—-….Sending off 2007,coming up will be 2008,will my wish come true for this coming year,2008? …—-

that’s end of 2007….

Bidding farewell to year 2007,a year which gave me happiness together with sadness.
There was lots of happiness for this year,

*The preparation of our June wedding.
*Taking the indoor and outdoor shoot with the bridal studio
*The feeling of wearing a wedding gown was great
*First time being so beautiful when a wedding gown was worn
*How successful the wedding day had turned out to be
*Finally a house of our own
*The joy shared while choosing and purchasing of furniture,appliances
*The handover of coris by contractor

Of course,there was some hardship and sadness in every ending.
*Not having able to see my Ethan in May 2008
*Was hurt emotionally and physically over the lose of Ethan,my unfinished baby
*Being able to see through the true colors of some hypocrites
*Not being able to carry on working together with some of my wonderful colleagues

I could say.2007 had given me such a great impact be it with matters of happiness or sadness.It strongly enlightened me with something.We have to grow stronger and stronger after every sad incident.For happier issue,we gonna learn and improve on it to make it even more wonderful.
There bound to have up and down in life,something we do occur happy situation,but in real fact sad matters do happen.That’s something that life is all about.

My 2008 wish list was,
*Have a wonderful birthday celebration with Mr Chew
*To have a nice Taiwan trip with my dearest in the coming March
*Planning our honeymoon after Taiwan trip
*Enjoying each other company
*keeping our heart united stronger and stronger each day
*Cook,clean up the house every weekends
*Have a more stable job
*Dearie to get a car
*To make coris more lively
*Eat healthier
*Taking great care of my health
*Wanna have a surprise for our 1st year wedding anniversary in June
*Another surprise for our 3rd year ROM anniversary in November
*More surprises coming up after the second half of the year


…..How to be a good housewife?I am trying to pick up this skill ……

how to prepare something tasty?
opps,I’m not too good in that.

i rather cook this for lunch,
(fried guo tiao)

and this for dinner…
(french beans with fish cake and steam fish.)

this is what I had got for christmas,
it takes me nearly a week to open up this present.

The unpredictable weather makes me rather to stay at home than going anywhere.One moment it’s shine brightly,the other moment,it will rain damn heavily.
This was rather good,as it give me the time of staying at home doing some cleaning and washing.
At this time,I would do some cooking while dear will be packing his wardrobe.

It was a great day staying at home to do these housework,as we hardly had any time during the weekdays to do it.It makes me understand how important it was to stay at home on the weekends not only to prepare for the coming week,but to do some cleaning up too.

Shopping for groceries at NTUC for the coming week is a must,that we gonna do that almost every weekend.Running out of tissue boxes,detergents,toilet rolls,these are mainly what I will get normally at least every 3 weeks.Food like vegetables,meat,fish,egg,bread,ham,will be purchased once in a while when it was needed.
There was so much things to keep track of mostly every week.I’m trying to pick up the skill of how a housewife works for a family.

Due to our work commitment,I rarely do any cooking during weekdays,therefore decided to do some simple cooking during weekends to make up for the lose of nutrition that was needed.
It was always the house cook food that tasted the best,after I had been eating out for weeks.
This simply show how much I had missed the food at home.


[ It's birthday celebration for Luan,my young cousin….]

We enjoy making others happy…

dining at Fish & Co

look at hui,,,having such a big piece of fish!!!!

samething goes for Guiluan,I suppose….

New York Fish?-Look at the mini flag…

squeezing the lemon…that’s dear…

look at what we had…

and this set belong to dearie

of course,with our side dish

another set of fish and chip

it’s photo taking session,Guiluan and Hui

It’s our turn…

Taking this piece of photo with Luan….

First of all,I would sincerely give my all my wishes to Guiluan,wishing her Happy Birthday and do hope that she loves this meal with us,and of course with all our wonderful gifts…
How lonely would it be,if there is no one celebrating your birthday with you,even your love ones?This exactly happened to Luan,which we felt that giving her a proper celebration is a must.

Birthday is a day where we will feel the happiest,of course with a little celebration.It’s gave me a feeling of being a year older and recalled what I had done in the previous year and what changes can be done in the next year.
As we grow older each year,we will tend to be more and more mature in thinking,in attitude.
Talking about this,something I am wondering what had I actually achieve for the past one year?What I could inproved on it?


It's all happy topic_// Love the way it is…..

Despite having to face the PC every morning during work,I do find some time to write on my lovely blog.
What shall I start off with?Perhaps a little sharing about work?

Was kind of feeling bored at work today,as there wasn’t much courier,wasn’t much calls,wasn’t much walk in visitor,all thanks to the long leave which much staff had taken.
Sitting in front of the PC makes me so sleepy that how I wish there will be a bed there for me…

Log into my gmail and realised that I had yet to reply back to my 表嫂 for the email.
Being the first time getting to know her,I do find her friendly and approachable.
Therefore it makes our email last days after days…

Was kind of surprise when checking my bank statement…Guess what,even though I had resigned from Jurong Kindergarten,they are still paying me the salary together with bonus
They had not let me down after all…This save me actually,as it gave me the chance of saving it.
My next step was to save up the next pay from this temp job,as I strongly know that how important it is to save…


_// It's the celebration of Christmas,with all the wonderful gifts _//

it’s christmas–25th Dec 2007

here it goes,together with Ginny our ever great friend!!!

another shoot together…

it’s really oishi,,,,great pizza to go along

chicken ham and shiitake

wasabi seafood

popcorn chicken from KFC

Nuggets from KFC

our group photo

present to all our gifts for exchange

Ning,Hui and Mum

Ginny,Ning and of course myself who wanna to grab
whole of the presents!

Qiqiang and Xiulian,my sec and pri sch friend
and yet they are couple…
Such a small world

taken a photo together with 2 couples in this room

number 4 -That’s Xiulian present

Number 9,that’s Qiqiang present

Number 7-That’s Ginny present

That’s Ning present

Number 5,that’s mum present

That’s hui present

Number 8,that’s Galvin present

Number 6,that’s dear present

Number 2,that’s mine!!!
Hey,what are those group of people doing behind me?

Had specially printed out the photo we had taken
into a year 2008 calendar photo and gave to everyone as

This year 2008 calendar cum photo prints was given
to xiulian andQiqiang

What a great way to spend our wonderful christmas..Of course,we had a joker at the back of the show,everything seem so well planned and laughter kept us free from any other matter….
We had a little gift exchange party at Coris,my home.

The presents were all arranged in a way that everyone takes turn to get their lucky number in order to receive their present for the day.
Everyone seems so excited of picking up their number when their turn came.This was the first year which I had actually organized a programme like this,and do hope that the next coming year,I would be able to do the same.

Of course,not forgetting about th
eir stomach,dear had actually ordered the Oishi pizza for the guest that had arrived on this special day.In fact with two or three pieces of pizza,everyone surrendered…

True enough,the whole event started off with a good one which makes everyone enjoyable.

Do hope that there will be many more event like this to come…


—Eve of Merry Xmas……What was done on this day?—

Merry xmas in advance to all!!!!

Let me had a little intro of my office…
This is the switchboard which I had been doing for the pass
few days…

wow,look at the view,it’s so beautiful..

this is the board room of the company…

Welcome!The entrance and
reception area of the company

this way to the desks of the staff….

I am eating this for lunch on xmas eve..
*Lerk Thai*

dear was dreaming away while waiting for his food

this is the one!!!
The food I must say tasted great!!!!

one of the pages of the menu>>

the prawn crackers

The meal comes with a rice

2 sets of dish-His

1 more dish,3 sets of dish in total–His

1 set of curry chicken-hers

2 sets of dish-hers

my gift from my new HR….

Let me had a little introduction of the office which I am currently working at.
This company was located at Suntec Tower 1,the scenery from the office was great..
It’s half day,therefore there wasn’t much worker left in the office.This gave me the opportunity to snap a few shots of the office itself…
I love the design,the layout of the company.Therefore would never let go of the chance to take some photos to share with my dear readers.

Dear had came personally to Suntec for a lunch session with me.We decided to go for Lerk Thai which was located at Marina Square.First timer there,and would love to have a taste of it.
Like mentioned,I love to taste different types of food and will never let go of a chance if food was found.
I could say,this Thai food was strongly recommended!!!Not only it tasted nice,even the price of it was affordable….

That’s a little gift from my HR,which was kind of him in getting me a little gift.In return,I had bought him one which will be given to him on Wednesday.It sounds a little too late,but it’s the token of appreciation.


_//***Lovely dress like this do worth paying for it***_//

getting ready for Amanda Birthday….

with this gift,i present to u…

it’s such a lovely dress_//

my darling,my wonderful nephew,wallace..
I love boys!!!

this lovely dress is for my darling niece…

What a great day to spend this afternoon…
It’s Amanda,my niece 1 year old birthday.Had personally made a trip down to Bukit Panjang for this birthday celebration..

She was cute and lovely.Oh gosh,my first niece despite the fact that I had only nephews except for Amanda.
Saw this lovely dress,I bought it specially for her.The minute when I step into this store which children clothing was design by French,I love it at once!!!Without failed,I grab one which I really like and purchased it.
It was simply so lovely!!!!Really a store for children….

I must say,this store sells lovely dress for children.Like mentioned,it was French design and of course,the price can be quite steep too..It costs $44 for this simple dress above.
I find it worth while,since it’s something which little children should wear it when they are young..Of course,these are something which I will go for when I have my own children next time.
I don’t mind paying for all these lovely and nice clothing even if a piece of dress like this cost $50 and above,as of course would like the child to look good in it.


It's time again to get back to Sentosa,a lovely beautiful island )***

just before we start our trip to Sentosa!

had a plate of fried kway tiao

of course,the shared carrot cake with dear..

his favourite prata from seah im food centre

@Palawan Beach

another view from Palawan Beach

while waiting for the tram to come

yippee,,,going down to Fort Siloso

the allied forces accepting the Japanese surrender

The Japanese signing the surrender treaty

photo taken in the Merlion

the way that lead to the mouth of the Merlion

I’m on the top of the Merlion head

Same thing for dear,he is right there standing on top
of the Merlion Head

Look at the view on top!!!!
Singapore is so beautiful

Taking this shot just at the mouth of the Merlion

That’s the mouth of Merlion!!!

The truck during the olden days

Enjoying this lovely trip to Sentosa,
now taking the monorail back to Vivo City

What happens to dear,what is he thinking of?

We love Sentosa…..

Really,this Sentosa trip was a last minute decision.In fact we had it decided only last night.
Frankly speaking,this is my 3rd visiting to Sentosa ever since when I am in secondary,that was about 14 years back..

Those were the times when I went there with group of friends,but this time round was with my dear husband.Initially wanted to have a feel of taking the cable car again,but the queue was damn long and we decided not to delay anymore time in getting into Sentosa.

Our first destination was to Palawan Beach,Southern Point of Asia Continent which we actually climb up to a storey of 5.Was windy and the view was great,could actually see the whole part of the beach.
We carry on walking down to Fort Siloso,which was our main destination for this visit.
As I’m a person who is interested in the historical past of Singapore,therefore visiting this place is more than anything else.

Merlion was another area of visit that we had went today.Being a first timer getting into the real Merlion,watching a show,taking the lift up to storey 10th to view the scenery of Singapore..
The view was good,finally I’m up on top of the Merlion head!

Dearie suggested we should go down to Sentosa one of these days to have a little sun tanning session…Oh my,,,I felt so excited about that,and will be looking forward to this day to come.


****It's all about the different talks in life _//

yeah,it’s food time!!!

this laksa together with the taste of a curry chicken

prawns laksa….

my favourite pork floss titbits from bkk…

Didn’t know that I actually wake up when the clock strikes nearly 10am this morning..It was the rain this morning that makes us both awake,if not perhaps we will be sleeping all the way up to noon.

There wasn’t much time left for us to go down to mum place after clearing up the whole house.
Had made our way down to Chinatown for our lunch,which was shown up there,the laksa..Of course,not forgetting the famous bun from Chinatown,we gonna purchase some a box and pass it to mum when we reached her place this afternoon…

Could say,had a rewarding treat from Ning…Actually received some gifts from her due to her trip to bkk.I must say bkk is a great place to shop,no wonder every time she went,she will be coming back with more than a bag..(same thing goes for me,hee!!!)

Sad news,even the air tickets online are all fully booked!Perhaps,we really have to push forward our trip in March.Is that true that singaporean would love to travel during chinese new year period,even both the agencies and online booking are all booked??Sometimes,I do wonder why is that so?

There was this wedding invitation card given by cousin Xia to us(with dear big name written down there on the card itself).Loves her wedding card,it looks wonderful!Could tell that we both have the similar taste,love choosing different colours for wedding invitation card,rather than choosing red wedding card all the time,which seems so out of fashion…
Hers was purple and mine was ivory…which seems so classic….

Another 2 weeks or so to go,dear and myself will be attending this special wedding.Really felt happy for her.Felt happy that she could find someone who is able to give her the happiness and a blissful life.


*Thank him for his care and concern*

i am digesting what I had learned at work….

dearie gave me a surprise early in the morning..
Had prepared this breakfast so as to encourage me for the first day of work

My second day at work.There was plenty of things to be done at work,in fact I am leaning how to digest myself for all these challenge.
My department was a small group,it consist of mainly only the HR staff,of course I’m suppose to report directly to one of the HR as I am under the HR department..

It was a big company with the staff all scattered all around the tower of Suntec city.Mainly in tower 1,2,3 and 5..With me located at tower 1..
I could say,the staff from tower one are specially polite and approachable.They could joke and laugh together when work is concern,there wasn’t any stress with them at all…

I am slowly picking up some of the things that needed to be done everyday.
Even though,this is only a temp position but it gave me some experience in learning new things.
Being a beginner in a new line,perhaps there tend to be some up and down.

Dear had gave me a note early this morning before he set off to work and before I wake up.It gave me a great impact and feeling touched over what he had wrote this special note for me.
I find it so knowledgeable that he actually wrote this for me..
here it goes,,,

Think of it as a little journey that you are walking.Along the way,you pass by stones which you cross easily.Out of nowhere,a big rock blocks your way.You have to push it away to be able to continue your journey.
Are you going to try and push the rock away or are you just going to turn black and say that you cant do it?

*thanks dear for this phrase here*

Not forgetting to thank him for the breakfast that he had made specially for me before I set off to work.In fact he had woke up as early as 430am to prepare this..
Again,this makes me very touched for his care and concern…