The cabinet with our amazing God_//

look at this,it’s a guide of how to fix a cabinet
which we had purchased from Ikea

Dearie had it fix halfway when I managed to snap a little of it.

the partition of the cabinet=)

Look,it’s almost done.

here it goes,this was how the cabinet looks like.
It’s for some religion purpose.

the wonderful,antique yet modern cabinet from Ikea.

our dinner for the evening.It’s again my favourite carrot cake,
fried guotiao from Seah Imm food centre

yeah!!!!this lovely donuts from e donuts located at Le Meriden/IMM

Purchased this lovely cabinet last week at Ikea,the delivery was send in today due to the overwhelming respond by Ikea lover.

Of course,dear would love to have this cabinet fixed all by himself and placed it at one corner of our lovenest.

Due to our religion purpose,we gonna have this cabinet placed there with our amazing God name *San Bao Bo Gong*.It’s God’s will that we managed to know this great shifu,who guided us on how praying is all about.
Sad to say,he even know that the little baby which I had lost is a baby boy.Initially I don’t even thought of finding out,until he let me know even without me asking.

He mentioned that this God is known as Buddha,which is greater than Godness of Guan Yin.
He said,both of us had more fate with this FO and would be best that the two of us pray to this buddha,which will be beneficial to us.

Really,I do feel at ease with our amazing buddha with us.

Food are all around,plus choosing a tasty source of food was not easy.Have to admit that this carrot cake and fried guo tiao from Seah Imm was damn yummy.This gave me the chance of ordering this great food.

Beside the donut factory,I had found that e donuts also sell a great range of great donuts.
Of course,without fail I would grab as much as I could.


Farewell to my most respected shifu,_//

A shocking news came upon this morning.I knew it too late.
The most respected shifu,master Ong had passed away days ago.I had yet to pay my last respect to him.
There was sadness in my heart,which I could hardly find any words to express it.

Master Ong,or Wang shifu was our fengshui and wedding calculation shifu.He had done so much for us,seeing fengshui for us,guide us in preparing stuff that was needed for the day when we shift in to our lovenest,get our wedding date from him,the date and time for An Chuan and Guo Da Li.
All the credit goes to him,but now before I could drop by his shop one day,he is no longer with us.

Still remember those days when we had troubled him a lot,as we hardly know anything for wedding and house related stuff.Not only wasn’t he mad at us,in fact he gave us all his knowledges.

I’m thinking if I ever have a child one day(scared),I would want to get master Ong to choose a nice name for this little one,but there will be no longer a chance like this.

It was such a pity that things like this gonna happen to him.He was such a great person.
I do hope his family(his wife,son and god daughter) can be strong after this matter.

May he rest in peace.Farewell,王师傅.


Multi talk?_//

Maybelline and myself-
She’s my best buddy @ work

it’s Xianzhong and Maybelline,
both are my wonderful colleagues

of course,it’s my turn taking photo with Xianzhong.
A pity,he gonna be my ex colleague soon.

Qin @ work.
Gonna sort these out for the day.

Yes,we are using AIM PRO to chat in YRSL.

Found this nice place for western food with dear hubby

my set of seafood spaghetti

this sign represent *The Coris*

Look!!!It’s simple so beautiful,
the night time Coris is so amazing.

Oh gosh,I simply falling in love with these.

After a long break from blogging,I’m back again.
Of course back with a moody feeling.This wonderful colleague Xianzhong,which I had recently know of will be leaving YRSL.It had seem like most of the great people are gone,leaving behind are faces that was unbearable.
Oh what on earth is happening?

Initally,had tend to be afraid of him due to the way he speaks.Whenever there’s anything to do with IT,I fear in getting him over for help.As time goes by,had found out that he is actually not what I had thought of.

With this,wishing him
Best wishes to his future endeavour.

Maybelline,my great buddy who had helped me a lot of stuff dealing with recept work.
Of course,she had taught me how excel was being work when I needed help on it.Her mind set was mature than her original age.

Dining with dearie was a great one,we had taken yummy western food located at a food area in Le Meriden Hotel.This shall be our favourite area for dinner every now and then.
Not only we were able to catch nice western food,even the Thai food sold there tasted authentic too.

Not forgetting
taking a snap of my sweetest place,The Coris.

Coris was located at Sengkang,that’s where I am staying at.
We have Coris,Aspella,Tivela,Atrina etc.All sound so much like a condo.

Enough of craps,here’s the pciture of Coris at night,isn’t it marvellous?
With full length window for living room and bedrooms it matches so well with the different colours of lighting.

It’s simply living in heaven,so colourful.

My lovely snacks were purchased at Plaza Singapore from Mark&Spencer.
We made our way there just for the snacks?
Anyway,the jam cookies simply tasted oishi!!!!


Earning points in cooking_//

simply can’t pass my time without this_//

1.chicken fillet with black pepper sauce
2.Sio Pek Chye fried with garlic

This is another game which i had found:
The Little Island Princess

look at this,
Gonna find the correct flower for the Queen.

Cooking mama 2!!!!!
This is after all the best!

ok,time to choose the dishes that I wanna make.

the ingredients shown here.

stir the flour and egg until the green light(above) goes to the end…

this is the pancake which I had made..
Look-the score was 25%,such a lousy cook….

It’s weekends again,a time for me to do some cooking at home.
As time goes by,I am beginning to capture the portion of dishes and rice that were needed for the two of us eventually.
When I begin cooking,most of the time I had cooked excess quantity,either with too much rice or dishes.Slowly,I had picked up the skill of cooking the right portion of food for the both of us.

Recently,I had found a very great website that taught us the cooking for chinese dishes,not only that there were many more other dishes as well.
The ingredients as well as the steps taught over there was simply easy to follow.

If you guys have the time to just log in at the following website,I bet in no time you can be a great cook….


My DS Lite gave me the most joyful moment as well as a kind of distress.
There were too many games to choose from..Still there was only one game that was so dearly to me.

It’s “Cooking mama 2″…This was the game that makes me learn more about cooking.Not only can I learn cooking from there,I even know how a certain meal was being cooked.
It was a step to step guidance for cooking.At the end of the game,you will be able to see the score you had earned throughout the whole cooking.

Had found another game named “The Little Island Princess”.
Was trying to figure out how this game was played.After rounds of play,it was another interesting game.

*It’s certainly a game that worth playing*< /span>


It's all about travelling talk_//

i love this photo,,,,

Had a great chat with my taiwanese friend while she was online just a few hours ago.
Hmm,glad to say I gonna get a few pieces of Taiwan earrings from her in order to sell it online at a cheaper rate.
It’s pure imported by Taiwan.

Shall start my little business by selling it online,the exact date and website for selling will be reveal in the near future.

This friend was great.I had told her that I love the pineapple tarts from Taiwan,she had told me to get the address in order for her to buy it and have it ship over to Singapore.
That was nice of her.

A colleague of mine just got back from Korea,she had told me about how fun and great it was to travel to Korea.
This makes me had the urge of going to Korea.
(can start planning for a Korea trip)

At this point of time,she had asked advices from me for a visit in Taipei.
(i seem to be like a little tour guide for her)
Sharing is great and fun.Had mentioned to her the area that is a must go,the places for nice clothing as well as the places for nice yummy food!!!!
Of course,if I ever feel like going to Korea,I will grab her for some informations.


The day with an encounter with our gynae again_//

a little update after days of missing

some medication purchased at Dr Douglas Ong clinic

look at this red mark,
this was where I had my blood drawn for a blood test

these shall keep us busy in the train …

Found that I’m missing from my blog for quite a few days.
Today,shall start my little blogging.

Nurse from Dr Ong clinic called and was told to schedule us for an earlier timing,which is at 1130 am instead of the original time.Still,it was a long wait at the clinic.

Weight,blood pressure was taken at the clinic by the friendly nurse,Shirley.
She could still remember me very well.I’m kind of happy that not only Dr Ong was a great gynae even his nurse was a good one.

The minute Dr Ong saw me,he shake my hand and asked how am I doing after the previous incident.I had told him every single detail of the history and he had listen to me patiently.
He did an abdominal scan for me,to check through the womb.At the same time,he suggested Pap smear,which I kind of having some phobia in.

In fact,he didn’t force me and told me to go back for it when I felt like to.
Anyway,a blood test was taken to be very sure that the womb had recovered well.
He had thought us quite a number of things today.
It had seem like today check up was like a lecture in the end with lots of teaching.

There was a total damage of $280 for the following items
3:Blood test
4:Abdominal Scan

Dearie having PSP,while I’m having DS lite..
We had both use it on the train to pass time as well as to keep us occupied through the whole journey.

Frankly speaking,I prefer DS lite more than PSP.Reason wise,of course I felt that DS lite had more games which suit me better,especially the Mario Party,cooking mama,hamster life etc.
These are the simple simple games that make my day….
Way to go DS lite!!!!!


It's another round of collection_//

love this mickey to bits

my new discovery:this wet tissue serve the purposes
of powder after the wipes.It’s so amazing.

this is for washing the sponge.It’s a great help.

As for this,I’m sure I don’t have to say,
you guys will know what is this for.My first time making this
without my mum around.

Spent quite a sum recently,gonna cut down on spending.
I don’t spend a bomb on clothing,but to spend some $$$ on health item.Immediately when I saw this Ba Zhen(they call it)from Eu Yan Sang,I quickly grab it without fail.The only difference was that,this used to be cook by mum.This time round,I gonna try cooking it on my own.

Seeing Douglas Ong this coming Saturday at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.Frankly speaking,didn’t really see my doctor for a follow up check up after that incident.To be precaution,it’s best to pay him a visit again.
Surprisingly,the nurse can still remember me,Sherryl.

Had found something nice,the wet tissues which act as a powder after it had dries up.It’s suitable for people who sweat and yet have a cooling feeling after wiping with this amazing wipes.
The cleaner for sponge is another attracting part,which I gonna try it.


It's a day and more!!_//

patiently waiting

it’s such a nice drink

wanna try this sleeping mask.

dearie new purchases of working shoes.

it’s a cheap deal for dear at a warehouse sale.

Step 1:veggie-spinach
soak the veggie and have it drain.

step 2: Boil the soup with ikan bilis for nearly an hour

step 3: Look at the ingredient,
Dumpling and fishball.

Step4: Make the dough.(handmade noodle)
(flour,water,salt and oil)

Step 5: place the handmade noodle into the boiling soup
and make it to boil until almost cook

Step 6: add in the spinach

step7: Next add in the fishball

Step 7: Lastly place this pre-pack dunpling into the pot
and stir ,let it boil until cook.

Step 8: Scope and serve.

Before I get started on the post for cooking,let me blog a little on those stuff that we had purchased.

It’s a fact that dearie had spoilt his working shoes on the day he got his feet injured.
We had spent a certain period of time looking for one which is suitable for him.Almost in the midst of giving up until we happened to pass by this store which found a great working shoes for him.

There happened to have this warehouse sale at Suntec convention hall,popping by to see what was hidden over there.To my very surprise,dearie managed to get another pair of running shoes,which he was looking for quite some time ago.


As for myself,of course there must be something for me to carry back home.
It’s the sleeping mask from Face shop.Had initially seen this sleeping mask selling in the store at Taipei,it was damn cheap only $28 and seem not bad for a lazy girl like myself to apply any mask on face for 20mins then take it off.
Decided to get this sleeping mask,apply on my face till the next day and have it wash away.
It’s quite costly selling in Singapore.


There’s a sort of like my own recipe for cooking [handmade noodle]
I wonder how useful it might be for posting up here,but it does help me when anytime of the year I do managed to forget how this cooking should be done,I can always come back to this post and have a quick look at it.

Right now,I gonna think of what shall I cook for next weekend.It does sound like someone who is inexperience in cooking to have an early planning.
Well,truly I’m a non expert in cooking.


Love Love Taiwan!!!!!_//

i love this masterpiece,especially with the background.

Despite the end of the trip in Taipei,I’m still missing it.Love the food,the fashion over there.
I voted Taiwan more than Japan.


Because,the fashion found in Taiwan are more or less the same as in Japan.With that,stock like clothing,shoes bags in Taiwan cost cheaper.
Given a chance,I would rather visit Taiwan for clothing.As for Japan,clothing are more or less like the one in Taiwan,plus it is more expensive.

Of course,if given a chance to go Japan,of course no problem for that,but for shopping wise it’s a NO WAY!!!
This is my personal logic actually.*smile*

Well,let me give a tip or two over here.
I found out something when I’m over at Taiwan one month ago.Something struck me was the way how Taiwanese wear their shoes during their winter to spring season

1:Knee length socks(black) with those dolly shoes .
2:Knee length socks (black)together with sneakers
3:Tights(their quality are much better,I’ve save some for myself…)with sneakers,dolly shoes or boots..

Aren’t all these somehow or other looks like Japanese style?It’s all found in Taiwan!!!

Frankly speaking,this kind of wearing will be coming into Singapore market very soon again.
While taking a train to work 2 days ago,I had seen a lady wearing something like this,and I am 100% sure,this kind of trend will be in soon.

For those who wants to read again about my Taiwan trip,can always click on the below link or go to my archive under March 2008.