Our meals:bittergourd with eggs/gingers with chicken breast meat_//

Our Sunday for end June

Sesame oil with gingers

Now fried with chicken breast

Turn out to be like this

Bittergourd with eggs that needed a longer time to cook.

Finally get to cook after not staying in the kitchen for preparing a meal the past one week.
We had been eating out for the whole of last week then.Today decided to make an effort to prepare a meal or two by going to the market so as to get the veggie and meat.

The weather was pretty bad lately.One moment it rains,the other moment it shines.That’s not too good for dear who often encounter heatness due to the change of weather.Therefore decided to cook this bittergourd with eggs for him,as bittergourd is good for cooling purpose then.
Frankly speaking,I feared preparing bittergourd,as the time frame for boiling it with water after frying takes a longer time in order to be soft.Still,it’s a dish that worth the wait then.

Another dish which I had prepared today was sesame oil fried with gingers and breast meat.My colleague was telling me to prepare the sesame chicken in the pot of rice.The purpose of this was for”easy labour”….
Now sesame oil tend to be oily and slippery in the sense that it does help to push the baby out fast and smooth.Eating more of it does help in labour as it’s believe by old folks of cantonese.

Instead of doing the above method,I had lots of sesame oil fried with gingers before pouring in the chicken breast meat and fried all together to become a dish.
This is one of the dish that I needed to have during my confinment then.
Was thankful that I had this habit of eating gingers,if not how will I ever survive with lots of gingers then?*smile*


Enjoying the final 3 weeks before Adelle pops_//

The last 3 weeks before I pop…

had our tea break again at Starbucks,my favourite hangout..

shall place this at Adelle playpen for her view.
This act as hand,eye coordination for her.

After the set up,it looks like this then.

I still had another 3 weeks to go before going into confinement.The word confinement is kind of scary,meaning I will not be able to stay out there for exactly a month.Will gonna be at home the whole day with Adelle.So just before the confinement starts,I gonna enjoy myself first for the rest of the 3 weeks before Adelle pops.

Out to Vivo and Harbourfront centre then.We simply love these two places,not only in between them was a food centre,but also the various boutique around no doubt the crowds were there then when we went this morning.

We shop around and finally get our feet rested at Starbucks to fill our stomach at the same time.My favourite chocolate pie that I always go for without fail if we ever sit down at Starbucks.
Nevertheless,loves the feeling of having our tea break at Starbucks then.

The merry go round soft toys.Well what do you guys call it then?Anyway,had gotten this so as to place it at Adelle playpen in order for her to enjoy.This kind of stuff enhance infant eyes and hands coordination.Was often encourage in early childhood education.

Seems like I had put in whatever I had learned previously during the course where I had attended some years back.Was glad that I didn’t return what I had learned and practice back to my lecturer.

Another round of mild cramp again this morning,but the interval was further away from time to time.Well,how to keep track then?There’s this gynae check up coming again next Tuesday.It seems that the check up had pushed to every weekly from now on.
I wanna ask the doctor why the mild contraction was different in a way for different days.How do we actually monitor then?
Most importantly,I wanna know whether Adelle had engage her head already no doubts that she is now very low,that I could often felt the pain whenever she push my bladder.


Cordlife,we had signed up with them_//

We decided on this…

Left:The brochures
Right:The Cord blood collection kit

Finally,we had decided to sign up with Cordlife instead of Stemcord..Most importantly,we had finally decided to bank Adelle cord blood with Cord life then.It’s kind of an insurance which We would never want to give it a miss no matter what.

Banking of the cord blood was something which give us assurance,in fact we had given some thought and decided to go for it.The yearly payment will be about $250 or more depending.We signed up with them during their promotion period and with this we couldn’t use any referral since it’s under promo.But the cute part was,although we can’t use any referral,but we can actually let Cordlife know any friend who is already with Cordlife so that friend can enjoy further discount.Therefore,I choose my cousin who was with Cordlife upon the birth of her daughter last year.

But still I found that although there’s this promotion,but I believe the promo package seems more attractive than using any referral then.We had signed up for yearly payment,but might opt for 10years payment if possible when come next year.This gonna depend on the situation then.

Had checked with Cordlife and see how they work actually.Upon the birth of the child,and once the nurses /doctor had collected the cord blood,dear gonna called up Cordlife so that they can get someone to come down to collect the cord blood collection kit.

Therefore once I am going into labour,we gonna bring down my hospital bag and this cord blood collection kit to the hospital.
Talking about this,now in my 37th weeks of pregnancy,the contraction was getting stronger and stronger,say every 1-2hours one contraction that last for 15minutes.
Now dear had wanted me to monitor the time,and if it gets shorter like 5-10minutes,off to the hospital then.

Right now,my admission letter was kept in my bag no matter where I go.Be it to work,or even to parents place,I always had it with me just in case I wanna go into labour soon.
Plus,it’s anytime from now till 3 weeks time.

Seems like I’m being interviewed by my dear sisters,Hui and Ning.They kept asking me whether will I be scared if going into labour?My answer to them was,of course I’m scared!!!
Just that I know I must chant and pray everyday in order for a smoothly delivery.
Often,I kept telling myself,Buddha is with me,I must have the faith in him.

Hui was telling me this just today.She said she dreamed of me giving birth.Once she reach the labour ward,and the moment she sees me,I was happily telling her,I had given birth to Adelle,and it was a quick one with not much pain!!
In real life,I do hope it’s a easy one with not much of labour pain..
Perhaps,I should say this to Adelle every night,telling her to pop out real fast and giving me lesser pain..*smile*


Adelle check on 36th weeks at 2.4Kg_//

The lab result so as to bring it to the hospital upon

The admission letter that was given by the gynae

My medication +medical certificate due to cold.

There’s this gynae check up today.Again Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre was filled with enormous people who came all over Singapore.There’s a long queue while taking the temperature then.Was quite worried,as I’m down with flu and bad cough.Had this thinking what if they don’t allow me in to see the doctor?
Nevertheless,I pass the test then.

Doc Ong was forever coming in at 925am no doubts that the first patient came in at 9am.The minute he comes in,he will greet and smile to his patients.He looked at both dear and myself and gave us a gentle smile then.

When it’s finally my turn to see him,he will ask how are you Sherryl?Normally I will said I’m fine etc.But today I commented not well,down with running nose and bad cough.He then prescribe me with anti -biotics,cough syrup and flu tablets.Had mentioned that these are safe for the baby.
Next he wanna check on Adelle.So far at 36th weeks,Adelle had grown till about 2.4Kg.

Doc Ong touches my tummy from side to side and was telling me that my waterbag was big,and I might give birth anytime from now till the Edd.The problem was that,I might deliver earlier than my Edd which is 15th Jul.Next he came to me and said,it’s anytime.

I was thinking,anytime for baby?He said,nope..He was asking will I be prepare myself if anytime from now?Of course,it’s not a problem for me then.I wish that Adelle can pop out soon then.
But one thing for sure was that Adelle head was already very low,therefore it’s anytime from now then.

Plus Doc Ong did a ”class” with us today.HE had mentioned about 3 type of painkillers to me.
Firstly,laughing gas,secondly,thigh injection and thirdly will be epidural.
He had mentioned that if I were to choose epidural,when am I suppose to take it then.
The talk was a short and good one,which now I finally understand when I should start taking epidural when the contraction starts.

The 2nd test for glucose that came out was normal,not beyond the border line.Plus my strep B test turn out to be fine,no need for any antibiotics then.Was feeling glad that it turn out well.

Now the most important part was that everywhere I go for now,I gonna bring my Pre Admission letter with me.Hospital could wait,but once upon admission,the letter must be with me everytime so that it will make it easier for me to admit into the hospital.
Talking about it,I am left with 23days till my estimated due date.
Hope everything will turn out nicely…


Confinement period+ Adelle movements_//

This shall be Adelle movement for the day

For Women recovery bath

Had bought 5 packets of herbs for women recovery bath.Per pack was to be boiled or pour into boiling water and let it cool till warm before bathing during confinement.Saw it at Hock Hwa,and decided to get 5 packets first till the day of confinement,will get dear to get more packs so as to last for the 30days of confinement.Therefore I still need about 25 packets or more in order to last for a month.

Women doing confinement is the most tedious part,firstly we can only bathe with herbs and only be boiled water,next the only water we can drink was the longans,red dates drinks which strictly no plain water involve.Lots of gingers with sesame oil needed to be in for the 3meals per day,pig trotters is one of the dish that was needed then.
These are the basic confinement needs for a month.

Currently I am doing research online and see what are the dishes that can be cook so that I won’t grow sick and tired for the same meal serve every two days.In fact,I found a list of menu for 30days,shall look through it so that it make it easier for mother in law whom she is doing the confinement for me.

I’m getting more and more excited for Adelle arrival in just 24days time!I wonder which day would she choose to pop out.Sometimes I wish that she can be out soon.Not only could we be able to see her,plus it will ”lighten my weight” of her in my tummy.Carrying her around is of no joke,as I could hardly walk well,turn from side to side on bed and could not even cough out hard as being worried of hurting her.

Just today,my running nose and cough is getting from bad to worst.Was thankful that tomorrow was the gynae appointment which at the same time,I can get Doc Ong to prescribe me some cough and running nose medication.After which,heading home for a good sleep was needed especially when I’m sick for now.

The above video was taken in the morning when I saw the great movement that Adelle created.The video was not that clear,but still able to catch a feel glimpse of it then.
For now,try to figure out how Adelle moves for this video.*winks*


The set of Old Navy clothing for Adelle had arrived_//

2 sets of Old Navy infant wear aged 6-12mths

Finally it had arrived.Some time ago,I had seen this Old Navy spree and decided to browse through and see what I can get for Adelle then.Indeed,my eyes caught the above infant wears aged 6-12months and decided to get it for Adelle when she grows older.

Therefore,got dear to pay for the above items at $38(for 2 sets) + $2.66(Extra shipping charges)+$1(normal mail)=$41.66

With this amount $41.66,we had gotten Adelle 2 sets of Old Navy wear.Hopefully by early next year,Adelle will be able to fit in these clothing.It was worth the great deal then.
Plus I am now more keen in getting spree from oversea for infant wear,as I could hardly see these Old Navy infant wear in Singapore then.

So now my task was to find those spree again from Gap/Old Navy or any other brands where I can get more for Adelle in the near future.


Adelle is 36weeks old_//

Adelle’s is now finally 36weeks old.Another 1 week to go before she is full term where will be consider ”safe” to be out.Everyday without fail,I will be telling her that now is not the time for her to be out,she shouldn’t be out only when she is full term.

But no doubts there are some faked contraction”menses like cramp”,it’s still bearable.I do wonder real labour contraction gonna be 10times as bad as this.
Lately,I had been feeling uncomfortable every time I stand after sitting for long.The tummy seems harden and I could hardly breathe well and had to bend slightly forward while walking.
I wonder what causes this?Anyway gonna check with Doc Ong next Monday then.

Every noon after lunch,I will feel so sleepy that I hope to just lie down and have a nap.This gave me the reason why I always nap in the dark meeting room in office everyday after lunch.It does help a little then.
It’s night time when going to sleep,I felt real uncomfortable.Can’t really get to sleep,and toss from side to side.The pressure of the tummy was huge whenever I lie flat on my back.The most troublesome part was,I kept going to the toilet to clear my bladder every night at least 5times per night.Can’t imagine losing sleep in the middle of the night every now and then.

Even when seated,I had the urge to go to the toilet to clear my bladder even though the urine flow was like so little.Some commented in the forum that this was due to baby head being engaged and will deliver soon.Was this the case?Of course,wouldn’t jump into conclusions yet till my next check up with the gynae for answer.

Out of 84 mummies in July forum,5 mummies had already ‘pop’ their little one and are doing their confinement now.It does sound exciting and I hope mine to come even faster.
Both dear and myself wish to see our little Adelle soon!!!
I strongly believe,Buddha will choose a good date for Adelle to be out.We had the faith in everything Buddha gonna do for us including my delivery then.


Our 2nd year wedding anniversary-16th June 2007

Right,it’s our 2nd year wedding anniversary!We are officially married for 2 years based on customary.Really can’t believe how fast time had pass.Still remember that very year
16th June 2007 ,we gone through the tea ceremony,had fun with all the brothers and sisters,our 1st and 2nd march in over at hotel rendezvous,everything seems to had gone by so quickly.

Just last year,we celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary over at Pan Pacific Hotel for their set meals with Hai Tien Lo.
And now for this year,we celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary over at Marina Mandarin with Aquamarine for their buffet lunch.
The buffet here at Aquamarine was simply so marvellous plus we kind of felt in love with the whole atmosphere upon reaching.Dear did a google search and show me the photos of the surrounding and had asked my opinion whether I would like to have our lunch there so as to celebrate the anniversary.
Of course,I felt in love with the place then.

The theme for this restuarant at Marina Mandarin was had something to do with marine which was kind of different from other restaurants then.
The food theme was on Asia then,where I strongly recommended the food over there.
Photos uploaded here shall tell you guys of how nice the atmosphere and food was.

Something different for this year celebration was that,we now had Adelle with us.Although she’s not out yet,but officially she is in my tummy celebrating together with us.Could tell that she loves the food that much till she almost wanna try all the dishes before I shouted ”I’m full now”…

Next year,during this time while we celebrate our 3rd year wedding anniversary with Adelle with us,we can actually celebrate her birthday together as well.No doubts that it will be one month in difference.Something great was,2 occasions that will be celebrated together at the same time!

Today is a real special day for the two of us,with this I would wanna say this to dear,
Happy Anniversary,my dear boon boon!!!!

Recall back our wedding on the 16th June 2007


*our wedding highlight for actual day*


*our photo montage*


It gonna be Adelle stuff_//

Finally set up the Avent sterilizer,milk bottles and Tollyjoy liquid cleanser..

Dear fixed up Adelle playpen in her bedroom just this afternoon.
Just that the bedsheet and pillow was not done yet till Adelle birth.

The stuff which I will bring it with me to the hospital upon labour.

Now,my hospital bag is ready.
I am getting ready for labour!!!

Initially had this planning of fixing Adelle playpen only next weekend.But I really can’t stand seeing the playpen in the box lying in her bedroom.While we can actually spare a couple of hours to had it fix without the need of waiting till next weekend.

Therefore,this mission will be dear’s duty,as I tried to ”avoid myself in the scene” while he was fixing up with the playpen.
The playpen does comes with a net for covering and a changing mat placing on the top of it.Didn’t want so many stuff at the playpen itself,as I felt that simple is perfect.
Dear had Adelle playpen done up in just less than 20minutes time.Was kind of feeling satisfied that at last her sleeping area was done up.

The Avent sterilizer,milk bottles and the liquid cleanser were taken out of her room.We shall start washing and sterilizing her milk bottles next week then.Intend to get a bottle rack to hang the bottles upon wash.This shall be done next week anyway.It’s the finally stuff to get it done.Of course upon her arrival,we need to sterilizer the milk bottles again before feeding her.

Perhaps Doc Ong can’t ”nag” at me for not doing up my hospital bag.I’m packed and ready for labour anytime after the 37th weeks of pregnancy!!
Although I had done up some of the stuff in my hospital bag a couple of weeks ago,but somehow or other,there are still some missing items.
But today,I had finally done up with my hospital bag which had this baby fragrant in the bag itself,which made me thought of Adelle.

The stuff which I had with me was 2 sets of pyjmas,a set of clothing to wear back home,toothbrush and toothpaste,stretch marks cream,nipple cream,J&J body foam,shampoo,2 nursing bra,face towel and body towel,disposal panties,hairband,comb,a set of sock,Adelle’s receiving blankets and hat,her return home clothes,bottie,mitten,face towel,Hp charger,Original Marriage certificate,Doctor’s laboratory report(my blood test result and detailed scan report),Our NRIC and the receipt for gynae visit for claim purpose…

Stuff that was still pending is the admission letter,which I suppose will be taken from Doc Ong during my next visit which is on the 22th Jun as well as the camera which is damn important as well.
Doc Ong was telling us that if possible print out Adelle chinese name so that in the hospital,we can have it done straight away.Well,either this way or just pop by ICA at lavender for the name to be done up.

*I do hope almost all my stuff which I gonna need was as above,no missing items then.*


Myself that was having the most problems_//

The bibs and mitten which we had got it from Mothercare.

Either one of the romper will be what Adelle’s be wearing for her full month.
As for the bootie kind of shoes together with the mitten which I had found at Mothercare
suits the whole layout.

Anyway,it had been a long walking day.I really can’t walk now for long plus every time I walk for a period of 2hours,there’s a urge for me to rest.I do feel so tired,feet aching and backache too.
There was a need for me to find a place to sit down and have a good rest before carrying on with the walking.I do sound like old lady then,but there wasn’t much choices for me to choose from anyway.
There are many people who said that walk more in order to have a smooth labour.I am trying my best to walk more,but each time I walk for a distance,I really can’t take it that finding a place to sit is more important than anything.

I could really walk then.From Marina square to Suntec city and to Vivo City.No doubt in between I did sit down to rest for a couple of minutes.We wanna do some last minute shopping then.Starting from next weekend,you won’t find me anywhere in town.Strictly be at home during the weekends from next week till the day Adelle is born.
I don’t wanna made myself that tired then.
We still have a couple of duties to be done from next week on.Mainly are washing and sterilizing her milk bottles,dear to fix Adelle playpen,do the final washing of her clothes that was left over and do up the final decoration of her bedroom.
After which,perhaps will be the time both dear and myself be waiting for her arrival.

The mittens and bibs which we had gotten from Mothercare.Really love the stuff from Mothercare then.It was really so nice that I can’t help getting stuff from there,no doubt that their prices are on the high end type.
Had got Adelle full month rompers wear and booties/shoes,now only lack of the mittens,which I had finally found it at Mothercare then.Next will be the bibs which we had got for her.Will protect her from leaking any trace of milk using the bibs no matter it will be out there or at home.

For your information,my maternity leave starts on the 1st Jul till the 1st of Nov 2009.Had actually started my maternity leave 2 weeks earlier from my Edd.This was due to in preparation for staying home just in case Adelle choose to arrive before the Edd that was between 1st Jul to 15th Jul.I don’t wanna panic myself and colleagues in the office then.
At the very least when I’m home,I can actually grab my hospital bag and rush straight to the hospital.