More tonic soup on the way_//

it’s gonna be more on food again

mushroom minced meat kuay tiao

porridge with century eggs

wanton soup for dinner?

it’s called egg noodle

finally,it’s done!
Wanton soup noodle

Next time round,once you guys log into my blog,you’ll find that it will be mostly on food.
Be it homemade or food from various food centres or even restaurant!
Is it’s time for me to update all my cooking skill in another bloggie website?

Perhaps in the long run,I shall do that.Really,I do feel a sense of satisfaction whenever I had done a dish successfully.My next aim will be preparing more soup,this time round will be on tonic soup for building my body as well as for dearie.

Had actually make it an effect to boil different kind of tonic soup as least 3 times per week.
Of course,tonic stuff tend to be more heaty.Therefore,I’ll replace with some barley drink,or even green bean soup once in a while.
As green bean soup will be so much cooling that it’s isn’t too good for ladies actually.Shall cut down on that,and have more barley though.

Strongly feel the needs to eat more healthier stuff.This gave me the reason to cook even on weekdays.Lately,I had became more on a meat eater…What to do when my blood count is too low,as more red meat helps,I suppose.


what had got into me?_//

a happy us,starting our day soon

oops.pirated photo?

we just want to have some dessert at this stall.
Located at People’s Park Centre

the various dessert for our taste

we each had a bowl of this.
Tau suan belongs to dearie,and I had yam paste.Still,it’s not enough,

we shared this gingersoup with ah balling.
I’m a ginger soup lover.It’s kind of heaty,but is good for ladies…..

after renovation,the food centre
and market seems more lively than ever

catch this out!!!Had pass by this stall which had a collection of GDL and AC stuff.
It does make me curious,but I’m still the supporter of AD at People’s Park Complex

look at all these shops houses,
it do bring back the lovely history in the past

tables were set up for the dinner crowds

different stalls found

it’s a wonderful place for makan and to relax as well

oops.dearie was queuing for the fried oyster

it tasted …..hmm…..Great place,great food!

this is the stall at Hougang Central which dearie had emphasis on
” it’s a must try”

chicken chop for dear

of course,fish and chips for me!

It’s an eating weekend for me.Normally 3 meals will be enough for me,but it seems like I had taken 4meals for the day.Am I a great eater?Frankly speaking,I’m not.In fact my digestion system do seem to digest faster than dearie.

Especially when it’s due for the day of the month,my stomach tend to get hungry more often than normal.*weird*But it’s true!!I tend to feel hungry just one week before,get stuff gastric problem.My hormone had changed and is from bad to worst.
In fact,my hormone had gone haywire ever since the last problem.

Talking about this makes me recall about going down to Doctor Ong clinic this coming Saturday at Mt elizabeth Medical Centre.Gonna get cold feet again.*sigh*
Again,it makes me recall of the past incident.Sometimes,I do feel like telling my gynae Doctor Ong,I want to give up!
*Maybe it’s time to….*

Let me do a calculation of food which we had eaten for the day;
Dessert:Yam Paste,tau suan,ginger soup with ah balling @2pm
Food at Chintaown:Fried oyster@ 330pm
Food at Hougang Central:Fish n chips,chicken chop@5pm

We shall eat all the way,as the saying goes
”it’s a blessing to eat” don’t you agree so?*smile*


Qin making wonder soup_//

i’m a little girl….]

look!while busy with the report,I am chatting with colleagues in the office

oh,,someone had knock on my door

when busy,look at how small my table can be

i had arrange this corner neatly with my new shelve.

of course,dearie loves egg and we shall have that for dinner

this is another soup which seem similar from the previous one.

the outcome of the soup that been boiled for hours.

This week can be a busy one for me.With a report to rush in order to submit by this Friday.
Was thankful eventually as I had completed this afternoon.
I’m one who won’t stress myself with work unless necessary.While working,I do chat using AIM I won’t restrict myself with only work without any free time I guess.

Frankly speaking,I do feel slacking in the office sometime.It’s only when there’s something to be done,I will get damn busy.This will normally be only on the last week of the month,where I gonna do my monthly report.
Other than that,the rest of the three weeks,I’m slacking!

There was this cute colleague who love asking me this question
”so how,what are you cooking for dinner tonight?”
I’ll reply her that,will use the ”the soup secret recipe” that the other colleague had taught me.
In fact,I had gained lots of ideas in doing wonder soup from her.

For example,tonight soup will be boiled with chicken drumstick,wolfberries,red dates,dried scallop.This soup was slightly different from what I had boiled previously if you guys had notice.
The previous soup was more on mushroom.

This special colleague of mine had impart some of her cooking knowledge to me.
She did mentioned about trying this soup and the previous one,both soup had different taste,no doubt their ingredient was almost the same.

*Shall grab her for more soup recipe for the next few days*


Love the making of soups_//

I’m getting more and more into soup;;;

the white snapper with lots of gingers and sesame oil

soup that was boiled in the morning
after which,it was placed in the magic cooker to carry on boiling.

here it goes,the yummy soup.

In such a raining weather,with a nice and hot home made soup best describe the wonderful feeling of being at home.
Thanks to one of my colleague who is good in making different kind of yummy soup.She had taught me some of her skill,and this was one of it.

Making soup is not simple nor difficult,all we need is to get the right ingredients and the procedures,with that everything can be done.
Soup can be a good medication for clearing body toxic and enhancing beauty.

This soup which I had made is make from simple ingredients like dried scallop,wolfberries,mushrooms that boiled with chicken bone.
It settled one of our dishes,that dinner can be serve as early as 730pm,which was our normal eating time.

Boiling soup in the morning and had it placed in my magic cooker had spared me lots of preparation time in the evening.

*In one word,we love soup!*


Non-sporty girl with pain all over the body_//

we sure had a tiring yet enjoyable afternoon

this little under pass shows the way to East Coast Park

follow this pathway..

the morning east coast park

dear getting ready with his bicycle.

while I got mine ready just before we proceed

both our rented bicycles

this is the Bedok jetty

dear @the jetty

dear took this shot when i’m not aware.

we make it through to Changi Aiport runway

this is the path that we gonna go through towards Changi Beach

i’m taking a rest and have my tuna sandwhiches
made early on in the morning

dear having his bite of it too

As we cycle along the path,we were able to see the plane taking off or landing

look at our starting and ending point
from east coast park to changi beach

finally,we reached changi beach

have the famous katong laksa in katong area

shall advertise my home made curry chicken.
Seems like dearie love it quite a lot.

Before I start blogging about my adventure,let me cry loud for my aching legs,arms and neck.
It’s miserable,it’s sure was.
Trust me,do go for a simple exercising before doing anything tedious.

My whole body was aching,and my legs hurt the most.Dearie had to use the deep heating rub to apply it on my aching legs,furthermore,he gonna rub it hard in order for the medication to go right through into the legs.

As mentioned,from now on I shall start with some exercise to gain a better body.
Therefore,we decided on East Coast Park towards Changi Beach.

Had rented the bicycles for 4hrs at the rate of $23 for both in one of the rental store located at East Coast Park.With that,we started our journey cycling all the way to Changi Beach.Of course in between the session,there’s resting involved which we can’t go without.

It’s a two way trip eventually.From East Coast park to Changi beach which was 17km,and I’m almost half dead,plus we gonna make our way back from Changi Beach to East Coast park,which was another 17km.
In another word,we had cycled a total of 34km.

Frankly speaking,this was my first record of cycling this far in my whole life.
I’m not a sport woman,and breaking my own personal record seems unbelievable but I managed to do it with the fact of having an aching body.

Even though having to gain a bit of pain,but still worth it.As I’m able to train myself and not being a lazy girl who lack of exercising.
*Not being able to take it,I fall asleep in the bus eventually.*


Photos that lead to joyful feeling_//

shot 1

shot 2

shot 3

shot 4

We simply love taking photos!!Of course,grabbing the chance to take photo any time,any day or any place.
Remember,photo taking is a kind of art.Be it taking for others or taken by others.
It do seems a little dramatic,but still there’s joy in every photos.

When different pose is involve,there’s a mixed feeling.
Well,I do feel quite out of the place,as you guys can tell that there wasn’t much pose that I can produce.

Two short of one,where’s hui???
Nevertheless,had these photos being taken at ‘Sean Inn Food Centre’ where we settled our dinner before we make our way to shifu place again.

We love the idea of visiting shifu,which he will normally guide us of what we are suppose to do,and what are the things that can be done no matter how we are down on luck.
With him around,all our troubles will be solve.


Touring the whole world is yet to come_//

It’s a wonderful meal with colleagues over lunch today.
Being the first time after maybelline and Madelene left us to pursue their ambithion.

It was a lovely talk which makes me have a better idea of what exploring the world is all about.

This colleague of mine,is a mother of two.Being at her twenties,she had explore the Europe countries like Greek,

Spain,Holland,Italy,Austria,Paris,France through back pack for a period of 3weeks.

Really,I do salute to her for she do find ways in exploring the world.

Unlike us,we could only think about free and easy for countries which we wanna visit.Compared to hers,it’s like comparing a small house with a bungalow.
I do love the way she work up her life with but not to follow bindly,of course.

Still remembering what she said.

”do try to visit the world just before you have any kids in the future.it will be even harder when kids are around”

This I strongly agreed with her.That was why my goal for now was to try visiting some parts of the world before

there’s any children.

Shall start with Japan at the end of the year.

Eventually,had felt glad that I had already explore places like Bangkok,Hong Kong,Taipei,Vietnam,Australia.

It’s not enough though,but still will give myself the goal to achieve what we can.

She had shared with us the gain that she encountered during her experiences throughout the whole journey of her trip.I strongly agreed with what she had shared.

*Do not wait till you are old then start to plan for trips round the world.Start with a back pack when you are young,

only involve a guided tour when old age comes,and that’s the time for relaxation*

*it’s my goal for now*


The changes in my life_//

Work in office tend to be more and more challenging.
I begin to liaise with travel agencies,event companies and recently with hotels.
These two days,I had been sending emails to hotels like Hilton,Goodwood park hotel,orchard hotel,pan pacific orchard,orchard parade hotel and Grand hyatt hotel.
The purposes for this was to get a package for our company upcoming event.

Frankly speaking,I had learn more and more things and picking up more learning steps in a way.
It helps me in a way in wider my circle of friends everywhere around Singapore.Be it for personal or for work.
I shall give myself more chances in dealing with what was expected of me.

The gastric was killing me.It had been with me since Mon despite my self medication.
I hate being sick and I don’t wish it to happen.This make me worried about how am I going to recover if no doctor is involve.

Doctor Ong,my gynae was telling me that I’m suppose to go down for another round of blood test on the 2nd August,Saturday.The blood count which was tested in june shows a slight improvement.Therefore,another round of the test will be tested 2 weeks from now.

Everytime dearie and myself will use the same pathway to the Medical Centre at Mount E.I do drag myself in stepping into the hospital.The moment,I stepped into Doc Ong Clinic,my feets started to shiver.
I fear taking blood test,I fear the syringe that was being inserted.
In order to prevent all these from happening again.
I forced myself in eating more meat,more cherries,more spinach and also my iron pills in order to have a higher blood count.

*With this,I must do it!!*


Novotel,that's where our dinner was settled at_//

off we go,,currently at Clarke Quay

just outside Central,next to clarke Quay MRT Station.

that’s my cute dear,who don’t fancy taking photos.

Hippo river taxi at Singapore river

Singapore river at 6:50pm

Singapore river at 8:50pm

This was the hotel which we are going for dinner.
Novotel at Clarke Quay

a snap of the dinning area

tasty rojak which dear had made for me,,,

dont quite like their pastry

whole lot of cheese to be eaten.

I started to like fruits…

meal dish are found here.

It’s fantastic!
Small group of people for dinner at Novotel Clarke Quay.There’s a dinner going on with dearie colleagues this evening.Shall tag along due to dear request.
It’s his colleague after all,as I do not feel comfortable to dine together.Eventually,I went over for dearie refuse to let me have my own dinner.

Was feeling quite uncomfortable initally,but it’s only after the chatting session that makes me feel that I had not been left out after all as there was so much jokes and laughter everywhere in the conversation.

It was a nice dinner though.As for the food itself,well I do not really recommend as I still preferred the buffet at Swiss Merchant court hotel.
For those who wanna try the buffet at Novotel,it’s possible too.Maybe I’m too picky on food.

I love the area,Quake Quay.Be it in the evening or even at night,the atmosphere there was wonderful and could really relax after a long day at work.


I had learned more things each day_//

Started our day like this?

dearie had this for breakfast

while I had this…

together with this famous fried carrot cake

which we had got it from this stall at Boon Keng market

i shall cook this for dinner on Thurs evening

this shall be our dinner for today.

this path way shall lead us in to Punggol Park.

what a lovely foot prints.

i’m trying hard to lift myself up.

is dearie trying to exercise with this?

look at the nice view in Punggol Park.

How was our day like for a Sunday?We had our own family’s day,with dearie and myself.
The feeling was sweet and marvellous.

Down to market for the groceries at home.Finally had got our stuff for the week.
Of course,we were damn early this morning that gave us the chance for this yummy breakfast which we had.

The glutinous rice with chicken which we had was having a long queue when we dropped by last week.Surprisi
ngly,the queue was short today which we managed to have a taste of it.

Two thumbs up for the taste.

Did some housework at home for the day.Things like sweeping and mopping of floor,washing of clothing,cleaning of toilets,ironing of clothing.We shared the tasks differently and managed to have it done right before noon.

We had made it a point to have some exercise session every week,be it on a Saturday or Sunday.
I shall start with a walking before any jogging.
Now I strongly feel that not only do we have to eat healthy,we need to exercise more often.

This gave us the opportunity to jog/walk around Punggol Park which was one junction away from our love nest.
With this,we even had planned out the date for gym or even jogging in the park.

Dearie had always been my lecturer.As we walked round the park,he’s the one who kept giving me knowledge of why we must always have a good pair of running shoes whenever we go jogging.There’s a reason that lies on it.
With this reason,he wanna get me a pair of running shoes in order to get me to exercise more.

*The start of exercising shall begin soon*