bao the most,would always rush for that whenever i visit them.
Overall,it’s worth a try.

After 4 days of work,finally weekends will be approaching pretty soon..I’m feeling so tired in school that most of my colleagues had asked why?Of course,i guess it’s the weather that makes me real sleepy..
I needed to sleep for at least 8hours before i get the most sufficient amount of rest.
Of course,this coming weekends will be a day where i could get more rest to fully recover from my sickness.

My eyes are starting to shut when i am typing the blog for today..But still,i kept telling myself to finish the post for today before switching my mind off.Thank god that tomorrow will be a half day session of work which i could really have a good rest!

Really a big thanks to my colleagues in jck for showering me with all the concern they could give in school for me.Their concern and care really made me felt being blissed..This gave me a great chance of knowing their experiences…


Fengshui is so amazing,we gonna believe in it!

my water feature,Snow white and the seven dwarfs!

Ever since placing this water feature being instructed by our fengshui shifu(don’t know how many months away),more ”lucky” things seem to be falling upon us.
With dear hubby settling down at a new working environment,with me having a 不能说的密秘 .This makes me getting more and more into fengshui!
It’s something so amazing that sometimes i do find it hard to believe in it,but still it was something that we gonna believe in..
Putting my trust in God’s is another thing which i strongly believe in.
Nevertheless,we gonna work hard for our future,earn more save more is now our motto.

I’m still not well ever since from last weekends until now,with the sickening nausea feeling.Oh gosh,i’m really feeling so bad even at work..Medication doesn’t seems to have a great impact on me..
Help me!!!!

Was back to mum’s place yesterday for a night stay which i will normally do so once a week.
It was great with mum cooking and all.Even though that i’m not too well,but still would make an effort to eat the specially cooked pig liver for me..It do sounds eeeeee…but still it’s something i gonna eat in order to maintain higher blood level in my body.
In fact these few days,i had been telling myself to eat more healthy foods,eat food that i don’t ever seems to like in the past in order not to FALL SICK again!



Most wonderful weekends we ever had- 不能说的密秘

Ice Monster,the one and only one taiwan desserts found in Singapore

this was something we had taken.

our dinner on sunday night,garlic bread by dear’s

fried been hoon,it’s my first try.

It’s weekends finally,the 2 rest days which people like us would love to make full use of after a tiring 5days work.
Realised that the number of time for me writing a blog had became lesser and lesser.In future,i guess there will be more news for me to update.(*laughs*)

Bugis,seems to be like our second home which we will visit without fail every weekends.Something that amazed me was that we had found this dessert shop known as Ice Monster in Bencoolen,and this was the store that was opened by a taiwanese.This store was so popular in Taiwan and here in Singapore,there is only one store..
But not to worry,there was a notice just outside Ice Monster that they will be opening a second branch in Plaza Singapura..
The mango dessert(as above)tasted so great and i do hope to pop by soon for another round of the dessert.

I had made fried been hoon and the pasta for our meals during this weekends..I’m so worried that the taste of the been hoon might turn out yucks or might be too dry..
Although it’s not perfect but i do hope to improve more on this.

There was this show known as 不能说的密秘-Secret,starring by Jay Chou and kwei Lun Mei was such a nice and touching show that both of us enjoyed on a saturday night..
Had bought this DVD a week ago and decided to start watching it only yesterday..Guess it may or may not be in theatre now..
Director was Jay Chou himself,wow such a talented guy..Good for him!

The weather was so bad these few days that i had fall sick..With a bad headache and nausea attcking me ever since Saturday evening..The severe headache that makes me lost my precious hours of sleeping last night.Without any further thinking,i had visited the doctor this morning regarding my headache and nausea..Medical certificate was given to me and there was a high chance of me not going to work tomorrow..
I needed rest now!!!

Perhaps,another round of 不能说的密秘 tomorrow?!?!


– Let's look forward together! –

us @ Party World,Bishan

while waiting for my turn to sing

my soba set

dear’s sushi set

Singing is one of my best entertainment for a relaxation after the stressful work everyday.Nevertheless it’s one of my favourite hobby too!
Out to the Party World located at Bishan for a singing session from 3plus to estimate 8pm in the evening..Chomp Chomp was our next destination which settles our meals.

Dining at this restaurant known as *Wasabi* at Compass point with dear..This is a small japanese set which look interesting that makes us wanted to give it a try..


Live In Bliss

our cheese cake making

here’s the ingredients

the digestive biscuits being crashed

the light sour cream

this was how the cheese looks like

pour into the container where the crashed biscuits was

a slice of cheese cake.

Over the weekends,this was something that can be done..A free and carefree afternoon making a cheese cake..I’m a cheese cake lover and had been wanted to make one myself,just that don’t have the time cum not being used to it of having the idea of making it at my parents place..
Now with the love castle of ours,we were able to do that!!!!

Dropping by the NTUC of hougang mall to get the groceries for home and the light sour cream for the cheese cake..Phoon Huat was another place in Hougang that we visited to purchase the rest of the ingredients.

Mother-in-law was the person who had provided us with the recipe,that we managed to make the cheese cake after a trial of it.

There will be many more coming years to come with,
-Dear and myself doing some bakery on almost every weekends.
-Going to the beach at Changi Village for a stroll on the evening.
-Exploring yummy foods all round Singapore
-Catching a movie just like what we had done before our marriage
-Tidying up the whole house with a joyful mind
-Creating the very best happiness in our lives..



here’s our programme during the weekends,,

watching this movie called-Me…myself

this was jus outside -The Cathay

nice flower arrangment 1

nice flower arrangment 2

nice flower arrangment 3

nice flower arrangment 4

nice flower arrangment 5

the most tasty kaya toast bread i ever had

this wanton mee is so much different fr outside

the famous carrot cake by 排排看查查看

the signboard of the wanton mee

the main road facing the stall at kovan

Well,shall start off with my weekend programme. Seeing a movie had sort of becoming one of the trend for me right now,and romance story is something that i can’t go without..Here we are making a trip down to The Cathay to catch a thai movie(romance story) known as Me…Myself
Somehow or other,i do find this a touching story that worth watching it if you guys love romance story,do go for it…
The storyline is as below,,

A man is robbed in the middle of the night while making a call in a phone booth. Staggering on the road from his injuries, he is accidentally runned over by a car driven by Oom (Chayanan Manomaisnatiphap). He wakes up the next morning in a hospital with no recollection of his life leading up to the accident. With no memories, Oom is forced to take the man – whom she calls Tan, based on a pendant which was his only possession – home.

Tan’s (Ananda Everingham) presence in the house sets an uneasy feeling as the modern and career-driven Oom reluctantly takes him into her home. Oom has been involuntarily thrown into life as a single parent as she is now the sole guardian of her nephew, Ohm (Monton Arunpabmard), and is still reeling from the recent break-up with her business partner Krit (Piay Vimuktayou), whom she still sees in the workplace.

However, Tan proves to be of a helping hand when, out of boredom, he happily tidies the house and cooks for the family of two. Oom’s nephew, Ohm, quickly becomes attached to Tan and a familial bond was fostered, although Oom is reluctant to get too comfortable with the amnesiac Tan.

Pieces of the film are mirrors into your own soul. Every character and every event is a retrospective look into your own lives – aspects that you can relate to. Oom’s fast-paced life is sedated when Tan appears in the picture, and it is in his gentle nature that she finds relief from her suffocating life. Tan soon becomes her shoulder to lean on and sometimes, the other way around. His subdued ‘feminine’ qualities are nurturing and attractive – he even advises her on which lipstick colour to wear – a quality that the modern 21st century man fails to embrace. Expectedly, she soon falls in love with him.

“I don’t want to remember anymore. I want to be like this with you here, forever,” Tan tells Oom as they sit on a ledge outside her apartment, watching the sun set.

Ananda Everingham is convincing as a transsexual (Tan/Tanya) without resorting to outrageous flamboyance. His innocuous approach to the character provides depth, with a tinge of vulnerability. As the days go by, Tan slowly retraces his life and later finds out that he was a homosexual who worked as a showgirl in a bar outside of town. Tan and Oom’s relationship are tested as they try to make sense of their feelings now that they both know of Tan’s unusual past. Tan returns to be with his ‘family’ and the empty cavity felt in her house is heart-breaking.

The most gripping scenes in the movie is when Oom’s young nephew, Ohm, appears in the living room with red lipstick smeared all over his lips and he asks her, “If I grow up to be like Uncle Tan, wouldn’t you still love me?”

Just outside The Cathay,there was this Flower Arrangement Contest where nice lovely flowers were displayed which caught the attention of others,this includes me.
The flower arrangement was so well done!
As a flower lover,this is something which i would never had miss.

Gonna recommend another nice stall which dear hubby had bought me to this afternoon..I’m flower lover while he is food lover,where yummy food is concern,he sure know where to find it..
Oh well,this stall was located just opposite Kovan Station.

The carrot cake and kaya toast bread had already been there ever since dear was in NS according to him.It was more than 5 yrs back.There was a couple of time where he had wanted to bring me to this place for makan,but there was hardly any seat to me found,even today.
But i guess we had waited to eat the food from this place for quite some times back,and happened that just when we were about to take away the carrot cake,there was this seat for us..
*damn lucky i could say*

Really have to thank dear for bringing me all round Singapore during the weekends where this is the time which we can really enjoy and relax ourselves more.Being able to know where to find yummy food from him is something which i had alway enjoyed doing..


* I luv them all,,,,|

dearest Linus

dearest Wallace..

It had been some time since i got back to mama place and stay over for the night,decided to do so now!!!
In this way,i can get to see my precious nephews,wallace and linus!

Without seeing them for a period of time,found that wallace had grown up.Not only had he grown taller but had grow smarter too..In fact he was very smart all along…

Me:Wallace,,why didn’t u finish doing up those sums of abacus homework?
Wallace: Ah Qin Yi Yi,i don’t have abacus how to do?

Only 6years old,,and he already know how to react so quickly,what on earth is going about?

As for Linus,i felt so glad that he didnt forget about me all these while..I will alway asked him,call…and he will respond by calling,,*ah qin yi yi*
Oh my,,i felt so high on the world hearing this…
These 2 nephews of mine are the most lovely boys i ever loved….

The feeling was there!!!While taking the train from lakeside towards Jurong East,out of no where i had a very strong feeling…I am thinking about the lifestyle that dear and I had right now…

Staying at coris had made me felt great..The thought of shopping for grocery after work or even during weekends and had dinner cooked while waiting for dear to get back home..Most importantly being able to do cooking in my cozy kitchen which i had alway love to…
I simply love all these,it’s a strong feeling that there is no word which i could express myself with..


*Our New Toy -It's worth the buy *

here’s the new toy
The Sony Picture Station

Here it goes,,

a lovely evening scenery at Coris

The newly purchase for today is the Sony Picture Station..Dear had promised me to get this photo printer as soon as possible..He had known the lady boss from this particular store in Ang Mo Kio which sells digital camera,photo printer etc..He had mentioned that since he knew this lady boss,she can get him stuff at the normal rate,but could give away more items when needed.. Overall,it’s a store that worth buying things from..Anyone interested to get a digital camera can let me know…

As i flip through my photos for PS and AD,i understand that we had taken about 300pieces of indoor and outdoor wedding photos..About 103 which we had selected that was satisfied.. As for our AD photos,that was more!!!In total our photographer had took 743 photos! Videographer had took a 2hrs video on our AD.. 103(indoor and outdoor shoot) + 743 (AD photos)=843 photos!!! + 2hrs of video on AD..
Wow,overall,it’s a great deal!
Oh gosh,,i am going to choose some of the most beautiful shoot of us and get the sony picture station to do the work for us,by getting it print!!! We got back to Coris quite early after doing our marketing over at the NTUC of Hougang..

As it’s weekends,and i don’t cook normally,therefore will get the yummy xin zhou bee hoon from one of the stall just below our flat. And here when dear hubby happened to look out of the window of our studyroom while i am busy surfing the net.He made known to me that the sky looks great!!!How nice it was to take some photo of it..

Here he goes,grabbing my camera and get out of the room and go to the nearest window and take a snap of it.. Perhaps it’s his interest in taking photo of nice scenery and something interesting,but i’m opposite,i don’t enjoy taking picture of scenery,but i love taking photo together with others!!!