Some passs down clothing for baby Adelle_//

Look!Anything for baby Adelle?

Some necessity for baby Adelle

Collected a box of baby clothing for our little Adelle

The ”hand me down” clothing for little Adelle

dear had gotten 2 pairs of booties and mittens which was chosen
by me for our little baby Adelle…

Let’s get started this way.Had some hand me down newborn clothing from cousin for baby Adelle.Finally could see some achievements in the collection of newborn clothing.Before that we had gotten some newborn till 9mths old clothing for baby Adelle,but it doesn’t seems that much though.

Perhaps,we will put a stop in getting clothing for newborn since we already had some pass down clothing.Plus newborn outgrow very rapidly,and we should focus more on clothing at least 3mths and above.I’m getting baby Adelle full month dress too.Hmm,which brand should I choose then?
It does crack my head when this topic comes into the picture.

The mitten and booties which we had got was simply so attractive.Loves the design the moment I saw it,and decided to have it purchase for baby adelle.
So far,plus the ”hand me down” booties and mittens together of what we had bought,it’s more than enough to last for the one whole month.

Some necessity for our little Adelle.There are more baby bathing, baby feeding stuff to come.
At the moment,we got what we need first.Other stuff like baby shampoo,baby oil,soap etc will be purchase one month plus before the due date.

I had been thinking about the manual breast milk pump,which brand to get.
Had read quite a few feedback from some mummies users in the forum.Plus I had posted this enquiry in the forum too.Many mummies did gave me some good and bad feedbacks for different brand.

Now,will it be Avent,NUK,Pigeon,Dr Brown or Tollyjoy?

Talking about the full month celebration,well I’m not being ”kiasu”…It’s does make sense on planning for this right now.As by the final month of my pregnancy,I gonna do booking for buffet,full month cakes etc.The reason why was that,when I step into the confinement month,I bet there wasn’t any energy for me to source for any buffet,cakes etc.Therefore,I need to plan everything well so that the items which we want will be done by full month celebration.

Right now,I’m looking into the full month cake,which buffet to engage,and venue for the celebration if we do not want to hold it at home.But if we were to,there wasn’t any need for the venue.

For the full month cake,more or less we had decided on which confectionery which we want to go for.It’s the buffet company and venue that made me crack my head of how it could be done.
Perhaps,I really need the last 3 mths to have a real planning…..


Spreading of housework in order to have some real bonding_//

A tea break after our Giant Trip…

Which brand of tissues will be better?

With my dear sister taking a snap in the supermarket

Here it goes,the purchases which dear and myself had got…

Hui’s wanna a shot too…

It was a day of gathering,but not really much of that though.
Whatever it was,the feeling of having lots of relatives back at a place was indeed a good one.
There’s this praying session at one of my uncle’s and aunty place.I’m ”not allowed” to step into the temple for praying like th past.

Not much relatives there though,but we still make our own entertainment as per normal.
There were relatives who asked me when am I due for delivery,July was my answer.
Another was asking,where will I deliver baby Adelle,Mount Alvernia was my answer.
I do hope I needn’t repeat the answer again for the above questions.

Of course,I had people asking me,why not just give birth in KKH,it’s now being converted into a private setting.
Did I hear wrongly,private setting???I almost burst out into laughter when I heard this.When did KKH convent into a private hospital?
Frankly speaking,I do not trust KKH although no doubts,there are good doctors there.
I strictly had no confidence in the service over there.

Plus I prefer baby Adelle to be born in a hospital that is cozy and comfortable.
This gave us the reason why we had choosen Dr Ong and wanna deliver at Mount Alvernia Hospital.

The day was still early,and had decided to do some groceries buying at Giant’s.
Just when dear and myself was busy getting the stuff we needed for home,I was drag into the photo taking session with Ning and Hui when doing our shopping.
I suppose,they had lots of fun in the supermarket.

Was thankful that dear and myself had spread out our housework since yesterday and early this morning.If not,we will be rushing off from Tampines without a peaceful mind due to the work at home as we normally do out housechores on a Sunday.

Marketing to be done just yesterday morning,upon coming back dear had done up our laundry,changing of bedsheet,cleaning the toilet and washing of the car.
In the evening to attend Mrs Wong class which ended 10pm.
Early this morning,we vaccum and mopped the floor before we actually make our way to Tampines.
Spreading housework this way do sounds better,not only can we finish our tasks at home for this weekends,but also to meet up with relatives to have some ”bonding session”….


Updated about our baby Adelle_//

It’s time to do some online /outdoor shopping for baby Adelle

Some cheap deals which I had got it from
for baby Adelle at Lucky plaza today…

I simply cant stand some cutie clothing which I had seen be it at shopping malls or even online.
Wanna grab as much as I could.Even though I had some”hand me down” clothing for baby Adelle,be it from cousin,friends or even colleagues,but the feeling of wanted to get more was simply there.

Had wanted to get more still.Now currently I am looking everywhere for clothing between newborn to 12mths of age.Most importantly to get one real cute and nice for baby Adelle full month celebration.

Other than clothing,it’s high time for us to get the following stuff like,Playpen,pillow,blankets,wardrobe,cloth diapers,napkins liner,mitten booties,face towel,big towel,milk bottle,bottle milk scrub,tongs,breast pump,etc etc.
I had one huge handy checklist with me which I will bring it along when buying of the baby stuff.
Perhaps,every weekend will be the time for us to get some accessories purchase,so that we won’t panic when July comes.

Plus,today I am already stepping into my 6mths of pregnancy.Very soon,in another 3mths time I will be going into labour and giving birth to baby Adelle.I wonder how the feeling will be like after listening to the comments each mummies gave.

Lately,almost every night I had been listening to the soft music by Mozart.Guess what baby Adelle almost kick me every minute upon listening to those music that was played.
She’s a music lover I suppose.*smile*
Plus dear and myself will be singing some songs and talking to baby Adelle just before we go to bed.This is another kind of bonding that was to be done just before she is born.
Of course,story telling is another thing which we won’t forget about.

It seems that baby Adelle loves taking train,especially on North East Line.She had kicked me quite a bit during the journey to work when taking the train service.
I do love how active baby Adelle was by kicking me,as this tells me that she is growing well in my tummy and not having me to worry about her.
Of course,I did my part by talking to her almost everytime she kicks.Some times with that,she kicks even harder though.

*Baby Adelle,we wish to see her soon in another 3mths plus time!!!*


Detailed Scan for baby Adelle at 23weeks old.

Our baby Adelle at 23 weeks old.

Labeling of the features for
Baby Adelle….

All right,for today there was this detailed scan coming up after my 5mths of pregnancy.The critical time for the whole journey gonna be here then.

As usual,I’ll felt worried and nervous each time I go for my check up.Today I felt the worst.

In my heart,I’m thinking how will baby Adelle looks like,will her organs everything be okay,will she grow healthy?

All these worries come into the picture very naturally.

Nevertheless,dear and myself gonna face everything today.
And yes,her English name will be Adelle Chew.

Had my appointment at 10am at Dr Ong clinic at Mount Elizabeth.By 1030am,it’s my turn to step into his room where my worries all came.Dr Ong had been noticing my weight gained and told me that from the start of my pregnancy till now,I had gained 9kg in total.He had advised me to cut a little of my weight gained.

Other than that,everything is fine though.

Next part,will be the detailed scan.Lying down just beside his 3D and 4D machine to do the scanning.

Saw baby adelle at 600g with 23weeks and 5days.Her heart beat was fast and normal.All her organs like kidney,stomach,heart,bones etc were healthy.*phew*

Now it’s time for seeing her features.But then,baby adelle actually use her hand to cover the side of her face without letting us to see her face for the first time.

Subsequently,Dr Ong had to shake my tummy real hard in order to let baby adelle move so that she will let go of her hand covering her face.Still,her little hand was still there,refuse to change position.

It’s only the 4th time after which Dr Ong shake my tummy only did baby adelle remove her hand,and finally get to see her face for the very first time!

Baby adelle resembles more of me!!!*smiles*

Her face shape was round and sharp at the chin.She had high cheek bone,and sharp fleshy nose.

Both her nose and mouth looks exactly like mine,just that her nose was sightly sharper and higer than mine.

Her forehead was high and face was quite big actually.This,she does resembles dear for having that.

Was kind of feeling happy when seeing baby adelle looks more of me.Still,I hope that she will have her daddy ”little smart brain” and daddy height.

Most importantly was to grow healthier each day.

Baby Adelle,she had all the different sleeping posture.She loves to sleep with her hand either behind or beside her head,From the detailed scan,could see clearly,how she do different patterns each time the scan on her.
She even laugh at us by placing her palm and cover her mouth…

At the end of the scan,I do feel much relieve.With the collection of this 3D photo and my flu medication from Dr Ong clinic today.

This 3D photo was included in the package which I signed up,that $2k…

Except that dear gonna pay another $160 for the detailed scan and my flu and cough medicine.

*My next appointment will be one mth from now,on the 20th April.

This time round to check for glucose and normal scanning.*


21st Mar_//

It’s marvellous spending a day at Old woodlands Road

There it goes,
with my $2.50 dry prawn mee

Dear-his set of fried kuey tiao at $2.50

Our set of drinks.
Dear-His papaya juice,while I had avocado juice…

First thing in the morning,we had decided to pop by The old woodlands interchange where the checkpoint was.Dear had told me so much about the cheap yet nice food over there made me recall during my school days,where I will always take a bus from parent’s place(Bukit Panjang) towards the old woodlands interchange to get my home economic stuff as well as the food there.

Would love to experience this again after 14yrs later,and it shows how long I had never drop by that area of Singapore ever since I graduate from school.
The set up in the food centre was still the same,there wasn’t much changes except for the wet market that was changed.

Food there was as nice as before.Just that I can’t remember what I had during those years back.
Therefore dear intro me this dry prawn mee which was nice and cheap.Without much thinking,I decided to have that.Dear on the other hand had his fried kuey tiao,which was marvellous as well.

We had a short walk along the stretch of shops,which do sell cheap and handy stuff.Frankly speaking,kind of enjoy being coming back to a familar place cum it’s really another side of Singapore then.

Had gone back to the parent place as well,as I kind of miss the two boys at home.Of course,upon seeing me,their topic will be”Ah Qin Yi Yi,can I play with your DS Lite?”
I do hope during my maternity coming from July to Nov,I’ll be going back to mum’s place for sometimes,where I can actually enjoy the time with my 2 cute nephews.
I had been telling them,in this tummy of mine had another small baby which gonna be their cousin.

Had just came back not long from Mrs Wong class for Pre-natal.Never regretted choosing this lecturer for the class.There was lots of jokes and fun during the lesson today.
She focus on food and message for this lesson.
Especially the massage,I do find it handy in the long run.Some simple exercise for pregnant mummies,and some exercises which daddies can actually helped out when mummies are doing it.In short,it’s a real good exercises for both parents.

How to deal with leg cramp,how to get up of bed,how to massage the legs and arms,how to relax etc,all these was done during today lesson.
For now,I do strongly recommend parents to be by attending this lesson by Mrs Wong from Parentcraft at Thomson medical centre.
It’s a lesson that is worth the price you pay.U’ll gain and not lose…

Initially had wanted to go for pre natal class by Mount Alvernia Hospital,where I gonna have my delivery at.But after hearing the feedback from friends and cousins,therefore decided to choose Mrs Wong from TMC.
Now looking forward to the next lesson coming up next Saturday.


My pregnancy week with a good gynae_//

Wishing for some blossom items

The tummy at week 22

Another snap of it,pregnancy tummy at week 22

This snap of photo was taken last Saturday,when I am in my 22 weeks of pregnancy.How would you guys rate it?Does it consider small or big for 22 weeks?
I’m not too sure of it myself too.
End of this week will be my 23rd week of pregnancy.Meaning reaching the end of my 5mths,and stepping into my 6mths pretty soon.
Another 118days to go before we get to see our little princess A

Decided to named her A…..Chew.Shall keep it confidential until everything is confirm.
There might be a changes or it might not even have.As dear and myself sort of like this English name that start with letter A.

Saw this brand named Blossom,a kids wear boutique where they have marvellous design of newborn or children wear.Quite like the design there.Plus,I will go to a kids store to get the french design clothing for our princess after we had gone for the detailed scan coming up next week.
Praying for a healthy baby girl to be during the scanning.

Decided to have my delivery at Mount Alvernia Hospital,which is at Thomson Area.That’s the hospital of our choice,after seeing all the good feedbacks from this hospital.
The nurses are professional in breastfeeding,they care caring when handling the newborn or even with the mummies another plus point was that their confinement food was great together with a cozy environment.

Talking about hospital,made me recall about my gynae,Dr Ong.
Recently,I had read the forum and found out that there are 73mummies giving birth in July.
Of course,there are many different gynae each mummies choose.

Out of these few great gynae my doctor,Dr Ong seems to be the most popular of all.
Just for July mummies,there are a total of six of us under him.Just that the edd for each of us were different.

True enough,Dr Ong was patient and he will answer whatever doubts we had for him.He will explain things clearly for u.He is humble and talk in a way that sometimes you can feel that he is actually joking.
This gave me a reason for choosing him as my gynae as I feared stern gynae though.
Another reason was that,Dr Ong was good in dealing high risk pregnancies.


The farewell lunch for Chris_//

The group photo that was taken over the lunch

The HR and Admin Team

HR and Finance Team

Another shot with the aunty

One last group photo for the day…

Again,another staff leaving Yantai again.This made me recall when those days where Madelene and Maybelline who were both from HR dept left.The feeling somehow came back once more.
All the closer colleagues seem to be leaving one after another,it was somehow a sad thing though.

Today is Chris last day with us in Yantai,appreciated the lunch treat given by him.As a token of thank you,we had got him a gift as well.Hope he likes the gift then.

Until now,I can’t help but to call him by his nick.It was quite interesting when doing that.
Starting from tomorrow on,there won’t be a chance for me to do so.
Nevertheless,would sincerely wish him all the best for his future.

*Chat with you in msn tofu!!!*


Concerning Princess A_//

The pregnancy hand book which guided me all the way

Some stuff which I got it from BHG Bugis Junction and
Baby kingdom

Into my next stepping stone.Today at week 22,was kind of telling me another 16 weeks or more to go before dear and myself get to see our little princess in this coming July.
I had been telling girl girl about the differences between day and night.As she always love kicking me during the night time when we are all suppose to sleep.
Did told her that,when night time comes,it’s time for sleeping.When morning comes,can just kick any hour she likes.

Singing of nursery rhymes to the little one can be a challenging task.It shows that I had slowly lost touch of my teaching in the pre-school one year plus back.
But with our little girl here,I begin picking up the songs again for her.

We simply love talking to girl girl where I do hope she can recognise our voice when she is born.
I hope no one take me as an idiot for talking to the four walls when I am alone in the office at the reception area.

These days,I had been doing research of what to expect during the pregnancy.Yet during the trip to the library,I’m able to find those books which I had been searching for long.
It does come handy for my journey of pregnancy.
Both dear and myself was discussing about doing a build in wardrobe for our little princess in the room next to ours.Shall work out this design and get our contractor to have it do up for us by first week of July.

Had managed to get some of the baby items from various places.Especially the receiving blanket,which I had a hard time searching for it.Wanted something pinky yet plain.
All along,had only seen those white with some prints on it,which was not what I had wanted.
Just hope that this pinky receiving blanket can give our little princess some good luck when receiving her into this world.

There are more stuff to come as month goes by.Some kind souls actually uploaded a baby checklist of what we are suppose to get before the arrival of a baby.
Currently gonna tick down what we can get just before July arrives.


Dining at sketches with a pari of monobo shoes_//

We had fun!

This is the restaurant where we had our lunch at

It’s real interesting,
We can choose to decide the ingredient of the pasta that we want…

Now while waiting for the food to be serve…

One shot before we submit the menu to the staff.

Cheese stick

Look at how sticky the cheese was

Our blueberry juice which come free flow

Make your own pasta,
I choose these ingredient

Make your own pasta
Dear choose his own set of ingredient

Is another version of Crocs….
Is another comfortable yet nice design of shoes.Below is the link


As promised by dear,one special lunch per month.This exercise was back again.I had actually wanted to give a miss for it,but dear wanna it back.He said we should have some better food once in a month.So for the month of March,we had this Sketches for our lunch.

It’s known as make your own pasta.We were given a piece of paper with a list of ingredient we wanna have for our pasta.Tick according to the ingred
ient we want and choice of pasta.Once submitted to the staff,they will prepare the pasta based on what we had choose.

It’s really sound interesting when dear told me such ”pasta” do exist.
I believe many of you guys had tried it before except myself which I only get to try it just today.

Dear recommended the cheese stick from sketches.True enough,it tasted yummy where you can see that I had a”hard time” pulling out the cheese from the stick.
Blueberry juice was one drink which I would say is nice.Per jug was $7.50 and it comes in a free flow after we drank up the jug.

Out of 10,I’ll rate 9/10 for the food here.It’s something special yet interesting.
Total damage for dining at sketches was $44.
At the end of the lunch,I could hardly walk where I didn’t had any food until 6pm this evening.

The monobo shoes which dear had purchased for me today at Queenway shopping centre just today.This meant to be a weekend shoes where I can walk,run around with this monobo shoes.
Just like Crocs,it comes with different colours where I almost wanted to get all the colours upon seeing the website which I had posted above.
It’s damn comfortable,and worth buying it….
The cost of this monobo shoes was $25,which was quite reasonable.Of course,dear now had a hole in his pocket after getting this pair of shoes for me plus the above lunch.


All the tallk abt baby fairs_//

Look,some stuff I’ve got for our little princess…
[this is only the starting,more to come]

There’s this Scott Isetan private sales for a day,where there are discount all over the place.Heard from the forum that there’ll be a baby fair at this private sale.Had popped by during lunch on Thursday.

True enough,the private sales was so crowded that I can hardly squeeze in.But there were many kind souls who saw me having a big tummy,giving way to me when I walked pass them.

Without further a do,I go up straight to the last storey of the shopping mall where lots of baby clothing,items could be found there.That is the most crowded area for all levels.

There was lots of children clothing like osh gosh,burberry etc etc.Another section where there ‘re items for baby milk bottles,daily product,mitten,night wear,towel etc etc…

Being eager to get some stuff,actually bought the above items through this sales.

Frankly speaking,I do prefer the warehouse at kaki bukit where they have more baby products.

Saw this nice headband at this baby store known as Blossom.Other than head accessories,there are nice clothing too.I had set my eye on one of the dress.Shall grab it one of these days.
Personally I find it cute and nice for little girl when they wear headband rather than the very common hair clips.
Therefore,for our own girl,we’ll get more headband than hair clips in the long run.

It’s our first baby,and I’m more willing to pay more for this little girl girl of ours.Even though there are people who pass me some”hand me down clothing”,still I will get all that was needed.

Shall make a trip down to the taka fair this coming Saturday in the hope to get more stuff to welcome ”girl girl” in July.