[It's getting nearer and nearer to a brand new start]

It’s another day at work.
When there was no work,quietness was found in the reception area but if there was something to be done,the whole area will be crowds with people.

That’s office…

Got to know another group of colleagues in the company.They tend to use ichat (which is like msn) to chat with me whenever they are free.This was ongoing for a couple of days.
Or rather any other issue on work,they will use ichat to check with any particular staff,that’s how they work.

This coming Friday gonna be a busy day for us.Straight away after work,dearie will be meeting me to purchase some groceries for our steamboat with my in laws.
Yes,it’s true.I’m holding a mini steamboat with my in laws at my place on the second day of Chinese New Year.This coming weekend seems busier than normal weekends,mainly due to the New Year.

I’ve lots of stuff to get.E.g,plastic plate,food for steamboat etc etc..
There was simply too much to get,which I can’t wait till Saturday to have it done.
Saturday,another programme for us too..


….It's my first day working as a receptionist-do hope for the best!….

it’s a new working environment for me..

It’s my first day at work located at Orchard Towers.The morning train was as pack as before.It’s slightly more crowded.Perhaps with more office workers starting work at 9am every morning.
With the help of NEL,I managed to get down to Orchard within that 45minutes of travelling from Buangkok Station.

Was given a short orientation by the HR executive before I started my day at work.There was a briefing on how the company worked as,the terms and condition of the appointment letter.
The company will be paying 4months bonus,each on January and July of the year.
I guess this is the time where staff in the company became rich overnight.
Of course,this will only be entitled to me only when I work a full year for them..*sad*

My job scope was mainly what I had did as a receptionist for my past experience.The only different with this company and the previous one was that,I do not have to deal directly with courier.My job was to just call up the courier company for collection.*phew*

The company is using iMac!Which means,I gonna make myself learn how imac function.
*Do I sound like an idiot then?*
They do use ichat,which we so call ”msn” only within the staff in the company.
That’s imac though…

Nevertheless,I get to know some of the staff which we gonna go for lunch together,and walked to the MRT station together.This is something great as a start,I suppose.
Overall,I still prefer the environment of the previous company,but of course with more work load then.

Do hope for the best in this new working environment……


[Perfect food matches with people who had a liking in this area]

birthday celebration part 2

dear waiting patiently for the arrival for
the yummy spread

trying to be funny!

Hot Tomato located at Plaza Singapura

the menu

choosing our desserts

what’s there for main dish?

dear set of food

My set of food

the mushroom soup

2 scope of ice-cream

homemade dish,Fish porridge with scallop
added with soya sauce,sesame oil and pepper!

It was another day.Like mentioned,I love food!
Be it a $2 hokkien mee from food centre,or entering into those posh restaurant for dishes being serve that cost a hundred over bucks,I simply love them…
But of course,it must taste rather good.
I’ll be there whenever there are nice tasty food.I do sound like a glutton over here,but it’s true.
I bet no one can ever resist
to any nice food around.

I do shared about food which I had tried,so as to let others had a better understanding of the food that they do intend to try.
Sad to say the food at Hot Tomato was really not up to my standard.It had seem nice and lovely,but the taste was not as good as what I had expect it to be.
Do think twice about popping by for dinning.

This homemade fish porridge was served over the dinner this evening.
Could tell that dear had loved this dish,as it’s something very simple and not too messy to be handle.It’s something good for dinner without any chopping,frying….
Of course,it’s healthier.

Had boiled a pot of green bean soup in the afternoon.A pity,I didn’t managed to capture any photos to share with all my readers.
It had been my idea of boiling green bean soup during the weekends.
Have a bowl of the soup,sitting down on the sofa,drinking in front of the Tv despite the hot weather out there.
Boiling of barley would be another perfect choice too!

*Sunday,a day perfectly for drinking something cooling after the tons of housework.Of course,doing some marketing in the supermarket will be another good choice of all!*


*Happy Birthday to me*-Have a blissed Birthday-

Qin is older by a year again…

the morning Mount Elizabeth Hospital is forever
so crowded with patients and visitors

got the folic acid from my gynae,
Dr Douglas Ong from Mount E

The slices of cake from Cafe Cartel

2 slices of cake,

match together with this
Hoegarden for birthday celebration

here we are at Ichiban Boshi,,
it’s dear treat on my birthday!!!

the menu which we can pick up any from

of course,the sushi from the belt for us to choose from

while dear was trying to scope out the wasabi

an excited me!!!

this Japanese tea was marvellous

the plate of sushi

see,the plate of the finished sushi!!!

dear got me 2 dresses

and a Levi’s Jean

Happy Birthday to me!!!!It’s a special day for me.
Unlike the past few years,when birthday had arrived,I will feel with joy and excited about it.
This year was slightly different as I don’t feel the urge of having any celebration.Guess it’s really age catching up and I’m no longer those young little girls who will be looking forward to their birthday celebration.

As mentioned in the previous post that every year when my birthday is approaching,I will tend to fall sick and it’s sort of being *Ban Tang*(you guys can take a look at the post in January 2006 and January 2007,it was clearly stated down that I had fall sick when birthday is approaching)

To play safe,I rather not to have any cake cutting,any blowing of candles,just a simple slice of cake for me to eat on my special day is something more than enough.
As dearie will be treating me to some jap food,buying of some clothing for me.It’s something simple that I am just being contented with it.
Of course,there will be some birthday wishes in my heart that I do hope to fulfill by this year.

The morning Mount Elizabeth Hospital was damn crowded.I do wonder where do all these people came from?It was filled with cars and cab along the road of the hospital…
Of course,my purpose here was to go to the medical centre where my gynae clinic was located at to purchase a 2 month folic acid from him.

Surprising,both the friendly nurses from Doc Ong clinic could still remembered me very well…
Kind of being like a big shot here…*laughs*
One of the nurse had asked how am I because of the incident that happened a few months back…
Reason why I love going back to this gynae was due to the friendly nurses that he had and of course a great gynae..

Can you imagine of going to a clinic with those rude nurses,it makes us having this doubt of going back again.Gynae played a very important role.

Doc Douglas Ong was a great gynae,he was patient and would always explain clearly about any questions asked,as he will not rushed into answering our questions.Something great about him was that he would diagnose any suspicious thing fast.With his 3D scan that was damn powerful,and coming up will be a 4D scan,which shows that only about less than 10 gynaes in Singapore had that machine.

Doc Ong was one of them!!!!Which I’m proud to say that.
This makes me even more confirmed of going bac
k to him again if I ever became preggie again 1 to 2 years down the road…


It happened almost every year when birthday is approaching! __//

I am not too well!!!!

This is bad,really it’s bad!
Every time of the year,when my birthday is approaching there tend to be something that gonna happen to me!
Yes,and that is I will fall sick!!!

I simply dont understand why was that so?Call me *Ban Tang* or superstitious,it’s true!I kena that almost every year.
Initally there will be a birthday cake in front of me tomorrow,with the birthday song sing to me,making a wish in front of the birthday cake,cutting of the cake,but now it’s gone…
I’m not able to celebrate my birthday this year in order not to let my illness became worsen.

I had been having this cold for a couple of days.A stubborn me refuse to see a doctor yet,as I alway had this feeling that it will feel better after my own medication.*it doesn’t seems so true*

I had lots of wishes to make for this coming birthday,perhaps just have to say it in my heart for all my wishes that needed to fulfill.
Of course,I know dear hubby had a wish,which was also my wish too!!!
I believe in no time,we will be able to have that wish come true..


|* All the nicest thing had happened in just a day *|

Hien,my vietnamese friend who got married
to a Singaporean last year.

she gave me some gifts from Saigon,Ho Chi Minh City

Finally after our last meet up,today was another sort of like a gathering and chatting session for us.Was kind of happy to see her again.There tend to be a bit of language barrier between us when she spoke,this was due to her vietnamese accent.
She was a fun lovely person which I could say I’m proud of being her friend.

We shared our stories together and issues that had happened for the past few months,and only did I get to know that,just like me,we had miscarriage nearly at the same period of time last year!
It does shock me.We had got married at the same month last year,miscarriage at the same period.
We do had something in common.It seems so mystery that no words can be described.

Of course,I had learned a word or two vietnamese phrases from her,which makes me proud of it
Perhaps,this is the language that could be pick up slowly in no time.

I had an offer from a shipyard company located at Orchard Tower.The interview starts this morning,within a day which is in the afternoon,the HR executive gave me a call and had given me their offer.Shall be joining their family next Monday.Do hope that this shall be a place which I will call it my second home.
Glad to say,they do offer me the range of salary that was the same at the one located at Suntec City Tower,which I’m glad of.

The email sent to me this evening as stated below,,

Hi Sherryl,

Congratulation on your employment with us. As spoken,we will like to hire you for our Company‚Äôs Receptionist position. You will be paid S$…..per month and you will start work on 28 Jan 08 (Mon).


A day out with all the talks__//

hand by hand….

All the hui’s!!!!

oops,we are not staring at the paper prata

chocolate and strawberry favour of paper prata

these lovely tarts are from those little store
located at Suntec City Mall

Pictures taken from Hui Handset camera.Due to the borrowing of my camera to Ning for her Cambodia trip last weekend.I gonna bear with life without any camera.
Was equally glad that my camera was back yesterday!

Look at those paper prata,they were so lovely and nice.Call me a mountain turtle,this is the first time I get to eat that.It do seems so interesting and wonderful that I simply couldn’t put my eyes away from it.
As for the lovely tarts,oh gosh, I couldn’t resist!!It’s taste yummy!
The price was not cheap though.It costs $1.20 for a small little tart like this.

Dearie gonna do booking for a particular lunching area for my birthday celebration!
Initally,I thought he had forgotten about my birthday lunch until he gave me a call this afternoon to confirm the timing.
I want nothing for my birthday,just a simple lunch,a birthday cake and some clothings will do.
This is something simple and easy to fufill isn’t it?

I still love my handset very much,so I do not see a point in changing it until later part of the year,I guess..*laughs*

Gonna make a trip down to Mount Elizabeth Hospital,the medical centre.The purpose going there was to pick up my folic acid from my gynae,Dr Ong..
*I missed the time dropping by for appointment months ago.*


'' It's Chinese New Year Preparation ''

Off to Chinatown to purchase
our new year goodies!

groundnut,melon seeds

dried scallop,ikan bilis

stock up these new year goodies
at home for visitor,more to go…

These are for both families.
Dearie parents and my parents(1 set each),with tangerine too
(will purchase it one week before new year)

Oh gosh,for the coming New Year we had actually spent so much.Be it for both parents side or for our own place.There was so much stuff to get.
Used to remember the time before marriage,we would only get stuff for both parents.Yet this time round,we gonna buy new year item not only for parents and In laws,we gonna stuff goodies for our own place.

That’s new year,I suppose..

Beside that,this year was kind of special for us.As we have to distribute HongBaos….!!!!to the younger generation.we had a total of 24 piece of red packets to be given away..
24 pieces,is not that much,but the total sum together will be a huge amount…
It’s time for giving since we had collected quite a lot in the past.

Straight away after New Year,we will be getting ready for our trip to Taipei..
Due to some personal reason,I can’t get to go travelling for the whole of last year.This year,we gonna start our yearly oversea trip.
I’m glad that ever since I had known dear,he was the one who had been bringing me for oversea trip once every year.

Our first Oversea Trip to Bangkok in year 2005
Second Oversea Trip to Hongkong in year 2006(June)
Third Oversea Trip to Vietnam in year 2006(Nov)
Fourth Oversea Trip to Taiwan in Year 2008

I believe there will be many more to come in the near future,which I am proud of him!
*I do count it as a blessing with a hubby who will take me for holiday once per year*


*|Finally,I had found ways of spending our weekends peacefully|*

what shall I blog about on a Saturday?

this ice cream brownie tasted GREAT!

potato wedges.

our milk shake from Queenstown Library

yummy chicken wings

spicy yet tasty

hotplate Tofu

cereal prawns

Udon with seafood soup.

here it goes…

Talking about food,I would not be hesitate to share with all my blog readers.
Milk shake,potato wedges and ice cream brownie from Queenstown library.
Spending an hour or two in the library with a laptop on hand with some snack,it’s marvellous.
This is something which we can past time during the weekends.

Of course,not forgetting the wonderful seafood restaurant located at Changi Village.The food was great,the sambal chilli which had made me unforgettable.After which,a slow stroll with the sea breeze blowing,up on the sky was the plane would be so perfect.
This seems so relaxing and a great place to spend during the weekends.

Wow wow,which mean now I had two ways of spending my weekends.Two great ways,which gonna makes me relax without the crowds in town.
I miss the peaceful atmosphere.

Had spent an hour over for the boiling of the soup for the dinner.Beside that,doing of housework was another way to spend a Saturday afternoon.There was hardly anywhere we wanna go this afternoon.Staying at home doing some cleaning up eventually give us some privacy too.


//___Leaving the current company___//

wishing them well with success!

was a birthday celebration from corp comm.
A piece of ice cream cake was given by them

the whole lot of mails to be sorted

Another day had passed so quickly,and here I am doing updates of my blog.A busy me yet being freedom was taking a snap in the office with a piece of ice-cream cake given to me by the corp communication department.I’m just like a family in their group.

Look at the junk of mails which I gonna sorted it out everyday.It was much easier now as I had learned about which mail goes to which party.It’s only a small portion which I had gotten the help of my HR.

After a month with them,I began to know the staff well,as in who belong to which department.At the same time,had mastered the knowledge of which staff was seated at which part of the company.
Yesterday was my last day with them.It had been such a pity,with half of the knowledge which I had gained from my HR,Weifeng and here I am leaving this great company which I had once worked before.

Thank you my current company,you had once made my life being joyful for a short period of time!
Wishing you success always!!!