Is a countless knowledge,food and collection_//

dear all,let me present to you our meals for the day.

jam and butter;

our drinks-hot milk for me and hot coffee for dear

my set of breakfast from Delifrance

dear set of breakfast..

my super mario together with my DS lite..

shifu said ”moo moo” is good for us.

have a glass of hot chinese tea

quite like this restaurant

the feel of this place…It seems like having
a wedding dinner here.

a table for four with
just the two of us,,,,

fruits salad with prawns

Braised Shark’s fin with crab meat

braised sea cucumbers with spinach

barbecued crispy duck,barbecued pork with honey
and crispy cold jelly fish

thai style deep fried chicken drumsticks

deep fried king prawns with minced garlic

baked live prawns with milk powder

diced scallops with assorted vegetables

fried chilli crabs speciality

baked live prawns with oats

hot red bean paste

Indeed I am a glutton….Just look at the amount of food I had for dinner today,I bet you guys will be shocked!
Nevertheless,dear and myself had settled our dinner at Dragon Gate Restaurant located at Harbourfront centre.

Is an A-La-Carte Buffet for $25.80++ per person.This dinner costs $60plus for the both of us.
As mentioned,we will have a great meal once per month.Therefore,this meal shall be for the month of May.

Of course,we had a full breakfast at Delifrance in Ngee Ann City.Supposedly to get down to the clinic for a blood test,due to some reason it was push forward to the 14th of June,which is 2 weeks later from now.
Still,we went down to Mr gynae clinic for the collection of Iron tablets,as I had run out of the stock before my next blood test.

Saw my Super Mario?I found him at one of the store at Harbourfront Centre.
Dear had said,let him be my idol.Mario is wonderful!

Shifu said,cow and goat(i’m born in the year of Goat) had great fate together.Therefore he wants me to get a cow to place it at home.Finally,I did so!!!!
Was so glad that I got it done as instructed by him.

I had learned alot from my shifu,in fact I should say is our shifu(for dearie,ning’s and hui’s too)
Learned some great teaching from him,how human being like us should be.
*See,hear and touch no evil*


Vegetarian day=Healthier lifestyle_//

it’s vegetarian day

From now on,every Wednesday and friday,both of us gonna have vegetarian for the whole day.
Be it for breakfast,lunch or dinner,it’s a whole day event,twice per week.Hope to increase to more times per week.Still in the midst of getting ourselves to do that.

We are doing it not only for health purposes,the main purpose was due to our religion.
Eat no meat,do more good deed.We clear our sins this way.

I had iron pill taken everyday,now left with 4pieces.Meaning,I’m seeing my gynae this coming Saturday at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.He gonna do a blood test for me to be sure that my blood level has increase after the previous blood test.

Quite worried about the outcome,as I believe more pills need to be taken if the blood level is low.
Still I trusted this gynae of mine very well.
For your information,those who wanna get a good gynae,can get him.
He only delivers either in Mount Elizabeth Hospital or Mount Alvernia Hospital.

*I shall stay put with him for my yearly checkup for women matters.*


Every Weekend with new discovery_//

eating healthy is our goal right now..

the cooling green bean soup for our tea-break

the outcome after an hour of boiling”

i gonna boil soup for dinner.
Step 1:marinate the Loin with salt

The rest of the ingredient
Step 2: ginseng,dang shen,red dates and wolfsberry

Step 3: Soak them all

Step 4: Pour 2 bowls of water(depending the size of your slow cooker)
add red dates and wolfsberry

Step 5: Next add in Dang Shen

Step 6: Add Ginseng next

Step 7: Next add in the 4pieces of Loin(pork)

Step 8: Lastly,cover it with the lid and have it boil for at least 3hrs.

here it goes after 3hours of boiling

It’s ready for consumption

Other than the soup above,we had ”KaiLan” for dinner.
Step 1: Soak the veggie

Step 2: Fried with garlic,after which fried
with the stem followed by the leaves.
When it’s almost cooked,pour a certain amount of
abalone sauce to add some taste

here’s my ‘KaiLan’

being greedy,had made another 4eggs

Here it goes,our dinner for the day

Oh gosh,was kind of busy for the whole day.
Upon waking up,we had actually call for Mcdonald’s delivery for our brunch.
I had always love Mcdonald’s breakfast as it can last quite a long period of time.

Let me count what we had done today.
1-Changing of bedsheets by Mr Chew
2-Wiping the kitchen cabinet surface top by Mrs Chew
3-Wiping the sofa edges using Magi-clean wiper by Mrs Chew
4-Washing the air-con filters by Mr Chew
5-Wiping the TV-Console by Mrs Chew
6-Placing the hard liquor,wine in order by Mrs Chew
7-Arranging those appliances given during housewarming by Mr Chew
8-Putting the bedsheets to wash by Mrs Chew
9-Hanging out the bedsheets to dry by Mr Chew
10-Boiling the soup and frying the veggie by Mrs Chew
11-Frying of eggs by Mr Chew
12Vaccum the floor by Mrs Chew
13-Mopping the floor by Mr Chew
14-Cleaning the toilet by Mr Chew
15-Washing of bowls after dinner by both of us!!!

It seems that we had done most of the thing in just a day.I love staying at home on a Sunday so as to do some cleaning up at home.This way,we will be left with nothing much for cleaning by the end of the month.

Not too sure of what to have for today dinner until I realise that boiling of some soup for dearie was something I should start doing now.
The above soup is great for ”boosting our energy” which I felt that dear hubby needed that since he is working under stress each day.

Knowing that this veggie ‘KaiLan’ is famous for Iron,which I needed that badly.
Eating healthy seems to be so much important now.We aim to eat healthier each day.


Saturday is always as pure as usual_//

the day with nice food,,,

found this Laksa stall located just next to OG at waterloo street

dear’s orange juice

it’s my mango milk shake

my set of tuna sandwich for dinner

dear set of chicken sandwich for dinner

Giving thanks,clearing our sin.We had done all these only on a Saturday.
That was why we were found in Waterloo Street.

Hunger was there,we had decided to have something light near the temple.Therefore a picture of two bowls of laksa were found.Sim Lim was another stop which we had popped by today.It’s as crowded as usual,no changes anyway.

Due to the time limitation,we had rushed down to the army market for purchasing some of the necessity which dear needs for his upcoming reservist.
Of course,those stall at the food centre had made me thought of some craving for food
I ate again!!!

We had dropped by in laws place to pass some of the stuff needed for dearie uniform.
Call me talkative,had chat with mother in law for a whole 2hrs and 30mins.That’s women eventually.

Had miss the cooking today,shall prepare dinner tomorrow.
No more da bao!


Being a day of vegetarian was great_//

it’s a way of sharing>>

All right,had managed to upload most of the photos taken in Bangkok which were taken last week.
Could still remember that last friday at this time,I’m already in my dreamland.The feeling was great whenever there’s travelling involved.

Whatever it is,I had done with the uploading.The rest will be the job of you guys.
Do log in to my multiply for more photos of Bangkok


I had been reminding myself recently that I wanna go Bangkok again,not only for shopping but for praying too.At the same time,gonna take vegetarian once per week from now on.
After being enlightened by the wonderful shifu which we had now,I had this knowledge of doing what I should do.
Eating vegetarian once per week will be good especially on the day that is most important for you in this life.

Today(Friday) is the special day of mine,and therefore I had finally take a day of vegetarian.
*Nevertheless,this will do you good.*


Gd Bye to my 3rd wisdom tooth_//

Wisdom tooth,leave me far away

Finally it’s gone!!!!
The upper wisdom tooth that was giving me problem was finally gone.I had an extraction for my upper wisdom tooth and did a filling for the lower one.

230pm,had gone to this dental at Bukit Panjang Plaza to have my wisdom tooth treated.
Initally had wanted to take half day leave,but was offset by medical certificate that was given by the dentist.
Therefore I gained 2days of medical certificate in the end.

True enough,this wisdom tooth had been giving me lots of problem,with side headache and throat infection and the pain was unbearable.
Now it was gone,it’s a kind of blessing for me.


17th-19th May 08-Bangkok Trip_//

we love bangkok-shopping paradise
dearie lunch on our 1st day

my lunch on the 1st day

here come our drinks

this crowded lane is the Pratunam Day Market

a great shopping area

hotel lobby-
Baiyoke Boutique Hotel

the hotel room which we gonna spend our nights here.

the LCD tv,with the dressing area

it’s an unique room

the safe;

Day 1:

Finally,we had arrived safely at Bangkok Airport.It’s the new built airport. Temperature was 31 degree,but it’s a cloudy day.We do experience rain occasionally.

By the time we reach,it’s already approaching lunch time.Therefore we had our lunch settled at one of a cafe in MBK center.Pictures as above. It’s an interesting cafe.The minute I stepped into this cafe,there were many cuisine just like those buffet style. There will be this card,where every time you place order the staff will tap for you till end of the lunch,you only get to pay what you ate.

We made our way back to the hotel.Of course on the way,we dropped by the famous wholesale Mall, to get some of those nice clothing which we could see at Bugis street.The only differences was that stuff sold there was on wholesale pricing,which we could get those bargain items. This is one of the places that you guys can visit.

got my unique bags,which was about 20pieces of them from Central World Plaza.Lots of Singaporean were grabbing it.Could understand too,as this design of bag that was selling in Singapore costed quite a sum.
Thanks to Ning recommendation.

Our dinner was held at a restaurant located at this mall known as Big C.It’s a Japanese restaurant actually.Our intention was to go down to the Levi’s factory outlet located at this Big C,ended having our dinner there as we were famished.

Pratunam Day Market was another place that had started our day in Bangkok with.A place with huge bargain,lots of stuff!!! wow wow,everywhere we go no matter is it night market or day market,there tend to lots of buying.This was what Bangkok is all about.


17th-19th May 08-Bangkok Trip_//

Baiyoke Boutique Hotel; having my breakfast

Mr Chew stirring his cup of tea

some photos of what we had over the breakfast,
not all was there actually.

Eggs was dearie favourite

another shoot..]

just outside the hotel before we headed off to
Chatuchak,the weekend market…

along the way,to the nearest BTS

a shoot for dear at the BTS Station

Train approaching,quick!!!

this was how the train looks like..

I’m taking this photo like nobody business

love this background,with a train at the back.

This was one of the stall in Chatuchak,the weekend Market

we had bought our colorful slippers from this stall
which cost $1.70 per pair

it’s another store for small little handbags

looks satisfied with my purchase

the four-faced-Buddha
look at the offering of flowers and you can tell how grand it was in Bangkok

small offer some joss stick and some Jasmine flower for the

One and only ice-cream which we can’t find in Singapore

dear’s share of yummy ice-cream

This is mine!!!!

that’s dear share..

this was where we had for dinner.
Sylvanian,this look familar?

isn’t it great??

menu for us to decide on what to have for dinner

our juices

this share belong to dearie

and of course,this belong to me…

a great store to shop….

Big C,where Levi’s factory outlet can be found

The night time around Pratunam area

this is the mall which I had mentioned about the clothing selling at wholesale pricing.

night time Bangkok was so beautiful…

Day 2:

My second day in Bangkok was all about shopping.As we had only left with a day before going back to Singapore,therefore we had eventually grab on of every moment of shopping.

Our day started at Chatuchak,which initially we had purchased tickets for travelling on the BTS to this weekend market.By 8am,Bangkok time we had already reached the place.After two hours of walking,we managed to get our stuff and get back to the hotel and carry on with our second round of shopping.

Central World Plaza was our next stop to get my lovely bags.I had spend 3500 bahts which is equivalent to $100 Sing dollar on these bags. Money is sure not enough for me to get all those items. *smile* Had some ice-cream after our lunch.Dearie had mentioned that we can’t find this kind of ice-cream in Singapore,therefore it’s best to give it a try. Eventually,I tried.

Our main purposes for visiting Bangkok was to visit the Four-faced-Buddha.Finally,we managed to see the Buddha!!!!I felt very amazed the minute I saw this great Buddha. We had of course done some offering and prayed to the Buddha. We each had got ourselves four small and yellow candles,joss sticks,jasmine flowers with orchid.

For every side of the Buddha,we had placed the flower around it,which you can see those flowers being placed around the Buddha. Felt that my whole mind was cleared and the feeling was great.

We had done some offering on the elephant God too.Together with some donation. I strongly believed in the elephant God after experiencing some of the encounter. [Purposes in Bangkok,for praying and shopping]


17th-19th May 08-Bangkok Trip_//

we gonna fly off soon,at Suvarnabhumi Airport..

dear acting cool yeah..]

look at the crowds behind me,they are checking in and
queueing for the boarding pass

a view of this newest Bangkok Airport

siting at the window seat with a snap out there.

Bought these!!!!
It was damn cheap in bkk,had spend nearly $100 on all these.

the purchases for this3D2N trip.

Day 3:

Finally,our last day in bkk.Everything had ended so fast as time seems to be speeding.
Overall it’s a damn nice trip with my fruitful purchases.

Bangkok is a shopping paradise that girls included myself can’t resist.Everywhere we go will tend to see so many nice yet different things.
What makes me unforgettable was this wholesale mall around Pratunam area.It’s so much like our Singapore Far East or Bugis street.The only differences was that they are selling at a wholesale pricing.

The location of our hotel might not be as great,as lots of walking are needed.Still I love the outlook of this hotel,Baiyoke Boutique Hotel.It was clean and worth some marks.

Trust me,even until now I do having some phobia in taking aircraft.
Am I being so useless?It’s only when the plane was shaking after taking off or landing that makes me shiver with wet hands and kept grabbing on dearie hand

Well,eventually,this short trip allows us to do the most important thing,that was to do some offering to the Buddha.
Very soon,we will be planning for another short trip like this to Bangkok.
Looking forward to our next Bangkok trip.


Getting ready for Bangkok trip_//


One post here on the eve of my Bangkok trip.Shall check in at 510am at Singapore Changi Airport.Meaning,I gonna wake up at 345am in the morning which is tomorrow.
Don’t know how am I going to drag myself up,but for the sake of BANGKOK,I have to.

This shall be my 2nd trip to Bangkok or bkk they call it.Really wish that Suan Lum is still around,and I can really do my shopping there.
It’s a very short gateaway trip,but still it’s enough for giving me some rest after having to work 5days per week with heavy work load.

Had actually pack my stuff for this trip last Saturday,but it seems that there are many more that needed to pack.In the end,had spend an hour in repacking.

Nevertheless,shall not bring back much photos for this trip,as I felt that there’s nothing much for me to snap in Bangkok.But more stuff to carry back from Bangkok.

See you guys when I’m back!!!