Wedding dinner at Marriott Hotel-Cousin Gee An

Family portrait-

Taken when delle delle was asleep

delle with her “yiyi”

delle,with her “maternal grandma” and mummy sherryl

Delle delle “yiyi” and maternal grandma,mummy

candid shot taken while delle delle was carried by her “jiu jiu”

Final shot with delle grandma again..

There’s this wedding dinner that happened at Marriott Hotel on the 28th Dec,Sat.
It’s our cousin wedding dinner.The whole dinner was great,handsome groom with pretty bride.
Loves their wedding photos,especially when it was taken oversea.

I wonder,are they with divine couture,whereby the bride did mentioned about this bridal studio just last year,when I’m having a conversation with the groom(my cousin)
If so,I would give 3 claps for the nice wedding gown they had provided and their gowns and suits looks so unique and looks so special and was totally not like those cheapo kind of gowns.

Plus,the food at the hotel was great!!Service was marvellous too…
Somehow or rather,I do find Marriott hotel rates better than Grand Hyatt in terms of food.That’s my 2 cents worth thou.

Plus,delle delle was the attention of the night too!!!!She was surrounded by lots of relatives and her dressing was smart on that day.(will post her dressing in the next blog entry)

In fact,was kind of worried that delle delle will tend to be cranky during the dinner,as it was suppose to be her sleeping time.But then she proved me wrong.After her feeding about 830pm,she fallen asleep till we reach home.Upon changing into her PJ,she was still alseep till the next morning about 6am for her next feed.

Perhaps,this was due to her routine of sleeping time.(had trained her of sleeping time from 730pm till the next morning)That was the reason why she will tend to start falling asleep when 8pm comes and no matter how high the noise volume was,she will still be sleeping.

That’s delle delle*


Purchased for Adelle stuff_//

some stuff for lil delle delle

Avent steamer cum blender $159..Usual price was $199

The Avent teat and pacifier

The teething which comes in stage 1-3..
Had gotten stage one to two first…

this shall be the weaning set when Adelle starts her solid food.

a couple of educational toys for lil delle delle
(there’s more to come)

a “fish container” from Ikea where delle delle
educational toys shall be kept at

sales at Cold storage,and we went for a “grab”
Look at how many packets we had purchased!

This book for preparing solid food was greatly recommended by others.
I had been searching high and low from the library till I found it today.

It teaches on preparing vegetables puree

As well as fruits puree…

It’s quite a few buys for these days.Firstly,there’s a sales for Avent items till end of today.All Avent stuff will be having 20% discount.Since we wanna get a steamer cum blender for Adelle solid food,we took this chance(20%discount)to grab this steamer cum blender which the usual price was $199.Now with this sales,we had got it at $159.It was really a good buy.

Since Avent is having 20% discount,and with every $200 spend,we will get back a $25 from Philips from their warehouse.Therefore,we gotten Adelle her teething stuff,pacifier,and teats that made up of $200 together with the steamer cum blender.

Reason being for getting a steamer cum blender was to prepare Adelle solid food quicker in a way.With the steamer,I could make say spinach puree by steaming it for about 8-10minutes and use the blender to blend it,and the spinach puree will be done in just a few minutes of preparation.This steamer cum blender is good in replacing the traditional type of cooking,boil the veggie in a pot and manually blend it.

On top of this,had done a research and found out that this book known as First foods kind of teaches what to prepare for babies solid food and could be found in the library.Am lucky to found it and realise that this book does contain tons of recipes in there.

Pigeon weaning spoon cum bowl is another item which was recommended as well.Had found it useful too,as it comes with bowl and spoon when feeding the little one.Shall try on it and see if it’s really “that good”

Some educational toys which we had gotten for Adelle too.Don’t wanna have too many of the toys,but some of the “educational ones”for her.Shall stock up her toys in this cutie fish container from Ikea.I felt in love with this “fish container”thou…

Diapers,Pampers brand,model Active baby is what Adelle is currently using.Without any sales,it costs like $31.90 per pack.Now with sales,it costs as cheap as $49 for 2 packets.I would say it’s a good buy especially when Adelle is using this brand.

*Overall,it’s the buys and learning experience for this weekend!*


Newly bought beansprout pillow for delle delle_//

Delle delle new beansprout pillow

Delle delle,do you like it?

a regular size of beansprout pillow for delle delle

delle delle with her new beansprout pillow,her pal Violet and numbers cum colors learning caterpillar

delle delle is so excited over her new beansprout pillow

All right,this is the newly bought beansprout pillow for delle delle,
given by her daddy..

Had wanted to get this design of beansprout pillow from this company for delle delle since a couple of weeks ago,but had yet to do so till now.Their mummies or babies stuff can be seen in some children outlets,but then most of their stuff are seen more on their website.
It’s an unique store which I will always support them.

There’s 2 sizes of beansprout pillow,one is travel size,while another is regular size.What dear bought for delle delle was the regular size.I wanted something larger for her so that it will give her a sense of warm and security.Beansprout pillow is real important for newborn babies so as to place it across their chest to give them a sense of security when they sleep.

Delle delle already had 2 beansprout pillows,but yet wanna have something different from the previous 2 which we had gotten for her.In the end,we choose this brand,this design.There’s lots of design to choose from.If you guys see it properly,the design of this beansprout pillow for delle delle is exactly the same as the nursing apron which I had got it a few weeks back!
Well,it’s from the same company thou.Jus that I wanna choose the same design,as this design looks real sweet and lovely.


Now delle delle had 3 beansprout pillow,one for home use(this newly bought),one for maternal grandparents place(not the same brand),one for shopping use(in the stroller,not the same brand)

*Lil purchases for delle delle*


It's all about Adelle_//

happily going out for a shopping trip

delle delle is so “yaya” whenever in her stroller

delle and mummy take 1

delle and mummy take 2

delle and daddy take 1

delle and mummy at crystal jade kitchen

the membership card from cordlife

somevouchers from cordlife and a $150 discount voucher for any friends of
ours who wanna sign up with cordlife..
Hmm,now thinking who wanna sign up with cordlife,so as we can pass this discount voucher
to them.

We went for the steamboat buffet at crystal jade kitchen,Causeway point branch.Overall,we found it “yucky”and never to return again.Of course,delle delle was “quietly lying down”on her stroller for some time till she gets cranky due to tiredness(it’s time for sleep)

Poor delle delle,she could only look at us when we eat.Am actually looking forward to the day where she can join in with us for the meals.In fact,another 2 more mths to go,she will start her solid food.Is currently purchasing some of the utensil that is needed and what to expect when she start her solid food.

Wanna thanks Jo,my forum friend who shared with me which brand of organic food,non organic food to get for delle delle.Where to get etc..
Plus which brand of utensil like weaning bowl and spoon to get when Adelle starts solid food.
Had wrote all these in my handbook for your recommendation!!!

Upon opening up the letter box today,we received a letter from Cordlife.Was asking dear,what can that be,as we already paid for the fee for banking Adelle cord blood.
The answer came when dear open up the letter.It was a membership card from now till year 2014.We could get some discount at some of the mummies or babies store(yet to see the website for the stores) using this discount card from Cordlife,since we banked the cord blood with them.Therefore,as a return,this is a kind of benefit for us thou.
Now,gonna read through the website and see what are the discount from various store which we are entitled for.

Beside this,Cordlife send us a $150 discount voucher.This voucher is only entitled to parents who wanna sign up with Cordlife and uses us as referral.Since we are already with Cordlife,therefore,we don’t need this $150 discount voucher,as it’s only for new parents who wanna sign up with Cordlife.

So now,who to give this discount voucher to?Thinking around friends or cousins around me who wanna sign up with Cordlife and uses ourselves as referral,think this discount voucher can be put to use.Who is preggie and wanna sign up???


All the buys for Adelle_//

Family of 3,daddy delon,mummy sherryl and baby adelle

6-9mths rompers for Adelle..
Heart them!!!

The tutu skirt for Adelle xmas party with her mini July friends

Another look of this tutu skirt-Cost:$59

As mentioned there’s a xmas party coming up in Dec gathering for Jul mummies and babies.One of the mummies in the forum had open up her place to accommodate 23 mummies,23 daddies and 23 babies for this gathering.

We had been chatting in the forum upon November last year when each one of us conceived and had been exchanging,learn ideas from one another.It had lasted for a year till now.Even for now,we still give comments and learn tons of stuff from one another.Of course,posting questions around is one of the learning “gifts”

Remember the massage class?Actually went with a small group of them for it.In fact,the Jul mummies had already did a few gathering before giving birth,after birth.This is the very first time I joined them for this gathering beside the massage class.

Talking about this Dec gathering,it gonna be a huge one with so many pax.Plus there will be a buffet for this gathering.The themeof babies clothes for this gathering will be xmas /fairytales.
Therfore,had purchased this Tutu skirt for Adelle,now cracking my head for her top.It gonna be something silky non cotton to make it attractive and matching.

Those few rompers which we had gotten for Adelle is for normal wear.Kinda find it cute for little babies to put it on,but not for older babies say 12 mths and above.Therefor,had got a few for the age of 6-9nts old.I hope not to get any more rompers for Adelle after 12mths of age,as personally don’t find it cute for toddlers to be in romper after this age.

These are the shopping stuff for Adelle over the weekend,and some educational stuff too..Had got a few,but there’s a few pending educational toys too..

*I suppose,it’s all about buying thou*


Delle-bumbo seat_//

Our lil cutie pie,Chew Zhi Xuan,Adelle

Our lil cutie pie,Chew Zhi Xuan,Adelle

Our lil cutie pie,Chew Zhi Xuan,Adelle

Our lil cutie pie,Chew Zhi Xuan,Adelle

Our lil cutie pie,Chew Zhi Xuan,Adelle

Our lil cutie pie,Chew Zhi Xuan,Adelle

Our lil cutie pie,Chew Zhi Xuan,Adelle

Our lil cutie pie,Chew Zhi Xuan,Adelle

Our lil cutie pie,Chew Zhi Xuan,Adelle

It’s weekend,finally..
Am always looking forward to the weekends whereby dear,Adelle and myself would go for a hangout out there.Shopping trip is of course one of the reason which made me look forward to weekends.

Had spend money for shopping on Adelle again.This time round some clothing and some educational toys for her.There’s only 2 brands of educational toys for her which I find it “real educational” and will always get for her,but recently I saw that playskool this brand of toys look interesting and is looking forward to get it for Adelle as well.

Sort of find these photos interesting and Adelle looks good when seated in the bumbo seat.She love it so much then.There’s different kind of facial expression she gave me upon the photography session.

Lately,when we bring Adelle out for a walk,she tends to smile at the strangers in the lift,or when any stranger just stop by looking at her,or even in the train.As such,when any stranger smile back to her,Adelle always smile back wholeheartedly again to them.

I heard remarks whenever we push the stroller out there where strangers walked past Adelle will always say these,”wow so cute,so pretty,such a big pair of eyes..
But then,I believe it’s the dolling up of Adelle that made strangers gave such a remark.
Frankly speaking,Adelle is not that pretty thou…


Company trip-final_//

say cheese,delle

delle looks straight into the camera when carried by daddy

mummy loves to carry delle this way

ready to be out..

daddy-a shot with delle

mummy-another shot with delle

wendy,sherryl,feon and lil adelle

a great pal at work,wendy

last photo with my ex company staff-
Sally,wendy,sherryl and feon

It’s Friday,the day where I gonna go back to my ex workplace to do an exit interview with the HR.Paper work was done,hand over the keys(long done before maternity),return of the mediguard plus getting the salary for the final month,November.Of course,retrenchment fee was taken as well.
Shall not emphasis too much on this,as I had an agreement earlier with the HR of what is my decision after maternity.Those pals who are closer to me in the company should know thou.

As dear went back with me,he was telling me this,today mark the “final time” of walking this road back to the office.In my mind,I’m not bothered about it,in fact I felt glad for making this wise decision for not carry on with this workplace.No doubt there was a couple of close and good people around the company.Shall keep in touch till then.

Colleagues were asking,what I gonna do for now.My answer to them was,to stay at home for the time being,educate this little one till next year just before Adelle touches 1yr of age.But then,had such intention to start a job when Adelle is older,before she turn 1yr old.

Being staying at home each day was not a tough task.Having to see this little one of her growing process touches me even more.In fact for this 4 months meaning with her day and night,no separation at all even for a day,I had more or less capture her growing routine and understand more of what she wanna want.Plus,one thing most important was,had done a daily routine with her which seeing how she learn and understand from there made me even happier.

If there’s a time to spare during the night time,I gonna do up a weekly lesson plan on how I did for my infants/toddlers student years back,and to impart all my learns from my 7years of teaching experience on Adelle.

*Which mean,I gonna dig up my notes of the different modules learn from the course of infant and toddler.*


Adelle sleeping and milk routine_//

delle delle as per 4mths 6days old

she looks like gonna fall from the bouncer

showing us the cheeky look of hers.

Lately Adelle didn’t sleep much during the day.Most of her sleep last no longer than 30mins.It had been like this ever since day 1 when she was discharged with me from the hospital.It’s only once in a while,she will get to have a full 3hours of sleep.

Now,I’m trying different ways to make her sleep longer in the day.Night time is good.Adelle knows the night routine and often doze off by 8pm and tend to sleep in the sarong till say 10-11pm without getting up for her next feed.Often,I will change her diaper and feed her milky around this hour after which will transfer her to the playpen to sleep throughout the night.
Good thing for now that so far,Adelle didn’t cry for sleeping in the sarong during the night sleep.(praying hard she won’t ask for).
This might be due to training her since birth that night sleep gonna be in the playpen,not sarong.
(knowing that some babies sleep in the sarong throughout the night,which I can’t tolerate)

As mentioned previously that I gonna start Adelle on solid food in her 6months of age.Hopefully,the solid food keeps her feel full other than formula.(Adelle is a great eater)
At the same time,had this intention to stop breastfeed her when she reaches 6months.By then,Adelle would had gotten the necessary antibodies needed.Of course,able to breastfeed the longer the better,but then 6months will also be good enough compared to those who had never or had given little breastfeed.

Come to think of it,I almost had the urge to give up breastfeeding when she is 1month old.Being able to come this far,I’m considered doing Adelle what a mummy should give her.
One thing which made me happier was Adelle suits the formula given to her since birth(one feed everyday)which we needn’t change the formula in any case that doesn’t suit the child.As I understand that some babies tend to be allergy or doesn’t like the formula given since birth,but then not for Adelle.Well,it shows one thing,little Adelle is greedy!!!*smile*


Delle and her loves_//

It’s photos time!!I had never fail to capture any nice photographs for Adelle.It seems that this is somehow the hobby I am currently into right now.Nevertheless,I had loved snapping of delle delle when she is in her bumbo seat.She looks shorter in it than lying down on the bouncer
In short,delle delle loves this bumbo seat whenever we had placed her in there.

Now every morning,I will make it a point to play a piece of baby eintsein dvd with less than 30minutes each time for delle delle.There’s a total of 26 pieces,which will last till almost a month to finish the whole set.So far,she had covered the theme for animals,items at home.

So much for the baby eintsein dvd.Beside which,flashcards are shown everyday.I had a couple of flashcards with different themes for her which allows me to do lesson on her.
Shall do a lesson plan for delle delle just like how I did for the infants when I teach a few years back.
Bumbo seat,tummy mat and play gym were useful as well

These are some of the routines which I had given delle delle if we were to stay indoor for the day while waiting for daddy to come back home from work.

Now at 4 Months old,delle delle drinks 150ml of formula,Nan 1(either 1/2 feeds per day)and 150ml of breast milk(pump out)latching on at least 4-5times per day(whereby I can’t see how much is the intake)

I won’t be starting on solid food for Adelle till 6 months of age.Therefore,there’s still about 2 months more to go before she get to taste the food.For now,had been searching for recipe like porridge(what can be cook) as well as puree(what type of puree to prepare).
There’s a store in town which sells organic food like cereal,brown and white rice,fruits puree which made me tempted to get it for Adelle.Will be doing a quick search on the recommended brands of organic food and purchase it by the end of her 5th months.

At the same time,there’s some collection of recipe of solid food in my email which was yet to sort it ou
t and had it printed out as a booklet for reference.Shall do so before January comes whereby Adelle will be in her 6th months of age.


A date to remember.15th Nov 08_//

This little precious of ours that came at the right time..

It’s exactly a year at 15th Nov 08,had tested positive for pregnancy by the chinese sinseh from TCM.Was real surprise upon hearing it,as I had a miscarriage in Oct 07.Of course,upon hearing the pregnancy,I dare not think much,not sure if this pregnancy will lead to a “good one”?

Looking back at the entry on November 08 entries below

After reading back at the entries with Adelle by our side now,I felt real glad for her.No doubt,I did not mention my pregnancy in November entries,due to the 3 months “old folks supertitious”,but then I tested positive for having Adelle on this date,15th Nov 08 and it’s a date to remember.

Didn’t know about the pregnancy and didn’t even suspect a thing when I had a terrible cough and fever just before I tested 2 weeks later.Now only did I realise that the sickness which I had got it was due to pregnancy thou.

Exactly a yr back at this date,when the chinese sinseh(went to build up body,but before we could start any chinese medication,I’m pregnant) mentioned this to me,congrats you are pregnant,the feeling in me was worried,happy and excited.

Worried about history again,but on the other hand,I know will be in good hand with Doc Ong,which he had mentioned of giving me a jab weekly to support this pregnancy till the 3rd month(due to miscarriage record) when the baby is more or less in stable condition.Therefore,blood test was given and found that I needn’t go for any,which made me real happy.

Taking vegetarian during that one month is enough to explain my pregnancy,which I’m taking the same thing this year for a month.It will be a yearly thing.(Check with me,I will elaborate more on it)

Had been thinking for another pregnancy since the first failure one,but then every time whenever monthly aunty reported,my feeling or mood became scattered,till last November came,I almost in the mood to give up and decided to seek help from TCM doctors to build up our bodies,but then Adelle came at the right time,we needn’t see the chinese doctor and went straight to the gynae then.

The process of trying for a baby is real hard,and the dream that hopes to come was scattered seeing”female friend”,but then I believe that so long as we had the will,there will be a way.
Therefore,I will often encourage friends who normally asked me about pregnancy or when they are trying for one,don’t give up your turn will come!!!