Adelle's new stuff_//

Another round of purchase for Adelle

There’s sale every where..

Adelle maternal grandma bought for her 2 top,and the rest was purchased

by Adelle daddy

The mini cube boxes for storing Adelle’s puree

Mozart music tends to stimulate babies brain

That was why we had got it for her.

Pigeon weaning bowl and spoon for home uses

Munchkin Food grinder was recommended by dear boss

and he had got one for Adelle no doubt

we already had the Avent steamer cum blender

All about the start of Adelle first solid,organic cereal

It’s another round of updates!Well,there’s this sales going around for baby wear at various departmental stores.As mum had always wanted to get another set of clothes for Adelle,she finally found 2 nice purple tops for her.

The rest of the tops are given by Adelle daddy again…

We had found this mini cube boxes at Giant’s for storing of Adelle fruits or vegetables puree that was to be store in the freezer when prepared.As some of the time,there will be a need to prepare more amount of puree,say apple puree whereby I can store into a few cube boxes for different feeds.Or even vegetables puree too!This mini cube boxes does come by handy.

Despite the pigeon weaning bowl and spoon which I had got it earlier on(red spoon and green bowl),dear had got another Pigeon feeding dish(white and yellow)..This feeding dish shall be use on Adelle feeding at home.As for the weaning bowl and spoon(red spoon and green bowl)will be use for feeding when we are out there.

Both feeding bowls and spoon had great feedbacks too.

The Mozart CD which we had gotten for Adelle plays an important part of effect on young babies.It’s not only stimulate the brain,but also due to some other things.

Will share more again for those who needed to know.

Munchkin food grinder,which dear had purchased some days ago.Well,he inisisted on getting this no doubt we already had our Avent steamer cum blender machine.Munchkin food ginder is more on doing it manually when blending the puree.

Being a lazy mum,I rather throw everything into the Avent steamer ,steam it for 10minutes or so,and change the position into blender function and blend it,and it’s done!!!

Save the hassle for doing it manually.But then this Munchkin food grinder does had good feedback from his boss,that was the reason why dear would want to get it for a try.

Lastly,about Adelle first solid food,that will be the organic cereal which we had got it for her.

In the market,there’s a couple of different brands of organic cereal.

Some examples are Healthy Times,Earths Best,Happy Bellies.After reading through some sharing and ideas from people around,I decided to go for 2 brands of organic cereal,Earths Best and Happy Bellies.Reason being was that Happy bellies brown rice cereal contains DHA and Probiotic which is kind of good for an infant who starts cereal.

Earths Best wholegrain rice cereal is the next cereal which i gonna let Adelle has a taste of.

In another word,I won’t be letting her to go with only one brand of organic cereal.She should try both different brands of cereal so that she wont be choosy her food next time as well as trying for different taste.At the same time,to test for allergy too.

Supposedly to mix 1 tablespoon of cereal with 4 table spoons of breastmilk or formula for a start.

To test for allergy 3-4days later after consumption.

As for the Healthy Times apple puree,will let her go along with the cereal which we had gotten.Just like an apple to go along with after a meal(cereal for her case)

Call me supertitious,but then for the sake of the little one I find it real important to start off solid with a good date,in this way I believe that the child will have marvellous food waiting ahead of him/her in life.That’s my concept thou.

Therefore,just yesterday we had check with our master about the good date to start her on cereal.This date,will be anytime after the 13th Jan(her 6months of age).
It shall be the 15th Jan 2010.It’s a very auspicious date..Oh boy,am so looking forward to the 15th Jan where I start her on cereal and one fruit puree.


Adelle with her flower headband_//


















Lots of different poses of photos for Adelle!!It had became my hobby for taking various photos for her.During my time,there wasn’t any privileges for taking any photos.In fact,it only happens once in a blue moon.Now with such advance society,digital camera could be found easily for snapping things we see.Therefore,I could easily take a shot or two of our little cutie pie.

With this reason,it kept me occupied of taking more and more pictures of Adelle so that it can be save for her keepsakes when she grows up.Of course,another reason was that we could look at her changes each time we flip through the photos taken.

The purple flower headband which we had put it on for her attracted lots of people around whenever we bring her for a trip out there.There were people who commented,so sweet,so cute etc.But then there were others who said,such a big flowers.*rolling eyes*

Just yesterday,when we took NEL back from Harbourfront to Buangkok,there’s this whole group of Japanese who took the train as well.(a whole group of at least 50 over of them)
There was one Japanese guy who took a snap of Adelle when she was in her stroller.
Another one,a Japanese lady looked at Adelle and kept saying hello and wave bye to Adelle.
The *blur blur* Adelle simply look at the lady without any reaction.(She tend to smile to others when they speak to her)

*That’s Adelle*


Adelle first Sentosa trip with the family!_//

The long awaiting day for Adelle’s first trip to Sentosa falls today!!Supposedly to be a picnic day for the 2 nephews as promised by Ning.Our programmes were upcoming since Monday till Friday.

Our dearest nephews which Mum had been taking care of them for more than 8years,and now it’s time to stop taking care of them due to one reason.Because of this,we wanna do more for them to keep them company for this school holidays to make it a meaningful one.
Somehow,we will be missing them for quite some time.I’m sure,they will be missing us too.
Especially Wallace,the older brother loves Adelle so much that he loves playing with her each time I went to Mum’s place for a visit.
Nevertheless,we do hope that this trip will give them the best memories till they reach an older age.

Well,the trip was not too bad just that initially the weather was cloudy,but then it does turn hotter and humid when we reach Sentosa.
No doubt the hot weather,we do entertain oursleves well by taking tons of photos beside the food prepared by Ning,Mum and Hui.

Do hope for such programme coming up for the next school holidays whereby We can again oragnize something like this again.This time,we will do it even better!!!


our lil Adelle who loves to smile

eye contact with daddy

showing her cheeky look again

While daddy sits down quietly with Adelle

A shot with mummy

This cafe sells real nice chicken rice..

set meals for 2 pax

Oh well,the daddy and mummy went for a little walk at Novena Square over the weekend with little Adelle.(this is an outdated post)
Reason being was,there’s something nice over there and could get some good buys.

Not forgetting,there’s this cafe who sells real nice chicken rice.We both had a set each and each set is purely a $6.50 which comes in rice ball,wanton soup,veggie and the roasted chicken.
We had a great lunch while the girl is sleeping happily in her stroller.

It had been a while ever since we go around tasting good food.With Adelle is kind of hard,gonna wait till she is old enough to understand things before we get such chance again.

Perhaps most of the July babies had already started their first solid except Adelle.As PD don’t wanna us to start Adelle on solid yet due to one reason no doubt she is already ready for solid.
As the babies immune systems is not so ready before 6months of birth,therefore the food that goes into the stomach might lead to the blood stream which is not so good for the young ones.
This kept us holding back to intro her first cereal till she touches 6months.

Had understand from some mummies that their milk supplier is declining.(Mine soon to be)Especially for those who do total breastfeeding,now with their ss declining,and they didn’t intro formula before going to be in trouble.Their babies somehow refuse formula in a way.

Was kind of thankful that I intro Adelle formula when she was 2months old.Did 1 feed formula and the rest feeds are breast milk.When comes 4months,then I gave her 2 feeds formula and the rest feeds are breast milk..
Therefore even when no more milk supplier,Adelle still can go with formula,which kept me safe from worrying.

*Whatever it is,I’m counting down to the date of Adelle first solid*


The family gathering…_//

Can I say it’s Tai tai life for the time being?Or rather,we are enjoying our lives out there while the hubbies are busy working?Whatever we call it,it’s a day whereby all the 3 sisters with the mummy and not forgetting little Adelle gets to have an enjoyable day out there for today.

Yes,we meet up for the day with lunch and tea break.It had been a while whereby we came out as a whole during the weekdays.It’s either hui’s need to have her lesson,Ning’s to work,Mum to babysit the nephews or I’m busy with Adelle.But then,today we make it happened.

Out to Astons @ The Cathay with them for lunch.There’s laughter and chats around.Beside that,313 and Central at somerset was another hangout for the day.Ending with some drinks at The Coffee Bean.

Of course,snapping here and there became part of us that we will never go without.Adelle became the central of attention,grabbing her around for a photoshoot thou.

Looking forward to more of such chances to come along..


Adelle sleeping cum weaning_//

The family of Chew on Dec 2009

a happy mummy with a sulking looking Adelle

Adelle trying to give a gentle smile

Now,she gives her big smile

Smiling lil Adelle

Looking happy in the arms of daddy

extremely happy

give an “unhappy look”

Don’t understand why Adelle gave her greatest smile
for this piece of photo

Adelle in her bumbo seat again

She simply loves touching her socks

Adelle busy dreaming again…

Looking worried???

What had caught Adelle attention?

Giving her gentle smile

Nowadays getting Adelle to sleep at night tends to be more challenging.As she gets older,her sleeping pattern changes again.She can no longer sleep at 730pm as per her night routine.Now it had changed to 830pm whereby she can finally “knocked off”
As she will normally have her sleep around 1145am till 145pm,a full 2 hrs.After which at 330pm till 530pm,another afternoon nap.
After the 530pm wake up time,she will not be able to get to sleep till 830pm where she will get cranky and that will be where I will have a hard time getting her to sleep.

At this age 5months and 2 weeks old,approaching her 6months of age,Adelle drinks 180ml of expressed breast milk or formula.Sometimes I do find it too little for her age.She seems not getting enough and will cry for more each time after her feed.
Therefore,I shall increase her milk intake sooner or later.Very soon,will be introducing her solid food,the cereal.In fact,being “kiasu” we had gotten her first organic cereal.
There’s a few brands in the market,shall elaborate more till then.

If time permitted,I shall do up a apple and potato puree for a trial come next week with the help of the Avent steamer cum blender.Shall try it and taste it on my own before giving it to Adelle.Yes both daddy and mummy gonna be the guinea pig for Adelle puree..

Reason being was that,I gonna serve cereal and fruits puree for every feed when she starts her solid.That will be 2 weeks from now.
As cereal tends to be very bland,it is always best to follow up with a fruit puree.Something which I had learned of.


Adelle is going to school in Jan 2010

An excited Adelle-

Showing her gentle smile

Adelle in her dreaming land

Looking up at us

What attracted Adelle now?

Mummy and Adelle at vivo-

We had finally enrolled Adelle for her very 1st class with LNT(Bugis Branch-HQ)

Lots of photos taken for Adelle lately.It’s part of Adelle growing process,and will never fail to do so.It had nearly becoming part of the daily routine.
As usual,I simply love placing Adelle in her bumbo seat and take a shot of her sitting on it.
I do find that babies who sit on it looks kinda cute,same thing goes for the little Adelle.

Just this morning when placed Adelle on her bumbo playmat,seeing how she loves being lying on it.She was looking at the printed Pooh bear with the flowery hill and gave her greatest smile.Now at this age,she is able to sense things around her more accurately.
Her gripping was great,and had been pulling my hair,clothes which I do had a hard time pulling her hands away from it.In another word,she starts to grip anything tightly when she sees anything that “interest” her.

Just this week,we realize that Adelle became showing interest and cried for milky when it’s being “showing to her”..What happen was that she tends to shake her whole body and producing “sound pollution” upon seeing the milk bottle(Formula or expressed breastmilk)
This show one thing,Adelle had grown up!!!!

Finally,we went down to Little Neuro Tree,Bugis HQ for the payment of Adelle “first school” that starts on the 7th Jan 2010..
Adelle going to school,this sentence looks kind of weird??!!??!!
But then,it’s true and she will start her very 1st lesson in just 2 weeks time.

Little Neuro Tree is the school that starts infant as young as 3months old.For Adelle age,(she turns 6month in Jan)she will be group under the 1year old category.And she will be joining the class that is about her age group.

This is the school that teaches children 3 languages,English,Mandarin and Japanese.The younger a child is,the more languages that introduce will give a better impact on their brain.Just like,we take quite some time to understand 2 languages English and Mandarin,as these are the 2 languages that was intro to us when we reaches say Pre School.But then,for young babies,the more languages that was introduced,the faster they will learn.

This gave me the reason why,I wanna start school early for Adelle,especially with LNT whereby there are 3 languages that will be taught and best of all,they do flashcards and stimulate young babies brain cells that made it works better in the future.

As for weekday cl
asses,the course fees was $550.But then,with safra member,there will be a further discount.Since we choose a weekday class and with this discount,we only get to pay $495 for the class of 12 lessons per term.

As Adelle is under 2years old,one parent is allowed to be in the classroom with the child.
With this,I can learn the lesson together with Adelle and will do a “after class review”with her upon reaching home.
Boy,I am so looking forward to this class with Adelle,and being a mummy that stay at home for this short period to enjoy the growing process of Adelle.


New headbands had arrived for lil Adelle

Some days ago, Adelle’s mummy had seen this website that sells nicey headbands for little babies or toddlers.The mummy had wanna get tons of nice cutie headbands for Adelle and here it goes,daddy finally purchased it for Adelle.

Indeed there was lots of website that sells “homemade” headbands online.We don’t have to shop for any headbands at the shopping malls,with just browsing through the web,we will be able to purchase it without the fuss in getting it at the squeezing shopping malls.

This is one website which we had gotten these 2 pretty headbands for Adelle.There’s more to come..(daddy see this?)
Nevertheless,I’m real into headbands for Adelle.Not so on any clippie for her,as Adelle had got not much hair,headbands suit her the best for now.

Perhaps,having a baby girl needs more buys..In term of clothes,socks,shoes,headbands,clips,
Beside these,there are educational toys,playmat,playgym,playpen,babies essential etc.
Now with Adelle gonna start solid soon,there will be more buys thou.Such as both organic and non organic cereal,prune juice.Going to the market get more fishes like threadfin,cod fish,vegetables like spinach,pumpkin,potato to make puree or the porridge when she turns 7-8months old.

It’s always lots of buys for the little ones=)


Menses reporting back today_//

little cutie pie(Adelle Chew)

A “woman topic”today..It’s all about menses.Well,I am free of menses for a whole year since Nov 2008 till Dec 2009.And just today,I realise that the menses is reporting back!!
I suppose,it’s long enough for not having menses till today.

All right,from Nov 2008 till Jul 2009 due to pregnancy,there wasn’t any menses and will not have.Straight after birth,had this “mini menses” that lasted for a month till August.
Since August,I’m free without any menses till today a whole 4months without it.

As I had understand that after giving birth,menses won’t be reporting back that fast when a mummy is doing breastfeeding,but then it depend on individual.Some breastfeed mummies only get back their menses say 1-2years later,while some get it back a few months later after birth.Guess I’m the unlucky ones who got it back a few months after delivery.

Had understand that the first cycle of menses that comes will be very light.The next few cycles to come might not be consistently thou,but it vary to individual.

Sometimes I do wish that the menses will stay away from me at least a year after giving birth,but then it’s a wish that will not come true.Today I got back my menses!
Nevertheless,I gonna cope with the day whereby menses that come monthly.


LNT Bugis_//

Delle loves to touch her feet when seated this way

open her mouth real wide

looking up at the camera

Delle simply loves seating on her bumbo seat

This cheeky look of hers

Look real surprise

Her simply face again

I had always love it when Adelle is on her bumbo seat.She does look cheeky whenever seated down there.Will always leave her there whenever she gets tired of lying down in bed.
What’s most importantly was,delle loves seating on it.

Supposedly to get down to LNT at Bugis branch(HQ) for registration for the class today,but was caught in the rain.Anyway,we had made a reservation with name chope.They will send us the application forms for filling up,after doing so we shall find a day to go down and make payment.
Therefore,Adelle gonna start her class on the 7th Jan on Thurs at 330pm.

Every Thurs shall keep me occupied by bringing Adelle for the class.No doubt,it’s an hour class.I could jolly well spend my whole afternoon out there.That’s the life of temp stay at home mummy.In fact,this is something I am looking forward to when bringing the daughter for classes,accompany her “infant period” is real important.

As we had went for the preview ay Hougang branch and had wanted to sign up with them.But then after hearing the comment given by some mummies that the LNT at HQ Bugis are better.
Very spacious and learning wise is better.Therefore,we decided to go for that.
Shall elaborate more when bringing Adelle for the class.