My Latest New Toy,something special given by my dearie_//

yes,it’s time for a brand new toy.

our lovely Sunday breakfast
french toast,sunny side up,sausages with soya milk.

this looks cool..
a paper bag for frozen food that was given
by Carrefour for customer to store frozen food
when we purchased some stuff from there.

of course,dear grant me with this..
My new toy,–DS Lite.

Can’t get back to sleep the minute I woke up at 8am this morning.It’s always the case when time for work I can hardly drag myself up,but when it’s a rest day,I had woke up that early.

Not to put time into waste,decided to prepare some healthy yet delicious breakfast.
After a whole five days of bread,we kind of getting sick and tired of it.Needed a change in our breakfast eventually.

It took us no more than 25minutes to prepare the breakfast.With a filling breakfast,we set off to Funan the IT mall with hui again for her last purchase,the printer.

Had planned for a last minute decision of doing some cooking this evening.Therefore,had popped by Carrefour at Dhoby ghaut for getting stuff like spinach,salmon.
Finally decided to have

1-Spinach,dumpling and fishball soup
2-Pan fried Salmon with seafood sauce.

First time of having such a wonderful soup.*self praise is not that good anyway*
Well,this strike me of having to do a handmade noodle with spinach,fishball,dumpling soup the following week.

Due to our busy schedules,I had decided to plan our dish one week ahead in order to have a better idea of what I wanna cook for the next coming weekends.

Is it really fated,this I don’t know but still I had got my DS Lite,the person who got me this was of course,dear hubby..

As there was some free play on the DS Lite,xbox located at Challenger(Funan Centre)
As I came across those DS Lite,grab one on hand and started playing..
Wow,I’m addicted to one of those games,and heard myself telling dearie,hey this is nice,I wanna get it.

Given the fact that I love it,and did mumbled for 2-3 times for this DS Lite,but was never thinking of it the moment I stepped back home.
Never realized that at the end of the day,dearie came up with a word saying,
*I’m going to buy the DS Lite for u.*

I was sort of being quite shocked when dearie mentioned this,to be very frank,I didn’t even think about it!
Initally,I insisted of not wanting him to get it for me,as one set like this costs $295,this amount was excluding any games,which per game will cost up to $50 each.

But still,he got his way of buying it for me.
He mentioned that he will always get it for me,as I love it so much.
*melted heart*

With this new toy now,I gonna be so addicted to it,that a game like this makes me pass my time especially in the train on my way to work.
I had actually grab the whole evening playing it,in fact after this blog,I’m going to start another round of game.

*will be back again*


From Laptop -Work Issues-Household=To our Saturday_//

it’s Pastamania again???

my darling,salad potato.

hui set of pasta

dearie set of unagi pasta

my baked rice.

here it goes,hui’s new lappy.

In search of different brand,different model,Hui,finally had her first laptop after using her desktop for a couple of years.Could tell that she was very amazed with happiness written on her face.
It’s the Sony laptop by the way.

Settled our meals at Pastamania.Hmm,gonna have that again for our HR department lunch this coming Monday.Nevertheless,I had always love pasta!
Talking about work,boss had revealed to me that the HR executive had finished preparing the letter of offer for me!!!

In another word,I gonna be their confirmed staff starting in April.
Really owe my boss a big treat that she found me suitable for the job.In order not to let her be disappointed,I am going to prove to her and also to myself that I can do the job well and efficiently.

Other colleagues had asked,will I have any pay increment after the confirmation.
My answer to that was*shh shh*….*laughs*

Our evening was spend fruitfully.With the household groceries to be done.The nearest NTUC will be in Hougang Mall.Without any delay,carrying a basket and started our shopping.

*Kitchen Rolls
*Kleenex Tissue 5 boxes

Total damaged for these are $23….
Here goes nearly 1/4 of our amount for household expenses.

Determine to try walking back from Hougang back to Sengkang which is about 3 bus stops away from our place.We did it!!!!
Carrying 4 NTUC plastic bags,we managed to walk back without hearing myself complaining.
Well,it’s all because the weather was cooling and Mr sun was nowhere to be found.

Therefore,I had alway said,having a family,standing alone with our own is never easy.
Household expenses,Utility Bills,Singtel bills(for phone and internet),housing bills(through CPF),
Taxes for town council.
With only two of us,we gonna pay for all these..
That’s how married couple will encounter with.


A mishap that lead to a better life?_//

Something serious happened

Panic,nervous,worried,all these words seem to be running all around my mind when I received a sms from mr chew,my dearie.

Told me not to sms him,not to call him as he is in his office medical centre right now to check on his toe due to a serious deep cut.Oh my,my heart sink and was shivering with worried.
Next thing was upon seeing his sms,had told me that he is on his way to NUH..

*This gonna be a shock in my life.*

Gone for x-ray,for stiches,for collection of medication,dearie is now resting at home and will be on medical leave for a couple of days.
Little wonder why my eyelid kept twitching for the past few days,now I finally know the reason.

Due to this,I had missed the dinner as promised to hui and family earlier on to the Thai restaurant in Sembawang.
I had also miss the chance of seeing my little chilli padi Jing Ning,my ex student
Come to think of it,she is already in P4 when I had taught her in P1.
Time flies,getting older in a way.

Upon all the mishaps,something nice gonna happen again.
We will be flying again this coming May,for a very short gateaway to bkk!
Is a free and easy 3D 2N trip.Knew that is kind of rush,but I don’t wanna apply any leave for that.
As my departure date will be 17th(a Sat) to 19th(Monday,vesak’s day)

This gave me a chance to rush down to my favourite weekend market,Chatuchak!!!!!
Of course with the night market Suan Lum and Pratunam respectively.


My weekends turn more enjoyable every week_//

being with u happier each day

my ex-PC Casing

the current PC which was fixed by dearie_//

look,my latest PC.It’s so much
smaller than the previous one.It’s the work of Mr Chew.

the fish,lady finger steam together with
assam sauce.

just a dish like this will be more than enough.

fried kway Tiao,my master piece of work.

the portion is just nice.

hui’s,waiting for her portion of breakfast.

waiting for our breakfast to be serve….

the utensil needed.>

our cup of tea,coffee and milk.

this is my share,what a lovely sunday morning to
start off with.

Dear share of breakfast.

of course,this share belongs to Hui.

Let’s get started.An early Sunday morning getting down to the temple for some offering.It ended almost 10am for every year.Of course,there’s hardly any energy without yummy breakfast.
Delifrance was the choice of all that we finally settled our breakfast there.
There seems to have more entertainment with Hui’s around,but she gonna meet her dearie soon after this.

Thanks to mum for guiding me with another dish.The assam sauce which steam with fish and lady finger that made a dish.This save the hassle for all the frying.Once in a while where steaming is concern,it’s not too bad after all.
It’s a simple dish yet tasted great for dinner.
Could tell that dearie had an enjoyable time eating this with him perspiring.

Of course,fried kway tiao was another dish that makes me enjoy cooking.With all the ingredient all thrown into the wok and start frying.A dish without too much work I suppose.
Like wise,weekdays are for packet food which I hardly have any time or energy for cooking after a long day at work.

My PC was upgraded by dear.Knowing that I prefer those small CPU casing,he gotten me one and start transferring all the hardware like hard disk,graphics card,motherboard,ram etc from my old CPU to the small new casing.

Now I have a brand new CPU casing.Except that my keyboard was still white,other than that,my LCD screen,CPU are all silver.
Currently looking for a brand new keyboard and mouse which gonna be silver in colour.


That's life,how amazing it can be _//

special day,special timing

with all the wonderful food

Japanese food

ours shall be a western food

saw all these yummy food?

this tasted much better

3 sisters in town?

where are we?

yup,you are right,
at the Bugis Temple

Giving thanks to the Goddess of Mercy at the temple,for protecting us from harm and the journey to and fro from Taiwan.
Of course,this time round,Ning and hui came with us!We sure had a great time out there.

The weather was damn hot that makes me lose my mood in eating at the nearby food centre.
Wanna rush to an air-conditioned place to grab our meals.Decided on the food court in Bugis Junction,that makes me realised for not making a wrong decision.
My spaghetti tasted great!
Was wondering am I getting fatter lately due to the great consumption of food.

Call me superstitious,had paid for a small sum of money to do a simple ceremonial ritual
for my dead unborn foetus.It’s the least that I can do for him.
It always hasn’t been good for me to have this matter clicking on me.
He is very pitiful,being unborn,a wanderer spirit.

In this life,I had owe him a lot,and I am trying my best to repay whenever I can,as it is to believe for not bringing down what we had owe in this life to our next life.
We shall repay what we had done in our previous life before the flame goes off for this life.
Return what we had owe,don’t drag in giving,as time don’t wait for us.


Taipei: 8th-12th March 2008° ♦. ͵ ͵ . • ღ♦ ˉ * • ·. ̗̗ ♦ღ°

in sky train,getting over to terminal 1 for our flight.
Jet Star:3k521 to Taipei,that’s the flight we are all taking.

just taking off not long ago.We could still see the small island.

this help us to pass the time.

hui trying the 阿宗麵線

阿 宗 麵 線

it’s our turn to try…

It’s 13 degree on the day of our arrival.

Day 1:

With the most excited mind,we gonna fly to Taipei city with Jet Star Asia for a flight of 4 hours and 18mins.It’s my 5th oversea trip,I still do seem as nervous as before,even though I may not seem to be.(as observe by hui) Nevertheless,I felt great as time is approaching nearer and nearer.

That kind of feeling,when seated in the plane,when the plane was starting it’s engine going to take off,or even when the plane was halfway up the sky.My thought was,I’m able to travel again,I felt so great. Dearie had arranged a van from the hotel to personally drives us to the hotel.The minute when I step out of the Airport,I was shivering.

The weather was damn cold,and I could hardly walk.I wonder what was the degree out there.To my very surprise,when I saw the temperature sign board near our hotel,it stated there as 13 degree!! Oh my,I’m still wearing my plain shoes with jeans,which I could feel the coldness in my jeans.It doesn’t seem to help at all.

Was surprise to see that the sun already set by 6pm in Taipei.As compared to Singapore,the sun will only set around 7pm or even later.I see a completely darkness by 6pm over there. The next few post will show you guys of my 5 days 4 nights stay in Taipei,and where are the places that we had covered,the food that we had ate,a little introduction that I had learn about Taipei.


(view more photos here)


Taipei: 8th-12th March 2008° ♦. ͵ ͵ . • ღ♦ ˉ * • ·. ̗̗ ♦ღ°

”西 門” Station

this is the station that lead to our hotel,
just a short 5mins walk

here we are,at the museum of hot spring

a few shot taken before we get into
the museum

this is the cherry blossom!!!
Again,first time in my life seeing this

a nice shot for this angle

love this shot…

a nice shot taken for dear.

on our way to view the scenery of the
90 degree hot spring

is a wow wow wow,nice cherry blossom

this is the one,
90 degree hot spring,which can even boil an egg.

a small waterfall behind us

wow,look at the smoke.

this is the small version of the ice-cream,
a bigger one will be coming along the way.

have a shot just before the ice-cream melt.

had almost finish my ice-cream.

this is how the seating of the train is like

what’s there to see,dear?

my set of dessert.
great for skin complexion

dear set of dessert,papaya

hui set of dessert:

wrap with prawns,damn crispy

this looks like the muah chee,but it’s not.

台北101,we gonna pay $400(taiwan dollar) per person in order to
get up to 89th storery

this is the free shuttle bus to 台北101

it is indeed a nice view,and worth the money.

this is the 91st level,the highest that we can go up to.
As level 92-101 was banned from entering.

the wind up here can even move dear away
from where he is standing.

really a nice scenery up here.

hui was feeling too cold that she
gonna wrap herself tightly

it’s damn cold up here.

finally,we finish our viewing from 台北101

time for another night market…

this,my fave dumpling from a push cart.

here it goes…

this is the stall of smelly tofu

it tasted as bad as the smell, with a bite into my mouth,and that’s it!
No more for me pls…

Day 2:

This is a day for the visiting of hot spring museum.Along they way,something lovely caught my eyes,it’s the cherry blossom.It’s my first time seeing it.

It’s a must to capture this beautiful flower. The 90 degree hot spring that caught my eyes the most.Even the drain was hot when I happen to step on it.90 degree it’s of no joke,even the smoke was seen and it was hot. 台北101 was another place that it’s a must to go when visiting Taipei. It’s the world highest building until the next building in Dubai is build,then only will 台北101 become the world 2nd highest building.

It was a great exposure for not only myself but I guess for dearie and hui.First time being up there at the world highest building,looking out from there. The most wonderful part was that,the wind was blowing towards us.It was believe that up on the 91st level,the temperature was about 10 degree. 繞 河夜市 was another night market in Taipei that worth a visit. It’s a place for not only shopping but for food too. We had spe
nd more than 2 hours for this night market.

(View more photos here at my multiply)



Taipei: 8th-12th March 2008° ♦. ͵ ͵ . • ღ♦ ˉ * • ·. ̗̗ ♦ღ°

what a pose for this.Credit goes to hui…
at one of the mrt station.

look at this,this is the sign for ladies,and this could
be found in every mrt station.

this way pls…

we love this signboard…

finally the rain had stopped,this makes us carry
on with our plan to visit a place named
” 淡水”

here we are: at ”淡水”

i simply love this newly bought umbrella,a pity my luggage was
a bit too small for this.

hui perform well with me….

this is the 30cm ice-cream..

look,this is mine…Is a must try ice-cream if you are
here in Taipei.

of course,dear loves chocolate favour.

look at this,all our ice-creams

this is the stall in ”淡水” that sells this.
Imagine eating the ice-cream with a temperature of
13 degree-17 degree

the quail eggs…

it tasted yummy yummy…

i simply love the name of this stall…

doesn’t this stall seems like those you had
seen in the Japanese show?

this is another stall which we had gotten our pastry

oh dear,we use all our might to try on every single
food found…this is strongly in my recommendation list

this is the stall…

” 甜 不 辣” this is the name…What an unique name for this.
it’s like what we had seen in Singapore,the yau tau foo

this is the muah chee,it tasted so different from those in Singapore
it’s bitter that blend in with some sweetness.

our 3rd day,which is 17 degree..

this is another popular night market 士 林 夜市

the ever famous 士 林鸡 排

士 林鸡 排–

those stall found in ”士 林 夜市”

the egg oyster

look at the name,,,,

this is how those stall in ”士 林 夜市” is look like

this is just like the Beijing duck

comment given by hui was,it tasted great!

I had tried on this,and it just tasted like
our bun.

this is the stall…

oh my,this is yummy ,and will not be able to find
in Singapore.

It had this strawberry or tomato… Hui love strawberry,while i go for the tomato.

Day 3:

Oh well,our 3rd day is an enjoyable one.Firstly with the visiting to ‘淡水”,a place just like the country side in Taipei.With the mountain,lake and of course with a music played by an old man who was just seated by the side of the road playing my favourite song by Teresa Teng.

The taste of the ice-cream was so much different from what we have.It tasted mostly of ice than the milky ice -cream that we had.Most importantly,it’s either a 30cm or 50cm ice-cream.

Food found in ‘淡水” was simply too good that it’s the first time in my life tasting such a tasty wonderful food.Of course,with the chilly weather out there together with the wonderful food.It’s just like pampering ourselves with food and being lazy(without having to think of anything) for a period of time.

Dinner at night was to get back to ”士 林 夜市” for food.. Frankly speaking,there wasn’t any lunch nor dinner.We had just grab hold of any food we wanna taste any minute any s
econd.Without a full meal had taught us this that,we can always try for different kind of food instead of eating a full meal.

(view more photos of Taipei from my multiply stated below)



Taipei: 8th-12th March 2008° ♦. ͵ ͵ . • ღ♦ ˉ * • ·. ̗̗ ♦ღ°

at a stall just next to our hotel.

have some light breakfast before our sightseeing

that’s hui with her wonderful boots

a photo session…

along the street of the hotel

have some fun during the long train ride towards ”烏 来”

hui looks nerd with her newly bought spectacle

Taipei city is just as big as one Singapore

dear is showing us the way to 烏 来

the train looks pack that we needed to stand..

here we are,at ”烏 来”…
A place where we can get to see waterfall.

see this almond drink…Understand from the stall owner
that almond allows us to have a great skin complexion.
Therefore,I bought the whole box back to Singapore

here,this is the stall.
We love exploring for different kind of food not found in Singapore

This is the station for tram taking that leaded us to the
wonderful waterfall.

Does this tram looks familiar to you guys?
It does look like those we used to see in

the 50 metre high waterfall that was seen in
Taipei ”烏 来”

the scenery was forever so great.
With mountain,waterfall.It was a lovely sight.

This was the spot that we stand while waiting for the public bus
that lead us down to the MRT station of ”烏 来”

Nice,great,wonderful,lovely flowers.

are we back at ”西 門 丁”

the map of the train station had greatly help us for our short stay
in Taipei.It had guided us of how to get to other
part of taipei

guess hui wanna grab hold of this map badly.

oh gosh,what are the husband and wife doing to each other?

the night time of ”西 門 丁”,,,this is the area where our hotel
are located at.

this is also one of the night market that opened from
11am to 12pm.Of course,it was like our Singapore Bugis Street

what was this big hand mickey with me?
Well,dear had win this for me..

look at all these lovely stall,aren’t you guys tempted to
pay a visit to Taipei?

stall of hello kitty

another stall which sells clothing..

a store that sells purely shoes

it’s another store with clothing.. All these were found in ”西 門 丁”

Day 4:

All right,it’s a day of morning sightseeing to ”烏 来”,one of the famous place for sight seeing. With the helpful MRT,we managed to get to ”烏 来” station,after which there will be a public bus which we needed to pay $40( 台币) for the ride up to a mountain in order to reach ”烏 来”,a place for lovely waterfall.

Of course,upon reaching we managed to see some stalls in a lane.That’s where I’ve got my almond drink.It’s always a must for us to try everything we can in Taiwan.Therefore,seeing this stall that sells almond drink,we grabbed it!!!! The waterfall was the most amazing of all,the first time in my life seeing a 50metre high waterfall,what a nice scenery..

We had move on to the night market after our sightseeing which was normally in the morning.. ”西 門 丁”,this is one of the night market,the trend there was great.At this night market,we can see all the youngster withall the nicely dress winter wear,as currently the weather is damn cold even though it had already turn spring. Just have a good look at those store,it’s more than a shopping paradise,with those food from the push cart!

(view more photos of Taipei from my multiply stated below)



Taipei: 8th-12th March 2008° ♦. ͵ ͵ . • ღ♦ ˉ * • ·. ̗̗ ♦ღ°

Love this 3 storey high neo-print shop
it seems so fair….

look at this,the sun is coming out.First time during our short day,
I managed to see the sun!!!

my last bowl of 阿 宗 麵 線

I can tell u,it really tasted very very nice!!!

last few shot at ”西 門 丁” while waiting for the van
arranged by the hotel

hui and myself,
gonna pass time here at the arcade before the van comes.

look,hui’s with those bags,(our purchases)

of course,not forgetting to take a snap of us too.

”桃園机场”At Taiwan international Airport

ready to get into the transit area…

look at this,a nice snap taken by dearie..

up the plane,finally shot before the plane take off.

hui’s purchases!!

our purchases…

look at all our luggage.

Day 5:

Finally,it’s day 5 on the 12th March 2008.The day we ended our short trip in Taipei.

There was a senses of sadness as we gonna leave here and be back in Singapore again. Was eventually feeling joyful as we had covered most of the places in Taipei,ate most of the food that we wanna try,did most of the shopping.

With this,I thank Mr chew,my dearest dear for planning all these itinerary for where are the places we can visit,what are the kind of food we can eat there. He can be a very good tour guide if he wants to. He had spend the most time doing all the research of Taipei.That’s why we had visited those famous night markets,the nicest food that is a must to try,where for nice scenery etc etc.

My greatest purchases over there was shoes!!!! There was this place where nice yet cheap shoes was found.It costs $8 for the kind of shoes you guys could find in Bugis Street. As it’s their winter sale now,therefore even for boots are selling at low price.Can you imagine boots are selling at the price of $10,with those real nice design that Japanese girls love to wear..

Yes,it’s damn true.I bought some myself,as it’s simply so cheap and nice.My bag was covered with shoes more than clothing.Hui was worst,her boots was more than 5 pieces.Reason was boots there was freaking cheap!!! Another thing which makes me love Taipei was that the weather was simply too good.It gave me a chance to be able to dress some clothing for winter.

As in Singapore,we don’t experience four season,therefore with such a cool and chilly weather there was simply too good.

My conclusion for Taipei is,great to visit,lots of yummy food spotted,great for shopping. *A great place to visit!!!!*

(view more photos of Taipei from my multiply stated below)