Cutie,smiley Adelle_//

happy delle delle

delle delle looking up

Delle delle with her blankie,the pink bunny

her bunny blankie always accompany to sleep

delle delle had this,i love bunny look!!

hooray is the word

delle delle so engross with her bunny blankie

another engross look..

Adelle at daddy,mummy bed!

Adelle at daddy,mummy bed!

Adelle at daddy,mummy bed!

grip and grab at this age

Adelle trying to hold the hanging mobile

Delle delle looking at the camera

looking at the flower mobile

Adelle grows differently each day.Every morning upon looking at her,I find her so different in terms of feature and behaviour.
Her look changes the most,where I don’t find her look the same when she was first born.Had she change for the better or worst?

When we walk past the void deck just today,there was a Primary school kid who was cycling with a friend.When their bicycle ride through us,I heard him saying.
“Look,look,look at the baby,her eyes so big”
At this moment,I had to admit that,I had a daughter whom eyes are so big.(might be bigger than mine)She always attract others attention with her thick double eyelid and big eyes.That’s her plus point,but not for the rest of her feature.

As for her behaviour,like mentioned she had always wanted to catch our attention.She will yell on top of her voice just to make us look at her.
When we were out today,she shouted so loud in her pram whenever we push the pram,there will be sounds coming out from there.
But then,when I try to carry her up,she stop her yelling and smile happily at us!!!
And yes,she simply loves to smile.(a few shot of the photos about shows it)
She always had this smiley look on her face.

For a nearly 15 weeks old Adelle,she simply loves to grip and grab whatever stuff that is within her vision.Just like the hanging mobile tangling at the playgym attracted her,and made her wanna feel like grabbing it.

These days,Adelle can’t sleep without her blankie bunny.(specially choose this pinkish blankie bunny for her)She will grip it,and fall asleep with it thou.

That’s lil Adelle by the way.*smiling*


Adelle changes day by day_//

Delle delle is getting more and more mischievous for now.At 14 weeks old,she is shouting for attention when no one is by her side for that few seconds or so.She will shout the word “Ang Gu” again and again till someone goes to her.
If not,she will start giving those “fake cry”

Loving this little one more and more each day.She had this little fate with people around her.E.g,her grandparents,aunties or even friends.All misses her so much that,they will be asking for her whenever she was not seen for a few days.

As before,once delle delle gets enough rest or had finished her milk,she tend to get so hyper that she will laugh and jump with you.
Every single day will be the same thou.

There’s a couple of events coming up at the end of the year.
Firstly,there’s this gathering for Jul mummies(forum)at the home of one of the mummies in Dec.
This gathering invole daddies too!!!

At the same time,I’m looking at some of the enrichment classes for music and movements and indoor playground for Adelle when she reaches say 5 months of age.
Had seen a couple of programmes,and will most likely send her soon for such classes.


The Chew family_//

The family portrait

It had been a while since dear,Adelle and myself had taken the family photo together.(the latest was 2 weeks back)

Perhaps,it’s time which we should go down to the studio and have a family portrait taken.But then,that will be when Adelle reaches much older.
Had been wanted to have a family shot taken at the studio before Adelle was born,just that not too sure when will that be.

Now with Adelle here,I’m kind of decided to have a family portrait taken when Adelle reaches about a year old.
I bet that will be much funnier when she begins to walk and being able to show feature expression by smiling.(no doubt she had been doing so now since month 2)

Right now,dear is the breadwinner of the family while I’m “temporary” a housewife for the next few months starting from November.I’m trying to think of ways to earn a living by staying at home,and at the same time able to take care of our little cutie pie.
Is just a thought which came across my mind while surfing the net a few weeks back.
Can this mission be done?I’m doubtful too myself.

Dear had been sick for 2 days.Since yesterday,he had fallen sick and was on medical leave for 2 days.Till today,he hasn’t get much better.The medication doesn’t seems to do an impact on him.Beside medicine,the only thing which I can do was to brew him some barley drink and forces him to drink 2 cups of it,in the hope to clear the heat in him.

Being the first time that I had prepare both lunch and dinner in a day.Either I cook for lunch or dinner,but had never done both in a day.But then today was different.Dear was sick,and of course both meals were prepared.
Perhaps,this should be done every weekends?*rolling eyes*


Adelle with her play gym and tummy mat_//

It’s tummy time for Adelle

The counting brick caught her attention

Adelle looking at the camera

What is catching Adelle attention?

Legs raising high in the air

Adelle trying to raise up her legs

Resting during the tummy time

Adelle cheeky look

Looking high up

Adelle with her counting pal

Adelle at the play gym,busy exploring.

These days other than giving “lesson” for lil Adelle,there’s this lying down at the play gym so as to explore the hanging mobile and gripping of the stuff hanging up there.Beside the play gym,another thing which I did was placed Adelle on her tummy with the tummy mat.

This tummy time was to strengthen her neck,and keep her tummy warm just after bath with oil applied.Frankly speaking,Adelle hated to be on her tummy not even for 1 minute.She will be shouting like mad.(she did that during her massage class)

But then,today she did a very good job.She was doing slightly better on her tummy.Might be due to the paper brick which I had shown her that caught her attention then.

Reason why I wanna to give Adelle a tummy time was to let her neck being more stable.
Recently,I had found that Adelle can finally support her head with her neck.No more tangling up and down,left to right.Meaning,her head is much more stable now.I believe in no time,her head will be stable and she can turn her head here and there.
Finally,this is something which I am looking forward to when she reaches her 3rd month of age.

Other than this,Adelle grab and grip things for now.I had a hard time with her over this,as she grab and grip whatever that is found on her.(eg,her blanket)
Making at effort to place it away from her each time she did that.

*This shows that our lil Adelle is growing up!!!*


Adelle weekends with daddy and mummy_//

Delle with her favourite playmate-Violet

Delle looking surprise..

listening to what violet had to say,yet lookng at daddy..

lil delle delle

look,this is violet…

This is mine..

Look,delle delle had a playmate named violet whom can read her name.Had yet transfer the educational details into “violet” and hope to do so soon.
Adelle tends to look surprise or rather look curious when Violet “speaks” to her.Of course,she is trying to figure out what is Violet trying to say.

Beside the caterpillar,the counting pal,Adelle looks interested in Violet too.But then,leapfrog my pal,Violet supposedly to be suitable at the age of 6mths on.Again I’m early in introducing Adelle this friend of her.

Sunday,a day where daddy had no work and yet a day where daddy,mummy and Adelle go to the market together to do some marketing.Well,had stayed home the whole day beside getting stuff for weekdays meals,Adelle plays with her violet,sleeps,feeding,doing “lesson” on her.

*That’s weekend thou*


Adelle updates on dolling up_//

Smile Adelle smile-This is the way which Adelle smile at the lady passager in the train yesterday

waving at daddy and mummy

oops,,,,what did Adelle did this time round?

trying to smile again upon looking at the camera

A gentle smile adelle

looking somewhere out there..

hmm,what kind of expression is this?

cutie pie with her cutie caterpillar

she loves her caterpillar..The smile on her face shows it!

Adelle getting ready to leave the house with daddy and mummy

Adelle getting ready to leave the house with daddy and mummy(shot 2)

While waiting for the lift.

The lift is here

Adelle in the lift now.

At the void deck of Coris

On the way out to town!

There’s a few shot of photos taken at home and even out of Coris.I know photos had been taken very often for our lil cutie pie,Adelle.That’s natural for new mummies,and I happen to be one of them thou.

Actually felt that Adelle needs to wear dress or skirt that will make her more lady-like.Wearing of pants made her look boyish due to the “limited number of hair” she have got.

So far,not much problem putting Adelle in the pram.She used to dislike it so much and tend to get cranky whenever she lie down too long in it,but not for now.She kind of love it so much that sleeping in the pram now tend to be longer.
Today,being the very first time which she slept for more than 3hours in the pram.Of course,we had an easy time whereby we can shop without worrying about her making “noise” in the pram.

I’ve always wanted to make it an effort to let Adelle get use to either in the carrier or in the pram.Therefore,on weekdays where I’m traveling alone with her,carrier is useful for me and at the same time can make her get used to the carrier.As for weekends,when shopping out with dearie,Adelle will be in the pram so that she won’t reject pram if she were to be in the carrier every time she is out.

Out to town again,and I’ve gotten Adelle and myself clothing!!
There’s a couple of events coming up in the next few months to come.
3 wedding dinners to attend.I’ve got Adelle an outfit for one of the dinner,but not for the rest of the 2 dinners.So today purchase solve my problem!

There’s more shopping coming up I suppose.Now with lunar new year coming up.(soon in 4mths time)That was what having a baby girl is all about.With all the doll up,purchased of pretty clothing.

In fact,before getting pregnant I had always wanted to have a baby girl.So that I’m able to doll up the little one with all the clips or headbands plus nice clothing..
*big damage in the pocket for daddy*


Day out with lil Adelle_//

Happy adelle

adelle loves to smile!

Being happy yet excited


Trying to yell out loud

adelle not being ladylike again

That’s better,should had close your thighs!

both mummy and adelle looking at the camera

mummy sherryl,baby adelle

happy mummy,happy adelle

mummy with adelle at the hall of coris

In adelle’s pinkish bedroom

I love this piece of photo when carrying adelle.
She looks kind of small and “funny” in size

Another shot taken

before leaving the house with adelle

final shot before we start our shopping trip for the day

There’s this shopping trip just this afternoon in town again.Being a SAHM now,I gonna get use to a “tai tai” life for this short period of time.
Kind of getting used to it now where I can simply bring Adelle anywhere while dearie is working.

But then,it’s just for a short period of time till Adelle grows much older.So now,other being a SAHM,I’m also a teacher to Adelle.When she wakes up in the morning,just after her milk,this will be a great time to give her daily lesson just before her bath.

I will normally flash her those flashcards which either I already own(when teaching my Pre-N students few years back) or those newly bought.
Other than these,I will sing Adelle a few nursery songs which she will normally fall into laughter when hearing it.(that’s her!!)

Perhaps,I should start writing her a weekly lesson plan that needed to be done daily on her “lesson”.With this,I will feel having a sense of achievement.

At 3mth plus,Adelle started to lick her hands and trying to put her whole fist into her mouth.Started to grip and grab her clothing high up into the air.
So now,the wrist rattles came into the picture.Had put it around her wrist,and shake it in front of her.With this,Adelle looks very engross with it.This shows that,she is now learning to see things that caught her attention and is trying to figure out what it was.
Sense of touch is also very important.Had tried to make her feel and touch the wrist rattles with the other hand too.

Today,being the first time,I had latched Adelle in one of the nursery room located at ION Orchard.Finally,I’m brave enough to do that.*smiling*

Of course,with the door locked then.What gave me real glad was that,the nursing room at ION was damn classy and clean.Not only that,even the room was fully filled with “needed equipment” for mummies.There’s this hot and cold dispenser and Pigeon warmer for mummies to prepare milk or warm up the breast milk.
Was thinking,should had brought along the bottle of breast milk which I had expressed and had it warm up over at this nursing room.But of course,latching on save all the troubles then.

There’s this interesting incident about lil Adelle was that,when I’m seated in the train beside this lady.Adelle was smiling wholeheartedly to this lady,not once but smile for nearly 10 over times with her.

This lady was smiling so happily back to Adelle when she saw how happy and cute Adelle was smiling to her.With this,the lady actually saying this to me,
“your daughter is smiling to me”..
Of course,I replied back saying Adelle loves to smile each time someone speaks to her.

Just before this lady alight the train,she looks at me once more and said this to me,
“your daughter is very pretty”…
Hmm,well I replied her saying “she looks normal only la”

I felt that,Adelle don’t really look pretty but cute to me.One thing about this daughter of ours was,she simply like to smile,not normal smile,but smile wholeheartedly with her eyebrows curl up,nose tight and mouth open wide.

That’s our lil cutie pie,Adelle…


Adelle educational stuff_//

Some of the babies from Jul forum..

The pom pom theme for Jul babies(part of them,total we had 100 babies in the Jul forum)

Baby einstein flashcard worth the buy.Was strongly recommended.

The 2 sets of photo montage was done by one of the Jul mummy when she compile the photos of babies from the Jul mummies.(those who wanna participate in)
In the forum,we had thank her for the effort which she did.

The 2 set of montage was linked in the facebook,but then only limit to members(jul mummies),therefore had decided to save the photos and posted here to share with my readers.
Now,can you guys spot Adelle for both montage?

Had made a trip down to get this baby einstein flashcard for Adelle.Had gotten 1 cd out of the 26DVD also from baby eintsein.This model of flashcard or DVD suits babies very well.It prepared babies learning skills.

So now,every morning I can focus on more flashcard on Adelle.Had been flashing these cards on her everyday,so as to prepare her learning skill.
At the same time,one of the Jul mummy gonna coordinate the purchases of Baby Eintsein 26DVD for mummies.Well,I’m one of them who gonna order from her.
In fact,it’s much cheaper at 26 DVD for the price of $42,rather than a piece of DVD that costs $12.90.

In fact,for the long run,this baby einstein DVD is worth the price as it can even pass down to any babies that come along the way.*winks*


Qin gonna be a SAHM soon_//

Delle delle with mummy @ vivo-Hk Kim Gary restaurant
(mummy with no make up on)

For lunch together with the rest of the “yi yi” @Hk Kim Gary restaurant

Had lunch one of the weekday with Ning and Hui,of course with the lil delle delle at Vivo.Well,being a SAHM now,I’m having my own free time,doing my own things at my own pace.Therefore,meeting out for lunch during sisters lunch time is forever a great thing to do for now.

I had always wanna be a SAHM(Stay At Home Mum)for some time ago before pregnant.But then,it had never come into my mind of being one,as somehow or other I still prefer to work.Staying at home alone everyday will make me go “mad” thou.

But then,now having Adelle with me,I don’t find it bored being one for now.I can use the time to teach and guide her in academic,EQ,cook for dear when he comes home from work(i had been wanted to do so for long),doing of housework each day and it will never make me feel bored staying at home for now.

In fact,I will feel a great achievement in spending and guiding our daughter myself,being able to do like what most housewife does at the same time.It’s never easy,and I’m really respectful for those great mummies who gave up their dream in working and take care of their children at home.

I mean for now,I’m able to do so these couple of months.But then,it’s not gonna be a long term basics.I would want to step into working life again when Adelle reaches the age of 1yr or so.But then,let me do my part in guiding her these few months,as I believe giving a child the first foundation is real important.

*Hope to be a great SAHM*That’s my wish for now.


The route upcoming_//

Happily holding her caterpillar-leapfrog baby counting pal

Is someone eyeing on my caterpillar(the look on Adelle face shows it)

Making sure no one is going to take away her caterpillar

Delle delle and her caterpillar

Starting to play with her counting pal

Delle delle looking at daddy

Satisfied with her new toy

Adelle smiling away when she sees her leapfrog educational toys on her playpen

she is real happy

trying to talk to the toys

It’s latest news from Today straits times

Pneumococcal jab is now made compulsory for the little ones

It seems that Adelle is doing fine with her new caterpillar,leapfrog baby counting pal.It’s indeed her pal at home for now.She simply love this educational toy so much.Perhaps it’s a toy that speak?*smile*

The counting from number 1-5,the different colours etc that made Adelle learn,listen,touch.It created her motor skills thou.

Other than this,accompany her everyday for the night gonna be “violet” from leapfrog My pal.Again,She was excited by the sound produced from “violet”that she follows and made lots of sound together with the toy.
The happy look on her face shows anyway.

Today’s straits times news in regards of Pneumococcal jab to be made compulsory for babies.Upon reading this piece of news,I’m kind of relieved that we actually opt for this jab when Adelle is in her 2mth.
Accordingly to the news,Pneumococcal jab gonna be taken at age 3mth,5mth,1-2yrs old.
Since Adelle had taken her 1st doze within the 3rd mth,it’s kind of “safe” that we don’t have to make appointment to do so.Now gonna wait for her 2nd doze.

Of course,with this news out,I believe any mummies who had not done so,will be rushing to give their child the first doze maybe.
According to Adelle’s PD,she ahd mentioned that for Pneumococcal jab,first doze before 6mths,2nd doze after 6mths,3rd doze at age 1 and final doze at 2yrs to complete the full four Pneumococcal jab

So I’m telling dearie that,indeed I made a right choice in letting Adelle have this Pneumococcal jab 3weeks ago just before the news came out today.
Plus,now with Medisave,we can actually use it to pay for this Pneumococcal jab as per jab don’t come cheap.If I’m not wrong is hundred over dollars for one doze.

Neverthless,had given Adelle another prevention measure the rotavirus.But then,it was not mentioned in the news thou.*smile*

Another update regarding after my maternity.Had an agreement with the HR just before my maternity starts in Jul of what I want after my maternity leave.
Well,had made a phone call back to the workplace today and had a talk with the HR department of the plan for me.

Just before I called the HR,I had this thinking of how am I going back to work when Adelle is so sticky to me.She wants no one including my mum,mother in law.With this,I had this thought of being worried if I were to go back to work and serve my last notice period as agreed before my maternity.
I’m even desperate to the extend of bringing my daughter to work since no one can handle her!!

But then,I had a great answer from the HR and was glad that this work out just nice for me without any worries.Really felt so fortunate that this was done to me where it can at least stop me from worrying about Adelle.

Starting from end nov,I will be a SAHM till Adelle reaches the age of 1 or so.With this,I hope to see through part of Adelle growing process and guide her through it.
It’s something which I can give her other than breastmilk..*laughs*

*Delle delle,let mummy guide you in teaching where daddy work hard to provide the best for you.*