Updates of Adelle_//

It’s weekend updates again..

Now left with the last part of washing..
Adelle blankets and bed sheet…

Something for Adelle to wear during her full month celebration

The blanket and bed sheet for Adelle.
Total damage for her bed accessories only are $59

Today,the 3rd part of washing..It’s Adelle blankets and bed sheet in preparation of her arrival.
Now,after these washing I will be left with no more task to be done.Just that her clothing for older age hasn’t been wash.Shall leave it till she reaches older age then.

The botties kind of shoes is for Adelle to wear during her full month celebration.Had chosen white due to her romper that somehow does matches it.
Both botties and romper which we had gotten from Adelle was from this favourite store of mine.
Shall carry on getting their product in the long run.

I guess the most expensive stuff in Adelle’s bedroom was the Playpen and the accessories.
Now still lacking of the mobile toys to be fix at the side of the playpen.
Bed Sheet=$33

Went for gynae check up just yesterday.Finally at week 33 and Adelle weighing at 2kg.
Her head was now position down,but not engage for the time being.
Doc Ong was saying that my tummy looks big and there’s quite an amount of water level in my waterbag.
Therefore Doc Ong would want to do a check on my diabetes level again,as this might be the cause of the huge amount of water in my waterbag.Or it might be Adelle passing urine in the waterbag then.
Shall go for this diabetes test again next coming Saturday.


The talk of oversea spree_//

It’s spree talk..
Now almost all my spree had arrived..

This is the 2nd romper which I had ordered online

The look of the romper..

This is Le Pliage *LongChamp*Colour-Paper

When open up…

Fully open for Le Pliage *LongChamp*Colour-Paper

All right,this is my 2nd and 3rd time of my online spree that had arrived on top of the 1st romper that had arrived almost 2 weeks ago.

The Le Pliage *LongChamp* handbag which I had ordered 2 weeks ago was finally here just yesterday upon collection from this lady who had organized this oversea spree.
This lady did a very good job in organizing this longchamp spree,where today is the 3rd spree for longchamp bag after the closure of the 2nd spree which I had ordered.

Had wanted something bigger so that I can put Adelle stuff using this Longchamp handbag whenever we go out,this gave me the reason why I had gotten this Le Pliage *LongChamp*handbag.
If permitted,I will go for another longchamp handbag of the same size from this lady who organize another oversea spree from longchamp.

A big thank to dear anyway..He paid for this Le Pliage *LongChamp*Handbag from this oversea spree then.Don’t think I will get this if dear hasn’t paid for this handbag..*muack*

This romper which I had got online was again dear credit..He paid for it as well…
Don’t ask me why recently I ”crave for romper wear”…Seriously I don’t know the reason why.Perhaps I wanna wear romper just like Adelle,or romper comes into fashion in my heart?
Now with a total of 2 romper wear,should I get another few more pieces for easy wear during the weekends after wearing office outfit for the whole 5 days?

Now for the pending stuff to be arrive will be 2 ”Old Navy ” baby wear for Adelle.
Not only for my own stuff,we gotten something for Adelle for the Old Navy oversea spree as well.Had chosen 2 clothing,one white floral dress,and one sunshine beach romper wear which is orange and yellow in colour,both for the age of 6-12mths.
Hopefully it will arrive by early June.


Adelle at week 33,going into labour in another 7 weeks time_//


Currently at 33 weeks of pregnancy

Another look for a 33weeks tummy

Gotten this newsletter from Dumex..
Tells me more about birth plan

Am I ready to push baby Adelle out once she reaches full term?

Some knowledge regarding labour..

Others commented that I had a big tummy,am I giving birth soon?
But the problem was that I still had another 7 weeks to go before I reaches the 40weeks of pregnancy.

Will I give birth earlier,say 3 weeks before my edd?Which will be 37th weeks,where by it’s consider full term.I wish for that too,so that we can see Adelle even earlier.If by 37th weeks,Adelle choose to be out that will be end June.
Everything will only be confirm whether I will go into labour early or not based on the baby head for now.Not too sure whether is Adelle head had already been engaged,which we will only know this coming Saturday for the check up.
Plus,I always had this mild contraction that comes on and off almost everyday.Not only that,Adelle had becoming more and more active that she will kick real hard.
Even in the middle of the night,I will be awake by her kicks.

Had the urge to pass urine quite often.In fact each night,I will tend to wake up at least 3 times for toilet.Others commented that this is a good chance for me to practice waking up in the middle of the night upon the birth of a baby.
Sometimes when Adelle kicks or press against my bladder,the urge to ”flush” out the urine became much stronger.Once she stop pressing against my bladder,there wasn’t any urge to pass urine.

Had received this newsletter from Dumex regarding going into labour and writing of birth plan.
Initially had told dear about my birth plan.Be it water bag burst,bad contraction or spotting just before birth,and within that few hours and I can’t ”tahan” with the pain,give me epidural…
I don’t think I will be able to go with just the laughing gas.My endurance for pain is not strong at all.Unless I can’t push Adelle out smoothly,if not I wont want to forcep her out.
Therefore this is about my birth plan which I hope dear will remember just before I give birth.
Perhaps,I shall write it down in a book and keep in my hospital bad for him to read it again.


Serious thought coming_//

Today Adelle’s movement was more than usual.Her kicks is getting stronger and stronger each day.Sometimes it hurts so much that I gonna call her name loud or even have to stop halfway when walking.

It seems that she is getting more and more excited as the due date is getting nearer and nearer.Another 7weeks or less to go before we could feel Adelle and carry her on our arms.
Adelle movement was so interesting that sometimes we do find it cute that no words could describe that feeling.
She moves from one end to another end.Sometimes I do wonder had her head been engage to my pelvic that gonna place herself ready for birth.

As time gets nearer,I had my excitement and worries.I wish for a smooth delivery.In the hope that Adelle will give me not more than 3hours of contraction pain before her birth.Be it a smooth and easy one.
Lately,I had this backache and mild contraction which I hope that it will go away quickly,as Adelle is not full term yet.Being tired is another issue then.
This gave me the reason of staying at home for 4days without going to work.

Shall see Adelle again this coming Saturday for the gynae check up.Hopefully to hear something about Adelle from Doc Ong.

Here’s a little reveal about the chinese name that had been chosen by our master.
Out of the 24 names we had,our master chosen 5 of the names.
Next our duty again was to choose 2 names out of this 5names which was given by our master.
It’s sure a headache having to choose 2 which we really like where 1 of it will be Adelle chinese name.
No doubt that we had chosen 2 of our favourite chinese names and will let our master decide on one of it to be Adelle name.
This shall be done hopefully by end of this week or early next week.

*Zhi or Ruo,which does sounds better?*



Sunday,not much of time for household stuff

Adelle Pigeon cloth diaper after being washed.
Now hanging out there to dry.

The face towel for Adelle,washed!

The blanket for Adelle when having her sleep in the aircon room.

Back view of the blanket that gonna keep Adelle warm in her sleep.

It had been 2 weeks ever since I last wash Adelle clothing.Had finished washing all her newborn clothing,what’s left was only those clothing that was 3mths and above.Shall do just that when I can find time or might have to do so after her birth.
Now the most important stuff was her cloth diaper,which I had did today.Shall wait till it gets dried and what’s come next will be the folding part before storing them into the container.
I am now left with her sleeping blanket,bedsheet,bathing towel to be wash.Other than that,most of the stuff had been done.

The next washing to be done will be the sterilizing of her feeding bottles.This,I shall wait till mid or end June before doing so.Hopefully,there’s still time for it.
Plus,I needed to get her diapers by end of next month too..Really hope that I can remember the stuff that was still pending..

Coming up this Thursday will be the arrival of her playpen.Guess,this is the only big item that is yet to arrive.Hopefully by this weekend,we can pop by Ikea to have a look of stuff for some deco in Adelle room.
Oh yeah,I needed some ”paste on wall light” from Ikea in Adelle room.

This morning,dear and myself was browsing through some of the confectioneries on the website and deciding which one to choose from.Finally we decided on this confectionery located at Kovan.
In their website,there were a couple of package which we can choose from.
Therefore,we decided to email and check with them about the details.Quite like their cake packaging cum their cakes.Had heard good review of the taste of their cakes,hope that I did the right choice by signing up with them when July comes.

For Adelle’s full month celebration,we decided to hold it at my parents place.Reason being was that,my parents place was huge enough to cover relatives from both my parents side.
Due to some reason,I won’t be inviting friends but just relatives.
As for caterer,we had something in mind but if mum wants her own caterer,shall let her have that,since it’s something which I love too..*smile*


Adelle looks more like Daddy or Mummy?_//

Who does Adelle resemble for a grown up Delon and Sherryl?

(Click on the above photos for better view)

Now when Delon and Sherryl were an infant,
Who does Adelle resemble then?
(Click on the above photos for better view)

Was damn free to create this fun little photoshop this evening.I had created 2 of them.
One was when dear and myself were an infant with Adelle 3D scan photo.
The other was our recently photos with Adelle 3D scan photo.

Although this 3D scan photo of Adelle might not be her real feature,but had decided to create this for the fun of it.This shows how eagerly I was to look at her feature even before she arrives
Now the question was,based on the photos above,who does Adelle resemble more?
You guys can actually msn me your comment then.*winks*

Seriously,the day we are looking forward to will be arriving pretty soon.In fact,I had been telling Adelle to wait a little more,say 37th weeks(full term)before she pops out.
As these days I had been having this contraction(menses like cramp),is actually not that good though.Heard many feedbacks on early labour etc.
I do not wish Adelle to come out before her due date.

I do hope she pops out on the 37th or 38th weeks,which I had been telling her this.But if she choose to pop out on her due date,which is 15th Jul is still fine,as this is a good date for buddhism accordingly to our master.

*So Adelle,now gonna see which date you like then…*


Rompers was doing the trick_//

My first online spree

The romper which I hope that I can wear on
Adelle full month celebration.

I’m being outdated then..This is actually my first online spree!!!
Well,I normally do my shopping out at those malls that comes with”names”…But this time round,being too lazy to shop for my own clothing,I chosen online spree instead.
Almost all my weekends was burnt due to the shopping of Adelle stuff and not for my own which I used to do so,but not for now.

There wasn’t many weekends left for me to shop for my own clothing before the birth of Adelle then.Therefore,online spree was the only thing I can do now without squeezing myself in the shopping mall for it.

I had actually ordered 2 sets of rompers,this set had arrived and now waiting for the other piece to come..At the same time,I do hope that I can actually fit on to this romper on Adelle full month celebration(fat hopes)…Although it’s unlikely though.Will stand by another dress just in case I can’t in this romper on her full month.

Why romper?
Because I wanna wear the same clothing as my precious Adelle.Dear and myself had got for her a romper(previous blog shows),in the hope of wearing the same as her.
I bet some of you guys might call me a ”silly mummy”..*smile*

*There’s another online spree which I had ordered from.It’s a bag where I can carry Adelle stuff next time whenever we go.Shall wait for it to arrive,say early June.*


Adelle stuff,,pack neatly in her room_//

The temporary storage of Adelle’s Avent stuff till her changing mat comes

The 1st and 2nd level of her cabinet filled with her newborn wear
together with booties and mittens

The 3rd and 4th level of the cabinet filled with
her clothing aged 3-12mths(for now) and her necessity

The final level of the cabinet filled with bathing towels,face towels
and receiving blankets that act as her blanket for sleeping.

Finally after all the purchases,we slowly packed all of Adelle stuff into this small yet handy cabinet which we had got for her.All her stuff are in this cabinet.Now what’s left will be her pink playpen which will be arriving next Thursday.

Once the arrival of her playpen,coming up next will be the decoration of her room.Play gym and her rocker will only come handy upon her arrival.Shall not place that first in case it gets dirty.
Well,frankly speaking,not too sure what can I do to her room.I do not want to paste any cartoon character kind of stickers all over the pink room.
Shall get some inspiration from Tampines Ikea this weekend or next so as to gain some ideas of what I can actually do with it.

Whatever it is,I’m glad that we had packed all her stuff,as this is one of the tedious part of her room.Hopefully by mid of June,we will done up with her room deco and after which will be the time for me to gain more rest till birth.
Gaining rest is real important for me now,as with the heavy weight in front,I’m experiencing some backache and could hardly do anything.Even for walking,there tend to have some difficulties as my feet will get pain easily.
Was glad that all the purchasing was done before all these aching comes in.

Shall be in my 32weeks of pregnancy which is equivalent to the 8months.Another 5 weeks to go which consider the full term of pregnancy.
*So Adelle,hope you pop out between 5-7weeks,don’t keep daddy and mummy waiting*

I’m actually hoping she can pop out in end of June,which will be the 37th weeks.
Reason being was that June was our wedding anniversary month,which hopefully Adelle birthday will falls on the same month as our anniversary.*winks*


Our final purchase for Adelle_//

Final purchase for Adelle

The sponge changing mat from Mothercare,
now selling at $20

This shall be Adelle changing station..
Changing mat on the top of her cabinet

These 6-12mths rompers were given by sister in law.
Adelle ”Gu Gu”

The maternity pad,and disposable panties for my hospital stay or even at home.
The changing mat is not for Adelle,but for me!!!

Pyjamas and nursing bra..
It goes with this Medela nipple cream from Mothercare.
Gonna pack these to the hospital with me..

This rocker will be for Adelle..
Together with the temporary hospital bag which I had packed.

Pigeon wipes,Pigeon cotton buds,Tollyjoy rubber mat,
Pigeon cotton ball etc for Adelle

After looking around,we decided to get Avent body and hair wash,
Avent liquid Talc and Pigeon massaging oil for Adelle

Lastly the Avent sterilizer,Avent warmer,Avent storage containers

Finally,We had finished getting all the items for Adelle.Right now,we had yet to pack all these items into her mini cabinet.Most of her stuff are mainly from either Avent or Pigeon.
Initially had wanted to get her the Pigeon body foam,as it does smell like ”real babies”
But had chosen Avent body and hair wash due to the special fragrant it had.

The feeding bottles which Adelle will be using are Avent brand,therefore we had gotten the Avent warmer and sterilizer as well,so that it will fit in easily.It does worth it when getting the sterilizer or warmer in a pack.

Decided to get Pigeon wipes and cotton balls/buds in the end.There was this sales of 20% going on at BHG at Bugis Junction which made our buys worth while.The above Pigeon items costed us $48 after the discount,imagine when there wasn’t any discount..

The pink rocker which we had p
urchased from Kiddy Palace.Decided to get this due to the ”traditional kind of usage”I had this thinking of placing Adelle on the rocker,sometimes in the playpen and the playgym too.In this way,she won’t be restricted in just a place.

Sort of packing some of the stuff for the hospital stay.Should be more or less done,just that I will still need to pack some of adelle clothing,mittens,booties in the bag.As for my own stuff,,was more or less packed.Will double check again once I reach my 36weeks of pregnancy.

Suppose to get my nursing bra and pyjamas,those with buttons for breastfeeding since last week which I had seen those at Mothercare.This week,without further thinking,we went in to Mothercare to get the above items purchased.
It’s worth buying the nursing bra from Mothercare,no doubts that the price is a bit steep on the side at $79 for two pieces.
But at least,the staff made an effort to do a measurement for me so that I know which size of nursing bra to get.As for the pyjamas,had gotten two with those buttons type.Two pieces at $60,not cheap though,and shall be the last two of pyjamas I’m getting from Mothercare.

Medela nipple cream was recommended by the staff at Mothercare,she mentioned that during breastfeed,this nipple cream can be applied without cleaning it off.Even though it might be so,but I won’t be doing so.Will eventually clean it off before I breastfeed Adelle.
Reason why I had got this brand,Medela was due to the good feedback by users,be it the feeding bottles or the breastpump.

Maternity pad and disposable cotton panties is a must to get after birth.Had gotten the above stuff from Kiddy Palace then.Not too sure if the Pureen maternity pad is good no doubts there are again good feedback from forumers.Shall try it…

Last but not least,we saw this changing mat from Mothercare which we had been searching for quite a long time,morever it’s pink in colour!This shall serve as a changing station for Adelle in the future to come.This cabinet had this special space for us to place the changing mat on.
Somehow or other,I do like to go in to Mothercare to have a look at their stock,it’s simply so nice and hard to resist for not buying anything from there.

Here we had a gift from sister-in-law,Melissa,Adelle ”GuGu”who had gotten Adelle some rompers from Gap.Aged from 6-12months old.Thanks for it.
Seems like all the gifts started rolling in,first with Ning,now with Melissa.Plus most importantly,I prefer Adelle clothing to be at least 6mths onwards,save me the cash from getting her any..*smile*


Forms from Mount Alvernia Hospital_//

The forms and brochures from Mount Alvernia

Pre-Admission forms

The brochures from Mount Alvernia..

Just this week,I had received a mail from Mount Alvernia Hospital in regards to the booking of the hospital as well as the ward type.
Doc Ong was very efficient then.Had told him that I wanna book Mount Alvernia,on Monday,and within this week,these forms were already in our letter box.

All right,now we gonna do our part by filling up the Pre-Admission forms and had it return to Mount Alvernia Hospital so that they can do the paper work once received.I left with less than 8 weeks to the birth of Adelle,therefore it’s important to let the hospital know about the booking.

Had heard from some feedbacks from the forum that the confinement food from Mount Alvernia was real nice and yummy!I wonder how true it is,shall feedback when I am back from the hospital then.
Some ex patients(mummies)who had delivered at Mount Alvernia did mentioned about the wonderful stay at the hospital,which they felt so cozy and warm.
Again this,I shall feedback after my stay.

There will be this bath tub,green in colour if you guys can see it from the above brochures.
It’s meant to be a gift for us.It really save us in getting a new bath tub for Adelle then.
Now about the ward type in the hospital.We had decided on 2 bedded ward after reading some comments given in the forum and a close friend of mine.
But this gonna based on the availability of the bed in the hospital then.

*Right now,my feeling was getting more and more nervous and excited upon seeing the letters*