Our window shopping day_//

Our Saturday goes……

With 2 glasses of lime juice

Miso soup for dear dear

Kimchi ramen for myself

As well as the bento set for dear dear

Love the food here.Only gets a chance to come to Shaw leisure gallery when I needed to get my hair wash.Without fail,will always popped by to this eating house for lunch.
The photos above shows what we had for our lunch this afternoon…

Shall make it a window shopping day for our little princess coming in July.
What I actually mean by this was that,weeks or days ago had looked through those forums of where are the places people recommended for nice and affordable babies accessories.

Had found 3places for today window shopping,so as to find out more on what we can purchase over at the warehouse for the checklist we had with us currently.
There are two warehouse located at Kaki Bukit and the other located at Thomson.

With these places for purchasing babies accessories,we will have a better understanding of what we can get from there.
Now my question was should I get a baby cot or playpen?Of course,baby cot seems dangerous to us,but not for playpen but I quite like a bay cot,as it seems much more unique then.

*If nothing goes wrong,by end March,we will start getting stuff for our little princess*


It's all baby matters_//

Was actually chatting through msn with a forum friend of mine,and found out that she had taken a package with Cordlife.The most important thing was that,if dear and myself did sign up for that,we can actually get this forum friend of mine as a referral….
Of course,a cousin of mine can be my referral too.

What’s is this banking of cord blood with cordlife?
This cord blood found after birth is actually something which might be useful if is need.
Is something which can save a life of a parent (50%),siblings and the baby herself/himself (75%)
Cordlife is the place where we place the baby cord blood with them.
From what I had read was that,one time payment will be $1400,with yearly of $250….

As dear and myself would like to place girl girl life safety first when we decided to have a little baby.Storing of cord blood is sort of like an insurance to us,as we don’t know what will the road be like in the future.

There’s this baby fair coming up at Singapore Expo this coming weekend,and there will be a booth that Cordlife set up at for parents to sign up.
Shall pop by to have more ideas on cord blood.

At the same time,it’s baby fair where we gonna go and see if we can get any cheap stuff for our little girl.I don’t believe in last minute shopping for baby stuff,therefore from now till July,we will try to get some baby items be it at baby fair or at some other warehouse.

Perhaps,this coming Saturday both dear and myself will be damn busy going around Singapore to find warehouse that sells baby items.


First Mum congress 2009

Qin being excited by the seminar….

First mum congress 2009

Both Zoe and Ivy sharing their views and experiences regarding their
motherhood during this seminar

They are engross in their conversation

This is the goodies bags.
One for dear,one for myself….
Per bags worth up to $80

These are what was given for per bag…..

The talk started from 12pm to 5pm with a tea reception at 230pm.With just $15 per person,we get to benefit that much amount of stuff.It seems somehow worth it then.
This talk was on the 21st Feb 2009,Saturday where we get to hear from various speakers like Mrs Wong,the lecturer for parentcraft,which we gonna attend her class staring from 14th Mar.

Mrs Wong shared some of the techniques while doing massage for a baby,bathing a baby etc etc.
It was really an eye opener for both daddies and mummies.Personally I had been through such courses during my infant and toddlers class years back.
This is sort of like some refresher for me then.

Doctors from TMC do talk about some common problems for babies and our skin during pregnancy.We did gained some knowledge throughout this seminar that will benefit us in the long run.

It's week 19 _//

It’s time for my monthly check up

The moisturizer cum stretch mark cream

Girl girl at week 19,weighing at 250g for 13.42cm

The check up was changed again and again from Mon to Tues and via….
Due to one reason,as Monday was not a good date actually.
In the end,we still ended up with our appointment up Mount E Medical Centre in the morning.

Scheduled at 915am for my monthly check up,Doctor Ong always failed to come in at 9am sharp..*smile*After a long wait,manged to get into the room with dear.
Just before entering the room,girl girl was actually giving me a soft kick from one side of my tummy to the other side of it,all thanks to dear who kept disturbing girl girl 10minutes before Doctor Ong came.
The idea of it was to wake girl girl up when Doctor Ong actually scan on my tummy during the ultrascan.

True enough,when Doctor Ong was doing the ultrascan,could tell that girl girl was not fully asleep as her hand sort of like move from one side to the other.Her toes are fully formed whereby we can actually see her toe nails through the scan.
At the same time,she stationed herself in a comfortable position with half seated,half lying.
It was damn cute then…

Everything ended well,where I told doctor Ong that I actually had this itchy tummy that made me scratch non stop for days and days.He had given me a moisturizer cream which act as a stretch mark cream as well.

Plus,one more sad thing.I had actually gained 4Kg in just one month time.I was damn shocked then.Perhaps it’s time for me to cut down on food every one hour.
Doctor Ong had suggested having 3 full meals.In between meals,if I feel hungry,should have some fruits instead.
Shall start by doing do,if not by my full term,I might have a big baby where there might be some difficulties in labour,where C section might be involved.

My next check up will be one month from now,on a weekday as well.
This time round,Doctor Ong will do a detailed 3D scan for baby girl.
It will scan for more things,and it might takes a while for the scanning.If baby is cooperative,within that 30mins will be done.If not it will take up to half a day for the doctor to do a detail scan.

*Just pray hard girl girl will be cooperative on that day*


Steamboat buffet at Sichuan Village Restaurant_//

Our group photo-
Dear,qin’s,hui’s,mum,ning’s and ning’s hubby

This is the chinese restaurant which we had our dinner at
on a Saturday evening

Herbal and spicy soup

chicken and sour soup

our mixture of different kind of sauce

Set one for the steamboat

Set 2 for the steamboat

Set 3 for the steamboat

My dear sisters with mummy!!!

Ning’s and her hubby

dear and Qin

that’s my younger sister,Ning’s

Of course,my youngest sister Hui’s

The three sisters=three flowers?

A day just after mum’s birthday.Beside what Hui and Ning cooked and bought a birthday cake for her,dear and myself ordered a flower hamper for her sort of like to surprise this mum of ours on her special day.

Next day after her birthday,we decided to give her a treat at this Sichuan Village Restaurant located at Chinatown to sort of celebrate the day with her. Being recommended by Ning,saying that this steamboat buffet served real nice food that we can actually give it a try.

Knowing that,although my craving is not on steamboat,I still wanna give it a try. Per person at $18.80 nett,it somehow do worth the price then.It’s really something different from the normal steamboat buffet which we had been to.

Of course,without fail we must”snap more photos” for the day.It’s something which we can’t go without with all my sisters around. I believed mum felt happier than before with 3 daughters and 2 son in laws celebrating this special day with her.

Shall keep this ongoing even if it’s only for normal day.


Bird Nest part 2_//

Part 2 coming up;;;

It had been boiled for hours
(the bird nest,which i had always love)

I simply love this,and it tasted great too!!!!
Bird nest being boiled for hours and hours by my dear mum.Every Sunday,she will boil this for me so that I can have it taken before I go to bed every weekends.

Plus the concentrated bird nest from Eu Yan Sang to be taken every morning with empty stomach.It seems that I had more than enough of bird nest going into my stomach.
Starting from my 4mths on,I will have bird nest everyday until I reach the 6mths of pregnancy.

Perhaps the only tonic which I had for now is only bird nest.
That was why I made it an effort to boil some soup for both myself and dear on a Sunday after our busy day at work for 5days.
Soup plays a small part too,which I will do research and find ideas on boiling of soup.

Somehow,I felt that my mum had did a good job in taking care of me.It seems that she really took the effort to boil bird nest for me,and she even mentioned about boiling some tonic soups for me after my 6mths of pregnancy.
There wasn’t any words which I can express to her,but to thank her for the way she took good care of me.She’s 100% perfect than anyone else….


The sunday that we love_//

The second part of our lovely afternoon

Black beans and red dates soup supposedly help in
increasing the blood count…
[Done by Qin]

Omelette with onion and cheese
[This dish was prepared by dear]

Before the frying of Salmon
which pepper had been sprinkle around..
[This dish done by dear]

After being cooked,the salmon looks like this..
[Prepared by dear]

Somehow or other,dear and myself love staying at home on a Sunday where we can managed the household chores together. That’s time time where we can actually avoid the crowds out there with the hot weather.

Without fail,we make it a point to arrive at our favourite groceries area,Boon Keng wet market. By 8am in the morning,we are already at the market.We had go away with reaching the market at 9plus due to one reason.

There wasn’t any parking lot left if we were to arrive any later!! This market seems popular for elderly as having breakfast at the food centre and buying of groceries right after that.This apply to us too!!

Being home after the market is normally in the late morning,where there’s time to spare for our household chores.Now being preggie,there wasn’t much I could actually help in doing the housework.The only chores which I can do was ironing of dear office wear,and cleaning the kitchen surface top.The rest of duties like mopping,vacuum the floor,washing of toilets,washing and hanging of clothing,washing of car etc seems to be the duty of dear.

Upon evening arrival,both of us will be busy in the kitchen then for preparing nice dinner for the night.There are times when I will be alone in the kitchen doing the cooking if dear were busy with something else. If not,I kind of like the feeling of us in the kitchen,preparing dinner together just like today. Had boiled the soup before hand in the afternoon,and when evening approached we will start to prepare the omelette with onion and cheese together with the pepper salmon..

Most importantly,dear was the one who wanted me to apply some pepper around salmon so as to make it taste better. Omelette cheese was his idea too. Both dish was done by him where he fried the cheese omelette and pepper salmon all ny himself,while I’m just helping out in some of the preparation. In total, we had cheese omelette,pepper salmon and black bean,reddates soup for our dinner..

In the small kitchen of our love nest,preparing some food together do seem like creating some kind of bonding and understanding.This is something which I am looking for in this little house of ours.


Valentine day equal to present day

Happy Valentine’s

The bill for attending ”ParentCraft”(Pre-Natal)

Highlight of the course

ParentCraft organized by Thomson Medical Centre

Nyonya Laksa

Some mixture of veggie

Nasi Lemak-Self made

Nyonya Kueh

Bubor Cha Cha

My Valentine gift
[Concentrated Bird nest]to be taken before sleep everyday

First of all,would like to wish all my readers a”happy Valentine Day”….
It’s a special day for most couple,but it’s just a normal day to me.I do emphasis more on wedding anniversary than Valentine day.Perhaps I’m getting old that explain this.

Dear knows that I had this craving for Nyonya food,he had asked me one week ago whether I wanna go for Nyonya buffet at Lion City Hotel so that he can reserve a table for two.
It seems like I wanted to have this Nyonya food very much,without further thinking,I agreed to it and make it a lunch during this day,which somehow seems like a normal day for us.

The Nyonya food was simply so yummy….It’s attracted lots of customers with reservation or walk in for the buffet.By 12 noon,the cafe was already filled while walk in customers gonna wait outside for the table to be cleared.
Dear had been thankful that he made a reservation one week ago for this buffet.

Of course,I mentioned earlier in my post that we had registered ourselves for the Pre-Natal class under Parentcraft by Thomson Medical Centre.
Well,we personally went down to Thomson Medi
cal for the payment.

My first time being there,and I would say”luckily I’m not going to deliver there”*smile*

Thomson Medical Centre was like the 2nd KKH,except that it’s a private setting.I could easily see many pregnant women everywhere I go.It’s totally different when I go to Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre for my check up,there’s none pregnant woman to be found.

The carpark was another scary part which we encountered.We gonna park our car in the middle of the road,where the staff will drive your car elsewhere for more parking lots as the carpark at TMC was so limited.
I kept telling dear that,luckily I didn’t choose this hospital for delivery and I don’t think I would want to.

As for the Pre-Natal class,it will start on the 14th Mar 2009.There will be a total of 6 sessions,which currently I am now looking forward to attend the class so as to increase my knowledge as first time mummy….

Dear had given me these two bottles of concentrated birdnest for consumption every night from now on until my 6mths of pregnancy.Had seen those in small bottles form,which I don’t even want to get that as the content is not as good as the above two which dear had purchased.

On top of the concentrated birdnest,I gonna have boiled birdnest by mum every weekend from now on.As mentioned earlier,between 4mths to 6mths is the time where baby best absorb the tonic which I’m going to take.
Hopefully with this,I can give birth to a fair yet rosy skin girl girl….


My very first Pre-Natal Class

The excited me,being first time mommy decided to go for a Pre-Natal class,which some people will call it parentcraft.After some discussion with dear,we decided to go for that.
It was a class with 6 sessions that gonna teach first time mummies about some knowledge when handling babies or even during pregnancy period.

Without further thinking,I made a call to Thomson Medical Centre so as to register myself for the class..Had heard great review about this lecturer named Mrs Wong from cousin and a forum friend of mine.Therefore decided to give it a try with this lecturer.

So,finally I had registered myself for this Pre-Natal class,which will start on the 14th of Mar,Sat at 7pm to 9pm.A total of 6 sessions for the course,and hubbies are encouraged to attend the class with pregnant mothers.
Will be going down this coming Saturday to do the payment.
First time going for a class with dear,and he gonna hands on with the knowledge given by the lecturer,example:doing of massage etc…

Shall copy and paste of the lesson below,

Lesson 1
Physical & Mental Preparation
Antenatal Exercise
Nutrition Before & After Delivery
Myths & Traditions
Coping with Pregnancy Discomfort
Back Care & Postures
Instructional Video
Q & A
Lesson 2
Pain Relief
Antenatal Exercise
Physiological Approach to Breathing Relaxation
Changes in Pregnancy Leading to Signs & Symptoms of Labour
Other Alternative Types of Pain Relief in Labour
Instructional Video
Q & A
Lesson 3
Antenatal Exercise
Physiological Approach to Breathing Relaxation
Learning to Cope in Labour
Mechanisms of Normal Childbirth
Husband’s Role
Hospital Tour
Instructional Video
Q & A
Lesson 4
Practical Hands-on
Baby Care
Hands-on Child Care
General Care
Skin Care
Diaper Care
Coping with a Fretting, Crying Baby
Coping with a Sleepy or Wakeful Baby
Coping with Colic
Instructional Video
Q & A
Lesson 5
Bottle Feeding
Sterilization of Feeding Equipment
Weaning (introducing solid food)
Learning to Enhance your Child’s Physical & Mental Development
Q & A
Lesson 6
(Doctor’s Talk)*
Husband’s Role during Childbirth
Problems Associated with a Newborn
The Process of Labour
Living with the In-laws
How to Raise a Brighter Child
Post-natal Depression
Back Care & Postures
Instructional Video

Beside that,We gonna go for this 4th annual First Mums’ Congress 2009!by Abbott and Thomson Medical Centre from 12pm to 5pm that will be held next Saturday at Raffles City Convention Centre.
Celebrity mummies Zoe Tay and Ivy Lee will be there to give the talk as well…

Below is the link for more information…



Simple dishes over a Sunday dinner_//

That’s my simple dishes for the day

Fried Broccoli,carrot,mushroom and lean meat..

Lean meat boiled with Lotus seed and dried logan…

I’ve come up with something different for our dinner just last night.The soup is something new to me then.For those who wanna have fairer skin,try this soup.It’s tasty and really tasted different from other kind of soup,as I tasted more of the Logans.
Of course,whenever I feel like boiling soup on a Sunday,I’ll take out my slow cooker and had it boiled for hours after hours so as to make the soup taste great.

This is one soup which I had learned it from the recipe book which I bought quite some time back.It’s only recently that made me take it out for it’s recipe as now is the time for me to drink more soup then.

I make it a point to boil some nice soup at least once per week,which gonna be on a Sunday.Had actually boiled soup even on weekdays,but do find it troublesome to boil it early in the morning before I go down for work.Most importantly,the soup doesn’t taste as great as boiling in a slow cooker.(As I don’t boil soup with slow cooker and leave it on when I go to work)

Next coming up is my mixed veggie with meat.It’s another dish which we call it”throw everything in a dish kind.” It’s really save lots of time in cooking other dishes for just a meal,while I just have to throw everything into the wok and had it cook into a dish.

Initially,I was asking dear ”is it all right to have this dish?”He was fine with it since we have a soup.Before I make this dish,I’m thinking will I like this dish then?As it’s not myself eating alone,it’s dear,myself and girl girl too.As my taste bud had changed and I gonna follow my feeling on food now.

After making this dish,I was like wow,it smells quite nice .This time round I didn’t add in any abalone sauce,but light soya sauce with little bit of salt.To make some gravy,I added on some water and had it steam for a while so that the sauce will taste good together with the veggie.

Don’t ask me where I learn from,I merely follow from the recipe book,with some little ”teaching” from mum within weeks before I shifted in to our love nest.
Therefore,learn from mummies since young.Somehow I really regretted not learning much from my mum when I was young…