The last day of our colleague-Irene_//

Irene(middle)last day in YRS

The shot with Irene at the reception

Irene together with Cindy…

At last,one final shot with her.

It seems that more and more colleagues are leaving YRS…Still remember one year plus back,when I am still new there without knowing much of the colleagues.Now when I am almost familiar about the staff there,they are leaving for good.
Of course,I feel glad for those leaving YRS as they had found a new path in their career.Even though I only get to know them”recently”…

Life is never a bed of roses,there tend to have some up and down in order to achieve the right pathway to our journey.Some might found their path earlier,some might be later,but eventually we will all meet at the same place.

There are many staff leaving YRS soon,which I kind of having some phobia that after I come back from my maternity leave,which will be 4mths later from July.Almost all the colleagues which I know of had left.

Still I do hope that it won’t happen though..


The headache that can't recover except with medication_//

I’m missing for almost a week.Lately I felt real tired that I almost had no energy to create any posting here.Is it one of my hormones doing the trick or is it due to now I’m already in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy?
No matter what,I will still find ways to create more posting for my dear readers.

Shall start with this week then.Maybe due to the bad weather which we saw recently,I had this terrible headache which spolit my day.Yesterday morning,was attacked by this terrible headache together with a bad backache.
Asked for a urgent half day leave to rest.I just couldn’t take it then.Had thought that the hot pak which I had bought from pharmacy will help in easing my headache,but it doesn’t and in fact last till the middle of the night.

Not having any choices,I had to pop one painkiller which was safe for pregnancy.Only then do I feel much better.Plus lacking of sleep due to the headache,I asked for another urgent leave today.I couldn’t imagine having to work with a tired body,and a mild headache which was still attacking me today.

I had a real good rest today.I nap almost every hours.Mum had been asking me to see a doctor,which I don’t see the need to.The family doctor will give me a pain killer at the most,which I already had .All I need was a good sleep then.

When popping the painkiller,I was telling baby Adelle.
”Sorry Adelle,mummy gonna have some medication,which the pain is killing me”
(In fact I bear with the pain since Monday afternoon till Tuesday midnight)

Of course,after my medication I kept observing Adelle movement.
She was a real cutie which she kicks me almost the whole day.Loves her kick as well.
There was time when she kicks real hard that I gonna let out a small ”yell”…Which will in turn told her that ”Adelle,mummy knows that you are excited…

Counting down,tomorrow marks my 29 weeks of pregnancy.
Another 9 weeks plus more to go…

*Adelle,daddy and mummy cutie girl*


The outcome of glucose test,and the little kick baby Adelle shows_//

Just this morning,at 1030am I received a call from Dr Ong clinic.During that period of time,my heart was like beating real fast.
I wonder how was the result from the glucose test,will it be positive or negative??

The nurse was telling me that my blood test shows normal,which I sort of forgotten to check with her whether is my blood count consider normal now too?Which a few months back,my blood count was damn low,and need to be put on iron tablets everyday.

Nevertheless,nurse Nora was telling me,the blood test was fine,just that I still have to control my diet,try not to take too sweet stuff,as during pregnancy,women who shows level 7.8 and above do consider having diabetes,mine was level 7.5 which was a bit more to go which put me in the diabetes level.*phew*

Which means,right now no more ice cream,no more durian for me..Even though didn’t reach the diabetes level doesn’t mean I am safe.Still gonna control my intake for now till birth…
Perhaps I will be missing my durian and ice cream for the next 2mths plus to come.

Some updates about baby Adelle…She is a real great kicker..Loves to kick that hard and strong this afternoon when I’m doing some reading in the office.The feeling was strong.Perhaps she was excited over the stuff which I am reading,that she wanna show me how happy and excited she was.

Every night,I will never fail to play her the songs from Mozart.She loves it though.Knew that she love that much by proving to us her strong kick.That’s our baby Adelle…

It seems that she now know the timing when dear and myself will sit by the bed to talk to her.
By nearly 10pm,there wasn’t any kick at all.The moment we start to talk to her,her kicking starts.
She now understand and know more about the timing and will know that we were always be there to start the talk to her.


Pregnancy journey doesn't come easy_//

My 2nd day of medical leave today…Don’t know why,I felt especially tired after the blood test that was taken just yesterday.I felt so sleepy every seconds and minutes.
Does it had something to do with the drawing of blood,or does it had something to do with me now entering my 3rd trimester of pregnancy??

Finally,I’m entering the final term of pregnancy,the 3rd trimester…
From the 1st trimester where I felt nausea and vomited for quite a bit,sleepy too,till my 2nd trimester where I could eat a lot at different timing and felt so energetic.And now finally,my 3rd trimester of pregnancy where I suppose will feel sleepy till birth.

Another 12 more weeks to go till I reach 40 weeks of pregnancy.If baby Adelle were to arrive earlier,I will be left with 10 weeks to go.
Cut the craps,I am now in my 28weeks of pregnancy.The next appointment will be on the 11th May,3 weeks from now.By then I will be in my 31weeks.Hopefully by the next appointment,the nurses will check with me the hospital where I wanna deliver,and do up the booking of hospital for me.Not too sure when will Dr Ong pass me the letter of admission,but once receive meaning almost time for baby Adelle to come to this world….

These 2 days while on medical leave,my mum had been taking real good care for me..She made delicious food for me.
Asking when will I go back for the tonic soup so that she can actually boil for me.
Looking back,she had already made 8 rounds of tonic for me…
6 times=bird nest.
2 times=cordyceps.

At the same time,wanna thanks my 2 aunties who had given me a box of bird nest and a box of ginseng during my pregnancy.Even though they are unable to read my blog,but still wanna thank them such nice gestures which not many others will think of doing.
Another big thank to my cousin who bought so much newborn clothing for home wear which was posted just 2 days ago in my blog entry..

I felt so lost suddenly where not much people care during my pregnancy period.(hope I am not under any pre natal depression)But,one thing for sure was,dear is around for me and there are still nice people around who cares like the above mentioned people.

Right now,I had some people to express my thanks who shows caring,concern and gifts.
They are,
my dearest dear,my family,a couple of relatives from dad side,and a couple of relatives from mum side….


Now into my 28weeks of pregnancy.._//

Appointment today at Dr Ong clinic

Baby Adelle now weighing at 1.1kg for a 28weeks of pregnancy

Dr Ong wanted me to apply this at any part of the body
due to the very dry skin which I now had…

Somehow I am so in love with this knit bath towel,
which had the same brand as the receiving blankets..

The appointment starts at 830am for my glucose test this morning at Dr Ong clinic.We were there slightly before the time of appointment.
Nurses at the clinic had asked if I had done my ”fasting” since last night after 10pm.
In fact,I did!!!And the problem was I felt very nausea without any food since 10pm last evening till this morning at 11am.
I managed to survive this time round just for the test.

Had my first round of urine and blood test.After which was given the glucose drink and was suppose to finish it up within that 10mins.Rested for 2hours for the glucose drink to get down into the body.Another round of blood and urine test gathered after the ”tasty glucose drink”…

In fact,I had 2 rounds of blood test and 2 rounds of urine test.This was to test for diabetes,and result be out in a few days time.
The glucose drink tasted so much like orange juice,just that it will somehow make the throat felt funny…

In between the 2hrs of waiting time,we were given a time slot to see Dr Ong for a scanning to check on baby Adelle.Dr Ong had asked if I could feel Adelle kicking,which I shouted,just minutes ago before coming into his room,Adelle was kicking so hard and strong.

Now,it’s the scanning part…Feeling nervous and excited,we look at the screen where we get to see baby Adelle again.As she gets bigger,we could only see the face and the upper part of the body,the rest of her body part will be seen only when Dr Ong scan the other side of my stomach.
The above scan was just one part of her body and her head.

Everything is normal,and now baby Adelle weighs 1.1kg for 28weeks,which Dr Ong consider her as having a normal weight.He assured us that this is very normal and nothing to worry about for her weight.

Having a very dry skin for all part of my body,this included my tummy and the arm.Dr Ong introduced this lotion for me to apply for any prevention of dry skin.
Do hope it will help..

This knit bath towel,I simply love it so much..It was such an unqiue design,where we’ll use it to wrap baby Adelle next time before placing her in the bath tub.It’s meant to be a towel where we can actually wrap her up before and after her bath.
Other than the plain normal white towel,we got her this knit bath towel as well.

*Now,my mind set was to get more nicey stuff for baby Adelle…In the hope that she has the nicest things on earth when she arrives.*


It's all about baby adelle_//

We made another major purchase today…

The newborn clothing which was purchased by
my cousin for us…It was kind of her….

Another pack of Pigeon cloth napkins which added up to a
total of 20 cloth napkins that we’ve got right now…

After much consideration,
we decided to get the Avent milk bottle for baby Adelle…

We ended up at BHG Bugis Junction Branch again!This time round to get the milk bottle as well as some extra cloth napkin for baby Adelle.

Decided on Avent milk bottle..Initially was thinking between Pigeon and Avent feeding bottle after reading the good and bad feedback from ex users.Eventually had decided to get Avent feeding bottle instead.
We have got the following,

125ml=3 bottles
260ml=3 bottles

We still lack of the Avent milk warmer and Avent Sterilizer which will most likely to come in next month.As for the teats,we decided to wait till Adelle is born before getting one,as the teats wont wear out that fast from the above bottles we had got.
Talking about the pacificer,dear doesn’t like the idea of letting Adelle having one.But still,we will get one Avent brand just in case Adelle cries badly for it,if not we won’t intro any to her at all.

The Pigeon cloth napkin was our choice.There was another brand,Tollyjoy.We didn’t managed to get that,as I much prefer the Pigeon brand of cloth napkins.
We had a total of 20pieces right now,still short of 10pieces to come.Heard from a forum friend that,we need a couple of cloth napkins if we wanna let the little infant wear it during the day.

A kind cousin of mine from dad side of relative had actually got baby Adelle some brand new newborn clothing,towels,booties and mittens.Was kind of thankful as for a few weeks ago,she had asked me whether I had got my stuff,which I did mentioned to her about baby clothing,which we still lack of a few pieces.She had suggested that,she will try asking some pass down clothing from her sister in law.
Who knows,she had gotten us some of the above mention items.

More or less we had gotten our stuff.It’s only the baby bathing and mummy care items yet to purchase,which we gonna do it when coming to June.
Plus we will start decorating Adelle room when it comes to end May,where the playpen and mattress will be delivered during that period.

As for the formula milk,we will only get it after I had done with my breast feeding which provided that I had this milk supply of course.Same thing goes for the breast pump.Will only be useful when I needed to go back to work,as before that mostly likely to use latching method for the first few months.

Just yesterday,our final lesson with Mrs Wong,she had taught us about breast feeding,and the hygiene method for cleaning the milk bottle..It was a real good lesson afterall…

Lastly,about the diapers..Well we had decided to get Nepia brand.It’s a Japanese brand of diaper,which was strongly recommended by one of my forum friend.Shall try it out on baby Adelle to see if she is fine with this brand of diaper.

Now looking forward to the coming July….


The stuff for baby Adelle_//

The cloth napkins,napkin liner and receiving blanket for baby adelle

The sleepwear that we had got it for adelle

Winnie the pooh bedsheet and the flat pink pillow
for adelle playpen

We had purchased a playpen and
a 3inch thick mattress for it.

Firstly about the cloth napkin and napkin liner which we had got it from the warehouse located at Kaki Bukit.We had decided to let baby Adelle wearing the cloth napkin during the day time so as to avoid any rashes.The napkin liner was to be place on top of the cloth napkin so that to absorb the solid stuff.In this case,we gonna do lesser washing on the cloth napkin itself.
As for the cloth napkins,understand from a forum friend of mine that we gonna have at least 30pieces.Right now we are still short of about 20pieces then.

The receiving blankets above was a standby for baby Adelle to receive her upon birth.
We actually got a set for her already.The above two was a standby then,and we can even use it as her sleeping blanket when there is a need to.

Sleepwear,we still lack of at least 3 sets.The pass down sleepwear was not much then,that was why we needed to get a few more set.Personally,I felt that during confinement month,we gonna wrap a baby like a ”dumpling” to prevent any wind from getting in.
Therefore long sleeves shirts and pants are strongly needed.

We have got a pink playpen for baby Adelle then just over the weekend.Shall place her playpen in her pinkish room that was already reserved for her ever since we shifted over to Coris.
Now,the arrival of the playpen will be in May then.The reason why we arrange for end of next month delivery was that,by June we still have a bit of time for decorating the room before baby Adelle arrival.
Other than a pink playpen,we’ve got her a pink bedsheet and pillow as well.

Still left with a cupboard for her where we can dump all her stuff in there.
Shall keep a lookout for a cupbaord soon…


Lesson / food that we had_/

Let me share some of the stuff we had done over the weekend.

my set of dinner from Just Acia-Downtown branch

Dear set of dinner

Dear holding a dummy baby in our pre natal class

My turn to hold one,and We got a baby girl for our hands on…

Let me update just a little bit on our pre natal class on Saturday.Well,Saturday lesson is on how to bathe the baby,massage the baby,coax the crying baby,carrying the baby,as well as how to fold the cloth diaper(which I had already know since young.Don’t forget,my mum is a babysitters for years)

This lesson was a great one,and I had benefit a lot on how we actually bathe the baby in a correct manner.There was this topic about bathing the baby,we saw the lecturer putting a piece of small towel and place it at the dummy baby chest.Understand from her that this is to give a sense of security to the baby when bathing.This is one good topic to learn on.

Most on the hands on was done by daddies.As Mrs Wong,had wanted daddies to learn on bathing babies just in case mummies had a c section.Next week will be mummies turn for the hands on.
Was laughing all the way throughout the lesson when I saw how dear handle the baby.I must say he capture more than I do,which most of the thing,he can do it correctly,but not for me.
Nevertheless,somehow I love the lesson on this topic.

Saw this place for dinner known as Just Acia,had been barking dear for having dinner there.Today we finally had a feel of it.It’s something very affordable.If order a set meal,it comes with a free flow of drinks and ice cream.
Total damage today was $18 for two.

Just only today,we had given some of the chinese characters that we wanna want for our master to calculate the chinese name for baby Adelle.
I do understand that some masters need the birth date and time for the name calculation,but some masters does not need it at all.Our master was the latter who doesnt need it.
Based on the month and calculation of Lord Kanesha,our master will be able to do just that.

The only thing was that,he needed to choose 5 chinese names,and we will choose 3 out of the 5 good ones.From there the master will calculate till the final one.
Now we are waiting patiently for the name that will be calculated out for baby Adelle.


An outing with mum was still the best_//

We had an outing with mum_//

Some pasta for myself

For dear…

And for mum’s

A day where we meet up with mum for a shopping session and of course to makan too!!!
Well,mum made an effort to drop by Coris,our lovenest to pay us a visit.She felt proud about making her own way to our place sine this is the very first time she came on her own.

Of course,staying over at our place for a couple of hours,eating watching the SCV,chatting,before we slowly make our way to town.
From 1pm,we shop and eat till 7pm.
From Bugis to Suntec before we made our way to bakerzin for our dinner.

Seeing how happy mum was for this outing,made me felt happier…


My 26th weeks with baby adelle_//

Into my 26weeks of pregnancy with baby adelle

The purpose for this entry was that,I am now officially 26weeks pregnant today.
Time flies,and seems that I had been counting my weekly pregnancy chart every now and then.
Sometimes I do wonder how is baby adelle doing?I know for sure she kicked me vigourously the whole day.At this moment,I will try to talk to her,letting her know about the environment where she was in.

During night time,10minutes before we rest for the day.Dear and myself will be sitting down in the quiet bedroom of ours,giving some bonding session for baby adelle.
Singing of some nursery rhymes,talking to her was our duty every night.The most interesting part was that,whenever I talk to baby adelle,she doesn’t seems to kick me at all.Straight after I finished my talking,dear will put his hand on my tummy and he will start to talk to baby adelle.
Something amazing was,baby adelle kicked!!!!
She recognise her daddy’s voice very well!!Once dear talk to her,she kicks and kicks for at least 8 counts or so before she stopped.This was to tell us that she responded very much to daddy voice.

Somehow during this pregnancy process,I see the way baby adelle grows and respond,I felt happier than anything else.Even if giving a miss for our Japan trip last year was worth it.
The feeling was so great that,you know there’s a life in you,a baby of ours.

Talking about the Japan trip,thanks goodness,we managed to get back the deposit even though 1/4 of the deposit was being deduct for the admin fee.Initially had thought that,we couldn’t get it back,or we will just leave the deposit with the agency for the next trip.Might as well for now.

Very soon,we will call up and arrange for the hospital tour with Mount Alvernia Hospital,since we had already decided to let myself deliver baby adelle with this hospital.
Understand that it is important for us to familiarise ourselves with the environment in the hospital,so that during any emergency admission we know where is the place to look for,or the facilities in the hospital.
Another thing was that,we will know how the delivery suite or the 1/2 bedded ward should look like.
Kind of looking forward to this trip soon.