Taipei,loving it ♦. ͵ ͵ . • ღ♦ ˉ * • ·. ̗̗ ♦ღ°

Am I trying to show u guys that,
we can drive to Taiwan?

Talking about Taiwan,next coming Saturday will be the day where we gonna take the plane and fly right to Taipei.
As the advertisment says ”I love Taiwan”

Through some months of planning,finally the day will be approaching soon.Oh,I simply love trips.Of course,had told dearie that we shall fulfill the dream of one year once for our oversea trip,mainly cover Asia before the rest of the world.
How lovely it would be for an oversea trip but the feeling tends to be heavy upon reaching airport every time we spend our day there.

When am I able to go on a trip again?
One thing that I don’t have to worry too much was that,once I said oversea trip per year meaning it will be done with joy.I’m not one that said gonna go for a trip or planning,which in the end didn’t manage to get it done.
No way will I behave that way.This seems to be a childish act,I suppose.

Something different for this year will be,we will be bringing someone,my dear sister,hui.
Her first oversea trip,which I am proud to be the one who is going to bring her there.
With her around,we can snap pictures of us doing all sort of funny eating manner,store of clothing and food,scenery etc etc in order to bring back to Singapore to share with my dear readers.

Of course,I won’t be forgetting to get into the duty free store to purchase my favourite hard liquor,DOM.This is so important to me,and makes me gain back my health.
I will grab for that.
2 passports meaning 2 bottle…Hui was underage,therefore…..

Duty free store
1 bottle of hard liquor
1 bottle of wine
1 bottle of beer…

*Shall I get some cosmetics at the duty free too this time round?*


Qin secret recipe ♦. ͵ ͵ . • ღ♦ ˉ * • ·. ̗̗ ♦ღ°

Qin secret recipe

marvellous scallop..

the fish fillet,after slicing..

step 1: wash the grain of rice,fill with water
and pour the scallop together,medium fire to boil

step 2: once the porridge being cooked,pour the fish fillet
into it

step 3: stir everything together.

These are the seasoning,
sesame oil,light soya sauce,pepper.

step 4: serve hot..

Oh gosh,this is the 3rd time in a row I am blogging about the recipe of food.There will be a stop to this,if not this gonna be my food bloggie.
Rest assured,I will carry on with the food recipe once I cook again,but it won’t be so frequent,I suppose…

This fish ,scallop porridge was one of the simplest dish that most of us had long know how it was prepared.As mentioned,this is the simplest yet nutrition meal.
I needed less than half an hour to prepare this every time I decided to cook this dish.

Day at work today was kind of lazing around.If there was work to be done,it will keep me occupied the whole day,if not I will be sitting down all day with nothing on hand.
Where the time of boredom occur,this will be the time for chatting online with friends…
Be it ebuddy,iloveim,these will keep me occupied.

Of course,when work is concern.There will be no time for this.I would say,I had 80% of time dealing with nothing!!!Very often,I would find myself occupied with office work,or even create something using the company Y folder…That’s me!


That's for dinner ♦. ͵ ͵ . • ღ♦ ˉ * • ·. ̗̗ ♦ღ°

our dinner on a Sunday evening

the fusilli

drain up the fusilli

marinate the chicken with abalone sauce,sesame oil and pepper

drain up the button mushroom after soaking

wash the prawns and keep dry

the hotdog slice into pieces

Dolmio -mushroom sauce

step 1: heat the oil and add in the gralic.

step 2: fried the chicken until it turn brown

step 3: the chicken are almost cook in this manner

step 4: add the button mushroom
and have it cook until the mushroom turn soft

step 5: As the prawns take a shorter time to cook,
it will be placed into the pan lastly.Stir fry the ingredients…

step 6: add in the hotdog,as it will be cook easily.

step 7: pour the whole lot of fusilli ,stir it until
everything is mix well with one another

step 8: Finally step,pour in the spaghetti sauce to a certain
amount that was needed

step 8: Mix well,and

step 9: here it goes…..serve hot…

Dear suggested that I should create another blog for recipe.Is kind of hard actually,as I am not too good in cooking plus I seldom cook.It’s only the weekends then only did I decided to cook a meal or two,but this doesn’t happen every weekends.

On the other hand,Gin my great friend had requested for my chinese recipe through the blog,so that she could easily use this recipe created at my blog for her to cook.
Sure,I would love to do it,provided I can still remember the cooking method of chinese food.
Of course,I would love to learn the western recipe from you,Gin…

Why pasta today?Well,can’t be eating rice everyday,gonna have some changes.With chinese food on Saturday and now western style of food on Sunday.Basically,this is for a change as I would feel bored for the same kind of food everyday,same goes for dear.

I love Sunday!!!
-Have a longer time in bed,take my own sweet time to get up,have more time to clear the house,iron Mr Chew sets of office wear,clean my kitchen surface top,wash the clothing and had it hang out,have a cooking session,use my beloved PC,relaxation..


qin testing her cooking skill again….

had all the junk food for lunch?

my favourite ebi rice

the drinks

drain the veggie after soaking

marinate the chicken

egg is rich in protein

ikan bilis for veggie

step 1: fried the garlic,followed by stalk of the veggie

step 2: add the ready made ikan bilis together with the
leaves of the spinach

step 3: put some salt so that the veggie had some taste.
Next pour some water for it to steam for a while.
(this is done so that the veggie will be softer)

step 1: fried garlic followed by the fillet of the chicken

step 2: until the chicken had become golden in colour(or cooked)
add the cashew nuts and stir fry.

step 3: lastly add the *seafood sauce*
do add some water over the sauce so that it would not be too thick

this is the most important step…
Rice must be cook…

the dishes are ready for dinner.

our dinner on a cozy Saturday evening.

It’s the start of another weekend.The Bugis in the morning seems so crowded..
Perhaps everyone is doing some groceries like ikan bilis,dry scallop,fish raw etc those shops above the food centre.Or even making a trip to the Bugis temple for a praying session.

I’m one of them!!!
With the donation done in the temple,praying.This gonna be our routine every weekend.
Stepping into the temple itself makes my heart felt clear and joyful.

*i had pray for good health,
*pray for safetly
*pray for smooth work place
*wash away the sin in our previous life*

Many had asked,why do we have to pray and wash away the sin in our previous life?
Why do we have to pray to God?
These are some knowledge which I will be happy to share with the buddhist..
As I believe that one had to know some idea why do we go to the temple,and not to just go when people say so…

Had run out of dry scallop due to the porridge cooking on the weekdays.
I wonder what kind of protein,vitamin,iron,fats etc it does contain as per 100g of scallop cost me $5??
Of course,don’t wanna be so stingy in buying stuff that we need.Had purchased a total of 300g this morning.I love scallop!!!!

The simple groceries session was done in Carrefour.I would say,we had bought all the stuff for today as well as for tomorrow dinner.Reason was that,I’m too lazy for another shopping trip tomorrow.

As seen above that,I had listed down the steps for cooking a spinach,chicken with seafood sauce.
It’s something simple that most probably all my readers long mastered the skill of doing it.
Spinach had a great source of iron.It will do us good for eating more of it.


Qin is feeling happy with her cooking skill.

this is the scallop with chicken porridge_//

Share with all my scallop and chicken porridge.Had this for dinner,as I do feel that instead of having outside food for a full 5 days during weekday.I gonna cook something easy and simple to eat for normal day.

Therefore,this porridge was created in order to fulfill our needs.
Had took out my frozen chicken breast meat and leave it in the fridge after defrost.
As dearie gonna reach home earlier before I do,his duty was to boil the chicken.After which,it will be my turn to cook the scallops with porridge.
Not long after,by 730pm we gonna have our simple yet healthy dinner.

I felt that,this was something easy to handle with the fact that home cook food tends to create a healthier body.Long term for eating out might not be a good choice.
Therefore,currently I am looking at the website where I can find some recipe on boiling porridge other than the fish and chicken porridge.

*As home cook food always cause a difference*


We are out at Teochew’s porridge buffet
photo first,food later….

mum looks tired,,,

sista with mum’s!!!!

hui will never let go of her chicken wing despite that
she had already finish with it…

girls in orange and black

Teochew porridge buffet located at
Suntec Convention Hall

This is the logo!!!

look at the different type of food..

here it comes!!!!

heavenly food on earth!

we gonna eat as much as we can in life…

some desserts

marvellous meal

these are which we call wonders

have a piece of chicken wing?
I had finished with one,look at my thumb and you
will be able to tell.

a candid shot presented by me,,
Ning doesn’t seem to know at all!!!

Hui was happily eating her curry chicken
just before I capture a shot of her.

finish this up for me!!!!
I’m too full….

it’s our victory!!After tons of food-Qin




Look,this is our gift for mum on her birthday!!!
It’s her first coach…

hope she will love this lovely present given by the three pretty sisters!

Photos did the wonders and amazingly it shows every single moment of us. It’s mum birthday’s celebration.We had personally treated her to a buffet session at Teochew Porridge located at Suntec City.

She had been taking great care of us for the past twenty over years,it’s something that we gonna show our fillial piety. This always happen when every year for her birthday celebration. What makes her felt more than happy was that,she had gotten her first coach,which I would say there will be many more to come in the next few years to come.

Many time,we had only remembered ourselves and tend to forget about whether our mums will have the same entitlement.Therefore,with what we possess,we will still think of mum and hoping to get something similar for her. The day had ended quite a fruitful one.Of course with my purchased too..

With my new sets of clothing for work.Had spent quite an amount,but felt that this is worth it. As I felt that,we gonna get stuff that we really need and spend wisely.



these are the two that accompany me to sleep every night.

it’s mine,”clam chowder”

dear’s ”mushroom soup”

the raisin bread

free flow of bread to dip with the soup

it doesn’t seem presentable,
but it does tasted good,except for the mee.

our cocktail after the wanton mee.

I had a new look for my bloggie.
Yes,Yes!!!! I had changed the blog skin.Notice that the photo and wording seems so much bigger than before?It’s no longer as small as the previous blog skin,kind of easier to read too.
I love simple and nice blog skin,don’t wanna have too much things on the background that often makes my head giddy.
Blogging normally makes my head works more,being more creative in writting,improve my English and update myself for my dear reader.

Cedele bakery depot located at Suntec City.This is where which we had our soup and bread this morning.Well,for those who loves soup,this can be a place for you.
As not being a soup lover,I had gone for that as I wanna try every different places for food.

Seen my Tatty uploaded above?That’s my favourite bear that gonna keep me accompany for sweet dreams every night.Without him,sort of can’t get myself to bed.Just that feeling a little bad that,the smaller Tatty tends to be neglect.Being smaller,he will often drop to the parquet flooring.

What’s for dinner?Wanton mee will be the one!
Do I sound like being shooting for an advertisement?
It’s Saturday,time for a little cooking session.That’s the only time and day which cooking is allow.
It seems quite unpresentable,but overall it tasted not too bad,just that we had bought the wrong type of noodle.
Follow up by a cocktail,which seems like how we are enjoying life in our little Coris.
*There is more to come*


Happy Valentine's!!!!__//

it’s our fifth year celebrating Valentine’s
that’s our dinner..
Have a simple one with a big feast coming up soon..

That’s the surprise for me, by dear Mr chew..
Without knowing,it’s finally Valentine’s..This is a day which I don’t really fancy on.It’s true.As I felt that it is something more for youngsters,carrying flowers every where around Singapore.

For married lady like myself,I do cut short on this but emphasise more on important dates like wedding,Rom anniversaries. Nevertheless,despite my comments on Valentine’s,dear gave me a great surprise!! That was,out of no where,he appear with my favourite Tatty bear(the photo up there)…

This was the biggest Tatty that I ever owned. *laughs* Initally,I had a smaller one,which I will grab with me for sleep.Upon knowing that I love this big Tatty,he bought me one at nearly $100 for this ”big red dress Tatty” Another surprise by him was that,he actually made an delication of love song for me over the radio on FM88.3..

I’m kind of feeling touched and joyful when I had heard how the host for that night had read up our names over the radio.Eventually with the sentence that said,love you for life… Oh my,I nearly on my tears. I bet this is the most special Valentine’s which I had ever since we got married and stay together.

Something sad was that,not being able to get him anything on this day…No worries,Mr chew,,I will make up for this eventually.Be patient and something nice and special will fall upon you.


-It's a new knowledge that I gonna benefit from-

gaining more knowledge….showing improvement!

We drove around!
Yes,dear had picked me up from work this evening after work.I had decided to go down to Changi Village for dinner.Dear knows about my request,and drove all the way from Orchard Tower,PIE that comes to Changi Village,my favourite and relax place.

We had dinner there.It was less crowded during the weekdays,this makes me feel more comfortable.Not only were the food there less expensive,but tasted great too.
Was damn windy that makes me feel like getting a hammock and sleep down there.

As dear drove pass ECP,we passed by the runway at Changi Airport.The feeling was there.What sort of a feeling was there for me?
It was undescribeable.There was both sad and happy feeling.

”Happy” in the sense that,oh it’s finally a time to depart for another country once again.
”Sad” as in,after the trip, back in Singapore again.

Seeing the aeroplane fly high on the sky,makes me fill with joy and how nice would it be to go travelling again.Of course,there tend to be fear in it.

I am in a lesson again.Dear would make full use of the time explaining to me about the runway,where will be the landing and taking off area.
Everything about the control tower.

Frankly speaking,he is always the one who had been increasing my knowledge all these while.
Whenever new learning which I had learned of are all from him.He can be as good as my secondary school teachers.
Of course,I do gain a lot from him and enjoy the learning process.


It's end of the Lunar New Year,back to normal tomorrow!!!__//

We spent our day wisely…

spent a short period of time in Queenstown Library

We had spent a wonderful afternoon on the fourth day of New Year.
With the event occured in the afternoon at dear’s relatives place located at Bedok.After which,it’s our free time!!

Of course,we made a trip down to Chinatown by purchasing our body foam,at the same time,in the hope of getting some dessert at People’s Park Centre.Too bad,it was not opened and it will not be open for business until next Thurs.

There was still some unreturned library books.Therefore we headed to the nearest library,which was Queenstown library.Choosing some books,settled down with some potato wedges and an apple shake while reading my book.
Like mentioned,it gonna be a wonderful past time by spending the afternoon there.

Both Ikea and Giant at Tampines will be our next destination before we put a stop for the day.
Of course,Ikea was to get some nice accessories for home and Giant for household stuff.

Had finally coming to an end for Chinese New Year.It shall be the start of work again tomorrow.
Everything will come back to normal.Still be missing the wonderful holiday mood.
No worries,gonna count down to our next holiday,*the Taiwan Trip*…..