The days of vegetarian starts from this moment_//

mark this month

Starting from the whole of this month,I gonna be a veggie eater.Strictly no meat,no fish at all.Yes,you are right,I will be a vegetarian for the lunar calendar 9th month which is starting from today.It’s a month exercise for me though.I had made this promises in front of Buddha.

There was actually a choice between lunar first or nineth,and I choose the latter.A greedy me can’t go without any delicious meal like fishes or meat on the first lunar month which is the Chinese New Year period.Therefore,I decided to go vegetarian on the 9th month.Shifu said either months will be good for me,that’s why I had decided this way.

I do wonder,will I be able to survive for this whole month without meat and fishes.I do hope I can,as this time round is not only having vegetarian for just Wednesday and Friday,but for the whole month!!! Whatever it is,I must keep reminding myself that this is one way to take away some bad karma from me.

*I dream again.*

This is the second related dream within two weeks.I feared of the dream that comes,I had been chanting and kept chanting the name of Buddha in my heart whenever I can’t get to sleep.I know this is my karma to ”him” and I really hope that by eating a month of vegetarian does help a bit of it.For repaying,I still gonna check it out with shifu again.


Seoul Garden for 2008_//

we wanna try Seoul Garden again

the layout still remains

for the soup


the ginseng soup and BBQ

we need lots of veggie too

the ice kacang that call the shots..

Somehow or other,something is wrong with blogger which I had a hard time uploading the photo before I could actually write this entry.Do hope that this problem can be solve soon if not,I will have a hard time trying to create an entry.

This shall be a very short post for our dinning out there…
Initially,we had wanted to settle our dinner at Changi Village again.To the beach with all the yummy food with us,but it’s Seoul Garden that capture our attention.It had been some time ever since we went for that.It’s actually strikes us and wanna have our dinner at Seoul Garden again after years of missing it.


It's feeling afterall_//

get prepared!

Pagoda in the temple of ‘Shuang Lin Si”

it’s amazing,seeing this wonder….

this way leading towards the temple

Goddess of Guan Yin,this way please

lotus growing in the pond just in front of the temple

catch this,nice photography isn’t it?

master bedroom 1 in the sample flat of HDB hub

master bedroom 2 in the sample flat of HDB hub

bedroom 3 in the sample flat of HDB hub

Kitchen 1 in the sample flat of HDB hub

Kitchen 2 in the sample flat of HDB hub

Love the new design of my bloggie.
I must say dearie is good in photoshop.There’s still a long way for me to learn from him despite the little skill which I know of.In fact I know nuts about it even until now.My photoshop skill is as bad as before though.

But for something simple,it’s still manageable.The simple photoshop was done by me for the new design of my blog.Still,gonna thanks dearie for all the ”copy and paste” in blogger template before the new design is ou

In an early Saturday morning,with just the two of us,we decided to head down to the temples around Singapore,you could say.It had been some time ever since our last visit to the temple in Toa Payoh.

There wasn’t much changes in the temple itself just that as before we hasn’t really figure out the way for offering in the place.Placing our palm together,we chant and pray for good health,safety and work.Something that made me uneasy was that,in between the chanting I do felt bits of unsecured.I wonder why?
Am I being unemotional or am I feeling nervous?But I can’t explain why do I have such feeling.
Perhaps I should just get shifu to explain this feeling for me.

Toa Payoh central was as crowded as before,lots of people in fact more couples.*smile*
Little wonder why it was damn crowded in the HDB Hub?There was this balloting exercise from HDB and this gave the reason why.

Just as dearie and myself was walking pass the place,we recalled again.
Think of the past,where we were standing at one corner near to the comp and kept checking on whether the flat which we gonna choose has it been taken up?

The jumping numbers were there for us to get ready in order to go into the office to choose our flat and for keys collection.Wow,this kind of feeling was coming back when we saw the crowds yesterday in HDB Hub.

There was this area where sample of 2 to 5rooms flat was set up for people like us to check it out.It shows the design that was done by HDB.Again,this was the area which we did check it out before we get our flat though.
Without second thought,I decided to give it a shot for the design found in the flats not knowing that people around me was also getting ready their camera,handphones for a snap too.

Was kind of feeling thankful that we had already gone through this,as I will never want to go through this hectic procedures again.
*Good luck for those who are in the midst of apply then*


My skill of cooking is back for the moment_//

again,showing my work here

smell nice,still eatable-

this old cucumber soup boiled with carrot and red dates
Is a great soup for cooling purposes…

Eventually,I’m back again for posting my cookery here.Hardly have the time to log into the cookery website for dishes which I had prepared.My bloggie here shall be the place for my recipe which I had done from now on until I decided to shift over to another site

It’s joyful,marvellous,enjoyable for finding new recipe to cook and it’s even more happier being able to cook for the one you love.
My colleague Cindy always said,”wow your hubby is going to be fortunate for having nice delicious food!!”
Actually,not really for that.In fact my husband is being my guinea pig for my experiments.

Used to hate cooking actually.Strictly no interest in cookery,but it’s having a house of our own makes me into cooking.I’ll ask colleagues who do cooking for help,or even go to the internet for recipe.I learn from all these and slowly pick up the art of cooking.
Perhaps I should start to register myself for some cookery classes in order to produce more yummy food in future.

I do find the old cucumber soup quite tasty when I had that one day back.It tasted a bit like what mum had boiled.It’s my first try on this soup,being able to achieve a little improvement for this,do I consider it a success?Of course,there’re some space of improvement still.

As for the fried rice,how shall I put it?It tasted just right,not too salty but kind of dry.
Maybe I hasn’t put in too much oil or abalone sauce or water?I am still figuring it out why..
Do hope that I can improve more on this skill.


Travelling to Taipei again_//

Initially our plan was to go to Shanghai and Zhe Jiang Ning Bo province next year,but still not too sure about when departing.

Perhaps,there’s a change of plan now.

Had made a phone call back to mum,telling her this piece of good news.

I will want to fufill this wish for my parents which they never had a chance to fly over to any country yet for the moment.

Yes,we are going oversea again.This time round,I will sponsor the air tickets and accomodation for dad and mum to Taipei.

Hmm,why Taipei again?

Well,it’s another different atmosphere,this time round with dearie and my parents,most likely with hui and ning,plus it’s Mum wish too.

All along,mum had a wish to visit Taiwan for it’s famous for yummy food.Therefore,I wanna be one of her fillial daughter to grant her this wish by sponsoring her for this trip next year.I bet she will be more than happy to accept this arrangement.

Somewhere in March or in September,we had yet to decide on either months…


The ongoing weekends_//

the casual day

Isn’t this nice?It’s specially for my Buddha.

the wanton mee just along the road side towards the temple

At starbucks,an internet cafe where both dearie and myself
can access to internet while having some tea break

After a week of waiting,this is my new spec which dearie had
purchased for me…
*Yeah,had a gift again*

my spec from Capitol Optical

My latest purple spec that costs $308…..

my first expensive spec that is made in Japan…

Just for the fun of it,dearie and myself had stepped into the optical store..It’s the frame that had attracted me the most.I felt like giving myself a new pair of spec after wearing the old one for more than 2years,as the previous one which I had seems kind of old-fashioned which I simply dare not wear it out.

At the same time,I would not want to fork out a sum of money just to make myself a new pair of spec..But with a word from dearie,*he pays for it*gave me a chance to have a new pair.

The degree for both eyes actually decrease by about 50,which was good.The only bad thing was that my astigmatism actually increased quite a bit. I had a total of 440 degree of shortsighted…..

I can actually go without spec everywhere I go but not for watching tv. People ask,”then do you wear contact lenses?” I don’t and will not.I had phobia in wearing contact lenses,I’m worried and scared of it. I rather go without spec than wearing the contact lenses.That was why when others smiled at me,I won’t be able to see their expression. This often gave others a bad impression of me being rude,which I simply won’t be able to see it from far.

Nevertheless,this was my most expensive spec ever since I started wearing it more than 12 years ago.This shall be my first and last ”made in Japan and multi coat spec”….. Our brunch was actually at one of the store near to the temple.Had never tried the wanton mee around that area,gonna give it a try for it and see how it tasted.
Overall,it tasted just as well but still there should be some space for improvement.

The day before,we actually went down to shifu place for advises again.This time round,he hopes that we can have a small
urn for placing some rounded joss stick for our Buddha at home.It will do us some good eventually.
We had decided to get a real small one,but not for placing those long joss stick.Ours was a mini size joss stick which was rounded just like a pagoda. After placing it at home,I strongly feel that it was like a modern Buddha alter at home!!!!

It was such a relaxation as in having our tea snack in a cafe where there’s internet access. Not only can we have some fragrant tea and cakes,chatting online and using the internet. It’s such an enjoyable programme to do.

*We should plan more of this in the future*


The Japanese Cafe that worth some marks_//

The Japanese food that we love

dearie ,trying to be funny

while i had a serious yet smiling look

The front view of the store

In the cafe itself


The Japanese dumplings


Our night ended with a Japanese dinner…
Sometimes even on a weekday,we will meet up for dinner after work.This is commonly seen only when I’m too lazy for cooking.Another possibilities was that there was simply too many temptation out there that I can’t resist.

This Japanese cafe which we went was actually a combination of a restaurant and food court.The only special about this Japanese cafe was that,it’s a stand alone store by itself with some tables and a counter top facing opposite the chief.
It’s kind of unique with a layout like this that attracted customers.

Dearie strongly recommend the Japanese dumplings which I too find it yummy.It’s the first Japanese dumpling which worth some marks from me.The portion was huge,it can actually be shared between two person.

Being greedy,we had two different set which made us felt too full to walk after the meal.
Not knowing that we can actually share the food.
A nice place for dinner or even for lunch.

*It’s simply like eating in Japan*


Sentimental songs are worth singing_//

Qin’s favourite……

What’s my favourite other than my dearie.It’s singing,that’s for sure.
I had love singing and even love to step into kbox for a song or two.That was my favourite hangout for the past two years.

It had been a while ever since I step into the lounge again.

It’s time for me to step into one soon.Shall call up my usual gang for this lovely programme.
I miss singing and miss even more to sing the song of Teresa Teng.

I simply love her song as much as I love myself.Her songs make me cry and laugh.Her sweet voice was forever in my heart.

Some of her songs which I love it and will not go home without singing it at kbox are as following.
These were some of the songs by Teresa Teng that I sang,there were more which was not posted here.The main songs that allows me to sing more was those above.

缘投囝子 , 难忘的爱人 , 再見我的愛人, 難忘初戀的情人 , 在水一方,
我怎能離開你 , 漫歩人生路 ,
, 安平追想曲 , 雪中蓮, 愛像一首歌, 追夢, 偿还, 賣肉粽, 不著痕跡….

You guys must be wondering,why do I choose old songs for singing.That’s me.I’m a sentimental person.I yearn for old and not for new.This was one of the reason.The other was that,like mentioned I love her song too much.

Therefore,it’s a must to sing her song whenever I step into kbox.
Ever since young,I had love singing to bits.Whenever there’s a new drama with new songs,I would memorize and sing as though the wall is my audience.
Even until now,I hasn’t give up singing.
Whenever there was a singing session coming up anywhere,I’ll always agree dash for it.

*Therefore,Qin can’t go without singing.It’s my past and future*
[Sentimental songs are worth singing]

Coris the home of Delon and Sherryl_//

Blogging about our lovenest-Compassvale”The Coris”

Design of Coris looks like this.
It’s extremely beautiful at night with lights shine through the full length window

the decoration which was use on the coffee table

this was one side of the hall…

the combination of red and black sofa
together with a piece of dark mirror behind it

this was how one side of the hall looks like

Another view of the other side of the hall in Coris

simply love our wedding photos.
Therefore,this is the reason why I had photoshop it and display it around the hall

this was how the hall looks like upon stepping into the flat

love my red wall and the downlights that shine on.
Of course with the help of this unique hour and minutes hand

well,still lack of a dinning table(soon to come)
The corridor that lead to the bedrooms

Kitchen cabinets that starts from this row..
I simply can’t do without my Toshiba rice-cooker,
Endo thermal magic cooker and Zojirushi Airpot

the stove that lead towards the sink

the sink which I can’t go without for washing
huge amount of dishes and cups

Finally,had reached the end of the kitchen.
A mini window at the edge of the cabinets with a little door
towards the service yard where I hang all my clothings using the built in metal rod

the whole look of our kitchen

This used to be an empty room for guests.
Right now,we decided to name it an entertainment room where we can chat,play games,
do reading over here

Finally with the set up of the Japanese Lantern which
I love it sooo much.

Entertainment room with curtain roll up.

Another feel of the room,with curtains roll down.
In whole,this room is not really ready yet as more stuff is yet to come.

This way lead to the master bedroom.
The maindoor and the door for washroom

the newly bought bedsheet from Aussino that had brighten
up my day

this is how the master bedroom had look like.
The wall had a darker pink than the previous room

The size of the LCD screen strongly tells the difference for dearie and myself.
Hers-on the right and His-on the left

Our work station at home,the studyroom Dearie had a blue cushion on his arm chair while mine is a pinky pink…

Coris is about One year and five months from the day we shifted in. “The Coris”,this was the name given for block 264-266…Coris was stationed in Compassvale near Buangkok MRT Station with just less than 10minutes of walk.

With this,I benefit the name too.Each time friends ask where am I staying,I tend to tell them this,I’m staying at Coris in Sengkang near to Buangkok area. It do seems a long way to pronounce where I am staying..*smile*

Nevertheless,it had been more than a year of stay and there tend to have more and more changes.With this,I had even wanted to do more and more decoration for Coris. Mostly almost all the same reminded the same except for some of the appliances which we had bought lately.
Not forgetting some of the deco which we had purchased from ikea.

Just yesterday,we made ur way to ikea to get some of the lovely cushions for our entertainment room which we had initially wanted to make it as a guest room. Two big red cushions and two big Japanese lanterns.
There is more to come,I suppose.
Currently still lack of a small red shelve and some board games,if permit we will place a small Tv with a home theatre PC in the room.

The master bedroom remains except for the change of new bedsheet which we had got it from Aussino.Dearie and myself had set our eyes on it the moment we saw it.Somehow or other it had a little matching look for our room. Without second though,we got it straight!

As for the work station,our study room…Hopefully there will be more changes. I had wanted to change the memo board into something transparent and black.. This shall be the next step for now.

There wasn’t much of a change in the living room as well as the kitchen.They remain the same except for the newly bought thermal magic cooker for kitchen and some of the deco purchased for the hall.There was some discussion that we might be making a new set of curtains again from the previous company which we had got it from.

*Therefore,look out for more changes in Coris the love nest of Delon’s and Sherryl’s*


Encounter at Haw Paw villa

Believe it?This is my second time to Haw Paw Villa.My first was at the age of 14yrs old.More than 10 years of differences and here I am visiting this place of interest once again.
The only changes was that the entrance fee was free of charge compared to years back when I first came.
Not much of a changes,just that the 10 courts of hell had some slight changes.No longer the boat ride in the cave.

What makes me came over for a visit?My dear boss,Cindy gave me the inspiration to once again visit this place plus the interest that I had in history makes me had the urge to come over.
It was really an eye opening even after years later.This made me increase my knowledge in ”buddhism”

Something that caught dearie eye was the swimmers in the pond,the turtle and fishes.With this reason,we got some packs of fish food for them.They were overjoyed with food.We could strongly read their mind by their actions given.
In short,we might want to drop by to feed them with food again someday.

It was a true encounter with a day like this.In fact,with a beautiful weather like this,
(cloudy)our mind seem happier than normal.Not only are we able to fill our mind with joy upon the feeding the fishes,it gave us a satisfacation feeling..