its sunday,happy day

off to Tampines again

hui and myself ;taken at luan’s place

our group photo then

luan and myself taking a shot

2nd aunty together with hui

it’s 2nd aunty and mum

our group photo for the day

Luan dislike taking photo,but not hui

our last piece of photo for the day…

It’s a thankful Sunday.We get to sing,get to have steamboat over at 3rd uncle place.
Frankly speaking,this is my first time visiting his place for a singing session.He had this karaoke system at his place where he loves to invite others for a song or two.

Of course,I will never give up the chance to be there for the karaoke session then.
It’s really a get around with some relatives seen yesterday and I found out that they can be good singer too.

The feeling was great.Once in a while with relatives getting around,be it chatting or for karaoke,it do seems in a great relaxation after all our busy day at work.
Perhaps dear hubby was quite bored over the time,as he hardly enjoy singing then.
But one thing for sure was that,he had”finally” heard my singing…*wink*

Not forgetting to snap a photo or two for this wonderful event.Grabbing anyone which we can find from the house for a photo taking.Just because hui and myself simply love it!
Above are some of the photos taken for the day,which we ended the day around 10pm in the evening.


Children talk for the day_//

The day was marvellous with relatives gathering.Location at Tampines.
We had this kind of gathering twice per year excluding Chinese New Year though.

When cousins like us was young,we will gather together and have a little chatting session filled with joy and felt so blessed for it.We will always look forward to this kind of gathering every year.But the only differences for this year was that two cousins of mine actually brought their daughters along for this gathering.It was a great feeling…

With cousin Qian Xia bringing her newborn baby,Katie and Cousin Kailun bringing her little Karis..It sure put in some great entertainment for all the people.Wow,this year we have two little members joining in.I believe with years to come,cousins getting married,there sure to have more little babies coming into this family of ours.
Most importantly,I had graduated to be ”Ah Yi” ever since I had two nieces here.

Frankly speaking,I do look forward to little babies coming into our big family in the years to come.May baby dusts to all cousins to wanna have their first prince or princess,even with their second babies coming in!!!!!

Peharps by 5pm today,we already reached Serangoon Broadway.The reason for this was to have a family photo taken at the in laws side.
Sister in law had graduated from SIM where dearie had graduated from NUS,both of them wearing their own set of graduate robe from the studio and have the family photo taken then.

Somehow or other,I do feel proud standing between two under-grads for a photo taking session then.Eevn though I’m not good in studies,but do felt a sense of warmity standing between the two of them.

Just as I was standing viewing the photos taken from under-grads,I thought of something.
I wished my future child would be as smart as his/her daddy and ”Gu Gu” together with the ”clever genes” from the daddy side then.

*It’s a wish then,which I do hope it will come true*


I am not well! I needed rest!_//

cutie cutie ”moo moo”

I puke again!!It’s countless time though.
This time round,at the car park of HDB Hub where we gonna headed to Pastamania for our vegetarian pasta.
The feeling was bad upon getting out of the car,I swallow lots of sour plum but it doesn’t help on me.In fact I puked out sour plum which was not digested in my stomach.
Getting out of the car,I asked dearie for a plastic bag.Was thankful that there was one in the boot,where i grabbed without much thinking,and puked.
I used all my might to vomit it out,but it was useless.Nothing but just some watery liquid.
*oops,I do sound disgusting here*

The after effect was damn good.I felt refreshed immediately after vomiting.Could therefore headed straight to Pastamania for our vegetarian pasta then.Feeling good after the makan even though I can’t manage to finish up my pasta.
It’s really craving then.Had sms-ing dearie around 5plus this evening telling him,I wanna have vegetarian pasta for dinner today.

I know I’m damn weak,but really I can’t do anything to it.Will be on medical leave for the four days next coming week which I had initially applied for yesterday.
Dearie had personally made an effort to go down to Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre to collect the medical certificate from my doctor then.

Really,at this point of the time,I needed more rest.Therefore,I heck care whether how many people will understand this at work place,but it’s doctor approval for my rest next week.In real fact,I was given medical leave ever since this week till end of next week.Due to work,I still force myself to be back even though I am feeling so tired and feeling uncomfortable.

After some recall,I found out something.That was I’m not able to take any bread for the time being,bread made me puke,which I don’t know why.
Had actually observe for a few days upon taking my bread,the same effect comes out.

*Guess this ”ah qin” here seems to be the weakest women on earth!*


A little encounter with Maybelline today then_//

Long Long Ago,,,
This photo taken quite some time ago, which we both change quite a bit

The author Chris Pringle

Signed by the author

The summary of what this book is all about

A gift from Maybelline,My ex colleague…

Finally after 5mths of not seeing Maybelline,I met her today!!!!
Wow,the feeling was great.It seems as though we are working together again,with her as our HR Administrator and myself,the receptionist.

She had changed a little bit,that’s cause her hair had grown longer and more colorful.Was seem as cheerful as before and we chatted quite a bit before the time is gone.It was forever a nice chat with her then.
Somehow,I do hope that she doesn’t leave my current workplace then where we normally chat at the recept as occasionally she will pass by for a little chat then.
Really,do missed those days then.

Maybelline gave me a gift today.It was nice of her to give me this little book from author Chris Pringle..This author is a Christian and she talks about miscarriage and a new life after which.
Even though I’m not a Christian,but the author do shares some of the stuff in her real life after a miscarriage and how she overcome it and became pregnant again.

Some time ago,I did shared with Maybelline about my miscarriage and how that”little one” find his way back to see me….As a Christian herself,she doesn’t believe in all these but somehow she did told me to pray for it.I strongly believe that she is trying her best to help me which I thank her for all these.
Still,I’m a buddhist and believe in karma.Knowing that Maybelline is my ”Gui Ren” then.

It was nice of her to remember every single word that I had told her about.With this,she came across this book from this Christian author that she grabbed it for me and was given to me as a gift.She said this book will let me reflect what had happenned to me in the past and what will happen currently.She hopes that I can take good care of myself from now on then.

Really felt thankful to her,and I could say she understand me more than others who see me everyday…*winks*


The letagetic me_//

Sorry for the lack of post.Lately I had not been feeling very well to do any blogging.Perhaps ”Ah Qin” is getting old,that explain why.

I hasn’t thought much of blogging though.Really don’t have the energy to do so.The moment I look at the PC,I felt a sense of tiredness that prohibited me from doing anything.I just wanna lie flat on bed and sleep throughout the whole night after a long day at work.

Always had a bad day at work,I could hardly concentrate on what I am doing.I no longer feel so energetic at work,which somehow I really hope that the time will pass by faster so that I can just get back home,have a hot bath and jump right into my bed and ended the day.

Friends or families members who know will understand my feeling,but not for others.

The blood test was out from the doctor,the result was good and this mean I don’t have to take any injection from every now and then.Still,this doesn’t mean that in the long run I can stay away from it.

I suppose there will be another round of blood test coming up again,be it a matter of time.

Another matter which I wanna share was,supposedly to be going for our ”Honeymmon trip to Japan” next coming Friday will be postpone to next year.Gonna thanks the tour agency for allowing this due to a special letter from the Doctor that gave us this postpone.The only bad thing was that the air tickets was already issued from the airline which I suppose we gonna pay for the admin fee no matter what.

Still,was thankful that the agency do allow for our ”postpone trip to next year”

*Given the fact that we can’t visit Japan this year,still we can look forward to go next year as our deposit is still with the tour agency then…*


Sherryl's is learning to stay strong and happy for this crticial moment_//

Felt bad for my absence lately.Hasn’t been able to blog as regularly as I used to be.Still I’ll try my very best to upload any news of me in the long run as like before.
There tend to have some unhappiness stuff happening in the office which made me felt real uneasy.In short,I really have the urge to tender!

Somehow or other,I really can’t stand that fellow colleague which I had.Some day this week,she actually ichat me regarding a small matter which was actually a long long incident.It seems that she was too free for any work,that she just wanna dig out old story and get me to do it for her once more.In my heart,I’m thinking,never!!!!
I would never ever help her with this even though it was my duty last time then.It was already a history.
I would help,but it gonna depend on what kind of person you actually are before I offer my help to you.I’ve learn to be smarter then,I’m no longer a chess in your board game that allow you people to move me anywhere you like.

Immediately after this matter,I felt sick again….
This explain my absence for not blogging for the last few days then.Was on medical leave for 2days on the Tues and Wed,it’s only yesterday which I gone back to work.Yet this afternoon,I had another half day medical leave….
Had made appointment for this actually,and had my blood drawn this afternoon…*It’s painful*

If the result for this blood test come out just as well,I can save the pain for having injection.Well if it’s doesn’t,perhaps injection is the best way for this.
During this period of time,I must learn to stay happy and not bother about what others think of me.I had already done up with my part,whether the rest of them accept it or not is not a business of mine.

*If you guys have any nice interesting joke,do share some with me….*


Our blue chevrolet brought us everywhere today_//

it’s Sunday again!!

dearie favourite!!!
Blue chevrolet parked at The Coris

Side view of the blue chevrolet

The main seat in there…..
Yet to decorate.

The yummy toasted bread to my liking!!!

Love this Malaysia style of wanton mee…..

We had got up especially early this morning.As early as 640am to do our marketing.The blue chevrolet left Coris at about 730am towards Boon Keng Market.

Just as dearie drove pass Kovan,he pointed this small coffee shop where it does sells yummy toasted bread and Malaysia style of wanton mee.
Without further thinking,we decided to turn back to this coffee shop for our breakfast before heading to the market.

We were damn lucky then,with some parking lots available and some seats there at the coffee shop
Without much waiting time,our bowls of mee was here together with the yummy toasted kaya and butter bread.
My second time having the food here.
Dearie and myself simply love the toasted bread over there,which dearie will recall and tell me some history during his NS time.Very often,he will drop by this area for the nice toasted bread as his camp is just up the hill.

Despite one bowl of noodle,and 2 slices of toasted bread,I’m still not full then.Would love to have another piece.Oh my,I had becoming so greedy then,but it’s simply tasted real great that I can’y help thinking of having another piece.

We start our journey up to the market and got there by 840am…
Collected our jasmine garland with some loose orchid.Red dates and scallop look good at Hock Hwa,which made me purchased some.
The fish which was sliced individually was bought by us too for our porridge cooking with scallops as one of our meal today.


An encounter that made me remember for life_//

It’s Tak Po again!!

The table set up at Tak Po

There it was”Tak Po”

century egg with minced meat porridge.*yummy*

Some yam cake

prawn dumpling

char siew bun which was really very nice

siew mai that was forever my love

egg tart and char siew pastry

The morning Tak Po doesn’t seem to have much customers.Perhaps it’s in the morning that’s why.The dim sum that was lighten up to it’s name which we had always wanted to give it a try even though we had that some time again.
With those dim sum,our total damage is only 20bucks for 2.It do seems worth the price for yummy food like this then.

We had stepped into Eu Yan sang rather late,perhaps around 920am in the morning.The queue was as long as 20 over patients before us.Queue number was at 23 while our number is 49 and 50….It’s a long way to go before seeing the sinseh.Therefore,we had our breakfast over at Tak Po.

By 10plus,we had headed back to Eu Yan Sang with the screen showing queue number of 33..Which was still far away from our number.The rain was there which made us seated on the bench in the clinic.I felt asleep the minute I was seated.10 more plus of patients to go before it’s our turn.By the time it’s our turn to see the sinseh,it’s already 12pm.
This made me understand that,next week upon coming to see the sinseh,we must drop by as early as 8plus to get the queue number given the fact that they are open at 9am.

Before the more incident that had passed for half of the day.Something shocking and scary happened.Meeting my dearest uncle at his place,where dearie will be fixing his computer for both his child,Gui Luan and Yijie,my two chubby cousins.

What happened actually?
Listen hard,both dearie and myself were stuck in the lift!!!The lift bounced quite hard,which I thought what had happen?The next minute,I felt the lift is not moving already.

I was like”help” I needed help!!!!!!
I almost lose my abilities to stand,I al
most collapse then.I really didn’t know what to do.All I can do was,hold on tight to dearie without doing anything.

While dearie was as calm as normal,kept telling me that everything will be fine,told me not to be worried,cool down,breathe normally.On the other hand,he dialed the emergency number and got help from the rescuers.
At the same time,my uncle was helping us to make a phone call too while waiting outside the lift with his two children.

Really,I almost can’t breathe and it’s dearie who kept talking to me to distract my worried thinking.Had been chanting and calling God…
The whole thing ended after 25minutes being stuck in the lift.It was the most scary thing that happen in my life.It’s old lift that made me so worried and scared.Due to it was enclosed which we can’t see what happen outside,unlike the new flats where you can see in every level.

*Was really thankful that everything is over then*



It’s Chevrolet,our helpful stuff_//

Pretty nice logo for chevrolet though.Being the first time dearie sending me to work with a Blue chevrolet.The wet weather seems constantly here since yesterday afternoon.Could still remember the night before,the rain was so heavily that there’s problem looking at the side mirror of the car.

Initially had thought this morning,the weather will be much better,still the light drizzling was there.Worst of all,we were stuck in the car on my way to work today.Somehow I’m wondering,Singaporean are all very rich to own a car then.Nevertheless,I felt thankful to this new expressway,KPE from Sengkang that lead to the exit of PIE which gave us the chance of travelling faster without much jam.

Sometimes,I do hate travelling on a wet weather,holding that stupid umbrella to work,squeezing with people while taking train.But somehow,it do seems much better than being stuck in a traffic jam while high chance of reporting to work late.


Vegetarian food at Ang Mo Kio_//

having vegetarian made me thought of Bollywood.

this is the stall!!!
The one at Ang Mo Kio which dearie and myself love to go there every Wed to Fri evening
for dinner

i had this fried carrot cake

while dearie had this…Pineapple rice

Having vegetarian today,it made me recalled of going to Bollywood again.
Dearie and myself decided to try our luck at Block 722 located at Ang Mo Kio,the one which we always had our vegetarian dinner at.Was overjoyed when I saw the lights on and some plates on the table from this stall…

This stall really do serve nice vegetarian food which you guys must give it a try then.
My courage raises up to ask the owner when is their off day,as I don’t wanna waste my trip there again if they are close for the day.
They had told us that they are off on the Wednesday every 2 weeks.Being kiasu,I gonna jot down and remember it whenever we think of having our meals there.

Upon getting their name cards,I found out that they do catering for vegetarian food.If there’s a chance for me to cater vegetarian food,I will get it from them as they do serve nice dishes.

Of course other than this,I would like to share something which I had found online.
For those who love vegetarian food or because of religion purpose,might wanna click on the link below for places around Singapore where you can get vegetarian food.I do find my search from this website too!!