It's Qin guide to being a homemaker_//

let me share some tips for being a housewife.

this airpot had helped us in boiling fresh water everyday

Not forgetting this appliance which had been with us
for a year.I love this rice cooker,it has a multi purpose usage.

the place where i store all my sauces

it’s a mixture of dearie and my collection.
We both love hard liquor more than red wine…

Again,this washing machine is of a great help to us.
Without this,I do wonder how am I going to do
the washing,especially the day of bedsheets

the detergent for my flooring.
Oops,forgot the one that was used specially for parquet flooring.

the detergents which I fancy the most.
It made my clothing,bedsheets smell marvellous.
Thumb up!

this fun loving cum cheeky dearie had played a big joke with me.
He said”cover them with blanket,they will not feel cold this way”
This is the way of how he treated my darling tatty bears.

the pot of money plant which stays beside our full length glass window
in the hall was growing long.It’s time for a trim.

I wonder what’s the name of this meat.*shiver*
I only know this meat is suitable for boiling yummy soup,
which is lesser oily.

this whole bunch of spinach costs $1.00,which I got
it from Boon Keng Market.Shall cook this one of the weekday.

the most wonderful meal of all,Yong Tau Foo.
This is our dinner for tomorrow night.

it’s a real bargain in the market.

These costs us $0.60!!!
What attracted me was that,I’m able to choose any amount
I prefer and purchase it,without those pre-pack that we got it from the supermarket

the inner thermal magic cooker,I gonna boil it
at least 10minutes on the stove before I transfer over to
the outer pot.

the soup in the inner pot is now safely placed in the
outer pot.

It’s ready for serving.

had this meat with seafood sauce together with dried chilli.
Had cooked this in the afternoon,
and placed it in the thermal magic cooker till dinner time

It had became a routine that we will wake up especially early on a Sunday morning to get down to Boon Keng Market so as to get our fresh groceries.Had observed that normally if we get down damn early,there will be more and fresher veggie,meat etc etc.
Even the crowd is not there when we settled down for breakfast.

You guys might wonder,why I rather sacrifice my sleeping hour by going down to the market every week?Well,the purpose of that was,I’m able to get any veggie and get to choose the acceptable amount I prefer.In this way,I will not end up getting those veggie which was already packed properly and put them to waste since it’s only the two of us having dinner.

Another reason was that,with my thermal magic cooker around,I will be able to do cooking even for normal working day.This gave me the reason of purchasing my one week groceries before hand.

Due to the busy working life,we need a cooker other than my thermal magic cooker,it’s my rice cooker.Without it,I guess no matter how nice the soup is going to be,it will not be perfect.Furthermore,I prefer this Toshiba rice cooker as no matter how it was being cook,there won’t be any dried rice that upon eating it will not be good for health.
Well,I dared to say this out due to being a one year owner for this rice cooker.
The price for this Toshiba rice cooker,says it all.

My favourite detergent and softener for washing will be Dynamo and Softlan.I love the smell of it.Upon washing,I could feel the smell of it’s fragrant on my clothing.The fragrant somehow will be with the clothing when we wear.I simply love it.

Dear and myself are wine lover.I love my hard liquor,DOM which made me feel that by storing them at home makes me feel high in the air.It’s kind of a satisfaction and another reason for me to build up my poor health.
As for dear,I guess both red wine and hard liquor will be his favourite.The different brand of wine includes his likes too.

Dinner tonight was carrot,potato,tomato,onion(forgotten to add it) soup,which others call it as ABC soup.Another dish was pork fillet with dried chilli and seafood sauce.
Will be having more meat from now one,I guess it’s time for that now.


Enormous purchases for this week_//

yippee -our purchases for this week.

dearie had got himself a LCD Monitor,22inch

His 22 inch LCD Monitor,I regretted not getting it too.

Had purchased this at a good deal.

when taken out,it’s like this.
With the inner and the outer for this magic cooker

Upon cooking with the inner pot,I shall leave it in the outer pot where
cooking shall be done and ready once I get back home from work.

Our spending this week was enormous.Shall start off with my Thermal Magic Cooker.Well,this is the cooker strongly recommended by dear colleague at work.
It did attracted me with love and joy.

With this,I’m able to cook for ten minutes in the morning using this magic cooker and shall leave it in the outer pot for more than 8hours,and that shall be about the time which I get back from work,with dinner serve shortly.

Without any fuss in spending an hour in preparing dinner upon reaching home,with the magic cooker the time constraint has reduce.
Of course with this magic cooker,I shall cook everyday.

Furthermore,had got this at a great discount.I’m sure,there will be a lot of grabbing going once for this few days.
This made me recall of grabbing it when I saw it at the display today.Frankly speaking,I had been looking for this since last weekend,therefore wouldn’t be blame for having this kind of behaviour.*smile*
Mum might want me to get this for her too,which I shall do so on the last day of the sales.

As for dearie,I believed he had a wonderful gift too.With the dying of his present LCD monitor,and this shall give him the reason of getting a new with wider screen LCD monitor at a cheaper rate given by his buddy in Sim Lim Square.
It do seems that he was damn satisfied with his own purchases beside mine.

*We do have a wonderful weekend purchases*


Our Childhood Life Was Wonderful_//

Due to some work commitment,dear hubby gonna stay back for a meeting in the office.
With that,I managed to meet up with my cousin,Peifen who bear the same surname as Ning and myself.

Thanks her for the treat,which she still remember giving me a treat after I had given hers mine some time ago.
Well,the purpose of this meet up was not only for a little chatting session,but to pass her the checklist for An Chuan and Guo Da Li which she will be using it very soon.
In another 6mths time,December 2008 will be her turn of getting married.Time really flies,she’s getting married meaning I’m gonna turn old soon.

Had spend about nearly half an hour explaining to her the guideline for both ceremonies.
Do hope she understand what was written down there.
We had spend our time talking about history too.About those times where the three of us,Qin,Ning and Fen used to play during our childhood.

Those scene seems to be flying back to the reality and the feeling was great!

Still remembered one incident that we will run around the NTUC Fairprice,finding a ”secret place”and build our house there.For example,a section where rice sacks were found belong to Ning home,area where frozen item were being kept will be Fen home,another area where sweets,chocolate were found will be my home etc etc.

We will be playing around,running around in the NTUC at Holland Drive where our grandma will be siting outside the beach chatting with her friends.
There was one incident that we were being caught and asked to leave the place.

*Those little little things started coming in my mind which made me feels that childhood life is so amazing*


Best Colleagues in YRS,2008_//

is us with our precious moment!

the happy days wont last_

it’s maybelline last day,she had her laptop at the reception
accompany me for the whole day.

our work station on the last day of her work with YRS

Managed to upload the photos which was taken last week,on Maybelline last day with us.
Though the whole atmosphere don’t seem good,but we still enjoy the last moment chit chatting at the reception.

Being the first time,not concentrating in doing my work.It does worth it for her last day,which tells me that,sometimes I do have to relax in the office.
Kind of sad as our usual gang is leaving one by one.This coming friday will be Madelene turn to go.

Our happiness seems to be drifting far apart.
Sometimes,I do wonder when will the history be back again even though it will never be.
Still,I strongly believe that no matter where we go,we will still be united as one.Even so,not forgetting of our monthly dinner together for a little gossip session.

Time flies,in just another 5days,I will be with yrs for exactly 6mths.Sometimes I do wonder what can I achieve from here?I do learn some of the administration work other than just pure recept.This is another plus point which I can include in my CV.

Nevetheless,I believe that time will tell,Buddha will lead me to my way of life.
*I had faithed in him*


Sunday=Family day_//

lunch at Dragon Gate Restaurant

three?short of one….

some of the dishes which I took a snap of.
Being too lazy for taking more photo…

a plate full of yau tau foo

the yellow noodle

the sweet sauce together with the chilli

steam for 15mins for yau tau foo

soak the noodle under hot water.

here it goes,a plain yau tau foo just before
the sauces come into the picture

The morning Boon Keng Market was full of people as usually,the only differences for today was that we were there especially early!By 8am,we were already found in the market,getting our fresh yau tau foo for dinner this evening.

Even for the food centre,empty seats could be found without wasting our energy in finding for one.Not being able to eat as full as per normal,we only had chwee kuay,fried carrot cake and soya bean.First time trying on the carrot cake,and it tasted great!

The most joyful encounter was that we managed to get our fresh jasmine flower from that stall owner who remembers us clearly.The smell of jasmine was simply great,with it I placed it at home that no matter which part of the room,I’m able to smell it.
With the fragrant,I’m feeling so refreshing with a peace of my mind.

Lunch at 11am with the usual gang at Dragon Gate Restaurant.Is a treat for mum actually,and hope that she love the idea of eating over there with the wonderful dishes found.
Have a little walk just before we proceed to Sengkang.

Well,a simple lunch treat like this sure increase our relationship.


House full of Sylvanian Family from now on_//

it’s a wonderful day being out there.

our drinks>

our wanton noodle plus fried wanton from Sunshine Plaza

our dessert from People’s Park Centre

i love them with my heart

after packing it nicely in the box

Had been with this haircut and rebonded hair for a week,Johnny my hairstylist from Jean Yip had done a very good job in cutting more layers for me as I wanted so badly.
Love the way he deal with my hair with lots of layer.

Could say had spend the whole afternoon travelling around.
Initially had wanted to give a treat to mum this evening at Dragon Gate Restaurant.
she had wanted it so much after seeing the photos of food which I took end of May when we went there for dinner.
Too bad we had to miss the dinner tonight as the restaurant was fully booked.
Not to worry,we had done the booking for lunch tomorrow instead

Wanton mee from Sunshine Plaza for lunch and dessert from Chinatown,we sure know how to keep our stomach full from time to time.

Saw my discovery?Had wanted to have sylvanian family since some years back,but due to some money problem,had decided to give it a miss.
I gonna set aside some cash monthly for them!Shall place them in one of my bedroom with shelves being occupied by them.Seeing them make my day wonderful.


1st Year Wedding Anniversary-16th June at Pan Pacific Hotel_//

a happy us just before the start of the 6 course dinner”

after choosing from the menu,wait patiently for the food to arrive.
Nice scenery behind,in front and beside me

dear looks damn happy..

this wedding cake was nice,found it near Pan Pacific Hotel.
Therefore a snap was taken on our anniversary day.

this way to Pan Pac;

wow,it was like viewing down from the sky…

with this shot,I had my dinner just like eating in heaven

oh dear,this shot was damn wonderful

nevertheless I simply love the scenery
at night when lights are up…

this is one of the enjoyable experiences in life.

could see the satisfaction on dearie face.


welcome to HAI-TIEN_LO at Pan Pacific Hotel

this area was so cozy for us,it’s sure dining in private


Trio of Treasures

(Pan-fried Scallop topped with minced Green Ginger,

sliced Beijing Duck skin & deep-fried Prawn coated with

Japanese Sesame Sauce)


Trio of Treasures

(Pan-fried Scallop topped with minced Green Ginger,

sliced Beijing Duck skin & deep-fried Prawn coated with

Japanese Sesame Sauce)


Trio of Treasures

(Pan-fried Scallop topped with minced Green Ginger,

sliced Beijing Duck skin & deep-fried Prawn coated with

Japanese Sesame Sauce)


Trio of Treasures

(Pan-fried Scallop topped with minced Green Ginger,

sliced Beijing Duck skin & deep-fried Prawn coated with

Japanese Sesame Sauce)

Peiking Duck,additional order

Peking Duck,additional order


Shark’s Fin in Superior Broth with Flossy Egg White,

dried Scallops, Baby Abalone & Fish Maw


Pan-fried Farm Chicken Fillet with Red Wine reduction


Sautéed “Hong Kong” Kai Lan with preserved Vegetables


Fried Rice with diced Abalone, Egg White,

Salted Egg & Century Egg


Chilled cream of Avocado with Ice Cream

the total cost for dining on our anniversary day>>

With this,we celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary.We had a meal of a total of $242.46 just for a dining.Beside which,we gained one of the experiences in life.That’s dining above the ground.
Was great eventually.For food wise it do worth the price with a wonderful atmosphere just nice for our anniversary celebration.
The food was simple too good to be enough,that we had ordered 2 sets of menu B,(one set costs $78+++) with additional one plate of Peking duck which costs $38.

We celebrated our anniversary with excitement,joy and united hearts.
This was great,it even made me recall those scenes that had flew past again and again.

One year ago,what had happen started appearing in my mind that I can’t help thinking that special day of ours.Everything was done perfectly,in fact there wasn’t any crop up that needed to be amended.There was a saying that nothing will be perfect for any wedding involved,but I would greatly shout out that our wedding was done in a wonderful,smooth manner.
No negative remarks,all with positive comments.

Comments for video played over the dinner,wedding photo album placed near the ballroom(by whitelink),the result of our photoshoot that was being praised,food at hotel rendezvous,all was given lovely remarks.*phew*
Once again,these are the tiny things which was recalled.

With little gift exchange(previous post) together with this expensive yet lovely meal,we had gone through the most important moment together in life.
Not forgetting our post honeymoon to Japan coming up in Dec.

*Thanks to my wonderful dearie for making all these joyful experiences for me.*


First Part of wedding Anniversary Celebration with mystery_//

our gift exchange]

have a good start of morning breakfast

a perfume that dearie loves,with that,
I gotten one for him

I have another gift too….*smile*

Beside the celebration coming up this coming Monday at Pan Pacific Hotel,we kind of like having a gift exchange ceremony today.

Dear had always been getting different types of perfumes lately,in another word he is more into making him smell good.*smile*
Nevertheless,had known that he hasn’t got himself this particular brand which I shall do it just before he does that.
Indeed,he was kind of surprise when I get him this.The first word that came out from his mouth was”so expensive and you buy for me?”

I had a sponsorship from him for my haircut cum treatment tomorrow plus an acne whitening essence from ettusais.These are my special gift from him.
Not forgetting the dinner coming up next week,which I gonna eat with my mouth while he pays.
*Thanks Mr Chew*

All right,have a little introduction of this skincare which dearie had got for me.
Is through a friend reccomendation that I had know of this skincare product.Due to the acne scar which I had recently,and had found that ettusais acne whitening essence could actually whiten the acne scar.
If you guys were to view the forum,there was quite a number of good comments for this brand imported by shisheido.
Ettusais is a Japanese skin product,which is made in Japan.The price for this 40ml acene whitening essence costs $57.

Understand from the sales assistant that I could use the moisturizer which I am using it currently together with this whitening essence.
True enough,had been using the moisturizer for quite some time,thumb up for that!!
Shall try on the newly purchase and update you guys for the result.

Our breakfast at Far East Plaza,Subway.Ended up there,after the visit to my gynae from Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre for a blood test again.
Shall carry on with my iron pill while waiting for the result.
Doctor Ong had encouraged me to do a pap smear even after the miscarriage or planning to have a child.Well,a timid me is still thinking about it before a decision is being make.
This make me recall of what shifu had said,do a checkup on my body.

Our shifu could see the future that is going to happen to us,but he can’t reveal much.He will give us a very blur hint of what’s gonna happen yet we have to do the guessing on our own.
He will eventually tell us some of the stuff that will happen to us unless those real ”confidential” kind,there tend to have some mystery content.

Last night was the first time after visiting him that I had to wear two wrist jasmine flower on and get back home with it.These was done due to a very special dream which I had,which shifu had mentioned that the time will come soon.

*We sure had a wonderful encounter with our master*


A little reveal of our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary on 16th June_//

it’s a happy occasion after all..

It’s coming soon!!
Our 1st year wedding anniversary.Time passes rapidly,and now we are celebrating our wedding anniversary.
Still remember 2 years back,we were busy preparing for house and wedding.In just a spin,everything was over.

Supposedly to have a short trip for the celebration,due to the post wedding honeymoon to Japan end of the year,we decided to just have a meal and spend the rest of the day all by ourselves for this wonderful moment.
It’s not going to be just a simple meal,furthermore this meal is not cheap.
Shall reveal the pricing soon.

Dearie had made a reservation at Pan Pacific hotel,at level 37th for a dinner .
First time in my life dinning in a hotel at such a high level.
Will I be able to eat well at such a high level?This,I shall update you guys after the celebration.

Pan Pacific,had love this hotel.Initially had wanted to hold our wedding dinner in this hotel,but due to the minimum number of tables we have to give it a miss.

*Looking forward to this celebration of our 1st year wedding anniversary on the 16th June*


Wedding needs a year of planning_//

we attended my cousin wedding dinner,
the second cousin’s wedding of the year

a quick snap with all the hui’s!!!

The Jeow family-Qin,Fen,Ning,Hui

over the dinner,we love taking photos”

the dinner had ended-

together with mum’s,we took this photo)

It’s cousin Frankie,(from dad’s side)wedding dinner which was held at Hilltop Garden Restaurant.Almost had problem finding the place,as it’s kind of hidden somewhere at Bukit Batok area.

Nevertheless,we managed to find our way there still.The food there was not too bad,a 9-course dinner.The only thing which I don’t like about the ballroom was that,the entrance for march in was not covered.Through the glass door,we were able to see the wedding couple.

Guests tend to see the couple standing just outside the entrance getting ready for the march in,there wasn’t a sense of surprises at all.
Well,this is one of my comment for this restaurant.

As there were 2 ballrooms at this restaurant.Sad to say,it had 2 weddings held yesterday.
Furthermore,the 2 ballrooms were side by side,which we can jolly well see the other wedding couple.
The whole atmosphere was totally different from what I see from the hotel.
For hotel wise,there was quite a few ballrooms,but they weren’t near one another,as they were sort accordingly to different levels.

Don’t quite like the layout of a restaurant compared to a hotel.
It’s just based on my two cents of comments.

I do seem more like a wedding planner over the wedding dinner.I’m giving advises to Peifen,my cousin who is getting married.To cousin Gee Ann who is planning to the following year.
I give info for wedding,for home reno etc etc for cousins.

I love sharing with people of things which I had gone through.If years later,you were to ask me,I will say sorry,I had long forgotten about it.But it had just happened a year ago,I could still remember the planning very well,that was why I shared.

From the photos,you guys can tell that we had an enjoyable night gather together with relatives,a great evening!