Good or Bad Karma_//

Qin gonna talk about relationship
between colleagues in her office*

I had a bunch,yes it’s a bunch of irritating,immature people in my office.
Perhaps I can only voice out in my bloggie to my readers.I rather maintain a great relationship with people in my work place,but I simply can’t obtain this kind of result.
The problem does not lies with me but with the rest.

Of my 8years working experiences,this is the first time which I had encountered this kind of problem.I had been asking myself this question,why is this so?Had I not done enough to build a good relationship with them?
The answer to this question was,I did!!!!!
Had been trying very hard to build a good one with them,but it seems they do not appreciate and agree with what I do.

The first company which I come across ”a bunch of colleagues”…When needed help from you,they tend to be especially nice to you,but once the job is done,they kick you far away just like a dirt.I do wonder why such people do extinct in this world.
Currently,I am finding a way out.I don’t wanna stick to this detest place.
No doubt that I won’t bump into people like them in other places,but I strongly believe,it will not be as bad as here.

Just when I’m in real needs,when ”this group of people” do silly things to me.I thought of karma.It’s bad karma that these people gonna obtain and they will bring it with them to their next life.Shifu always told us this teaching,no matter how people treat us,we just give them our very best blessing.In this way,we will get good karma ourselves…Yes,I must think of this…

Remember this phrase



Miscelleous talk_//

after 3 days of wait

It’s here,finally it came!!!The season parking which dearie actually applied for on Sunday came today.With this,we don’t have to worry about not putting the coupon for night parking.
It had been 2 days without placing any night parking.As far as we are concern,as long as we did apply for it,the system has already recorded the vehical number.

Being very kiasu,I decided to get something for protection from shifu so that we can placed it in the car whenever dearie drives on the road.It was to play safe then.I believe that Buddha be there to protect us if there’s anything unsafe.
I trusted Buddha a lot.

I had actually save on transportation for these 2 days of work upon returning home.It’s good for me,as I can save some of the fee on public transport so as to use the extra cash to contribute a bit of top up of petrol then.It do seems a good idea for it.*laughs*

I coughed quite a lot in the office today.All of the sudden in the afternoon,I felt kind of muscle aching again.Don’t tell me I hasn’t fully recovered?
My stomach bloating and feeling nausea.I have itchy throat and sore throat despite the medication.When can I fully recover???


Being sick again after 2 weeks later


This is the second time being sick after the previous one which was 2 weeks ago.Meaning,my 2nd medical leave for this month.Was feeling rather sick since yesterday morning when working.
Muscle ache,cold,slight running nose,bad sore throat and cough,headache….

I had tried not to get any medical leave again since 2 weeks back.Still the pain doesn’t seems to go off after popping a painkiller in the office yesterday.The irritating feeling comes back during the night just before I got into the bed and rest for the day.From here,I knew it….I must see a doctor early in the morning today,most importantly to see one under my company panel.
All along,I had been seeing this doctor from my parents place,without fail this time round gonna see the same doctor again.

Dearie drove me all the way from Sengkang to Bukit Panjang.I was sleeping for the whole day at my parents place after seeing the doctor.The feeling of being sick was bad.
When dearie came to pick me up after work,I was still in my dreamland…This shows how sick I was then.

But who can understand?Applying for sick leave seems sooo difficult for this company.This is the second time that I had encounter such a problem.If I can bear with the pain and being sick I will give up the idea of seeing a doctor.The problem was I’m really feeling damn sick with all the sickness stated above.
I’m feeling sad while being sick.Why for goodness sake that I will encounter this.I really felt so restricted that I still have to try and go back to work when being so sickly.There wasn’t seems to have any colleagues being understanding to me except a few of them.

Decided to pen down my grievences here before the medication in me start to turn me drowsy.
Human being fall sick too,who don’t?This is my philosophy to those who heck care about how I actually felt.


The programme during a public holiday_//

it’s a fruitful trip afterall

nice deco specially for Deepavali..
Located at Changi Airport Terminal 2

nice jasmine tangling on the tree

hmm,what do you call this flower then?

I’ve cooked…
Had this xiao bai chye being boil and added with vegetarian oyster sauce.
As for this vegetarian fish which I got it from a store,just have to warm it up.
This shall be our dinner for the evening.

There’s a couple of places which we had travelled for this public holiday.The programme was changed actually due to a reason.That was why I’m able to go for a spin to places with dearie.

We were actually sick and tired of the vegetarian food which was a few blocks away from ours that we decided to try our luck at the food court of Changi Airport though.True enough,there was this stall selling vegetarian which made me felt that we didn’t waste our trip there.
The moment we finished our brunch,we actually saw this marvellous deco at the Airport and decided to capture this.I bet there were many people like us who wanna take a snap of it.

Just as we were walking around at terminal 2,I’ve raised a question to dearie.I had asked him on the date of our departure,which terminal will we be for the check in.His answer was terminal 3.
For a moment,I was like ”wow,,terminal 3”The latest terminal of the airport which we gonna board the plane from there.Not forgetting,SQ latest flight,A380 was there too.*laughs*
Plus one more thing which was so coincidental was that my handsome cousin and his pretty wife who will be getting married this coming Saturday,is going for their Japan trip too in December.
The only differences was that their departing date is slightly earlier than us.

From the Airport,we gonna make our way to NUH for a visit to hui’s dad who was hospitalise for nearly 2weeks.Really giving thanks to Buddha who had made him healed real fast.
This made me understand that,we have to treasure everyone in our families or friends as we don’t know what is going to happen next.Life seems so fragile then.

Lack of some groceries for home that made us find our way down to Giant’s Tampines.It was crowded with people everywhere you walk.Even for parking,it seems real hard.Due to the signboard which says carpark full plus the rain that shower heavily.

So much for the purchasing,I gonna prepare the dinner for this evening.It’s a simple vegetarian dishes which we can easily make at home for makan without having to packet dinner.It’s always good to place a vegetarian oyster sauce in the fridge,as it goes very well with veggie that just needed to boil and consume.
With this,we settled our dinner at home without thinking of where to have our meal.


Dearie going for his reservist soon_//

what is it all about?

Dear gotten report for reservist soon and the problem was he can’t attend the wedding dinner with me next weekend.Oh my,it’s such a waste though.
Seeing the screen,dearie had told me that he will be call in for reservist and he needed to get most of stuff ready by then.

Still lack of some of the basic toiletries and stuff that we went down to the Army Market at Beach road for the purchase.It was as crowded as normal.Personally I don’t like the idea of going to the Army Market,of course not for makan,but dislike the idea of feeling the heat between the stores around.It’s mostly for army boys and guys who are reporting for reservist.
I rather sit at the food centre for some food then.*smile*

Dearie spent the whole morning packing some of the necessity for next week.Seeing how he pack and stuff all the items into the zip lock bag seems interesting.This made me understand that even for big items we can even make it into something real small.
From here,I had learned something.That is,next time when we go oversea,I will put my clothing into the zip lock bag and make it till very small so that it will not take up too much space.
Somehow or other,this is a very good idea then.


A month of vegetarian passes by so quickly_//

it’s the final week for vegetarian exercise,time flies eventually

this is one of the stall which we had our vegetarian at Fortune Centre

look at this,we are able to eat out there plus
there’s some groceries for purchase…

my vegetarian style of bak chor mee

dearie -vegetarian style of hor fun

of course,this stall sells nice vegetarian groceries.
I can’t help getting some for home.

Another 4 more days to go,and I’ll end the exercise for vegetarian taking in a month.It’s not that hard though and what’s more surprising was that the moment I saw fried carrot cake,fried kwey tiao,I do felt a sense of nausea.Somehow or other,my appetite change.
Trying to figure out what are the causes of all these then.

Nevertheless,I fell in love with these vegetarian stall located at Fortune Centre.Not only with the food but more on the groceries which they sell.I am beginning to like vegetarian groceries.
Look at those above,I grab a vegetarian fish asam sauce for dinner tomorrow.Not only that,there are some titbits too to be eaten during leisure time.

The first time which we try on the food serve at this stall.Hmm,how do I put it?The dishes here do have the taste of a vegetarian.It’s yummy in the sense,that was the reason why it does attract some customers during lunch hours.

My vegetarian day from now on after the month exercise will be every Wednesday,Thursday and Friday for a week of four,plus every first and fifteen of the lunar calendar.
Not too sure would I be able to adjust back to my normal makan style after this month,or should I just carry on having vegetarian until the time which I have my normal meals?
*thinking hard*


In order to lose,then only a gain will come by easily_//

Really,thanks for the blessing.
Things had worked out well now.

Really,it’s a disaster one after another.Firstly about dearie,secondly about myself…
It do seems that everything is not too right for us ever since the start of this year.Perhaps this is not a very good year for both of us though.
The path throughout the whole journey of this year was shaky along the way.We seek lots of help from people around us,but it doesn’t seems to work out well.

Upon meeting up with shifu,things start to work out well from worst to bad and now to good.We are like young children falling down on the ground and gradually learning to stand up again.
I strongly believe it’s the Buddha which we had put our faith in helps us the most.This made me even wanted to put all my heart into praying.To pray with all my heart and mind,because Buddha is there for us.
Like what shifu always said,we must always learn to put our faith in and pray sincerely.Things will work out well eventually.
Upon listening to this,I totally agreed with what he said and learning to pray hard.

Dearie was kind of lost in his journey to a good career,he had wanted to resign for quite some time until recently with a word of shifu,dearie send in his resignation letter.At this point of time,he is just waiting for an offer,which was yet being approve.
It was kind of risky in a sense where he actually resigned without a job on hand.
But we strongly believe that Buddha will be with us based on what shifu said.

At the same time,shifu did told dearie to just tender and a good job will be on his way in soon.Like what he said”in order to gain,you gonna lose first”
Wow,with this phrase which shifu said,I put all the trust in him..
From now on,I must pray even harder than normal

True enough,dearie tendered yesterday and a job came by today.It’s still a government sector afterall..*smile*


A year of sadness_//

It turns a year,a year of sadness.. 23th October 2007
How do I put it?Today it’s the anniversary of baby Ethan,our unborn baby boy that was being operate out from my womb.If he’s alive,he should be exactly 5mths old(Edd is on the 21st May 2008)

These are the dates which I could remember clearly.If you ask will I be sad,the answer will be I’m sad,but what’s the point of being sad then?It’s gone,gone forever and never be back. But recently,he’s back to see me in my dream.Yes,I dream of him!!Not once but twice….

This was exactly the reason why Shifu had performed something for us at home so as to prevent any connection between me and Ethan.The reason why I dream of him was that we are mother and son,I do think of him quite often and ”he” does think of me too,this was the reason why we were connected during this period..(Being analyze by shifu)

Ever since I know he is back to see me,I felt frighten by the fact and cried as I really missed him too much.But it’s really the time to let it go,he don’t belong here in this world. Therefore,in order to repay the sin of Ethan and myself,I can only eat vegetarian,no meat and kept praying to give blessing to the unborn Ethan so that he can rebirth soon. Most importantly,I must not think of him now so that the path throughout this journey will be smooth,and ”he” will knows the road to go.

I know this might seem ridiculous to many of you,but for those who believe in Buddha you will understand what I mean here.Below archive is the month last year which I gotten Ethan out during a 30mins operation.

If you guys wanna ask when will I want to have a second child,(Ethan is my first)I’m afraid not being able to say when it will be,I strongly believe that Buddha will know when is the right time for one.The time will tells…



To someone who those show respect to me as a staff…_//

I wanna complain!!!

Supposedly to be neat as now

But it turns out this way…

I kinda felt being ”not my job for doing this everyday”…
Yes,I do understand as a receptionist,it’s my duty to arrange a nice and neat reception area.But there tend to have some others who take things for granted.Sometimes,I even felt that others don’t respect my job scope and they wanted me to do more than what I’m suppose to.

Personally,I felt that this is not very right and it shouldn’t be this way in the first place.We are all human being and working for the same company,what’s right is there to be for giving me extra work?
This person who enjoys reading newspaper,which every now and then there is a must who read and goes off with all the shit left behind while I am sure to be the one who will clear it.

I am currently finding the courage to tell this person off.Just because I needed this rice bowl which made me think twice before I proceed to do anything rash.
Sometimes I do tell myself,even if we were reading papers at a reception area,we often will clear up the papers neatly for the next person.This staff here actually don’t have this thinking which made me real pissed off.

I do hope this person will take the initiative to clear the papers after reading,and mostly importantly,I’m not her maid at home and please show me some respect even though you are some ”important person” in this company


Look!It's so amazing to play around_//

Oh gosh,It do seems so real.We are being advertise in some advertisments!!!No need for any fee for advertising,we can do it so freely over here.Had found this cute website for all these play.In fact,there’s lots of laughter for the copy and paste when I show it to my colleague.It was damn amazing being able to play around with photo with the help of this programme.

Try it,it’s fun.