//[ It's another round of test for us ]//

it’s another round of test

There was no where i could go,not even the nearby neighbourhood mall for a walk during this period of time.Mum had always emphasis on something,that is wanted me to get enough rest as much as possible.

The boredness is killing me,but thank god,i had a laptop to accompany me most of the time when dear is at work.
But the time without dear was bad,i could hardly see him everyday ever since things happened.
No worries,,dear had promised coming over to stay for the night and i gonna see him again tonight,which makes me stop a day of missing.

Lunch and dinner everyday was a *haiz*…when can i have a proper one? All the gingers,wine,vinegar soup etc..
Mum had said all these are good for me,so i gonna be good and listen in order to keep myself fit for the sake of dear and for our future no matter how dislike i feel,suppose have to bear with it..

Dear had wanted me to resign from my current work place in order to stay at home to have a good rest and take care of my health for the next few mths..
Wow,in this way,i gonna be a *tai tai*
I know dear was able to afford all my expenses if i were to stay at home base on his salary,but i will be bored staying at home?
But since he had this idea of me staying at home for the time being,i gonna speak to my principal regarding my resignation within these few days…


So near yet so far-

sherryl,,,my thought

i love this toy,my lappy

The check up happened this morning at gleneagles medical centre…Appointment with the doctor was at 11:40am,but i was early…Nevertheless,he did a mini check up for me to ensure that things are doing fine.
Was given four months tonic medicine to simulate my body in order to make me stronger and not as weak as before.He mentioned that,i should drink chinese medicine at the same time while taking his medication.This shows how weak i am..

This is the best time for me to eat and get extra vitamins,proteins,irons,minerals etc during this period of time..Hopefully after this incident,i will get back a stronger body..

Looking at the bills!!!!
2 appointments with the Doctor Ong at Mount Elizabeth=$2,000
1 emergency appointments with Doctor Ong at Mount Alvernia = $600
1 appointment with Doctor Chew at Gleneagles =$514
The surgery done at Gleneagles = $1,600
Today appointment=$98

Dear had spent so much money on me,and i do feel so bad and sad over the amount of money he had given,,,and one more thing was that since Mount Elizabeth,Mount Alvernia and Gleneagles are all private hospital(which i had visited),,then medisave deduction was only a few hundred dollars,we still have to fork out a few thousand dollars in cash to pay for the bills..
It was never cheap to stay and to see a doctor in the private hospital.

It had been a week since the surgery,I’m still missing him,sometimes out of no where i will think of him,i wonder will he be doing well with mother nature,i do hope so…

I gonna stay with my parents place in order for my mum to cook and take care of me during this one month…Boredness is killing me,,and i had nothing to do at all at my mum’s place.
Complaining at dear most of the time,told him i’m so bored!
Until he granted me my wish,,,,,he got me a laptop!!!!!!
The picture is shown above,as i can’t take photo of my laptop using my camera as my usb card reader is not with me,and i can’t upload the photo,so i just grab this photo online

Now,i had a very bad feeling and kept blaming myself…As dear hubby had already spent a bomb on the hospital bills,and yet i still want him to get a lappy for me,i kinda felt bad..
But in another way,this laptop is a cheap deal,is a brand new one that costs less than $1,000!!!!


*The most painful experience in my life and i gonna move on*

i may look fine,but the pain was in me
this is where i stay for the day

the wrist band with my name and the name of my surgeon

the tube where the injection will be placed

Qin @ the ward

The footstep towards the hospital was a nervous and grievance one.Shivering and felt cold all the way until i entered the ward,it makes me feel worst.

The nightmare had begun,and here i am lying down at Gleneagles Hospital after the surgery on Tuesday morning..The thought in my mind when i was being pushed into the operation room was that,am i going to die?I knew he is going to leave this world with nature,but am i going to be the same too?

Lying down on the bed in the surgery theatre,shivering all the way until i saw my surgeon.He had assured to me that everything will be fine,and it will be over soon.He was the best doctor i had ever met.

The pain was in me,and there was nothing i could do to save him.Nature takes him away so as to provide a better one for me,and i believe that he will be happily staying with nature.The only way i could think make myself better was to think it this way.
I will never forget i ever had him in my life.


Forget the past,think of the future,let's move on!

No matter how grievance,heartbroken,,
letting it go seems to be the best choice,there was nothing that could be done to save this situation..Nature had wanted to take it away and just that it was not fated to be.
There was no one which can be put the blame at,it’s simply not fated..

The thorn in the flesh will take a period of time to heal,family and friends are the most supportive person from now on.
Healing takes time and to overcome the past,time is the best medication

”You,Lord,give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you’
Isaiah 26:3

This short phrase here was smsed by one of my colleague.Even though i am not a believer,but i strongly agreed with this phrase.It’s the timing that had not come.Keeping the purpose firm,things will turn out well when it’s God’s time.


-I do hope it will turn out to be a blessing-

a happy day turns out to be a mischap

Suppose to be meeting hui and mum together with dear hubby to Bugis..Something real serious happened that we had to end our shopping session and went down to Mount Alvernia Hospital..
The worries,and all the negative issues are all in my head,with all the what happen,what happen…
All the sceaming,injection,medication,resting…It do sound scary when a hospital was mentioned and we didn’t know what the outcome will be like.
Nevertheless,the truth will be out soon…

Just a little update here,I won’t be blogging for the next coming days..Adding to about five days without blogging..Reasons for that will be the short stay at mum’s place again..
You guys will be able to see me online on next saturday!


// The food comes first before anything //

highly recommend

oyster omelette

fried hokkien mee

our dinner for the night

Here it is our dinner for a Thursday evening..Dear had bought this specially for me after his work..He was at Hougang,yummy food territory.Yet this fried hokkien mee had the taste of the past,the taste was exactly like those fried mee during the 1980s..

Oh great,this is truly the orginal fried hokkien mee unlike those we ate at the food court.The oyster omelette was great too,with that chili sauce together,it’s perfect!
Good for dear,he was able to find tasty food in Hougang,and i simply can’t resist to food!

Had a 2 nights stay over at mum’s place since Tuesday to Thursdays..The feeling was great,as going back to parents place for a short stay is always good,so that I will not lose touch with my family members.
Most importantly,I’m able to eat those delicious and healthy foods that was prepared by mum.
Mum knew I’m seldom back home(only twice per week),therefore she cooked me sea cucumber,abalone and fish yesterday..That’s already made a happy dinner for me.
I do felt so bad when the clock strike 9pm,i’ll be feeling so drowsy that the only way to find relief was to jump onto the bed!
This gave me lesser chance for a good get together with them

1 more week to go,next Saturday,I will be seeing someone very important.This gonna makes me excited,nervous and worried too when this date comes.
Pray that everything will get going well..Still,i have to keep telling myself,be positive for everything.


— The talks about weekends''

how our weekends ended with?

dear’s share

my share

my purchases

this acne cream cost me a bomb!

i did the fried bee hoon while dear did the egg(cheese with white button mushroom)

my new bedsheet,is so matching with the masterbed room

My weekends ended with a blessing and enjoyable one..How should i put it?
Well,with our meals settled at Han’s at Marina Square.Next destination will be to the store at mom essential to purchase my acne cream.My acne is giving me so much problem,in fact it was getting from bad to worst that was due to hormones changes..
Still remember 4 years back,i had a serious acne outbreak that only going to the doctor then could it get cured,and of course with the help of the antibiotics.
Do hope that this acne cream can give me the clearance of the whole acne on my face.

In the meantime,had decided to give some changes of the clothing in my wardrobe.Therefore,the photo had show it all..I will carry on getting more if $$$ permit me to do so.Clothing had now became so much important to me right now,simply because some of the clothings in my wardrobe are not so perfect for me to wear.
Oh gosh,it sounds so materialistic.

Seen my bedsheet which i had just got it changed?Dear and myself had got it weeks ago.
Again,this design was not decided by me but was by him.Well,it do match quite well with the colour in my masterbed room together with the curtains.

Staying at home for the whole sunday could be an enjoyable one!Well,a little praise here for dear..I’m very happy and touched over the way he had cleaned the whole house this morning.
AZll by himself,he had clean the toilet(as mentioned in the wedding contract),vacuum and mop the floor,change the bedsheet and doing the laundry..
Like what he had written in his blog,he is now known as a *Houseband*
And he gonna do all those from now on to prepare him for the future,as husband do play an important part in cleaning the house too.

With dear going to Wisma to collect his handphone which he had sent for repair,and me staying at home to have an afternoon nap..Wow,the feeling was so shiok!
I gonna spend more sundays afternoon taking a short nap than going out.
Strictly stick to the below time table;

Saturday for shopping,marketing for household items…
Sunday for staying at home to clean up and of course to nap in the afternoon.


Happy planning,waiting and enjoying!

welcome to the world of food!

yummy meat prepared by dear

wow,this spinach tasted great!

the 2hrs soup boiled with ikan bilis-carrot and fishball soup.

Started the day with a happy one simply because today is Friday!Nevertheless,it’s the homemade cooking that makes me felt more joyful.With dear giving me a helping hand,we prepared today’s dinner together.
Dish one:chicken with hoisin sauce
Dish two:Spinach
Dish three:carrot and fishball soup

Staying in Coris with dear for more than 4 months,there are many more things that are worth looking forward to..
We are looking for the arrival of year 2008,that is when the joy comes.It’s something which we are waiting for..Is it something to do with our honeymoon to Japan?
Stay tune,and I will keep all my readers update by then.

Right now,i gonna save up more $$$…For what purposes???Well,there will be two cousins of mine getting married on the first month of the year,January 2008.Another two cousins separately on November 2008 and December 2008..
At least a hundred and above for both dear and myself attending the dinner.So 4 dinners=estimate to be $600..

Guess 2008 is a good year for wedding,that’s why so many cousins of mine getting married at this special year.But is is always good for them to start preparing one year in advance,this way they are able to plan the kind of theme of wedding,the kind of hotels they prefer,the most satisfied bridal studio they had research from,the photo and videography company for AD that they enjoy looking for etc..

When most friends asked me through msn,how long did i spend in doing research and planning for wedding?
I had told them,my hubby and I had spent 1year to plan and prepare for the wedding..
Most importanly,it starts from the master for the calculation of wedding date,and the timing for fetching the bride,tea ceremony,timing for Guo Da Li and timing for An Chuan..
With a shifu on hand,we were able to get most things done in a traditional manner..
We strongly believe in fengshui,from our house to wedding,all calculate by this wonderful master we had got..

To all wedding couple out there,may all find happiness in this one year of planning and researching for the wonderful wedding you ought to have..


-Joyful Memories-

The lovely group of friends…

3rd Oct 07

in the underwater world

such a nice view

Our dinner for the night..

Had made bee hoon soup for dear this evening as our dinner.Being the first time which i am satisfied with the taste of the soup boiled with ikan bilis today..It had been so many try and errors which i finally got it right..

It was a tiring day for me,,,by the end of the day(230pm) when the children was getting ready to get back home,i had already felt so drowsy that i could hardly walk any further.Packing my stuff once all the children were dismissed,and headed towards to the MRT for my journey back home.
I had slept throughout the journey!It was only when the announcement goes saying ”Next station Hougang” then only did i wake up and get ready to get down the train..

Bringing the children for outing is of no joke,especially with my condition (not too well)now is even harder.Still,the overall outing was considered a happy one with the children being so excited of getting into Underwater World.

Ginny,my dear friend..I had save this beautiful photo of us from your profile under facebook.I had love this piece of photo so much.
It makes me recalled the happy and wonderful high tea at Swiss Merchant Court Hotel after 2 weeks from my AD…
A pity some of the sisters and brothers were not able to attend.
Of course this was the post-wedding high tea given to treat brothers and sisters who had helped out on our special day..
It’s worth the treat afterall..


Can't resist the yummy foods in front of me,,am I being greedy recently?

let’s share!

this meal belong to dear’s

my favourite hokkien mee from seah inn food centre

dear’s snack at 3pm

my snack at 3pm

our dinner!

Again,my post today is all about foods!I will be gaining more weight in no time.At the rate i am eating,believe i will gain another kg or two.

Oh well,we joined the office crowds for lunch today at Seah Inn food centre..The lunch crowds was so bad that we managed to leave on time to avoid the crowds..That’s the problem of having lunch at the office area like this.

Being easily hungry,i dragged dear to a nearby area in Marina Square for snack.Settled down with a full cream milk and an apple pie for me makes me sit down happily enjoying my snack.
Of course,dear was more than happy enough to have a bite on his chicken burger.

I had many meals for a day.In fact i had smaller portion of meal but divided into around 5 to 6 meals each day..This had became my habit now for eating this way.
Can’t resist those yummy foods in front of me!

Our dinner came with the steamed fish and the celery which was my first try in cooking this.
It tasted not too bad.This was one of the best vegetables among all that was good in it’s nutrition.