//___Move on to the next path,,,or stay on at the same position? ___//

even though,it’s a tiring day at work,
we still make an effort to have a snap together.

Finally,it’s my last day at Monsanto as receptionist..Frankly speaking,after days of gaining some experiences there,I felt that being a receptionist isn’t as bad as I had first thought..
Oh well,of course I couldn’t be blamed on this,as I had been in the teaching line for as long as 7years.Therefore,getting me to pick up something new is a great challenge to me..

Still,,after gaining some experiences from Monsanto,this company.I do find that it’s not that bad actually..These few days,I had seen some companies employing receptionist,therefore I do join in the application too..
I’m not too sure whether did i choose the correct path when I send in my resume,but I believe that this is something that I should try.

Of course,at the same time,I had gone for this interview at a catholic church kindergarten earlier on this morning.This is to give me some thinking of what should I do next?
Is sort of like a changing path for me,receptionist or a teacher again ???

The next coming Monday will be a busy day for me.There will be a total of 3 interviews for me which are located at different parts of Singapore.
Seems like a tiring day,but still do hope to gain something through all these interviews.


ღ♦Life still moves on no matter what kind of changes there might be ღ♦

it takes 2 clap to make a thing successful

take a look at what dearie had prepared for me this evening
as our dinner…

Arrived at Coris by the time of 615pm.My first task was to boil the macaroni and the broccoli until edible.The next few steps will be dear’s job…
Here it goes,and how the two plates of macaroni will look like.
Macaroni,broccoli,hot dog,cheese and milk ,and this is how our dinner will look like…
Although a hard day at work,still we needed dinner too!!!Dining out yesterday,but today,we gonna make our own dinner.

It’s day 2 working as a temp in this US company was kind of bored plus challenging…
I get to make all sort of people.Staff from US,Thailand,China,Korean,Japanese,India and of course,our dear Singaporean.
Staff came from international,even the walk in visitor,most of them are foreigners…
Really a kind of challenge for me,as I don’t deal with these people at all when come to teaching.
It’s also gave me some experiences of how a office environment is like..
2 more days to go,and i shall say さようなら(good bye) to them…

In no time,November will end,and December will arrive…Only did I realised that we had been married for a whole 5mths.
During this short 5 mths,lots of things did happened and there was nothing we could put a stop to it…Half a year had just gone by so quickly,and I am still what I am,except for the fact that,we had lose our little one…

Immediately after 3mths of marriage,I was announced preggie!!This shock me the most,as we didn’t know that it would be so fast!!!As in my mind,a year or two before having our first baby…
But still,it comes very fast,and go away very quickly too..
If I say,I am not thinking of this little child which was suppose to be mine,I will be lying..
Not only my womb was injured,my heart,my mind and my soul hurts too.

Life still moves on,and I had to take great care of myself,build up my body system..Give myself a time limit of a year or two before having the second one.It’s my task now in order to see the beautiful future that lies ahead of us.


//ღ It's the talk about my simple yet nice hall together with the booking of my air tickets to bkkღ//

a little sharing

i love this part of my hall,with a mirror at the back
of the sofa

as for this side of the hall,i simply love the red wall
that was painted nicely..the combination of a black tv-console
and the red wall

this part here is for fengshui purpose,
and it does help quite a lot

the whole effect of the hall in my house
located at Coris,

of course,the curtains turn out well and satisfied
thanks to the full length window

this clock is very meaningful to us,
as it represent our creativity

of course,the light box together with the down lights
make everything successful.

Here’s a little update of things for today’s post.It’s all related with the hall of my home,Coris..
Taking out my camera and captured all the photos of my hall as fast as I could since last week,and it’s only today did I managed to have it posted online to share with all…

It had been over 7mths which dearie and myself had shifted here to build our little nest in this house..As mentioned before,I love taking photos,and of course at the same time,it’s my favourite past time of snapping some photos of our lovenest…

It do feel great having taking all the beautiful photos and had it posted to share with all my readers.Until now,I am still very satisfied with the design of my hall…
I like things to be very simple and nice,and here comes my hall.

There was something which was in my mind since yesterday…What was that?
It’s actually had something to do with the booking of our air-tickets to bangkok…
Guess what,the air tickets and hotel to bangkok was almost fully book for most agencies!!!!
Oh gosh,in fact dearie and myself were not able to book the tickets from any of the agencies..

1.Either the flight timing was bad,late flight to bkk,and early flight back from bkk,,or

2.There is a flight to bkk,but on the day where we are suppose to come back,it will be fully book,and we gonna catch the flight for the next day…or,,

3.There is a flight to and fro,hotel still available,but the hotel will be damn far away from the BTS…

This time round,the the air tickets and accommodation had double up the price during this peak period at the time which we are going…
I could easily get an air ticket and hotel at the price of $400 per person to bkk,in fact,during this period,it had double up to $700 per person and it’s not worth at all!!!!

Right now,we had not book any of the tickets from any agencies,as we are planning to either go elsewhere which the price will only b
e out on the 1st week of December,or to stay in Singapore…

After calculation,if going to bkk going to cost double,we might as well go to other country where the price is around the same as going to bkk ($700) rather than going back again…
Will update again when I managed to get the prices of two countries listed in my mind..


××___ This is part of life,we gonna learn from it ___××

after a long day at work,we gonna stay cheerful!!!

the pass that give me access to the office everyday

the front side of the pass….

I hasn’t been posting blog lately,what am I doing anyway?
Here’s a little update of what I had been doing for the past 2 days.There was this USA company located at Lorong Chuan,serangoon that had asked me to do a temp job as HR receptionist for a week,as the whole HR team will be going oversea for a meeting..

I had started with them since yesterday,and I can tell you the job was relax,and I could even spend some free time msn-ing…A pity,it’s only for a week,if not being a HR receptionist,it does pays well for this position.This is what I heard from the current receptionist that for her position,it pays as high as $2k..
Perhaps,the salary of an American company is quite high in the sense.It do worth working for an American company i suppose…

My next path was to get myself a job in an American company,but if it doesn’t works well,,,perhaps I should go back to teaching line which suits me better?
Tine will then tell me everything…
But being jobless is something which allows me to rest and takes time to find a better one.However,this is not forever,as thing still have to keep going.

There was this cute colleague of mine who hopes that she can get dear’s advice on a new laptop at Sim Lim Square today as her current notebook was not in function anymore..
She got a cheap deal of course,,but not as cheap as mine..Still it’s worth the price…
Was glad that she’s satisfied with the purchase.


The new start for the coming year//….

it’s the starting point…

Every beautiful thing will surely come to an end.The ending will come and a brand new start will occur.It’s time to let go and move on to a further and interesting part of life..

Had finally made my move by stepping out even though I know best what exactly was the suituation.
Was glad that I had finally able to leave a place that doesn’t really worth much staying anyway.
A better explanation was that,I had left the kindergarten,my work place in Jurong.

Meaning,i’m jobless and will be staying at home for my dearie to take care of me?
Without any commitment like wedding,house reno,I can actually take my own sweet time to find myself another job.
If it was all the $$$$ problem was needed like last time,perhaps I will be so panic in looking for a job..
Like what dearie had always say to me,he said..”Take your time to get a job,I’ll be able to support you until you get one of your choice”…

Really,dear had been very supportive enough of me staying at home,mainly because,he wanted me to have enough rest and not to step into working life that quickly.
Of course,I prefer staying at work which can occupy me for the rest of the day.


It's all about my Gucci Handbag given during our 2nd Year ROM Anniversary!!!ღ° -°°

It’s our 2nd Yr ROM Anniversary Today”

here comes my Gucci Handbag!!!
It’s hidden inside this black bag

That’s the date,it’s today,our 2nd yr ROM Anniversary..A love to remember,19th Nov 2005..
It’s the actual day of our anniversary,was glad that we had a little celebration in advance and of course this little gift was from dearie…

I wasn’t sure that he will get this Gucci Handbag for me..I knew he would get something for me,,a coach bag or E65..But none of the above is up to my liking.I’m pretty sure that he would not get this Gucci handbag for me as it’s too cosy…But in the end,,dearie proves me wrong…

He got it for me!!!!

As a token of appreciation,,I had asked what he wanna me to get for him on his birthday since he had got an expensive gift for me..Guess what,,dearie wants nothing!!!
How can that be??

But it’s true.As dear would not want me to spend any $$$,but he do allows himself to get stuff for me and not for him…
But being behaving this way makes me felt even worst,as he only wants me to be happy,which I felt kind of bad..

*Dear,do allow me to get the crumpler bag for you?I know it gonna cost a bomb too,but it’s something which I can at least afford…Or a PSP will be fine too since you have lobang getting it,and I just have to pay for it…*
ღ° -°° Happy 2nd Year ROM Anniversary dearie!!ღ° -°°

დ // It's the talk about Changi Airport Terminal 3 დ //

shall now set off Changi Airport Terminal 3

now at terminal 3

the counters for checking in.

the belt where luggage will be placed upon checking in….

another view of the counters when check in

oh gosh,look at the crowds.

before going into the transit area

for those who travel,i believe u know what this machine
is for??
This shall be my third time using this machine

the DFS coming on it’s way

Luxury fashion coming soon

Braun Buffel too!!!

this is the viewing mall in the transit area
where seats are found..

Without any explanation,most of us will know what is this area for?
Yup,it’s for people like us to sit down while waiting for gate open before
boarding the plane

the long walk way if your plane is right to the end…

upon arriving,this shall be the place we will ended up in

oh,,,the belt where all our stuff will be placed on after our immgration

a little information on the sign board!!!

thanks for advising

the daring me sitting on the belt,,,

another daring guy sitting on it…

Official opening will be on the 9th Jan 2008

We gonna make our way to Changi Airport Terminal 3 for it’s open house.The whole atmosphere was great upon reaching.Not being observant enough about the layout and design until dearie told me that the design of terminal 3 looks like the airport in Hong kong!!!

Having said about the design,makes me recall the airport in Hong kong..Precisely,it’s more or less the same!!!!
The concept was there especially the lift that was built near to the escalator,and the space was very open just like the one in Hong Kong…

$1 was collected if we wanna go in to the transit area and $3 was collected if we wanted a guided tour..
Sort of being the frequent visitor for going oversea,I had the knowledge of what the transit area was like…What is a transit area,What is the immgration,what is a belt,,,etc etc…
Therefore we don’t see a need to join the guided tour..In the end,we explored the whole transit area all by ourseleves…
It was actually more fun than being guided.

You guys might wanna visit my multiply for more pictures again of terminal 3.Will update regarding the photos soon..
For your information,the open house of terminal 3 will be open until 9th Dec 07.Do pop by if you would like to see more of T3…

Again,I was thankful for the lunch yesterday at Shangri-La Hotel plus the gift(my Gucci Handbag)given by dearie…Tomorrow will the actual day of our 2nd Year ROM Anniversary,and there was so much thoughts and feeling that I could hardly describe to dearie…
Hmm,,shall save all these for tomorrow blog anyway….

Right now,,,I am feeling kind of drowsy after drinking 2 cups of DOM,which must be taken every night…As I am not a good drinker,i kind of feeling giddy and weak after the liquor…
Gonna get going to have my good night sleep….
Shall blog again perhaps tomorrow…


* • ·. ̗̗ ♦ღ° Our 2nd Yr ROM Anniversary,,lunch at Shangri-la Hotel* • ·. ̗̗ ♦ღ°

ready to go for our lunch at Shangri-la

We had reached the hotel!!!!

,this is the restaurant at Shangri-la
which we are going to enjoy our food here

This way,please

The whole atmosphere of this place was great!!!

Yummy yummy,,,
this is what I had started off with


oh gosh,,,saliva dripping!!!!

the whole layout of this buffet was great

some salad for u sir??

a great and classy design

this is my favourite section

another yummy section,the chocolate fountain!!!

How was the lunch dear???

this fish was great,,with ginger and garlic,,,
which i badly needed //

dearie using a fork and knife to take off the
shell of the prawn..


another kind of pudding

I love this,it does contain some level of wine.. >>

the small chocolate cake was nice

I had finally made mine!!!

the beef,salmon all belong to dear…

simply love this place

this is what dear had started off with..

And of course,this is his favourite of all

Was great,was great!!!!Everything was simply too good to be true..
I wasn’t dreaming at all!!!It’s true that I had settled my lunch at ”The line” Shangri-La Hotel!

The minute I stepped into the hotel,I was like,wow…The layout and design of this hotel was simply too nice to describe.
The Line was located at the basement,just below the lobby of the hotel.

The food there was great,really live up to its name as mother of all buffets.Total damage for dear hubby for this special lunch was $105 for the both of us…
On top of that,i had another surprise from him…A Gucci handbag!!!
In return,I got him a wallet which he badly needed one…
Really thank him for making an effort for the lunch and a gift from him for our 2nd year ROM Anniversary..
I’m sorry for the amount he had to pay for this special day…

Really enjoyed myself so much that I kept saying thanks to dearie for making this event a joyful one.I could tell we had enjoyed ourselves throughout the whole lunch.

You guys might wanna view more of the photos taken at Shangri-La Hotel.Do pop by my multiply at the following link,and have a look at more photos taken…



……..It's my last stay at mum's place ˟ ღ

it’s time….

Shall do a little blogging here before I set off back to Sengkang,our love nest.
Without knowing,I had actually spend a full one mth at mum’s place.Actually had stayed before the surgery.

Nevertheless,I would see the differences in me before and after the surgery.There was great changes,and I would feel more energetic than before.Maybe it’s due to those dishes that mum’s had prepared and I had slept well throughtout the day.

Ok well,by the time I blog again will be in Sengkang and would have finish our little celebration at Shangri-la..
Shall update more about my lunch soon!!!!


•ჯThis increase my knowledge- ჯ•

The day is coming,and i am looking forward to it..

What shall I start off with?Hmm,,about facebook perhaps..
Was playing around with facebook these few weeks.Oh gosh,it’s damn fun!I could say facebook was so much more interesting than friendster..
For those who had tried,you might think so,but for those who hasn’t,you might wanna give it a try..
I could jolly well spend more than 2hrs playing around with facebook,what says you?


Was surfing the net one day,and found a chinese quote which makes me remember that a simple phrase like this makes me understand better more being a person in life
” 知 足 常 乐”.
In life,we do compare with one another.We might think why this person had and we don’t have,or even why we had this,but others tend to follow and get what we do?

This simple phrase here clearly shows that,we just be satisfied with what we have,don’t have to follow exactly of what others had,only this way then only will we be happy…

I am very satisfied with what I had now,and of course I don’t see the need of following what others do or had.What makes me pissed off was that there are others who tend to follow what I do.
Oh dear,when will this type of person eventually know the meaning of 知 足 常 乐???

Ended the day with a little chat together with Ivy,my beautician at Cos Lab..She shared lots of cooking method of how to keep the womb warmer and what kind of chinese herb are great during confinement…
As she had been through all these during september this year,therefore she taught me quite a lot in this.

She did shared about how to steam with DOM Benedictine.Oh,,this is really a great method..
She had clearly mentioned that using this method,we can achieve the most tonic in our body during this method…
Really had learned a lot from her.As she is a Malaysian,of course I fully trusted her in this..Reason for this was that,Malaysian are very good in cooking for women during confinement.This makes me increase the trust in her…