Adelle full month celebration-Her mini card with cakes

This mini card will be placed together with Adelle full month cake

Now,what’s coming up…
It will be Adelle full month celebration next week.We had decided to split it into a few different dates.
Can kind of ignore the previous post regarding her full month celebration.This post shall be the final update of her celebration then.

This full month card will be given together with the full month cake for relatives.
We had ordered Adelle full month cake from ”Sweetest Moments”,and this design of card was selected by us and printed by Sweetest Moments.
Had seen a few confectionery store,and finally decided on sweetest Moments then.We kind of like the packaging,the design of card and the taste of the cake.

*Below dates shall be for Adelle full month celebration…*

8th Aug 09:Distribution of full month cakes for dear’s relatives (Cakes from Sweetest Moments)

9th Aug 09:Mini makan session and cake distribution for my side of relatives(Cakes from Sweetest Moments)

10th Aug 09: Both dearie and my family will be having a get together lunch for Adelle full month celebration (Venue to be at Aquamarine,Marina Mandarin Hotel,reservation made..)

11th Aug 09: Distribution of full month cakes for dearie and my workplace
(Cakes from Emicakes)


Adelle,both daddy and mummy love u_//

Now what?…

Adelle looks surprise when I took this shot for her…

Days after days,I had been taking photos,blogging during my confinement…This is the only way that keep me ongoing.Another 9 more days to go before my confinement ends.I had been waiting for this day to come seriously..

Now the question is,upon going back to my own place,I have another worries.How am I going to settle my lunch everyday?I can’t possibilities cook everyday for lunch unless Adelle sleeps during that period of time when I am suppose to cook my meal.
Now I gonna relax and tell myself this,everything is possible.If not I will ended up having ”depression” again.

Maybe till now,I still can’t accept the fact of having Adelle with us.Just before Adelle comes,dear and myself had been leading our life freely and looks forward to every weekend to get Adelle stuff,go for check up,do our own things as per normal.
Now Adelle is here,everything had changed…Whatever we do,we have to think of our little one.It’s not like before where we can do anything as we like.

Just yesterday,I had a great chat with my dear cousin,Katie’s mum..She was giving me ideas of breastfeeding which currently I am still doing it.She hopes that I can get a nursing apron when I can latched on in public,so that I don’t have to express my breastmilk out and bring the warmer whenever we are out.It’s sort of a good idea then.She had advised that if I can breastfeed the baby till a later date will be good,as it’s pointless giving formula when I still could express breastmilk out.

Everyday I will have some thoughts and ideas to share with my readers.Whatever I am thinking now,I’ll jot it down in this bloggie of mine.In the long run,when I flip through or when Adelle grows older where she can read,she will understand how her mummy had gone through so much for her.

*Well,the mixed feeling I had now is getting lower and lower.I do hope that it’s just hormone changes and will make me feel better after some time.*


Princess Adelle at different look for age 15days_//

Adelle at 15days old

Random photos for Adelle at 15days old

Random photos for Adelle at 15days old
*Huge eyes*

Random photos for Adelle at 15days old
*Trying to look cheeky*

Random photos for Adelle at 15days old
*She simply love playing*

Random photos for Adelle at 15days old

Random photos for Adelle at 15days old
*Raised her hand high up*

Random photos for Adelle at 15days old

Random photos for Adelle at 15days old
*Adelle side view*

Random photos for Adelle at 15days old
*Are u looking at me?*

Managed to capture some of the random pictures of Adelle today!!At 15days old,she looks like she is more than a month old then.Looking at Adelle photos made me grow as well..
She is really a princess to me right now!!
Not only for my bloggie,I do upload photos of Adelle in my facebook then.There were tons and tons of comments in my facebook that Adelle is now the attention of my ”facebook”..

For now,while Adelle is sleeping,I will either go online,express breast milk out into bottles or having a nap myself.Is kind of bored whenever I think of it.But one thing I am happier was to capture Adelle photos and had it posted online for my dear readers to view.At least it’s something that made me feel that I am ongoing on a ”project”….

Perhaps after this post,I will be going to do my routine work again.That was to express the next batch of breastmilk out for Adelle next feed.There’s still 2 bottles
of breastmilk in the fridge now,which shall be her next feeding use.

Like what others had said,always express the breastmilk out and latched on to the baby in order to gain more milk supply.Now when I’m doing it,I don’t feel really good.
In fact I felt stressed over it,as I’m kind of worried what happen if I carry on feeding her with breastmilk and she rejected formula in the future?Won’t I be having a hard time expressing the milk out everyday?

Therefore,today dear and myself gonna get her a formula and let her try out.If she is fine with it,I shall give her formula milk during the night time,and have breastmilk in the day time.Hopefully by the time I return back to work,she will be fully on formula then.
Talking about formula milk,dear had asked me which formula I wanna Adelle to try it out.
Initially had wanted to choose Enfalac,but recieved comments that it’s heaty and will cause constipation.Therefore we decided to try out Nan Pro and see how it goes.

As for Adelle diaper,it’s high time we change her diaper size for now.She had outgrown from newborn size to size S…In fact when I put on her newborn size diaper,she could hardly fit on.
Therefore,later in the afternoon we gonna get her Size S,Pampers for her.


Our lil Adelle is 2 weeks old_//

Baby Adelle is finally 2 weeks old…
周芷玄 [Adelle Chew Zhi Xuan]
It had been weeks ever since Adelle birth that I am counting down to her full month.At times I really hope Adelle can grow up faster…
I am having problem with Adelle feeding.Not too sure should I do total bottle feeding?Or should I do half latching,half bottle feeding?I am having such problem that everytime when I’m suppose to feed Adelle,I don’t seem knowing how to do it..
Main problem was that now I am doing confinement at parents place and find it hard to do anything freely.
It seems that I can’t do anything well.Everyday is like a battle to me.The routine goes like this when dear goes to work.In the morning,I gonna bathe Adelle,feed her,make sure she fall alseep.Next once she is asleep soundly,I gonna have my lunch and rest while she is still sleeping.By late afternoon,upon she wakes up,is feeding time again and drag the day till evening before I clean her up again,leave her in the playpen while I have my dinner.Play with her again till late evening and she shall have her next feed,pat her to sleep and sometimes this can drag till 12 midnight.
Everyday my routine is like this.Is this a life????I can’t seems to hope that confinement pass quickly where I can be at my own place doing my own thing freely with Adelle,and not at my parent place where a lot of things are quite restricted.
So confinement is a ”killer” to me..I totally hate it and whenever I thought of confinement,the sad feeling comes in,and I can only talk about it with dear dear..He had assured to me that things will pass quickly,we will go back to Coris next friday and that shall be the end of the confinement!!!
I don’t have the mood to chat with anyone in the family,I just simply not like myself before Adelle birth.I’m really not sure what comes over me,just that I had this mixed feeling,and I don’t feel so well.I can only keep quiet whenever anyone in the family talks.I only voice out to dearie…
No doubt that such feeling is going to overcome my whole action,but I often tell myself this.It’s gonna to get better after next Friday.The below dates shall be my joy,I suppose..
Date:8th Aug 2009
To distribute cakes to our immdiate families and relatives(Cakes already ordered)
Date:10th Aug 2009
Have Adelle full month celebration at Aquamarina,Marina Mandarin Hotel (Reservation made)
Date:11th Aug 2009
Have Adelle full month cakes delivered to our work places(cakes to be confirm)


Adelle at 12 days old_//

Adelle at Day 12

It’s time for her shower…

Now,she is all done,

waiting to be dress up


She felt real satisfied with her clothing all on..


Im trying to smile,but failed

Our lil princess Adelle is finally 12days old.Seeing her grow is a great achivement for us.Right now,we had this planning of giving her formula milk in no time.We shall mix both formula and breast milk together,so that Adelle can get use to the formula milk as well.Dear had observed that currently Adelle doesn’t seems liking to be latch on after we had express the breastmilk out into bottle.

Therefore,recently I’m kind of busy with all the expressing of milk into bottles..Hopefully I can use the milk bottle with breastmilk and formula in the near future.It was never easy to really express the milk out,have it stored and feeding her.Really lose my golden sleep then.But for the sake of our little princess,everything is worth while..

Bathing Adelle is another great experience for us.From bathing to dress up,every steps is a kind of experience.Clean her face,carry her to the bath tub,just before putting her to the bath tub,there’s this cleaning of hair first with wet cloth gently.Next we place her in the bath tub washing both front and back.Back to the bathrobe again.We had to dress her up with clothing quick,just before that the talc powder,rashes cream and Ru Yi oil comes into the picture first before the end of the dress up.

I missed going back to Coris,I wished that confinement will end real fast and could be back home with dear,Adelle and myself.Frankly speaking,confinement is real killing.It was never easy having confinement,and it was a real hard one.Really salute to those mummies who can overcome confinement.No doubt this was my 2nd confinement,but I could hardly overcome it.

Nevertheless,I had this phobia in doing the ”3rd confinement” if there’s another baby coming along in the near future..I just gonna think twice of having another baby no doubt that after giving birth to Adelle,I find that pregnancy road is not that scary after all cum the delivery part,frankly speaking is not that ”scary”when in the labour ward.Although I had 19hours of labour,but upon giving birth,the feeling was not scary and will opt for a 2nd birth again..

Right now,the main part was to build up my body after Adelle birth.To give Adelle another baby brother of sister,it shall be a few years down the road then.Or perhaps,there isn’t any at all just because,,,I had ”confinement phobia”!!!!!


Adelle being a week old_//

A woman in confinement with a baby that dont wanna want all her
mittens and booties

Hui took this piece of photo when I undressed Adelle
just before her bath..

All done,
Adelle was dressed up…

She loves to open up her mouth then..

This piece of photo was taken when she is 9days old
which was today!!!

I will try my best to blog as much as I could.But with a newborn on hand,it’s kind of hard anyway.Plus currently I gonna rest as much as I could to fight the battle with our little ”chilli padi” during the night time.

Now Adelle drank 60ml of breast milk every 3 hourly be it latched on or express out.
It had been a week since I breast feed Adelle.I hope to do so for the next few months no doubt I had this thinking of giving her half formula and half breast milk.

It was never easy doing breastfeeding.
Imagine gonna latch on to her when she needs milk,after which express the milk out and store it in the fridge,sterilizer the milk bottles and pump before and after use.
Jus feeding alone is making me tired then.

I do hope Adelle will be able to sleep well throughout the whole night.She slept most of the time during the day and hardly sleep well in the night.Therefore We hope to adjust her time back to normal.

Just last Friday,dear had bought Adelle to her PD for a check up at Mount Alvernia hospital due to her wind in the stomach that made her cries at night.Adelle had mild jaundice too.
With just a bottle of medication and consultation costed dear $150.

On the fifth day after Adelle and myself being discharged from the hospital,I managed to bathe and cleaned Adelle up on my own without any help and could do it so freely then.Perhaps the learning of such skills during my course and work last time does help in it.
Every time I bathe Adelle,I’m getting better and better.Do hope I could do it even much better.

Now I begin to feel less tired compared to the first few days after discharge.I don’t have enough sleep and will tend to feel so sleepy each time I wake up during the night time.But now,I had learned how to adjust my sleeping time during the day,and handle Adelle during the night time.
Plus we gonna train Adelle the differences between day and night.
It’s no joke for new daddies and mummies.Both dear and myself are learning through the process slowly.

These are some of the simple updates which I had been through for this one week.
I still had another 3 weeks of confinement to go.Confinement is killing,and I do hope to overcome it soon.

Other than confinement,we still had some pending items to do like ordering of the full month cakes which will be given on the 8th Aug 09 and also the venue for the full month with purely family members on the 9th Aug 09…


Adelle one week old

Seeing Adelle each day made me grows

Another view of Adelle

It had been a while since my last blogging.These days had been quite hectic,and was never easy having a newborn on hand.

Nevertheless,I gonna get use to motherhood soon.Was it due to the hormone changes in me right now that I do feel so lost and don’t know exactly of what I want.I don’t have such feeling during pregnancy time,and I do enjoy my whole pregnancy.Now with Adelle out,I suddenly feel so lost of what I can achieve next?
Am I into what those others said as post natal blue?Seriously,I myself don’t know what comes over me.

Now,I began missing lots of things.
I missed going to Doc Ong clinic for the check up,the scanning on adelle,making appointment to go there,carry the “big balloon” with me everywhere I go,go to work as per normal with the joy that Adelle is in my tummy,walk as fast as I could even with her in my tummy,doing things so relax,topic about babies with colleagues,there are simply tons and tons of stuff during this pregnancy.
Now,everything is over,I had given birth finally,and yet this post natal blue kicks in.

Looking at Adelle each day made me feel like giving her all the best,taking great care of her.Just that this “strange feeling”sort of like overcome everything.
I really hope to overcome this seriously…

*Now looking at Adelle photos really made me happier each day…*


Our little princess,Adelle out on the 13th Jul 2009_//

Upon admitted to the labour ward..

How the labour ward looks like

On drip after the I admit into the hospital.

The tag for me….

Adelle shall be placed here upon her birth…

This machine is to monitor my contraction and Adelle heartbeat

Now Adelle is out with Doc Ong doing the necessary procedures…

She looks like this upon birth,
And she cried the min she was born.

Look at her cute feet

-Our daughter-
Adelle Chew Zhi Xuan ….* 周芷玄 *

When she is 2days old

Adelle is finally home with daddy and mummy..

Now,let me share my birth story of how I had given birth to our princess,Adelle on the 13th Jul over here for my dear reader.
My water bag burst in the middle of the night,say 230am while I’m sleeping soundly while I feel a gush of water on my
clothing and on the bed itself.
Was damn worried during that time,and on the light,realizing that it’s water bag burst then.

By 330am in the morning of 13th July,I was admitted to Mount Alvernia Hospital then.
Was send to the labour ward.
330am-930am:Cervix not open and doc Ong came by to check,cervix open only 1-2cm.
10am-1pm-Cervix still not open yet despite the water bag had burst.
130pm-Was given epidural then
230pm-930pm-Cervix was open 1cm every hourly
1020pm-Finally given birth,and Adelle was being forcep out due to emergency as I bleed alot,and Doc Ong gonna rush over from one ward to mine and deliver for me first before she attended to my forum friend who happen to came in at the same time as myself.
After everything,Doc Ong stiches for me and all the congratulations came in.

On the 14th Jul,was still in the hospital,not able to discharge yet.Was quite bored during the one day stay then.But was being”approve” for going back home on the 15th Jul ,home sweet home..

Well,I had gone into labour for 19hours,and was successfully given natural birth with epidural.
Was glad that I had done it then no doubts was given epidural,after all,I had gone through natural birth then.
Just that the stiches was damn pain initially,and I vomitted with backache due to epidural.
Now,I gonna give my daughter total breasfeeding then.Shall see how things work.

To View Adelle first video,it’s at the following link


*Meanwhile,our princess name shall be Adelle Chew Zhi Xuan ….* 周芷玄 *


The last few posts before the 40th weeks of pregnancy_//

The last few post before holding Adelle in our arms…

Somehow I really missed my pregnancy period.
No doubt during the 1st to 3mth of pregnancy which was the first trimester,I vomited like mad.Not able to eat as well,and whatever I consume,I’ll vomit all out.
Still remember when I’m working,the nausea feeling comes,out I go with a plastic bag to a corner of the office and throw up everything.
That was the most tedious part during my pregnancy.

During the 2nd trimester,everything goes up as per normal.I could eat so well that every 1hr,I will munch something in my mouth till I shoot up till 15kg and almost got a scolding from my gynae for putting so much weight.*smile*
Had told the doc,if I don’t munch something every one hour,I will have the nausea feeling,just like my first trimester.But the strange part was that after eating,I’m totally fine!!!
This happened during my 2nd trimester then.

Now,towards the end of my 3rd trimester,everything is still back to normal.Except that the food that I can’t take will give me a puking feeling.
Especially bread and instant noodles!!!
Just yesterday,I tried my luck in taking instant noodle.Guess what,the puking feeling was back,and I almost throw up during that few hours!!!

Every trimester gave me different kind of feeling.Of course,like what mostly others had said,it’s the 2nd trimester that was the ”honeymoon period”,,,which I simply agreed!
But that was the time that made me put on the most weight.

Just today alone,when I’m out there at AMK Hub,there’s this old aunty with white long hair walked pass me,and she sounded quite stern,she said”You giving birth soon”….Which I don’t even know this old aunty,and she just walked by my side and say so.
She added this,don’t wear blouse that is so tight,is not good for the growing baby,and off she go..
Both my mum and myself was stunt by the way she said.Who actually was this aunty,it’s seems so mystery to us.It seems that she can predict lots of things then.

Just before I go off,there was another aunty who was standing beside us pointed out at my tummy and asked ”is it a baby boy?”I replied that it’s a baby girl.They were both surprise as my tummy was quite sharp in a way.
Actually I had many others who commented mine was a baby boy with the look of my tummy.Still,I prefer baby girl more then..

In a row,the third aunty came by,this time round in the ladies at AMK Hub,she was queing behind me.She had asked what gender is the baby,once replied that it was a baby girl,she said,girl is for lifetime,boy once gotten a wife,everything is gone.
What kind of logic is this then?*smile*
Anyway she asked when is my EDD,and I said next Wednesday.She added,wow,next Wed and yet you are here?

Well,frankly speaking,you can call me daring.In another 3days time will be my EDD,and yet I am still walking up and down out there!!!
But I do experience some bad contractions and menses like cramp during the journey from place to place then.

Now,talking about Adelle’s full month.Initially our plan was to celebrate it with lots of relatives with a buffet at Bottle tree park.Due to some circumstances,we had decided to have a simple buffet lunch at a particular hotel(yet to be confirm) with just strictly families.Meaning just dearie family and my family members.

As for the rest of the relatives,we will be distributing cakes for them.These 2 stuffs will be held at two different day then.Talking about full month cake,we had chosen this confectionery and will liaise with them upon Adelle birth.


4more days to Adelle Edd_//

Enjoying the final stage of my pregnancy..
Another 4 more days to go

This set of free gift was given by the library.
Each mummy or mum to be enjoy this package of gift given by the national library.

Cutie headband for Adelle..
More to come…

We went down to the library at Civic Centre located at Woodlands for borrowing some books so as to read for our little princess,Adelle during the night time.
Other than singing songs for her,dear will present his voice with a bedtime story.

It’s important during pregnancy,especially when the unborn could hear,story telling and songs are real important for them.It’s kind of pre-natal skill then.We simply very much believe in that,and had started reading and singing to Adelle the moment she could hear us.
It’s a skill to be learn then.
Other than that,we will talk to her every night just before sleep,so that she can recognize our voices,plus letting her understand the different between day and night.In this way,she will be able to understand the routine we will always do every day.

The package of CD and booklet was given as a gift from the National Library for mummies or mum to be.Each mummy was allowed to have taken only once.Simply present your NRIC to the customer service counter,and this free gift will be yours!!!

The nice headband which I had got it from Mothercare just this afternoon.Wanna doll Adelle up with this during her full month celebration.Now,I’m getting more and more interested in headbands for our little one.
If there’s any spree coming up,be it clothing,headbands,clips etc,I’m sure to be the first to get it.
Was thankful that we had got a princess that allows us to doll her up.

Now the question was,when will Adelle wanna be out?????I’m left with 4days till her Edd and yet Adelle is still comfortably in my tummy,not wanting to be out.
No doubt,the past few days,I had bad contraction that comes with mild menses like cramp.Today was worst,the menses like cramp was so bad that I almost wanna call up Mount Alvernia and ask if I could admit myself to the hospital.
Reason why I don’t wanna admit myself,just in case,it’s false alarm and waste my trip down to the hospital then.

Seriously,the contaction for today was real bad compared to the past few days.Especially last night,I could hardly sleep well,and the moment I’m awake,the feeling of menses like cramp was there.
I shall monitor closely again,if by Monday check up and Adelle still doesn’t wanna be out,perhaps I will ask Doc Ong to induce her out on the Edd date,which will be next Wed.
Although Doc Ong wanna wait till 41weeks,but I gonna tell him,I can’t wait,plus the weight of Adelle is hurting me,I’m afraid she will be too big for normal delivery.

Now keeping my fingers cross..