Pre-natal does help Adelle's_//

Lil Adelle Chew Zhi Xuan take 1

Lil Adelle Chew Zhi Xuan take 2

Lil Adelle Chew Zhi Xuan take 3

Lil Adelle Chew Zhi Xuan take 4

These days I had a hard time with our little Adelle.She tends to get cranky if she don’t have enough sleep.Not talking about weekends where We will bring her out for a shopping trip,she will sleep well either in the sarong sling or the baby bjorn carrier,that’s for sure.

Adelle don’t have an easy character though.She gets very fustrated and throw her tantrums by crying loudly when she was real tired but can’t get to sleep.We almost had a hard time with her every now and then when she is getting older now.

We almost didn’t know what to do with her until my forum friend who was a mummy of one suggested this to me.She had mentioned this,do something that Adelle was familiar with when she was in my womb.
Well,at a moment I almost can’t rememeber what did I do when she was in my womb then.*smile*
Until I tried this method out.Rememeber that when she was in my womb,I will do a routine everyday,that was to blow dry my hair after bathe.So I decided to try on this when she was crying loudly,refused to fall asleep when she was already very tired.

Guess what,immediately when I on the air dryer for a certain period of time,she stops crying and was sleeping well without making any sound!!!
Both dear and myself was caught surprise by this.Of course,she started again when I off the air dryer.
This tells us one thing,all babies wanted security,and tend to feel secure by the sound that they used to hear when they are in the womb.This is so call the ”white noise” that they hear in our womb.
Sounds like vaccum cleaner,washing machine does help if we always keep in contact with it.
So these are the only sounds that can keep them quiet down and make them feel secure.It’s something which I had learned and finally understand as initially I had always thought those noises will make the babies feel scared and worried,but then I was wrong…

Plus,I finally found that pre natal does help too when a baby cries or became so cranky.During my pregnancy,when Adelle can hear in the womb say at 6month of pregnancy,we played nursery songs,sang nursery rhymes,talk to her.Each time she cries and refused to sleep well,I will play this CD of nursery rhymes for her where I used to play for her every night when she was in my womb.
Guess what,it helps too!!!
Every evening by 7pm,she will become so fustrated and cries a lot,so what we did was talk to her,switch on the air dryer(white noise) followed by the CD of nursery rhymes.After all these was done,she slept soundly without any crying till 10pm or even later.

Still rememeber there’s a post some months back which I mentioned about Adelle kicks me a lot when she was taking the NEL with me.She simply loves the sound produce by the NEL that she kicks so much in my tummy.
Therefore,I did a test trial on her by bringing her for the MRT ride.I could see her eyes open so big till as though she is observing the surrounding around her,and I’m sure she is finding it familiar again by looking around.

Was kind of thankful that we did ”pre natal lesson” with Adelle when she was in my womb,so it’s real important that for sure.At least,it gave the babies a kind of secure that something they come across before.

*Therefore,I hope to advise friends who gonna become mummies real soon and share my experience with them!*


Some random photos of our cutie pie_//

Here’s more of Adelle growing photos.I never get sick and tired with taking photos of our little Adelle.Like mentioned,we wanna grow together with Adelle,accompany her growing process.

It seems like everywhere we go,we could see parents bringing their little one in the pram,even in the carrier.Then I will be telling dear that,look we are now in the same category!

There was this one day when we were walking pass the playground at Coris.Saw this little toddler,walking like a ”duckling”.Was telling dear I wish Adelle will reach this stage soon,but that was the time where she will be more active and harder to manage.

It seems like time passes real fast,it’s almost end of Aug and Sept will be here very fast.Our little Adelle is already 6 weeks and 3days old.In just a spin,when come July 2010 where our cutie pie will be 1year old.I’m actually looking forward to that though.

Recently I found that Adelle loves to smile.Now I had asked myself this question,did I smile or laugh a lot during pregnancy that made me have a daughter that loves to smile?
All I know was that,I didn’t cry during that period.*smile*
This made me realise something,if we stayed happy and being cheerful during pregnancy,we will get a happy go lucky baby,a baby who loves to smile.But then,if we cried a lot,then we’ll get a cry baby.
Is there such logic?I’m puzzled myself too…


Baby Bjorn(baby carrier active) for lil Adelle_//

A completed family take 1

A completed family take 2

A shot with Adelle @ the study room

With Adelle,just before leaving the house

After coming back from ViVo/Harbourfront

In the train taking NEL back to Coris with the baby bjorn carrier with Adelle sleeping in it..

We finally get this carrier at $249 from Mothercare

Baby Bjorn (Baby carrier active)

Despite the fact that we had our sarong sling from Moms in Mind,We had decided to get this baby bjorn under the range known as baby carrier active from Mothercare.Initially had wanted to get the baby bjorn synergy,but it doesn’t come with a cushion unlike the baby carrier active which we had got.

Baby bjorn(baby carrier active) price at $249 was finally what we had got it.Had learned lots of great feedback from ex users,and decided to go for it.Most importantly,I did a trial test carrying Adelle in this carrier over at Mothercare to see if she really like it or not.
At first,she struggled and kept crying when we first placed her in there.The sales person was telling us,due to the sarong sling which we always carried her in,she could not get use to this carrier at first.It needs time.
True enough,after carrying Adelle in this carrier,and walk around Mothercare for a while in this,she begins to like it,and was not struggling like when we first placed her in.

Dear was telling me this,hey,it’s enough with me walking around Mothercare in this carrier,people looking at us.But then,I must try on it with Adelle before I purchase,so as to make sure she really like it,if not the $249 which we paid for will be gone if she doesn’t like it!!!!

Immediately after we purchased,we decided to put her in after her milk intake,this time round again in public,but was with dear.Surprisingly,she loves it!!!And she felt asleep in this carrier after we walked for a while.

So now,this baby bjorn carrier and sarong sling became our useful carrier other than the capella pram which we had.
Now the question was,aren’t we kind of ”kiasu” for having 3 type of ”carrier”????

Next,we decided to find a nursing room in Vivo city to clear Adelle poo poo.
We managed to find one after a couple came out after using it.Laying the changing mat this time round,and had her diaper changed.Now Adelle is clean again for further shopping!!!!

Dear decided to try his luck at Giant’s for getting Adelle diaper which run out of stock at NTUC and even Shop N Save!!!As we are using Pampers brand,and no matter how hard we find from every branches,it’s still run out of stock.
Was damn mad,as due to this,we had to get other brand of diaper which made Adelle skin became rough and sensitive.
As I understand Pampers this brand of diaper was the most expensive diaper among all,of course the material tends to be better,which I strongly agreed.
When Adelle uses this brand,her skin was as smooth as before,perhaps she had sensitive skin and therefore needed a higher end of diaper.
But then,we managed to find Pampers brand at Giant,and guess what it’s left with only 4 packets!See how sellable it was.


Out to taka baby fair with lil Adelle_//

The lil Adelle with her mummy..

For 3months and above,serve as a teething purpose,Im early..

Wrislet rattles,tis is good for little infants

Foot Rattle,very educational..

photo album for infant at this stage

Adding photos page by page

Out to Taka Baby Fair with mummy Jeslyn and baby Javier together with my precious little Adelle this afternoon.The very first time out for a shopping trip without dear.Initally had this thought,would I be able to survive bringing a 6 weeks old infant out on my own?
Still,I managed to do it!!

Adelle milky time was supposedly to be 330pm.Had thought that in the sarong sling,she won’t be up so early for her milk,but I’m wrong.She wakes up at 330pm sharp for her milk after I had purchased the above items.

Now,being a mummy things are different.Is no longer bringing my own stuff in the bag which I’m carrying.It consists of mainly Adelle stuff like milk bottles,formula,hot flask,diapers,hand towels,baby wipes,changing mat,cloth diaper(for head support),extra set of mittens,booties and romper,and her pacifier.

She was crying damn loud for milk while I’m preparing for it.But she was busy looking around her surrounding upon finishing her milk.(I had a busybody baby by the way)..Now she poo poo again after her milk.Didn’t even bother to look for a nursing room,I changed Adelle diaper in public at the bench in front of the entrance of the baby fair.Perhaps,there were many eyes looking at me then.*smile*

Now upon meeting Jeslyn,we had a tour at the baby fair.It’s great for first time parents getting stuff in preparation for their little ones,but not for us then..
Being walking round the baby fair,had found that most of the stuff that was selling over there,we had already owned.Stuff like baby cot,playpen,pram,play gym,bouncer,milk bottles etc etc wasn’t in my need of category.

But then,some educational stuff was in my catgory then.During my course some years back,I had learned and know some of the stuff needed for infants at certain stages.Those that I had purchased above was very much welcome and supported by my lecturer.

Wrislet and foot rattles:To enhance infants hands,feet,eyes motor skills.

Cloth photo album:Strongly encourage this.There’s a few pages of photo slot for us to put photo,be it the baby or parents photos.This is to let the infant understand and get to recognize the parents or even his/her own look

The rubber teething set:I know I’m early,but other than serving as teething,it can be for infant gripping.Again,it’s for fingers skill..

So total damage for the above items were $40.No doubt that these were the educational stuff which I strongly looking at,and does not mind for the price paying for.

*Finally I’m proud of myself for being able to handle a 6 weeks old infant on my own,prepare milk,change diaper in public.Most importantly,being able to travel such a long distance with Adelle in the sarong sling while holding my bag full of her stuff*
So if I can do it,I believe most mummies will be able to too!!!


Sherryl+ Adelle_//

The little Adelle

Adelle looks surprise when I carry her for a shot at home..

Facing the mirror at home with Adelle

Decided to have a few shot of photos with Adelle after taking photos of just Adelle.My blog is always full of picture occupied by her.It gave me a sense of satisifcation of having Adelle as our daughter.I’m happy with what was given to us.
Having Adelle with us had given us new hope.Seeing her grow each day was our mission.Nothing maters.

Had decided on a plan with dear just last night,if everything goes on smoothly by October,I will be staying at home taking care of Adelle till next year after I tender in November.
This is a plan yet to be confirm.Everything will be reveal by late October.

Actually had decided on this plan due to one thing,that’s for our Adelle.I wanna accompany her growth till she reaches age 1.During these few months,I hope to take care of her by myself,learn and train her of what I had been taught from the course a few years back.Infants at different stages had different teaching.I do hope to be a good mother and good teacher for Adelle after my years of experiences in the pre school teaching.

Time flies,I had taken my 8 weeks of maternity,and another 8 weeks to go before I report back for work.But then,it’s just another 4 weeks with my dear colleagues at my current workplace,and from there,I had to move on.

After giving birth to Adelle,I don’t feel the same as before.No longer had the mood to go shopping for clothing,dont feel the need for any make up(the picture in this post shows)..Was it due to the hormone changes again?Will it be revert back to the past after the hormones change?

But another part of me tells me not to be like this,as girls still needed all those stuff.And I hope it will be back as per normal like the past.
For now,I realise that pregnancy hormones are so scary,it changes a lot of things which we used to do.

Now what I can only hope for was towards weekends just like before,but it was not going anywhere far.Just had this thought with puting on my hot pants,grabbing my wrislet,and out to the nearby shopping malls with dear and Adelle.No longer feel the urge to travel far.And,no more make up for me too!!!
Other than this,I only hope to stay at home,doing house work,taking care and teaches Adelle,washing of her clothing every weekends..

*Another hormone problem,it changes my thinking that I used to do*


Adelle is 5 weeks and 5days old_//

love this piece!!

Adelle looks so surprise!

Another blur look…

Adelle in her playpen

She’s looking at her soft toys..

Refused to look at me when taking this shot..

Looking at the camera,finally..

Yet she don’t look happy..

Finally,she smile…

Adelle at 5weeks 5days old today..Does the photos show that what a big baby I had?
Well,,the photo looks as though she’s big,but in actual fact,Adelle is a small baby..
She changes from weeks to weeks..I almost ”got a shock” myself when I see how different she looks when she was born till now.

Babies do change from time to time,this I gonna admit.I can see the changes in Adelle,be it her features,her weight,the amount of ”fats” she gained and her pattern of behaviour..

If you were to ask,which part of Adelle feature I like the most,then I will be saying,I love her eyes and eyebrow the most!!
Adelle had my eyes,this I strongly agreed.As I’m not the only one saying this,in fact I had couple of friends,relatives who agreed on this.

Was thankful for this,as I believe is the God strength and power that master had told us months before Adelle was born.Till now I can still rememeber this.
Master said,our child will be born with beautiful eyes because we prayed a lot to the Budhha.Believe it or not is up to us..
Seeing Adelle eyes now,we strongly believed what he told us months ago!!


Our weekends with Adelle.._//

Set to be out wif my preg preggie clothing,as well as Adelle in this sarong sling

Will this Reshaping binder helps me to ”take away” my tummy?

Gonna change the teat of Adelle milk bottle to 1mth old instead of the current newborn teat which she is using..

Nice socks for Adelle…

Set to Compass point today.Perhaps from now on,we can only drop by nearby shopping mall with Adelle with us.She’s still too young to travel far,nearby is still acceptable.

I believe Adelle had gained weight,which I do feel ‘arm sore” when carrying her around from my parents place to my place alone by taking train.Now with this sarong sling,I find it easier for me.It does help me alot whenever I bring her out.
When I’m over at Kiddy Palace,looking for the Avent teat for Adelle milk bottle,there’s this preggie lady who saw me carrying Adelle in this sarong sling.In less than 10 seconds,I saw her walking towards the section where there’s this sarong sling hanging around there.And next,she browse through it.
Seems like I’m doing this advertisment for Moms in Mind..*smile*

Now Adelle is one mth plus,the Avent teat which we had from her milk bottle is suitable for newborn only,which we decided to have it change for her.The teat which we had gotten for her is suitable for 1mth old.
Shall see how she adept to this new teat then.

Saw this nicely design socks for 0 to 9mth old,and decided to get more for Adelle.As she will be going out more often from now on,socks gonna be her best friend whenever she is out.We got it at $14 plus,for a set of 6…

No doubt that I can wear back my pre preggie clothing,but still there’s still a little tummy that needed to be ”taken off”..Therefore,hope that this binder which I had got it can help me in fulfilling my dream.
There wasn’t much fats from my body that needed to be cut down except for my tummy which I strongly feels that it’s a must to make it flatter.


Taking care of Adelle day after day_//

Adelle smile=no teeth for the time being..

Looking serious again?

Adelle smile again

What kind of reaction is this?

Adelle’s love to open her mouth big like this

Adelle looking at the soft toys again

She hopes to touch it.

After 3 days of stay at parents place,I’m finally back at Coris,our own place.
Just today after Adelle bath,I took a few shot of her in her new set of clothing which I wanna show my sister,Ning after I had told her this morning through msn.

Adelle does look cute in this simple wear.I had always wanted to find something simple for her to wear at home so that she will feel cooling due to the hot weather which we had in Singapore.
Again,Adelle is in her playpen,playing and ”talking”with those set of toys hanging on her playpen.Each time I placed her down,she will be looking at those toys hanging there.She loves it!!!

Ever since I carried Adelle back from the hospital,I had been taking care of her.From zero knowledge to some knowledge now.When dearie was busy working,I will be staying at home with Adelle alone for days unless I’m back at parents place for a short stay.

Those days where I’m alone at home with Adelle,from morning 7am till 7pm,day after day,I’m with Adelle alone,taking care of her,knowing her style of sleep and feeding.
Of course,I will tend to get angry when people ask why Adelle cries whenever after feeding.Might be due to post natal blue,which I get such anger.But then,one thing for sure was,I know my own daughter,I know what she wants so don’t judge me by asking what happent to her again and again.

Like for today,I gonna set my routine for Adelle this way.
By 8am this morning,Adelle was still in deep sleep,therefore I made full use of the time by washing and hanging her clothing,prepare the veggie for tonight dinner,boiled water and to set up water in the bath tub,gets Adelle clean wear before bathing her.

Right now,I’m able to blog,thanks to the ”yao lan” which we had got for her,and I had made her sleep in it.Just before that I had swaddled her while she was having her milk,and placed her in the ”yao lan” and make her sleep.
Hope she sleeps for at least an hour before I can get my lunch with her.

Another sleeping time for Adelle will be this afternoon between 3-4pm,so that I can start preparing our dinner while she sleeps.

I’m actually telling my mom this,it was never easy taking care of the newborn by myself,and no doubt it’s already one mth from birth,I am still learning to adjust to the changes.Plus for now,both dearie and myself can’t sit down together for a meal together,unless Adelle is sleeping.
So the change for now was,either dear or myself have our meal first,the other one will take care of Adelle while another will bathe or eat..

My advises for newly wed or parents to be,enjoy the precious time you have for now,once a baby comes,the change will be there till the child grows up to at least a pre schooler..


Video of Adelle in her play gym_//

Had been taking photos of Adelle,guess it’s time I share a video taken for her a few days back.
The day where Adelle was playing around in her playgym.Nothing special,just that she was focusing on the educational toys hanging on the playgym.

The interesting part was,when the video reaches 1minute and 17 seconds,Adelle let out a funny sound that made both dear and myself couldn’t help laughing over it.

From birth till now,Adelle had been making lots of different sounds and pattern that was so different from babies I see around.Furthermore,when she was just one week old,she can kicks and uses her hands to move around.This shows that she was damn active even in my tummy.

Nevertheless,it’s a video to be enjoy…


Updates of Adelle stuff_//

This sarong sling carries Adelle everywhere whenever needed..

Can Adelle be spotted?

Sometime ago,dear had gotten this sarong sling from *moms in mind*..This sarong sling serves as a carrier and could carry Adelle everywhere we go.But then,I had some problem placing her in there,and is now trying to learn from the video given in order to catch the rope of it.

Nevertheless,I had told dear that we can actually get another carrier,the baby bjorn baby carrier synergy from Mothercare.Perhaps,it’s another round of shopping to go before we committed ourseleves for this carrier beside the sarong sling which we had.

It seems like even after Adelle birth,we had been purchasing more stuff beside what we had prepared early on for Adelle.For example,just like this carrier and the pram,We actually got it only when Adelle comes.For those small items,of course to get it just before her arrival.
Think for now,it going to be a stop to the purchasing of stuff till Adelle reaches 6mths on where she will be on walker,or even high chair for meals?

Sometimes,I do find that it’s never easy to be first time parents.It seems to be buying before the baby is born and even after the baby comes.There’s never seem to have an end to the buying.
No doubts I had a couple of clothing for Adelle,but my mind tells me,I would want to buy more just because Adelle is girl and our little cutie pie..