Simple task in life_//

food matters more than anything else

i had this mee at Army Market,Beach Road

while dear goes for his favourite Japanese stall which ever advertise in the Tv.

this is damn cooling,but ladies can’t take too much of it.

caffe americano for dear

caffe latte for me….

love this chocolate digestive biscuit from Mark N Spencer’s

i love cheap deals,especially with nice shoes at a lower rate..
Loves Mondo!!!

grab my blusher and eyeshadow(shimmer) from “i nuovi”

Hui’s says this in Ning bloggie
hui: omg ur(ning blog) blog is so interesting.unlike someone’s. LOLS….

I do hope my blog is not as boring as to give others a bad time in reading.We write blog so as to give readers some interesting chapters of our lives.I had never wanted to write an uninteresting blog nor read a boring one of course.
I do wonder whose blog is Hui’s talking about for having such a boring bloggie?
It’s not mine of course..*smile*

Nevertheless back to my current topic,food.
We’ve travelled a long distance around Singapore again.It had been some time which we had hardly pass by for a meal.I do love the yummy yet cheap foodies over at Army market.

Knew both Ning and hui will be doing a part time duty at M)phosis,of course as their sister I should pop by and give them my fullest support.The only problem was that,I didn’t help them in buying any clothing.I’m trying to control myself of course.

Normally,after the clock strike 12pm,I dare not have any coffee so as it won’t keep me awake at night.But the problem was that,I drank! Drank a mug of caffe latte at 2pm…
Sort of regretted for having that,which I had tried comforting myself that it will be fine.
When it was almost 12 midnight,I actually had a small glass of DOM normally before I go to bed.
The hard liquor was giving me a sleepy effect,which I fall asleep the moment I lie down on bed.
There goes to my dreamland….
Perhaps I should try drinking coffee again in the afternoon?

I do have craving with the chocolate digestive biscuits which I simply can’t resist.
Especially when it’s having some sales,which makes me wanna grab it more.
Had spend a sum of money for my blusher and eyeshadow from i nuovi.It’s a must to get it,as I had actually run out of it.
Most importantly,there should be a change in my working shoes.This gave me a very good reason why I had purchased it.



loves Saturday

dear is too engross on the programme showing places in Japan

Qin love this environment too well

the name of the restaurant


the menu at the entrance of “Wakashachiya”

another view of this restaurant

the whole atmosphere was marvellous,,,
we are the only customer at this point of time

this was how the front page looks like

the menu ]]

the serviettes,toothpicks etc

our Japanese green tea

$16.70 for this set

$16.00 for this set

We ended up at”The Central”,Clarke Quay for the day.
The whole level 3 at Central seems to be Japanese restaurant,which I actually fancy very much.At this point of the time,we are making into a decision of going in to which of the
”best of all”.

Even for having dinner,we gonna make real wise decision.It was simply because,there was too many variety which we could hardly decide.
Shall we have Waraku?As we had wanted to have it some time ago.But the problem was that it do seems crowded with customers where we decided to come back other time for it.

At this moment,we’ve decided…..
Decided on this Japanese Restaurant known as”Wakashachiya” to settle for our meals.
It’s a restaurant selling more on Japanese curry with udon and different kind of side dishes.

My first time trying on Japanese curry,indeed it was real different from what we had.This Japanese curry was non-spicy which is suitable for people who can’t take spicy stuff.

Perhaps from now on,I shall pop by Central more often.Not only a great place for shoppers,it had nice scenery just outside the mall.Mostly importantly,there was countless of restaurants for me to choose.


Peng Catering 2008_//

Dear drives again..This time round we went to a ulu-ulu place for dinner.Not really an ulu place,as it was hidden among those bungalows at Hougang area.

”Peng Catering” was the name of this nice makan place.It do seems like eating in a non stressful environment where no one will ever thought of this place to disturb you..
This is the kind of feeling which I had while we had our meals there.
My parents in law joined us for this dinner.

My second time here actually.Still remember my first time that I came with my family members a few months back.The memories came back again today.

Not only was the food tasted nice,the whole atmosphere of the restaurant was soothing and relax.A total of about 8-10 tables and 2 of the tables was occupied,imagine how relax we were while eating.

Thumb up!!!


My childhood…From a child to an adult_//

*shy*my first portrait

Qin learning to crawl

wanna be a princess

i love the way mum had tie my hair with the lovely ribbons

Qin in kindergarten

my group of friends from Chua Chu Kang Sec Sch

yeah!! Qin during teenage time

Qin in the late teenage

Qin in late twenties*

Flipping through all my photos,and found those old memories.
Looking back of my growing up process and do felt kind of ”happiness,angriness,sadness and joyfulness..”

Simply love the way I look when I’m a little girl.Being cute is one thing while being cheerful is another.Photos when I’m young filled with happiness and joyfulness.There wasn’t any decision making,any stress nor problem.

Being a teenage,problem started to occur where my head will be facing the ground most of the time while walking.I dared not face people.Sometimes I do wonder,what will others think of the kind of look I have.Will friends feel embarrass with me walking around with them in school?
There was even one incident where I had to pass by one of the MRT station in the west.
With this person,not that I know of was actually passing bad remarks on me..
My heart broke instantly…..
Many times,I cried silently and even ask when will I ever grow to be prettier?
Will I be able to get married eventually?

Still remember when I’m in secondary and even in my late teens,I kept very short hair,slightly above my ears….I dare not keep long hair as it gonna make me looks old with it.
Thanks to this lady,a hairstylist which I had in one of the neighbourhood salon.
She gave me advices of that I should try growing my hair.Of course,thanks to the kind of hairstyle which she had given me,change my life ever since.

Being in my late twenties,many joyfulness and sadness of course.But one thing for sure,the Qin for this century had managed to walk out of the darkness,no longer facing the ground while walking.
Have my own mind set of life,my little love nest,my husband……

is growing up already*


Our Saturday at neighbourhood shopping mall_//


the new look of my DS Lite
”this game known as Cake Mania 2”…I love this game a lot!!!!

look at this..Have a closer look,this game is known as ”yoga”
and I had benefit it from this game..It teaches real yoga.

with my DS lite and this wireless handphone,they accompany me
during my short stay in the cafe of the library

The day was well spent in an efficient manner even at neighbourhood shopping mall.
We had decided not to spend this weekend in town.With this reason,we had spent half of our day in Delifrance early in the morning,let say around 930am till 11am which we proceeded to the cafe in the library.

The new game,cake mania 2 had helped me to pass the time over at the library.Of course,not forgetting the wireless PDA phone which I had with me.That was why,I’m able to surf net using this ”old phone of his”
Most importantly,this ”2nd hand PDA phone”(dear is the 1st user,while i’m the 2nd) shall be mine!!!
Felt sinful eventually,which I actually grab his old one for my own usage…

This new game was a good one which I can actually spend the whole day playing with it.
Most importantly it’s something new that fancy me.
Had actually ”decorate” my DS,it’s time for a change.

Time passes very fast,in a spin it’s already 2hrs after 12pm.We had spend a fruitfully time over at Compass Point,but of course we had spent quite a lot.
Firstly,breakfast at Delifrance,brunch at the cafe in the library and lastly our marketing for the dinner this evening.

*After all,it’s a wonderful day spent even if it’s at somewhere near.*


Simply wonderful,Simply the best!!!_//

simply the best

the hand gloves that prevent me from scalding.
It’s high time to change a chopping board

love the fragrant to this dried flower.
It’s an addition to the bathroom

with this nice photo frame from ikea,I gonna test skill for photoshop

it’s amazing,I did it!!!
And here it is,placing it at my TV console

the dried flower,not one but two….

the last one to be placed on the TV console

Most of the things from Ikea is nice and manageable.Of course talking about classy,it might not be that great,but somehow or other I do find it marvellous.
Some items for deco which I will surely get it from there,but not huge items of course.

Adding more stuff to my home is now my goal,on top of that I’ll try to do it in a way of not having a messy home.I prefer something simple that stands out,but not with lots of things which seems untidy.
*I want a neat home*

I actually felt great for making my wedding photos using photoshop to create a nice piece of photo and had it placed in my two photo frame from Ikea.
It fitted damn well.
Plus the glass with my dried flower matches great.

Now,I have a problem.What shall I do with my guest room.
Shall I convert it into a KTV lounge,or a place for relaxation with cushions and mat all around the floor with a lamp and side table,a place for tea session or just purely guest room,since it’s called a guest room?
Sometimes,I do think what shall I do with it.



Our upcoming Japan Trip_//

finally,this is the day

The statement which stated our 6D 5N Tokyo Trip

here it is,the itinerary for our 6D5N Tokyo guided tour

dearie managed to find a look of the aircraft which we will be taking
JAL,Boeing 747

Taking Japan Airline-JAL to Tokyo
Our flight should look like this

I’m not dreaming,it’s for real!!!Dearie is fulfilling my wish to Japan!
I really had him to thank for giving me this chance to.All along,I dare not even think about trip to Japan because of the price I gonna pay.
This time round,it’s him that gave me the chance to go.
*there’s no words that I could say for how I felt*

We booked our ticket with New Shan Travel,which my company is currently using them for my bosses trips.On top of that,a dear colleague of mine had actually asked me to check the rates with this agency.*Thanks little pretty*

Our upcoming Japan trip in December,flying by JAL(Boeing 747) for a 6D5N guided tour.
For this 6days trip,we will cover places like Mt Fuji,Disneyland etc,and of course a day of free and easy for me to get my gifts for friends and families.

Why flying by JAL?
Becasuse I’m going to Japan….*laughs*

Don’t wanna take SQ due to my last trip to Vietnam,no Cathy pacific due to my trip to HongKong therefore either ANA or JAL.In the end,we chosen JAL…..

*Counting down to December*


For the first and last of everything_//

yippee,it’s weekend again]

the menu at ”Ding Tai Feng”

just before the start of the lunch

i love this kind of wording,it seems so historical

the total bill to our meal

minced meat with noodle

Fried Minced meat with wanton

”xiao long bao” they call it

egg rice”dan dan”

gonna bring this mug for office use so as to boil my flower tea.

the total bill after seeing Doctor Ong.
Consultation costs $65.00 while those supplements cost $96.00

my supplements for 6mths

all these are great for boiling soup

this is the flower tea which I had purchased at
CK Tangs.5 different kind flavours.

Starting from this month onwards,I won’t be seeing Doctor Ong,my gyane till next year in March.He had wanted me to do a pap smear,which I am still trying hard to find the courage in doing it.Still,any time from now till next year,I can still go for the pap smear and even for the detail blood test.

He asked me this question”how long did it take for you to get pregnant during your last pregnancy?”
I answered: The 2nd month after my wedding.

Out of the sudden,I felt the pressure again and being moody once more.
On top of that,I saw my unfinished baby,his 3D scan in the file of my record with Doctor Ong.
It made me recall again.

From the moment,news of me being pregnant,seeing Doctor Ong for the first time,bleeding during my 2nd month,getting second opinion from another gynae,confirmation of my little Ethan had no more heartbeat,got him out of my uterus,saw the tiny him in the operation room,my confinement for a month….
All these hurts.I thought I might be able to forget it,but the shadow of it was still in my mind.

I am trying hard to adjust myself to be better.I simply need to take care of my body after that had happened.I’m trying…..

Doctor Ong had given me a six month supplements of Iron tablets and Folic acid.He wants me to carry on having them.Of course,it will be more heaty than anything.Still,for a better heath I gonna listen to what he had advice.

Bidding goodbye to his clinic at Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre,We made our way down for lunch at ”Ding Tai Feng”…..My first time there..Sound weird,as it was already in Singapore for lunch,and it’s my first try there.

It really tasted like”Taiwan” (laughs)Once in a while having some meal like this seems worth the price.

Happen to pass by CK Tangs and found some flower tea,which seems not a bad idea of boiling some in office for consumption.After all,we needed some drinks too for relaxation purposes…
With this reason,dearie got me a pack…


Talks about the past_//

What shall I blog about?About my hobby photoshop,about my new creation for foodies or even more about myself?
Lately,I had been looking at some forums where we can find those newly renovated homes.There was some nice ideas for those who are renovating their flat currently.

Looking back,sometimes I do think about the ways and ideas which we developed during our renovation period where there tend to have some satisfaction for the end product.
Not only on house talk,I do log in to some ”popular” forums in Singapore to give comments and some helps for those who are having their wedding preparation.Am I being nosey?
I hope not.

Could still remember there’s a thread where others had asked about ”whitelink”
Being an ex-bride of Whitelink,I shared my views and photos with them.
That’s me,I simply love sharing with others for things which I had been through.

There’s a red bomb dropped at my place this evening.It’s dearie colleague which I know of will be getting married this October.
It’s another one more in November plus two more in December.

This is a good year for wedding I guess not to mention the previous two which I had attended at the beginning of the year.

*Wedding,I love the process when everything was done in a perfect way*


Photoshop is a marvellous software that keep the learning ongoing

Photoshop done in year 2008

Photoshop done in year 2006

Photoshop done in year 2005

Trust me I am gaining back my past hobby which was ”The Photoshop”..
Frankly speaking,I had been doing it since year 2005.Due to laziness,I hasn’t had any hands one ever since 1 year back.But now,I could say,it’s back finally!!!!

I had actually sort them into 3 catergories(which you guys can see above),which was done in three different years.So which photoshop would you guys prefer?
Frankly speaking,I don’t have much skill in doing photoshop.In fact,I’m totally green in this interesting software.

Why would I want to pick up this skill?The answer to it was due to a whole group of my ex-kindergarten children which I used to have.I’m a perfectionist and would want to create nice CD for the little children on my very last day with them.
A photo alone doesn’t have much impact on the effect.It’s the ”photoshop”that will make the end product wonderful.

Therefore,with this I had decided to learn photoshop some years ago.Of course,behind the scene,I had a very great teacher who always taught me of how to use the ”hard tools=photoshop”
He was my dearie,of course.

Even until now,I am still practising of how to get real nice photoshop done on the photos.
Let’s share a skill or two of the photoshop together!

*Photoshop is a marvellous software which keep the learning ongoing*