Chinese New Year-It's a year of Cow_//

Day one- cny

That’s the shot I took before leaving the house

Day two-cny

just before setting off

Chinese New Year ended in a quickly manner.Even though it’s just the 3rd day of new year,but it seems to had faded off so fast.Nevertheless,I would like to wish all my readers a very ”happy new year” and have a great year ahead.

Of course,We spent a fruitful trip to every part of Singapore for this two days.Talking about day one,it’s the best of all which I could say.There was more relatives around for chatting,and it was so great that we don’t feel the tiredness after certain hours.I could tell that even dear was happily chatting with my cousin too.

Where did I go actually on day one?
From Sengkang to Pasir Ris(For paying a visit to in laws before setting off to anywhere)

From Pasir Ris to Bedok(that’s for dear grandparents place)
From Yew Tee to Bukit Panjang(For sending in laws over to another batch of relatives place,before we set off to my parents place for lunch with all relatives there)
From Bukit Panjang to Hougang(that’s where,we visit relatives from mum’s side of relatives) Finally from Hougang back to Sengkang(back to lovenest)

Day two seems shorter,still it doesn’t seems as short as day one.
From Pasir Ris to Bedok (Dear side of relatives)
Then from Bedok to Bugis (Temple for praying)
Bugis to Tampines. (KTV session at uncle place)
Tampines to Serangoon (Shifu place for visiting)

Finally back home.

*That’s all for my two days of chinese new year*


Happy Birthday to myself,Celebrating this day on Chinese New Year eve_//

The sisters celebrating my birthday together

That’s my birthday cake given by them and mum

oh my,that’s the birthday cake

It’s time for cutting cake

It’s dear,myself and little girl girl(in my tummy)

Hui,waiting to take a snap with me,,,*laughs*

Ning’s too!!!

Finally,the three of us again

my dress for Chinese new year,got this from a store that do sell maternity wear too

Another dress from Zara

This is great for casual wear and for expecting mummies…

That was why I gotten 2 pieces,more to come though

My birthday presents from dear….

Some top from”Topshop”

Not forgetting this small handbag from Longchamp which was my
birthday present as well…

It’s my birthday today,and happen to fall on the eve of Chines new year.Had tons of surprises waiting ahead of me then.It was the very first time having a wonderful celebration.

As per normal,had this reunion dinner at in laws place.Was chatting happily with dear at the hall,when out of the sudden I realize that the lights to the hall was quite dark and didn’t know what was going on at in laws place.

Just as I was trying to figure out what was wrong,mother in law came out with a birthday cake together with some candles lighted up from the kitchen. At that moment,I was damn surprise and feeling embarrassed for all the things that was done.

Together with parents in law,sister in law and dear,they sang me a birthday song on my special day.Not long after,I received two presents,one for myself,another for girl girl. This is the first time my in laws had actually gave me a surprise like this,and made me felt touched with their gestures.

The next surprise came from Hui’s place…We had our second round of reunion dinner there. Of course,there was some relatives there too. And the most interesting part was that,the birthday cake which mum and sisters bought was exactly the same as the one which my parents in law had purchased. I was like ”wow”,,,they sure prefer this design,this taste of the cake then.

Of course,the picture up there explain well of how happy my birthday celebration goes at both place. As for dearie,not forgetting about him at the same time. He had got me two different kind of presents then.And well,he suppose to do that anyway..*smile*

Of course,I do pamper myself on some dress and some maternity pants for this special birthday of mine….


Currently at 15 weeks,more updates to come by_//

Little baby at week 6
[1st scan]

Little baby at week 8
[2nd scan]

Little baby at week 11
[3rd scan]

Little baby at week 15
[4th scan]

From week 6 to week 15 currently,had seen how our little one had grown more and more weekly.It was so amazing life could be.
Currently in my 2nd trimester then,which Doctor would announce it to be the ”honeymoon period”
Was feeling so glad that our little one was with me for my upcoming birthday as well as for this Chinese New Year then.

On the eve of my birthday I would like to wish for the following,

1.Have a healthy and lovely child
2.Have a smooth delivery
3.Have the wisdom to plan everything for our little one.

For you guys,who want to know more updates on our little essence,as well as the gender.
I will update more on the bloggie of our little one.The blog address is as following,



Chinese New Year is just round the corner_//

Chinese New Year is just round the corner,it’s getting more and more exciting.
Given the fact that I couldn’t get any hongbao,but the atmosphere of the new year is there.
My 2nd year giving hongbao then,it was filled with excitement while wrapping the red packets that was prepared before hand.

Just for this year,we gonna change a total of $450 of new notes for the upcoming new year.
Or rather I would say,just for this year only due to some special occasion coming up.

There was this encounter when I actually queued for the changing of new notes at OCBC just one day before.Upon stepping into the bank,while joining the queue,there come my cousin who work there as a manager then.She actually saw me in the queue,and requested me to withdraw the total amount out,while she could change it for me in her office.
At that moment,I was like ”wow”,I could save the time in queuing.
Being satisfied of the change of the notes,had went back with a happier feeling not only for that,but for more than 10pack of red packets given by my cousin.

Of course,we lack of tangerines…
It’s time for some groceries shopping before the actual day is here.There was this big box of tangerines with 18 of them selling from NTUC at the price of $6.80…Without much thinking,I had grabbed it so as to have it placed at home for any visiting that comes.

Frankly speaking,I had found that for this Chinese New Year,there wasn’t much preparation due to my ”special case”…I do hope that in years to come,I’ll be able to put all my might into the preparation for this new event.


Last minute shopping at various place_//

a couple of places for the day

Some chinese new year stuff to be given away as a gift….

There was a couple of places that we had been to.It’s all last minute shopping though.
Well,our first stop was to get my birthday present at Orchard…Yes,it’s my early birthday present from dear then.Almost $200 flew away from his pocket then…

The next venue will be Bugis,where it’s crowded with lots of people.I could hardly breathe through Bugis street then.I wonder,with the economy so bad there are still as many people who shop and spend…Frankly speaking,I’m actually one of them…

Finally,without fail it’s a must to go down to Chinatown to experience the atmosphere over there then.But,the problem was without spending an hour there,I urge to go back as the weather was bad and it was damn crowded.
Being satisfy of the Japanese mushroom which we had purchased as one of the gift,we intended to leave Chinatown with a happy feeling.
Per pack of this Japanese mushroom costed $20,it’s nice having this as a gift too…Therefore,for those friends who hasn’t got anything for Chinese New Year,why not try this out…

I’ve got this New Moon abalone at a higher price,shouldn’t had bought it so early..
Being a kiasu singaporean,we bought it 2weeks back after seeing it…


Our prata with curry for dinner_//

that’s our dinner for the evening…

i had prepared this pot of curry….

while dear prepared this set of roti prata,which he called it the plaster

It’s kind of a craving again.I had crave for spicy curry,while dear had suggested making some prata instead of having the normal rice for dinner.
Oh well,might as well for that,since my craving had started.

Lately,I had craving for real spicy stuff.Don’t ask me,I really don’t know why I crave for that.Even for lunch,whatever food I had,it’s a must to add in together with some chilli then only it will make my meal look perfect.

With a pot of simple curry that was prepared and leave it to cool,while dear shall start his skill in making plaster.Hmm,I do not know how does a plaster look like at the prata store,but dear simply place the egg and the prata which was ready together.Somehow it looks kind of delicious.
In fact,it tasted well…


A room for entertainment will change its outlook soon!_//

Monopoly in our entertainment room

There was this particular day where we will hide in the entertainment room,just the two of us,being relaxing and entertaining ourselves with this set of monoploy.
We could actually spend more than an hour playing with this set of game and it passes great time though.
Not only for games,we actually found ourselves reading some magazines or books in this small area of the house.

Not long later,we gonna convent this room into our little one resting and relaxing area.
Even though,the wall colour for this room was bright pink.I believe for a baby boy or girl should be fine with it.The reason was that if it’s for a baby boy,5years down the road,we shall repaint the wall again which is suitable for the boy.
Be it for a baby girl that it will turn out to be,this wall colour will be just nice for it then…

It seems I had think too far….*smile*
Trust me,by this coming May 2009,we shall decorate the room for the arrival of our little one…


I'm able to shout out—I'm preggie again!!!_//

All these while,I had been writing something like puking,on medical leave,feeling tired for my previous entry,if you guys were to look back.
Well,it’s time for me to declare something….

I’m officially pregnant again!!!This is my 2nd pregnancy,although the first pregnancy ended in unhappiness.
I had been trying to keep a low profile out of it,as I don’t wanna break the 3mths rule of annoucing then.
Well,had actually found out that I’m preggie on the 15th November 2008,which was detected by my chinese sinseh.
The funniest thing was that,I had wanted to see a chinese doctor to build up my body in November before trying for a baby again.Just before the chinese medicine could take effect,I’m pregnant.

After detected of being pregnant,my next step with dearie was to see a gynae then.I had a clear mind of what I want.
Between the two gynae,Doctor Ong from Mount Elizabeth and Doctor Chew from Geneagles,I had decided on Doctor Ong,my first gynae who had done quite a lot for my first pregnant,in year 2007

Today,I’m into my 12weeks and 2 days,which means it’s my 3rd month of pregnancy finishing my 1st trimester soon.Was glad that I’m finishing my 1st trimester,as during the first few weeks of pregnancy,I could hardly do anything,there wasn’t any mood for shopping,eating,walking,working,all I wanna do was to sleep as only taking a nap made my nausea feel much better.

Talking about work,I could hardly concentrate on working actually.I needed medical leave to cover myself from attending work.Reason was simple,the hormones changes in my body is preventing me from doing anything,there wasn’t any mood in doing then.
The feeling was damn bad.

At 12 weeks,I am feeling much better even though the nausea feeling was there.But still,it’s on and off kind.Just like perhaps once per week which can be that serious,other than that is fine.Like what Doctor Ong mentioned,by 13 weeks,the nausea feeling will goes off slowly as it depends very much on individual.
Frankly speaking,at a certain point of time I had wanted to resign myself from work then,as not all bosses can understand what we are going through.Nevertheless,I do hope the nausea feeling will go off slowly,as I still wanna have my Chinese New Year goodies then…*smile*

At the same time,I had created a new bloggie specially for our little essence in another blog address.
The link is as below,feel free to drop by anytime to read for any new updates then…



Commonwealth,a place of childhood life_//

A happy us with a new encounter

Two Chefs,ever heard of this makan place?

wow,,it’s nice!!!But I dare not touch..

butter powder pork ribs

oatmeal prawns

Mixed veggie

Wow,isn’t it cool?We had actually went down to this makan place shown in Straits Times one week ago known as ”Two Chefs”’…..
This place was located at Commwealth Blk 116 which filled with lots of people who popped by for dinner.The space was limited,that by the end of our meals,we could see a lot more people are still queuing for their table.

What’s so interesting about this ”Zi Char stall?”Well,it’s really very different from many others,that once you put the food into your mouth,you will have the feeling that says,”wow,it’s worth it!!”
I kinda love the butter pork ribs…It really tasted so well that,I can’t help having a 2nd helping,even though I seldom take pork at home.

By the time our dinner ended,we walked past the neighbourhood and have a good look of the area.It was a very old estate,where you can find lots of nice food around.Having walking around,made me recall of my childhood.
New Town Primary,my childhood school was just nearby…This made me recall the olden days where we will take school bus to school,playing around with friends,plus my mum will cut through commonweath area in bringing myself and sister to school.

Commonwealth,a place where I will remember very clearly that this is the place,which I had spend most of my childhood life at…..


Support them by purchasing!!_//

This morning,I had received an sms from my great friend,Pauline.She had gave me one website that sells fake eyelashes.It’s an online purchase which she had created with some of her friends,and she hope that I can show her some support and pass down this website to people who actually like placing fake eyelashes then.

Of course,I guess the only way for more people to know about their website was to copy the link here in my blog for my readers to have a good look of the fake eyelashes if you guys are interested.With Lunar New Year down the road,peharps it’s time to pamper yourselves with some nice fake eyelashes then.

If you guys are interested,feel free to order the item from them…

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